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 There was definitely no going back from this in more ways than one. We had landed from a ferry to Ireland about to enjoy a holiday just drifting through that fair land and staying where and when we chose days into our journey,we'd gone deep into the rural western counties. Towards late afternoon the car started to show signs of a problem so,seeing a farming type I stopped and enquired of any garage that could help. "Might take a day or so,but old Mick just down there a mile will sort you mister. You'll see his sign,just follow down a while" So off we went and sure enough we found Mick's. "Not a problem sir,might take a while,where about's are you staying at?" Making him aware we were just stopping anywhere as our day progressed. "Ah! then you'll be looking for a place for the night,that's no problem,young Charley's will suit you I reckon,he'll fix you up for a night,bit of a pub cum hostelry I 'spose you'd call it" The thick Irish brogue made everything seem wonderful. "Bull of a man,played a lot of rugby at one time,got a big black beard like a pirate,but has a heart of gold and a manner you can't resist. Good luck and call in about 11 it'll all be fixed for you then Sir!"
 We found Charley exactly as described. We ate,drank a bit and headed for bed. Oh dear,the wife never gave a thought to her wardrobe,all had been left in the car and by now the car was not accessible even if we did walk all the way back to the garage some four miles away. I said to her,'Use my boxers' "No way,I'll just keep my slip on and that's it" So,all settled we lay in bed listening - between fondling each other to any sounds emitting within the house. Charley had told us his wife was away for a while, "Family stuff" he said. I'd said to my wife,he's a barrel of a man,I wonder how big she is? giggling,she said, "You mean when she's doing it with a big man like that" I smiled as she speculated. "I bet his thighs are like tree trunks" 'And what he got between them' I added "NO! I didn't mean that,its just I think he'd have a good body form"
 We often done this stuff before leading in to sex.

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   It just gave us a buzz. My wife was quite substantial in a sexy way and had a flirty way at times but nothing of this nature had happened on this night. 'Bet you'd like a look at him naked tonight. Stranger,with his wife away,probably dying for it' "Don't be stupid,no nothing like that,but like the bloke at the garage said. He'd make a good pirate to rape and pillage don't you think" I smiled and had the thought of a particular wife on the receiving end of her thought.
 Having lain in bed together for awhile,Jean, - my wife's name - said, "I need to pee before you know" I knew,she was getting horny and we were going to make love. The house was quiet now and I thought the owner had retired to bed. So I said, 'Off you go then,don't be long' "With just my slip on,do you think it will be alright?" 'Yeah,sounds like he's in bed and there's only us apart from him. - This was 'ye old country' so the loo was out back. 'You'll be okay,I can see you outside through that window' Having peeped out the door to make sure she had a clear house,off she went. I stood to the window and saw her out and watched now as she returned. Back into the house she went and I heard her moving through and on to the stairs.
 With a full moon I could even see that the chill night air had made her nipples hard and they stood showing like twins through the thin nylon of her garment. Relishing grasping them in my fingers I stood near the bedroom door in anticipation. Outside the door,a sound made my back tingle and go goosey.

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   Charley's deep voice was speaking quietly. "Hold still woman,do you want your man to hear. Is he asleep" My wife's voice timmidly responded, "No,no don't do that,he's waiting for me to come back up. Leave me alone" Myself being hot now and tempted to burst out of the bedroom,but! - I hear a rendering of material.
 I fling the door open to be greeted by this giant ripping my wife's slip even more. - Rip,rip,up it went till a seam across under her tits stopped it ripping further. My wife's belly,pubes,thighs were naked as was Charley's ass and cock. All in the same instant,Charley uttered as his hard cock pressed up against my wife's soft belly, "Will you hold still woman while I service you! YOU! - too me, - Stop where you are or I'll snap your back mister. You can watch or get back to your room" My wife uttered, "John,don't try to stop him,he'll hurt you and it'll be okay,he'll finish in no time" "See, she's -this woman of yours and a fine woman if I do say knows what's best for both of you" clearly he was as horny as hell with a rampant hardon needing a woman.
 By now his pudgy hands with fingers like thick sausages is wrestling deep into my wife's pussy. As I watch I see him curl his fingers under her vagina entrance and press. I know he's pushing hard to get those thick fingers deeper inside my wife's quim. We knew he was serious about damaging me and so I stood watching as he continued his mission to rape her. I also seen my wife ease her legs open slightly to help him finger her. Her eyes were looking scared at first but as he clearly was working on her clitoris,these same eyes started to look heaven wards as her sexual excitment rose.


 She stood and I watched as if by remote control she slowly moved her hand to feel his cock. The cock I was looking at,all of ten inches and thick,about the thickness in fact of her wrist. She started to make orgasmic sounds and her eyes clamped shut. I knew she was gripping her teeth against the outside of her lower lip to try to stop her excited sensations escaping in front of me as I watched them. He had her cumming off and she knew it. She exploded, "DO IT,DO IT TO ME YOU BASTARD. FUCK ME FOR CHRIST SAKE! CAN'T YOU SEE I'VE CUM?"
 Now holding his hardon he poked it at her hole,swishing it to and fro along her slit,then gave a thrust that nearly lifted her off her feet as her prominent labia trailed to and fro along his shaft following the strokes of his cock going in and out of her. I was facinated watching my wife's pussy devouring this huge penis. She couldn't control her feeling anymore. Driving her claws deep into his ass cheeks she started humping back as hard as he thrust towards her trembling belly. In moments with his ass muscles tightening and her whimpering obseneties at his efforts I saw her taking the first burst of sperm deep up her vagina. With each further thrust clearly she was gripping her pussy on his dick to get even more of his cum deep,oh so deeply up her pussy.
 As Charley pulled his dripping cock from her. "See,that didn't hurt ya! She's good mister,in fact so good,I've decided not to charge you for your overnight stay. That alright with you both?" Dumbfounded we looked towards each other as my wife's now openly spread thighs allowed his sperm to start dribbling back out her crack.

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   "He didn't hurt me,Is it alright by you John" I could neither say or think straight, - I stood with a hardon like a steel bar inside my boxers and had one thing in mind,namely to empty my sperm in the same hole I'd just watched being raped,while my wife has just excepted a fee for being fucked. Was this prostitution I wondered? After all she's just let a stranger have her for money-in-kind.
 The more I thought of this the more horny I felt. Charley was still stood with his half limp cock touching my wife's thigh and I still hadn't responded. "Well is it mister,yer woman seems happy and we'll all catch a chill if you don't say ye or ney" It seemed all so matter of fact my mouth responded like in a dream. 'Yeah I suppose its alright as my wife says' "Good that's all settled then,see you in the morning,I'll do you both a real nice breakfast. He did just that and we parted most amicably. 'course we'll not go back,but that doesn't stop Jean often reminising about it. Each time it makes me as hard as iron until she quells my fire. I admit I get the odd moment of pissiness when she mentions how his cock made her ooze her juices over it. Randy bitch!
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