Night of the Party


Tim walks up, handing me a freshly rolled joint, leaving the giggles behind. "Here, Looks like you could use this", he says. "Thanks, I've had a bad week", replying as I take it and inhale a few pulls. Looking around the room, noticing a few unfamiliar faces. Nodding to Tim, in that "who the hell is that" way. He shrugs his shoulders, as I pass the joint back. After a few more passes back and fourth we decided to mingle around, I wanted to find out who these people were that I didn’t know. Walking to the back porch, to my normal hide out, I pass by Kim and Julie. Julie and I used to be best friends. That is until we reached our late teens and now we have separate lives. I grew up in a sort and she still plays the teenage games. Running around, the carefree kind of life that most 21 year olds would die for. As I got out of high school, I had to get a job and part from the sleeping until 12 and take care of myself. Kim on the other hand claims she goes to school, believe it if you want to. As we walk out to the porch, where a few more friends are, Bob sees our hands empty and asks if we want a drink. Heading for my usual seat, I said yes to Bob, as I sat down.

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   Letting myself get lost in the buzz of the party, washing my week away. Looking around I noticed the time and the party had thinned out a bit. Also noticing the joint I have held in my hand, I must be tore up because I had forgot I was holding it. Reaching for my lighter, not wanting to waste it. I take a few puffs. I have to get home soon; I don't think I can drive. Finding Tim to tell him I'm leaving. He must have noticed me staggering a bit, because he took my keys. Tossing them to the guy beside him, whom I had briefly met earlier. "This is Kevin, he'll drive you home, I'll call you in a bit to make sure you get home, just get your car in the morning", Tim says as one of the giggling girls nibbles on his ear. I could tell what Tim had on his mind, and the giggles only got louder as I turned towards the nearest exit. Trying to keep my balance as I walk towards the door, the people remaining at the party yelling their good byes to me as though I'm in a different room. A combination of all the drinks Bob pumped into me and the nicely rolled joints I inhaled, had taken their toll on me. I hadn't expected to have to be driven home but I didn't need any trouble tonight. Kevin was a nice guy I quickly learned, helping me down the stairs that I didn't remember being there before.

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   Showing me to his car, opening the passenger door and helping me in. He walked around the car and got in the drivers seat. I sat in the seat, laying my head back, thinking how heavy my eyes were. Feeling the car come to a screeching stop, I struggled to open my eyes. I had the sudden fear of not knowing where I was, I hadn't told him where I lived and didn't recognize where I was. I looked down to my shirt; the first few buttons were open. Dizzily I looked over trying to find Kevin, he was nowhere in sight. The door then flew open, and a hand yanked me out of the car. I couldn't see who it was; I guess it was Kevin, the one who so gently helped me into the seat earlier. The grip was so tight, I was immediately terrified. Trying to get out of the grip only made it tighter. I yelled for him to let me go, this only made him mad. He threw me face first on the ground, telling me not to move. Being so scared, I laid there silent. Thoughts running through my head, not knowing what was going on.

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   The drunken state I was in didn't help anything, only made me more confused. He yanked my head back, with a tight grip in my hair. I felt a cloth of some sort, I think it was his t-shirt, wrapping tightly around my mouth. I felt him over me, leaning down to my cheek, touching it with his lips. I then heard a stern voice telling me not to fight it and I wouldn't be hurt. I couldn't make the voice out clearly, but I knew he had to notice the tears streaming out of my eyes and down my cheeks. Hovering over me, I felt my shirt being unbuttoned all the way down and then yanked off. I felt the warmth of his breath on my neck, then my shoulder. A sharp pain ran threw my body as he bite my shoulder. My mind blanked out for what I guessed a few minutes, when I came to my pants were being unbuttoned and roughly pulled down. I let out a scream, but his shirt tied around my mouth muffled it. Begging him to quit, pleading with him not to go any further. My cries made him move quicker and rougher. He pulled me up by the shirt until I was on my knees. His hands gentle to the touch, but with a force of knowing what he wanted.

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   I was bent over on my knees, weeping at what was to come. I wiggled trying to get away from his grip, only making it tighter. I felt his other hand on my hip, taking control of my movement. Trying to focus on the things around me, we were on the ground in the grass. The grass was damp from the early morning dew, and smelled fresh. We had to be in a field, I didn't see any lights flickering, although my eyes were blurry and still in a daze. The hand that was on the t-shirt moved quickly to my other hip, before I had a chance to move. Gripping me hard and tightly, I was screaming into the t-shirt, making it sound only like moans. Tears running down my cheeks, I felt his manhood poking around trying to find my pussy. I again tried to wiggle free, this time he began to spank me. Hard on both cheeks, surly making them red and welted. Over and over, I soon stopped wiggling for fear of the pain. I decided to relax soon it would be over. He took this as his opportunity, tugging my thong out of the way, running his fingers over my clit. The touch was gentle, causing my senses to perk up.

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   His fingers running circles through my pussy was more intense now and I felt the juices telling him so. I wiggled again, wanting him to spank me, wanting to feel the pain. His hand found its way back to my hip, pulling me closer. Lining my womanly hole, to his cock, sliding the tip inside me. With one swift jab, he was inside me. I couldn't think, what was happening was beyond my control, and for some reason I liked it. Pushing his cock inside me, deeper and deeper. Grabbing my hair, pulling me back further, making my back arch up. I could feel his balls hitting my pussy with every thrust. I found myself pushing back on him, wanting to him slam into me harder. He leaned over me, biting the back of my neck. This sent tingles down my spine, straight to my womanhood that was being abused. My screams got louder with every thrust; he tugged at the t-shirt pulling it tight. He was moaning his self, loudly, his body shaking. Harder and harder, suddenly stopping, and with one more thrust he pulled out of me.

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   Letting go of the t-shirt, making me fall in the grass. My body shaking, he untied the t-shirt. Catching my breath, I heard my phone ringing. Trying to get up, to get to my phone, I felt him pull my arm. He whispered in my ear, "Its Tim, tell him your okay and at home. If you don't I won't take you home, I'll just leave you here. " I pressed talk, he sounded worried. I told him I was at home and didn't hear the phone. Hanging up the phone, I saw Kevin holding my shirt with a smile on his face. Almost falling over, he steadied me with the gentleness he had before, and helped me with my shirt. "You ready to go home now?" he said as if nothing had happened. I was silent, telling him where to turn. He pulled in my drive; I quickly jumped out of his car and ran for the safety of my house. Note- This is the first story I've posted here at SSP. Please leave a comment, I need all the pointers I can get!! Thanks!!~Cricket.

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