Pam & the bus driver


I was 18 first year in a small local collage in rural Louisiana, the year was 1978. In rural LA. the collages had bus routes to the surrounding smaller towns and villages. The bus would stop at pickup points, at schools, large parking lots etc. . .   Well my family was poor, because my daddy would drink up his pay check before he got home, we still seemed to make it alright. I was 5' 3", 120 lbs. , 34d breast, black hair, light olive skin tone, 34-25-34, still in shape from being so active in high school with sports. I'm  not drop dead gorgous, but what you would say the girl next door.
I was lucky, my bus driver was Mister Joe Doyle, he drove right past my house in the early morning and late evenings, so I didn't have to find a ride to pick up points. (we had 1 car). I had felt sorry for Mister Joe he was well known to be honest and trustworthy. Which was good how that my daddy was in his words a n****r hater, and yes Joe was dark black man, about 6'5", 275 lbs. not fat, but really a big man and 60 years old. .

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   Joe's wife had died the year before to cancer and he always seemed down in the dumps except when he drove the bus, he said it made him feel young around all us kids.
Everthing was great in school, except I had no money for food, clothes, all the other students seem to have better clothes. Again I was lucky I had meant Rick, he was 2 years older than me, job,  good looking, tall, we had sex 2 times in 2 years, and it was always wam bam thank you, minute man has struck again, and I was left horny as hell. My pussy stayed wet most of the time, masterbating was what nasty dirty whores did, but I still would rub my pussy, just never had an orgasim.
To make me a little spending money the guys on the bus I knew kept hitting on me so I did what any smart girl should do, profit from it. Most of the boys had never had sex, maybe a handjob nothing else. Don from my high school had been very persitant so one day I told him for 5 bucks I'd jack him off on bus ride back. (hour 30 minutes from collage to town)So when we started home we sat together on the back seat he pulled out a dick about 5" long big around as hotdog weiner, But this was the biggest dick I'd ever saw, I started pulling o his pecker and in about 5 minutes he covered my hand with white milky cum.
Allen had seen the whole thing and wanted a piece of the action, so 5 dolars later I have my 2nd dick, well 4" ain't no dick. In the next few weeks I had gotten a good thing going on, 5 dollars hand jobs, I was making about 20 dollars a day. Don still wasn't satisfied,he wanted more he kept talking about a blow job, but I wouldn't do it. My boyfriend and I had only screwed once more and my pussy was leaving wet spots on the seats.
I was in a continually state of pure horney needing to be fucked really badly. On this day home I jacked off a new guy Mike, and he got a little carried away when he cum, and I just knew everyone heard him. The bus dropped off the last students, I always went up front to set behind Joe.

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   Today Joe was acting funny, he turned in on this dirt road pulled to a dead end. "Joe what are doing down her?"  "Well, Pam yu'v been keepin them boys happy, if you want to stay in collage yur gonna keep me happy. " " Pam you don't have much of an arguement hoeing on collage property will get you kicked out for good. "
"My daddy will kill you"
"Naw, your Daddy gonna kill you when you lose that paid schooling, because you wanted to jack off some boys little peckers. "
"Joe, what do you want, my daddy can't find out"
"Well that's more like it, I knows you ben charging 5 bucks for hand jobs, so to stay in school I figre a hand job for nutin, ever Friday be good nuf"
"You won't tell any one ever?"
"Cross my heart hope to die", the entire time Joe is unzipping his pants, he puls out the biggest dick I had  and have ever seen, about 14" of hard jet black louisiana swamp snake. His dick was as big round as my wrist and pointed upward towards his stomack.
"Pam, baby girl, don't worry, I be real quick I ain't shot off in almost two years. "
I reached out beginning rubbing, it was weird, his dick would jump around, I couldn't get my finger around it, My God he must have fucked his wife to death with this huge piece of meat.
"Go ahead Pam pump that baby juice out"
My pussy was dripping now, having already jacked off 5 boys earlier, but this dick was bigger than all 5 boys put together. "My I can't be getting horny playing with a n****r dick," but it was turning me on watching the color of my olive white hand wrapped around a really black dick. I couldn't understand it.
I then hear a moan, his dick jumps out of my hand, and splat, his n****r cum hits me right across my lips, dripping on my skirt, "Oh, No", another shot across a bus seat, another shots up on his chest, another across my face, he was like a fire hose lose and shotting all over the place. I get cleaned up, I just knew I was going to puck.
Friday, still making about 20 dollars aday. Joe starts home and I see him pulling in the same dirt rode.

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   For the next 4 weeks Joe sprays his cum all over the bus and me. My boyfriend sticks his dick in me again, and yes for the forth time I still am not satisfied, just horny.
Friday october the 13, bad luck day, we're going down the same dirt rode,but we were going to almost hour early getting home. I really wanted to hurry this up, Joe always cum in about 5minutes.
"Pam, I think it's time we up the services. "
"Joe we had a deal"
"Yea, and I'm the deal maker"
"Yur gonna wrap them pretty lips around my dick and suck the cum out today, it's my birthday. "
"Joe don't do this to me, I've. . I've never done that"
"Al, hell baby, ole Joe will take it real easy break you in right, cause all them boys know boyfriend ain't doin' you no good" "Hell them wet spot on yur pants tells the truth"
"Joe I swear you hurt me I'll have you hung"
I didn't have a clue what to do, he pushed the head in my mouth, it's too big, but he pushed harder, "Shit, he 's goig to choke to death". I pull back ,but he has my head puling me on his dick.
"Relax, you getting it now baby,Oh shit" that's when this slimy, salty, cum hits the back of my mouth. He did't take long a little quicker than the normal hand job. "Baby, from now on the same thing or eles I tell"
"You could loss your job if I tell your blackmailing me. "
"Shit, like I lost a really good job, Hell you proably making more on hand jobs"
I begin crying what had I got myself into, poor country girl just trying to make it though collage. My daddy, boyfriend, and family would disown me, I would have to leave home for sucking off a black man.

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Friday, same dirt rode, different day, I had even stopped jacking off the boys, I just felt so dirty. "Well, come on up here and start suckin you some nigger dick, you bitch" He had never talked to me like that, what was up? I sat down on one bus seat, and he came and sat across from me. He pulled out that big dick, grab my hair and just jammed his dick down my thoat. "I'm dying right now, I can't breath, Oh, NO," Just then he pulled back, I got a breath before he stuffed my mouth full again.
"Hell, you bitch pull them legs apart so I can feel that wet ass pussy"
"No, No, not that, you promised bj's was it"
He pulled my legs apart, put his legs on the inside of mine holding them out. One hand in my hair pulled me back down on his dick, the other hand went up my leg, I felt his giant fingers rubbing my cotton panty crotch. I begin trying to break free, but he was too strong. His finger was sliding under the elastic on my panty leg, his finger started running though my bushy pussy. I was so ashamed, my pussy was so hungry, my body wanted it, but this was so wrong.
"Please, Please Joe don't do this. . . "
"Bitch don't ever tell me what to do, you jus a common hoe"
He jammed his finger in my cunt, "OH, Please" His finger was twice as big as my boy friends penis.

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   He began to finger fuck me, he had my skirt around my waist now, and was pushing me back on the bus seat.
    I could barly see him though my tears,"Oh my, is he going to rape me?"
    I looked up at this giant cock swinging about, his arm is now just jamming his finger up my cunt, his other hand is unbuttoning my top. He undoes my bra with just a flip of his hand, and out pops my 34 D tits. He looks like he's a dying man by the way he goes to sucking my tits. I begin to notice I'm raising my ass up to fuck back at his finger, " NOOOO"
    I begin cumming on his hand, "Now that's more like it little girl, you mus not ever stuck em fangers up your cat. " I hated him and I hated myself, why must I be so horny?
    Then I feel him put a second finger in my pussy. "Shit that hurts, Please stop you made me cum"
    "Honey it ain't about you, it's about me cummin. "
    "Please joe don't rape me?"

    Just then he ripes my panties off. He lays over me, his body is way to big for me to try and fight him off. He reaches down and just rubs the head of his cock though the lips of my juicy pussy. He lays his cock down in my pussy lips and slides the length up and down coating his dick with slimmy cum, and love juices my cunt was producing. God my pussy was driving me insane, and a big black dick was at the root of causing my problems.
    Joe slide his hand back down to his cock, I could feel the huge mushroom head at the entrance of my vagina. I could only imagine what a coke can looked like about to enter a donut hole. I knew this was going to hurt, but Joe just stopped right there, not moving just looking into my brown tear filled eyes.

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       He kisses me raised back up looking at me and pushed. "AAhhhhhh, Pleeasssse Stop"
    "Pam, relax I'm going to fuck you so well, your boyfriend won't never feel you again"
    I looked down between our ebony and ivory bodies. I could see his dark black shaft sticking out of my hairy bush, with my white legs spread out as for as they could possably go. "oh no, he only has 1or 2 inches in" He pulls back and pushes harder, "Relax baby girl, relax. " I could see his black night train going up deeper into my ivory cave, he pulls out then back in he goes, his dick is shining with my juices, each time a little deeper. Then bam he stuffs his cock into my belly, I could see my belly button rise up when his dick went in this time. I realize he still had 3 or 4 inches out of me.
    "Pam your cunt is so tight I'm. . . I'm. "
    "NOOOOOO, you can't cum in me "
    "AAAhHHHhhh. . . .

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      . SHIIIIIT. . . I'm CUMMMMING" "I'm pumping you full of babies"
    No he can't I'm unprotected, no rubbers. Then I felt for the first time a flood inside of me a warm flood spurting, soaking my wound with very potent baby making cum. Then I feel it hit harder inside, again, again, five, six, seven spurts of cum floating, ozzing into every part of my womanhood. All I could think of was carring a n****r baby, but what are you doing Joe?
    "Not again Joe?"
    "Pam, it's jus startin"
    Joe begins pumping  again in, out, in, out. Mine and his cum being pumped out of my body, I feel that funny feeling again, he's trying to get the last 3 inches inside me. I feel my cervice giving way to the strong thrusting power that this 60 year old man was delieving into me. I look down though pain, my legs are now pulled up by his sides, my breast are shaking up and down, my head is beating against the bus wall, and I feel his balls now slapping my butt he has all 14" of his raping black dick buried in my wound, pushing his cum further into me.
    Joe speeds up he starts fucking me like a jack hammer, hard and fast with 14" strokes. My pussy can't be I'm going to cum again, Please I can"t cum for this rapist again. Faster he fucked me the louder I began moaning, I could hear the wet sticky slapping sounds of my ass and his balls. My pussy was torn to the limit, it was making smacking sounds as if it was eating his cock.

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       I then felt it come up my spine into my pelvic, I could see my toes curling up and I begain cum so hard I thought it was pee squirting out of me. Joe kept up his high speed fucking, I would come down from one and cum again.
    Joe tights, I feel his cock swell inside me, he pushs with all 275 lbs. and puts his black shaft into my wound again. Thats when I knew he was inpregnating me. I closed my eyes I could see sperm connecting to my egg fertilizing it. Joe finally stops fucking me and drives me home. I never ride the school bus again.

    That was 27 years ago, I married Rick, but have not cum in 27 years nor have I jacked another man off. 10 years ago I went to Joes graveside and all I could do was say "thank you. " I finished collage and have one son , Josh is 17 today.

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