Raping Mom


"What?!"I thought he was out of his mind. "Well, I mean it's your choice, I'm just giving you a chance of getting your money back. "He was so cool about it, it made me mad. On the other hand I couldn't forget my thirty bucks. After all it was all I had. I thought a bit. He was all in joy with the money he had won. He knew it was more than he needed so he wanted to do something really miserable. I couldn't do anything about it, I agreed. I know it was a stupid thing to do (if you can call it that), but I agreed. After all I was a virgin and I wouldn't care much about fucking my mom, given that she was a pretty one. I tried to play my best but I felt he was too strong. It was a matter of minutes until he won. He looked triumphantly at me, counted fifteen bucks, handed them to me and said with a devilish smile, "I can pay for a condom if you'll be needing one. "I was ready to kill him but I tried not to pay much attention. My mom was in the kitchen and there wasn't anyone around.

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   As we approached the door I felt fear. We looked through the semi-opened door. She was standing there washing the dishes. She was wearing a blouse and jeans. I looked at Dave and said, "How do you suppose me to do it. ""You just go in and fuck her. ""What do you mean like rape her?""Yeah, although if she's willing it's ok with me. ""Don't be stupid. "Dave giggled. "So what are you waiting for?""I can't take her dress off. "He looked inside and said, "Yeah, she's got jeans on. You'll have to pry that off. "He giggled again. "What do you suggest," I asked. "I'm not suggesting anything.

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   The technical part is up to you. "I thought a bit then said, "Ok, here's what we'll do, we'll wait till she takes a bath. She usually does this time of day. Then I'll go in, she doesn't close the door. ""Ok, we'll have to sit and wait. "We went into the living room to guard the bathroom door. In half an hour my mom came in. she said she was going to take a shower. She took a towel and went in. "Well, get ready motherfucker," Dave said with his nasty smile. My heart started rushing again. I approached the bathroom door and started listening. In a moment I heard the sound of running water, then my mother stepping into the tub. "Come on Ben, you just have to go in and stuff your dick inside her. ""Look it's not that simple.

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  ""I'll be with you," he said reassuringly, as if it was going to help. I unzipped my pants and pulled them off. "Take your shirt off too, it will disturb you. "I stood there naked, ready to fuck my own mother. I tried my best to push away any thoughts. I reached down and touched my dick. Suddenly it hardened. I was surprised that it was still soft. I gave a sigh and looked at Dave. He nodded to me and said, "Just go in there, everything will be ok. "I opened the door. Quietly I entered. My mom didn't see me, she was behind the curtain. Dave went in after me. Suddenly I felt confident.

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   I went forward and pulled the curtain away. My mom turned around and screamed trying to hide as much of herself as she could. I quickly got into the bath. The water gushed into my face. I grabbed the hand covering her cunt. She kept on screaming. I pressed her to the wall. She tried her best to push me away. I held on and in a moment she squeezed past me. She tried to jump out of the bath, but in vain. Instead she was on her knees in the tub. I felt the moment was near. Taking hold of her thighs I stepped across. My dick was beneath her pussy and in a moment I pushed it in. She screamed, now out of pain.

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   I looked in front of me to see Dave. He stood there unzipping his pants. I kept on pushing. Soon Dave had taken his dick out. At first he started masturbating. Then, as I kept ramming into mom's cunt he suddenly moved closer. I looked to see what he was going to do. He stood in front of mom and in a minute pushed his dick into her mouth. At this point mom's screams died down, she was only moaning. We fucked without saying a word. Soon enough I cummed. As I pulled my dick out of mom, Dave still had his dick in her mouth. I got out to look at him pushing it in and out. I looked around. Suddenly I noticed the camera on the washing machine.


   I had a great idea. I took the camera and started shooting away. Soon Dave was finishing. As he did, he send a huge spray of cum into my mother's mouth. I snapped at that one. In a moment my mother was lying there with the cum spilling from her mouth. Dave and I got out and dressed. We ran out of the house and took the film for development. When the pictures came they were awesome. Suddenly Dave had an idea. "Why don't we use these pictures to blackmail your mom? We can make her fuck all the time. "I agreed. After all I'd had the best time yet. We did that way. Mom was really mad, but soon she got over it.

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   We fucked her every way we could. Soon she even got to like it. We took more pictures and got an album. .
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