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I waked up to hear a load bump on my bed room window. I was startled and jumped up in my bed, waking my 67 yr old wife. I looked at my window and saw a splattered egg, and two 15 yr old girls running away. -a classic prank, egging a 69 yr old mans house-. I was the towns so called″ grumpiest old man″.
I sighed and got out of bed to go clean up the mess on the window. But i realized that the egg had leaked over my satellite and my satellite was now broken. I was steaming mad and too tired to do anything right now,I had got a glimpse of the 2 pranksters and if i saw them around anywhere, i would be sure to tell their parents. . . but now i just went back to bed. . . . . .

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  . . . . . .

I woke up an hour later, hearing something outside. I sprang out of bed - giving me a headache- and ran over to the window. I saw two figures outside-Probably the same 2 girls,but I couldn't tell because they were both wearing black mask . My wife saw them from the kitchen , and we both ran outside and tried to catch the girls, but they were too fast. The only thing i found out about them is one girl was a skinny blonde girl with long hair, and the other girl had a fit, athletic body and long, brown hair. There wasn't much I could do , accept keep a eye out for the 2 girls in town.

2 days later, I was driving through town and the high school had just dismissed the students, when i spotted a skinny girl with long, blond hair. Of course, there was no way to prove if it was the same girl that egged my house, so i followed the 15 yr old home. Sure enough, when she got to her house, i spotted my burnt satteliten on her front step.

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   She was the girl who pranked my house. I secretly observed her for the next 4 days and eventually found her brunette friend . I looked at their high school'syear book anf found out that the blonde girl's name was Amy and this was her 3rd yr at the school. The brunnete was Paige and this was just her first yr at the school. Continued in part 2
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