Paul was a well built man in his mid thirties, even though he looked more in his twenties and was 5’10. He wore the expensive flashy suits and had the best convertibles money could buy. Even though he was still fairly young, he was retired for two years now. He had soft dark brown hair and piercing green eyes that were to die for. His smile was warm and caring and his skin was a smooth milk chocolate color.
            He awoke one morning with the sun shining in his face, bringing a bright new day. Paul quickly jumped into a nice warm shower then dressed in his navy blue suit and black shoes. After quickly fixing his hair and brushing his teeth, her went downstairs and grabbed a pair of keys out of a drawer. I’ll just get some fast food today he thought as he went into the garage and pushed the alarm button on the key ring, soon finding out which car he was taking. It was his jet black 2005 corvette he had bought a few months ago. He got into the car and started it then waited until the garage door finished opening all the way before he pulled out of the drive way of his two story home and drove off.
            After a good thirty minutes Paul finally decided where he was going to eat. He pulled into the drive through at Taco Bell and ordered a few Extra Crispy Tacos plus a medium sized Coke to drink. After paying and taking his food he decided to park and eat, so he pulled into an empty space and turned off his car. He laid a couple napkins on his lap and tucked one partially into the front of his shirt, worried he would get food on his delicate suit. Paul took his time eating and drinking his coke, not wanting to get a stomach ache from the greasy tacos and fizzy soda.

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   After finishing he disposed of the trash then just sat there and stared out of the front window into the traffic, day dreaming but yet not at the same time. He finally snapped out of it and started the car again and backed out then left the Taco Bell parking lot. The traffic was fairly heavy today since it was a Friday so everyone was off getting paid for their weeks work. He started to get agitated and cursed under his breath as he hit almost every red traffic light he approached. Finally Paul reached his mother’s house, his mother had died a few months ago and he was still selling off her things or giving it away. Getting out of his car and locking it, he blinked as he realized the door was open. I wonder who could be here he thought as he walked up the stairs and through the door way. “Hello?” he yelled out but received no answer. He shrugged it off and nudged the door shut with his foot and began to walk down the hall way when suddenly he felt a sharp pain run through his head then everything went black.
            After a few hours, Paul awoke to a nauseating headache and looked around the room, seeing no one. He tried to sit up but for some reason he couldn’t move. Looking at his ankles and wrists, he realized he was tied to the bed and he frantically began to pull on the robes, wondering what was going on. Suddenly he heard someone coming but they stopped at the doorway but still not in view. “Hello?” Paul asked out, hoping to receive a reply. “Now, now my dear Paul.

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   Don’t struggle,” said a young woman. He blinked and looked to the doorway puzzled, wondering who this mysterious lady could be. Finally the woman stepped into the room and smiled at him. She was about 5’7 with fairly large breasts, about a D cup he suspected. Her eyes were a dark brown, almost black looking and her hair matched her eyes. Her skin soft an smooth looking with it’s dark brown tone. The smile soon widened into a grin which showed off her brilliant white teeth. He looked at the woman shocked, knowing he had seen her somewhere before but couldn’t place his finger on it. “You look surprised to see me,” she spoke in a calm voice. “I thought you would remember me, but I guess not. You’re such a disappointment Paul. ” the woman said with a sigh. Paul stared at her dumbfounded and confused, unable to think of who she was until she finally said, “It’s me Jasmine, your one night stand. ” Her eyes narrowed as she spoke the last part. He gasped softly to himself as his eyes widened, now knowing exactly what she wanted.

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   “Oh Jasmine, how are you? You’re looking very lovely as always,” he said, trying to play it cool. “Humph,” was her reply and she walked out of the door, closing and locking it behind her.
            A few hours later he heard the door unlocking and looked over to see Jasmine entering once more. This time she didn’t bother closing the door but went straight to him and began to tear off his clothes furiously. Paul yelled and began to panic, struggling to break free of the robes that held him tightly to the postings of the bed. She made loud fierce grunting and animalistic sounds. Now that he was completely naked, she gently and quietly removed her clothes and set them down off to the side. He watched her puzzled and confused by her sudden actions. Jasmine walked back to him and crawled onto the bed and in between his legs, looking down at his limp pathetic member. “Oh come on, I know it’s way bigger than this,” she said with a slight impatient tone to her voice. Paul shook his head replying back, “No please. ” She ignored him and gripped his dick tightly then slowly began to move her hand up and down. He gasped out and began to struggle once more even though he knew it was useless now, knowing he wouldn’t be able to escape from these robes.
    “Please stop Jasmine,” he pleaded again but she continued to ignore him. Her head moved closer to his cock and her tongue slowly slipped out to slide across the tip of his member, another gasp coming from Paul.

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       Jasmine grinned widely and began to twirl her tongue and lick on the head as her hand moved slightly faster but kept a tight grip. Slowly his dick began to become hard, he couldn’t help but love the way her soft warm tongue rubbed against his sensitive dickhead. Soon her hand let go of his shaft only to be replaced by her wet warm mouth. He gasped out loudly and looked down to see her cheeks slowly going inward as she began to suck, her hands reaching up to gently massage his balls. A soft low moan ushered from his mouth and he leaned his head back down and relaxed, giving into her now. Her head began to bob up and down on his member as she sucked even harder, gripping his sack even tighter. After a while of sucking his dick, she pulled her mouth back and licked her lips pleasingly. “Taste good as ever Paul,” that same wide grin came across her face once more. Jasmine climbed up his body and looked down at him, knowing she had defeated him. Gripping his dick once more she directed at her opening and slowly rubbed the head against her entrance. He shook his head looking up at her but she just nodded and slowly lowered herself down onto it, moaning softly as she felt the head push inside of her wet pussy. “I haven’t felt anything this large in a while my dear,” Jasmine said, pushing down more, his dick going in farther and all he could do was moan out from how tight and warm her pussy felt. She let all of his shaft rest inside of her throbbing pussy then slowly began to pull up and push back down once more. Her moans were so soft and it aroused him slightly more, trying to think of something else and she realized this so she pushed down harder and moaned a little louder. Paul gripped the robes tightly trying to concentrate on anything instead of her gorgeous body and seductive moans.

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       She began to ride him faster and harder, her moans growing louder and soon his hips began to thrust upwards to meet her thrusting, moaning out. She forced herself down harder onto him and moaned out loudly, feeling her orgasm close. He too felt his climax near and began to wildly buck, moaning out. She screamed softly of pleasure as she pushed herself down hard one last time and erupted into an orgasm, her juices engulfing his dick and slowly leaking from her entrance. He gave out a loud grunting sound and exploded deep inside of her tight, warm, wet pussy, also feeling juices run down his dick and his balls. They laid there for a few moments, catching their breath then she slipped off him and cut his robes then got dressed. “Hope you learned a lesson from this dear. Bye. ” she smiled at him then walked out of the room, leaving him there breathless and satisfied.