Night Falls


Night Falls
I looked around from the street post. It was almost 12:00 and the night was pitch black with the exeption of the streetlamps around me. I was waiting.
Waiting for whome?
It was generally my tradition. Every saturday I decided to have some fun. Seeing as I got bored of video games a long time ago, I try to experiment while having sex. The only thing was. . . I needed a partner.
Just my luck, as I thought why I was waiting there, I spotted a blond girl walking down the opposite side of the street. I had to hesitate before going for her. She looked young, probably only 15 or 16, but it didn't really matter. Easier for me right?
I walked accross the crosswalk just as the girl did. She still had to wait for the light. She wore a white skirt, probably just came from a party or some social event.

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   I continued walking past her until I was sure I was out of her peripheral vision, then I instantly ran behind her.
Since my apartment was so nearby, I didn't need to knock her out. I creeped up, swung my arms around her (one over her mouth of course) and instantly ran back into the shadows of my apartment buildings lobby.
I walked up one flight of stairs holding the girl carefully. She had instantly started trying to scream, but I made sure no sound came through. She especially tried to kick me, which only served to annoy me further.
I finally got into my temporary apartment. I hastily threw her down inside as I locked the door. As soon as I let go of her, she screamed.
"Shit!" I had enough. I took three long strides back into the room where she had suddenly started to cower, then I gave her a good swat accross the face. She began to whimper now, instead.
"Now listen girl," I always tried to use the same prep talk, it always motivated the women not to acuse me of rape later one, "It's your lucky day. I'm not going to hurt you badly or kill you, but then you must promise to listen to me in return. So I'll give you three seconds to decide, live, or die?"
She didn't hesitate.

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"No! No, please don't. . . don't kill me. I don't want to die. Please. . . "
"That's fine. Good. Now don't complain, and only scream if I tell you to. Otherwise, it's all over. "
She continued to try and back away, so I quickly made my way into my bedroom, stole a couple of bindings and brought them back to find her at my door.
"Did I tell you you could get out of this apartment?"
She looked at me for a second before screaming. Now I had enough.

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   I ran hastily back into my bedroom, took out a nice gag and ran back. She instantly tried to run away through my apartment, but she got stuck at a dead end.
I quickly pushed her down onto her stomach as I held her head up and fastened the gag around her mouth. I then proceeded to trying both her wrists together behind her back.
"If you had listened to me, we wouldn't have had to go through this. You're the only one to blame. . . "
I then hoisted her up and brought her into my living room where I immediately tied one rope around her right leg and fastened it to a hook in the wall. I then took the other rope and put it around the other leg and then pulled it tight so her legs were pulled wide apart. I then fastened it too to the wall.
I then pushed her onto the table, lying on her stomach. She was pretty well secured on the table, but I wrapped one rope around the table and accross her waist just in case.
Then, I could let the fun begin:
I walked calmly into my kitchen and pulled out a few items. Big didlo (by big, I mean big), more rope, toothpaste and some earplugs.

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I walked back and deposited the items on one of the chairs and stepped in front of her. She was still dressed, and she actually looked quite good in it. I must also admit that she looked pretty damn hot at this moment. The slender curves of her young body almost gave me lust for her.
"I can guarantee you a night of pain now, so I highly suggest you listen to what I have to say if you're going to get out of this alive. " She nodded her head vigerously. I had to control a smirk. "Listen to everything I say and obey without question and you will redeem yourself. I will show you what is in store for you if you don't. "
I walked around to her backside and she instantly started moaning something. I ignored her protests and got out my pocket knife. I carefully slide it up through her panties and ripped them clean off with a yelp from the girl.
"Don't worry, your other clothes can stay on for now. " I then tried to adjust to a better view. She either had not started growing pubic hair yet, or she shaved it.

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   All the better for me, I thought.
I brought my arm back and began to spank her ass. I hit hard at first between both of her ass cheeks, before I spanked even harder. I sould hear whining and protestations from in front, but I ignored her some more. After about a minute of abuse, I left off with one good hit to the center of her ass. She definitely gave a yelp there.
"Well," I started as I walked back around, "Anytime you disobey me, I will do that much harder and for a longer time. Did you enjoy that spanking?" She shook her head, getting more blond hair into her face. "Good, then there will be no problems if I take this gag off you?" She nodded and I smiled. Good.
As soon as the gag was off, she started speaking. "Please sir, my parents. . . they can offer you anything, anything you want.

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   Please let me go, please don't rape-. . . "
"Whoa, whoa there. Stop right there. it won't be a rape, don't worry. Listen though, I already told you, if you want to get out of here alive, youmust obey my every command. "
She looked solemnly for a second before I continued. "First thing first. Do you have to go to the bathroom?"
Her eyes lit up, and I could already see that she was formulating a plan. "Uh, yes, I do!" I could see right through her.
"Here, one moment. " I jaunted into the kitchen, fetched a bottle of pepsi and came back out with a straw. I placed the bottle with the straw in it right next to her face. "I will consider it if you drink all of this first.

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"Is it-. . . "
"It's not poisoned. Don't worry about these things. As long as you listen, you won't die. I keep my promises. "
I then left her there, as I went to the bathroom myself.
After thirty minutes had passed, I thought I was about ready. She was fidgetting on the table and I knew she was probably holding back.
"So, now you have to go pee?"
"No. I really have to go bad now. I think  I might explode-. . .

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"Good, wait one moment. "
I went to the chair and collected my earplugs. I put one down and took the other in my fingers and compressed it. "Now listen girl, if you scream, you pay. Don't do anything until I'm done, or you'll regret it. "
"Uh. . . okay. . . "
I could sense the nervousness of her voice.
I comrpessed the earplug as much as possible, then I moved to her rear end. She had a lovely pussy, plus her ass looked so tight, I couldn't wait to get into later on. I moved down and positioned myself just below her pussy.

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   Then, as quickly but as carefully as I could be, I opened my fingers, took the earplug out and brought it right below her pussy. I then inserted it with accuracy into her urethra. I didn't stop pushing it in until it was almost invisible.
I could hear her sudden cry out in pain. I twisted some skin on her thiegh and warned her to be quite and she shut up again. I then reached down and took a smal bottle of crazy glue and dabbed some on my fingers. I then inserted it on and around the earplug, making sure it was securely fastened. It was only now I noticed that her pussy had become moist.
"Getting exited are we?"
"How do you feel now, any irritation?"
She moaned for a second before replying. "I feel pressure, inside. . . my. . pee, hole.

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  . . . thingy. We were learning about it in-. . . "
"Okay, that's enough. "
I then walked into the bathroom and washed my hands, crazy glue was not something to mess with. I then walked back out to see her squirming again.
"Hey, quit moving. I already warned you about escaping. "
"I-I. . .


  I can't. . . I have to go pee!"
"Well, then go, nobodies stopping you. " I smirked, then brought a chair out in front of her face. I sat down comfortably with a bottle of pepsi of my own, her's lying empty on the floor.
My first enjoyable part of the eveneing was watching her squirm. It was pretty nice. I gave one good threat about knives, and she shut up for quite awhile. I watched as she writhed around in her position, yelping every time she let some of her urine out, because with the earplug in place, she couldn't relieve herself of the pressure.
Finally, I decided now might be a good time to move in.
"So, how you feeling still?"
"Please! It hurts!" She finally got out the words she was voicelessly mouthing. "I have to go pee, it hurts!" Liquid began to stain her eyes.
"Okay, here we go then. You listen to my every command, and I will let you relieve yourself afterwards.

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   If you don't, I'll leave you here for an hour and you'll suffer even more. "
Her head was rolling around and her lower body kept bucking up and down. I smiled. I walked around behind her and looked at her nice tight ass. It was a very good view, her ass and her pussy kept contracting as she tried to hold her liquid in. I was pretty happy.
"Okay, first thing's first. You're going to cum for me. "
I bent down, picked up the dildo, and without hesitation I pushed it straight into her moistened pussy. She yelped at the new load in her, but I kept pushing it in. It was about the size of a football, so it was actually somewhat of a challenge to get the whole thing in.
After that, I took a smaller dildo, about the size of a large cucumber, and began pushing it into her ass. ow she gave a louder yelp and started mumbling loudly how she didn't want it in there.
"isten girl, it isn't harmful to have things in your ass. It's actually pleasurably, watch.

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I then licked my fingers, one hand holding the huge dildo in her pussy, the other fingers I began to slip into her ass. It was quite a challenge, but I liked that. She kept on contracting her ass, making it hard, but I pushed again and again until nearly my whole hand was in there. I was actually pretty impressed.
I then quickly slid my hand out and rammed the dildo back in. With two dildo's and a huge amount of piss needing to be ejected, she gave a great yell. I swatted her hard on the ass to make her shut up as I began pumping the dildos in and out of her.
She started rocking back and forth with the huge dildos, I could already see she was starting to like it. I then pushed harder and harder, more of the dildos came out and went in at one time. Soon I was pumping both dildos in and out all the way at more than five times per second. She didn't stop moaning as I drove the dildos deeper and deeper into her.
Finally, she began to cum. As soon as I first noticed it I sped up the pace even more. Now she was groaning and almost yelling in pleasure.
I pulled the dildo in her ass out finally and pulled down my pants.

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   I was so stiff and hard I couldn't take it any more. I ligned up my dick and then rammed it into her ass. My dick was even bigger than the dildo, I'm not bragging, so when she felt that, she yelped, then moaned even louder.
Even after her first cum, she was still taking it in pleasure. I noticed, with one arm free, I reached up and ripped the rest of her garments off her, exposing her beautiful nude body. I couldn't help it anymore, I grunted and grabbed one of her cute breasts and tugged on them hard. As she continued moaning, I suddenly remembered something.
I tugged the dildo out of her, as well as my dick. I could see a small trickle of blood on both objects that had gone up her ass, but it didn't matter at the moment.
I stepped quickly into my study, reached into one of the drawers before taking out two sharp paper clamps. I came back with her looking at me quizzically before she noticed the clamps. She may have said something afterwards, but it was drowned out by her screams. I clamped both clamps down onto her soft nipples.
I went right back around to her ass again and looked quickly at her pisshole. It seemed as if a few drops of piss had dripped out, but it didn't matter.

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   The plug was still in and functioning.
I got back behind her and instantly shoved my dick into her ass while my left hand went straight into her pussy. I didn't stop until my dick was all the way in her, until my hand and some of my wrist was all the way inside her, and my right hand pressing down on the already tight clamps.
Even now, she kept moaning. Imagine it, it must have been too much for her. She had to piss badly, had both her rear ends filled with huge objects and painful clamps pinned down on her nipples.
As I pumped harder and harder into her, she screamed more and more until finally, I came at the same time as her. I filled her ass with cum, punched the inside of her cunt and pressed her nipples so hard the began to bleed.
She was no better off, he whole body was shaking by now, tears streaming down her face, but she had a smirk on her face, that was all that counted.
I pulled my hand and dick out of her, I then took the clamps carefully off her nipples. I untied her bondings and she lay still on the table. I couldn't blame her, I was pretty tired myself.
I walked into the bathroom and started a shower. I waited about 30 seconds for the water to heat up, before stepping in. I was just closing the curtain when the girl popped her head in.

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"What do you want?" I asked her.
"You're free to go now if you want. "
She stood still for a moment, suddenly looking around and realizing her surroundings for the first time. "Um, can I saty. . . a bit longer?. . . Please?. . . "
I couldn't hold the smile off my face. I stepped out of the shower while leaving it running and scooped up her body into my arms. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips which she returned awkwardly and I let my hands slip down to her pussy again.

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"I still need to go pee. "
I laughed. "And so you will. "
I lead her over close to the shower, then I told her to bend over. As soon as her ass was facing the shower, I reached up and unhooked the shower head. I fitted it with the hose extension hanging up on the showerhead and tested it. It was almost the same as a garden hose, except it's nosel was shaped like a plastic cone.
I easily reached down to grab her firm ass, then I inserted the hose right up into her tiny ass. She moaned and asked me what I was doing.
"Let's do this right if you're going to piss. Alright?"
I told her to sit down somewhat, with the hose still inside her ass. It had to be at least three inches inside before I was ready. I let her down, then reached up to the showerhead. I pulled the nosel and water instantly began flowing through the hose.
I dropped quickly and held her small body inside by arms and made sure my lags held her firmly to the spot.

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   She soon felt the warm water rushing into her asshole and tried to get away. SHe began to wimper and eventually scream.
I only held the hose on for about thirty seconds, but it must have seemed longer to her, since litres of water were flowing into her every few seconds.
I finally got up and she tore the hose out of her ass even before I switched it off. She then fell back and whimpered.
"I'm going to get a cramp. "
"Don't worry, come here. "
I then chakily brought her into the shower, I turned off the water and let us soak there for a few moments before I pulled her chin up and nodded to her.
I bent down and she opened her legs gratefully. I slipped one hand up, and then owrking my way around, I carefully pulled the earplug out of her piss opening. She let out a contented sigh and I lowered her down to my level. I lay against the shower stall and put her in between my legs. I lowered her pussy onto my dick and we sat there for about ten seconds before she both began to piss and shit at the same time. Well, not really shit, but all the water that had accumulated came out of her ass as well.

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It was almost like a massage to me, and certainly a pleasurably relief for her. It took a good minute before she was done emptying her bladder, and we stayed in the shower stall making out for almost twenty minutes making out as she emptied her bowels.
We finally got up and had a hot shower to wash ourselves up. Actually, we washed each other, but wtv.
Finally, she decided she would be going home. I offered her a ride, but she declined. She said she wanted to visite me again. And I said: "anytime. "
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