Prison Break Part Two


            Tom watched in anxious silence as the two brothers freed Penny from the kitchen table. They forced her, naked, from the kitchen and Tom could hear them moving through the house. He was alone in the kitchen, still tied – rather taped – to the kitchen chair. He waited, listening to the sound of Penny being dragged through their house. He could hear the beasts dragging her up the stairs and down the hall. Then they were overhead, in the master bedroom. Tom dropped his head and let his chin fall against his chest. God, he wondered, how many times are they going to rape her?
            He flinched when he heard a sound close to him. Looking up he saw the little brown-haired girl staring down at him. He shivered, remembering her hands on him, how she had almost brought him to orgasm – while his own wife was being raped no less. She silently knelt in front of him and let her hands roam up over his exposed chest.
            “God, you’re so pretty to look at,” she whispered. “I can’t believe I actually get to touch something like you. ”
            Her right hand slid down into his pants and gently squeezed his prick. He shook his head and grunted at her, trying to sway her with his pleading brown eyes. She reached up with her left hand and let it run through his thick, wavy light brown hair.

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            “You have real pretty eyes, baby,” she purred at him. “I can’t wait to see the rest of you. You feel real good. ” She squeezed his cock to emphasize her words.
            “Janey, move. ” Sid stood inside the kitchen door, staring at Tom.
            “Why? I ain’t hurtin’ nothin’,” she whined.
            “We’re moving upstairs. Gonna git all comfortable in the bedroom. ” Sid ginned at Tom. “You can play with yore toy up there. ”
            She grinned at her brother then turned her smile on Tom. “Okay. Tommy and me’ll have a good time up there. ”
            She stepped away from Tom and waited while her brother moved forward.

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   Sid put his . 45 under Tom’s chin and pressed up with it, lifting Tom’s head.
            “You do exactly as I say and we’ll git along jes’ fine. ”
            Sid pulled a pocket knife from his pants pocket and flipped it open. He cut the tape binding Tom’s legs to the chair then reached around behind him and cut the tape holding his arms to the chair as well.
            “Stand up,” Sid ordered.
            As Tom stood Sid raised the gun, keeping it directly under Tom’s chin. Mack suddenly appeared in the doorway.
            “Hey, Janey, how about a few less clothes?” Mack asked.
            She clapped her hands together and jumped happily.
            “Yeah, Mack! Make ’im strip,” she cried.
            Mack held up the . 57 Magnum and pointed it at Tom.
            “Step back a little, Sid,” he ordered. Sid stepped away from Tom.

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   “Loose the shirt, playboy. ”
            Tom swallowed hard then slowly shrugged his shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor.
            “Now the pants,” Mack said.
            Tom shook his head and started to protest when Mack cocked the gun.
            “The little whore’s already naked. Why are you so shy?” he asked.
            Tom pushed his dockers down over his hips and let them slide down his legs to fall around his ankles.
            “Good boy. Now,” Mack crooked his finger at Tom. “Let’s go. Upstairs. ”
            Tom started forward but Jane cried out.
            “Wait! What about his underwear?” she demanded.
            “Thought I’d leave that for you to take care of upstairs,” Mack replied.
            A slow grin spread across her face.

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“Okay,” she purred.
Tom made it halfway across the kitchen when Sid stopped him.
“I don’t like this, Mack. He ought to be bound up. ”
“If you’re afraid of the little prick, tie his hands up but I ain’t carryin’ him up them damn stairs. ”
“Jane, git the tape and bind his hands,” Sid ordered.
Jane grabbed the roll of tape from the counter and crossed Tom’s wrists behind his back then taped them tightly together. Once Sid was satisfied, they all trooped upstairs and down the hall to the master bedroom. Tom was horrified at what he saw.
Penny was bound at the foot of their four poster bed. She was tied spread-eagle with her ass lifted off the end of the bed, her feet tied to the bottom of the posts at the foot of the bed and her hands tied above her head so she stood in a semi-sitting position at the foot of the bed. Drawers all through the room had been pulled open and their contents tossed about the room. Their sex toys had been discovered and poor Penny was now being tormented with a wireless butterfly. A vibrating penis-shaped dong was strapped into her mouth.
“Okay, boy-toy, git over there in front of that closet,” Mack ordered.

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Penny watched with wide eyes as Tom was forced to stand against the closet door while their captors tied him to it. They used ropes they had found in the garage to tie his arms and feet to the door. They also tied one around his head and fastened it to the door. Then they closed the door and moved away from Tom giving Jane free access to her captive.
Jane approached Tom with a large pair of scissors in her hands. She knelt in front of him between his spread legs and cut up one leg of his briefs then the other leg.
    She reached between his legs and pulled the back piece of his ruined underwear from behind him and let the front piece fall, freeing his large prick. Both men whistled appreciatively.
    “Damn, Janey, you shore know how to pick ’em,” Sid called to her.
    The brothers retreated to the bed behind Penny, one sitting on either side of her. Each played relentlessly with her ass and pussy while Jane entertained herself with Tom. She tossed the scissors aside and reached up with both hands to fondle Tom’s cock and balls.
    “Oh, my, you are built something beautiful, Tommy,” she cooed. She leaned up and took his prick into her hot mouth, drawing a low groan from Tom. Working his tool in and out of her mouth she gently squeezed his balls.

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       When she felt him growing inside her mouth, she pulled away from him and looked up at him. “My, you do taste good, Tommy. Did I make you feel good, baby?”
    Her hands caressed him, drawing more moans from him as he struggled against his body’s responses.
    “You’re gonna cum for me aren’t you, Tommy?”
    He shook his head desperately from side to side but he knew it was futile. His hips were beginning to reach out toward her as her hands worked his cock. She leaned forward again and started to suck his prick again. He lasted only moments before exploding in her mouth. She sucked the hot sperm from him and swallowed it as fast as he pumped it into her throat. Finally, he had no more to offer and he started to shrink. She let his prick fall and slid up against his body as she stood, her hands roaming over him. Her mouth found his nipples and she sucked and nipped each one in turn before kissing his chin.
    “You’re hot, Tommy. We’ll do more later, baby. ”
    She turned with a smile toward her brothers. Mack climbed from the bed and walked around to face Penny while Sid positioned himself under her from behind.

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       Both men were hard, their pricks standing at attention.
    “It’s your turn again, pussy-bitch,” Mack said as he reached a hand around either side of Penny’s ass and pulled her butt cheeks apart. Sid forced his inflated prick into her asshole while she screamed into her penis gag. Once he was inside her Mack slammed into her pussy. Then they began double fucking her. When they had established their rhythm, they worked together to reach their orgasms. Penny, courtesy of the butterfly strapped on to her clit and the double pounding she was receiving screamed into an orgasm just before the brothers each shot their loads into her. The two men squeezed her between them until their cocks shrank and slid limply from her wet holes.
    Mack turned and smiled at Tom.
    “Just think, it’s still early and we’re just gettin’ started. ”

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