Run, Girl...Run


“Now see what you’ve made me do? You better be a good girl now you hear. How old are you? Eighteen?” I nod my head. “Ahh young, I love them like that. ” He leads me over to a small clearing back the way we came. There’s a bag there- I hadn’t seen it before he must have been running with it then dropped it. “Sit down right there. ” He pointed to a spot in between three trees. “Strip for me first nice and slow. ” He sits down on a rock and pulls out a camera from his bag. I begin to cry as I take off my shirt. All the while he takes picture after picture. My bra comes next, then my pants and panties. I stand with my hands trying to cover myself as best I can. “Good, good, you look nice and scared- these will make some good money. Alright now stand right there. ” He then pulls out a video recorder and sets up the stand with it facing directly at me.

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   He then goes into his bag and tells me to close my eyes. I can’t do it so I keep them opened a little hoping he can’t tell. He comes over to me and grabs my arms pulling them together in front of me. He then ties my wrists together with ropes. I try to struggle but he pulls harder. “Don’t make me hit you again bitch. Not yet at least. ” Once my hands are bound together he pulls them above my head and throws the rope around a thick tree branch- he then ties me back up so I’m almost hanging there- on my toes, totally exposed to him. I feel a cloth go over my eyes. I once again try to move but find I’m getting nowhere. “Mmm. You look so tasty. Now that you can’t see, my mask is coming off so I can have some more fun. You’re gonna like the feel of my face everywhere. ” He laughs.

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   I hear him walk away then it’s silent. What’s happening? Is he gone? Is this all he wanted to do to me. I then hear his bag open then he comes back over to me. I think he’s standing behind me, but he stopped moving so I can’t hear him. I begin to whimper not knowing what’s happening. My body is exposed openly and I have nowhere to run. Oh god he’s going to rape me then leave me here to die. Please god, help me through this. “Please. Please Do…Ahhh. ” I feel a sharp pain on my ass as something is whipping me. Again the leather type whip strikes my ass causing me to scream out. “That’s for not closing your eyes when I told you to. ” He whips me again; causing me to jerk forward- that motion just pulls on my wrists causing burning pain. “You’re gonna be a good girl for me now aren’t you?” He slides the whip over my back.

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   Then walks around to the front of me. “Hmm? I didn’t hear you?” He trails it along my breasts. “Yes. ” I say softly through tears. “Yes what?” He asks. “Yes I’ll be good. ” I push out. Slap, the whip is struck over my nipples. “Ahhh oh my god. ” The pain is unbelievable. “Please I said I’d be good. ” My head falls forward as I continue to cry. “Yes MASTER. You are now mine. ” He trails his finger down my chin.

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   “Don’t worry, you’ll love every moment of this. ” He then whips me some more and the pain begins to go away- I’m becoming numb on my ass. I feel him reach his arm around my front. Oh god now- he can’t… I feel his finger slide in my slit- my head falls forward in shame. He walks around to face me. “What is this?” He moves his finger in further. My hips instantly rock towards his hand. I’m so ashamed. “You’re very wet my dear. ” He laughs. I begin to cry again. He then brings his finger up to my mouth and forces me to suck his finger. “Suck all your juice off my finger. Do you like it slut?” I don’t respond, I hear him step back not knowing what’s happening- then I feel it. He whips my pussy causing me to scream and my body jerks.

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   He whips me again and again then tells me to open my legs as much as I can- he then whips my wet pussy- it hurts so much, but I become more wet. As he’s whipping me he leans forward and takes my nipple into his mouth sucking on it very hard. He moves from one nipple to the other while continuing to whip me. I can feel it- oh god no please. I begin to cum. He laughs as he bites and pulls at my nipples. “Yes that’s my slut. Cum for your master. ” My body shakes off the climax and my knees go weak. The pull instantly makes me stand straight again. “That’s a good girl. ” His finger finds it’s way to my clit and rubs me over and over again- bringing me close to orgasm, he then pulls away and gets on his knees. He spreads my pussy lips with his finger and slowly blows on my cum drenched pussy. Ohh god. He then moves his tongue in.

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   Flicking and swirling it around and around before diving in. He gently caresses my ass then grabs at it with his nails- I moan in ecstasy. “Yes baby. Yes” he says as he continues to eat me out. I feel his finger try to enter my ass. I try to push away but he plows his finger in causing me to scream- He keeps on licking and fingering my ass- I’m almost about to cum when he pulls his finger out and stops licking me and just places his hand over my pussy- causing me to not cum. “No” I say before I realize what I did. He then slowly moves his finger on my clit- rubbing hard but slow. “What do you want?” He keeps moving slowly- then stops. Then starts again, then stops. He finally takes his hand away, “What baby? Tell your master. ” He inserts a finger into my pussy slowly moving it in and out- then two, then three fingers. Digging deep into my wet pussy, “Tell me. ”My head moves back and forth- it feels so good, I need to cum- oh god help me. “Please fuck me.

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  ” I hear him reach to the ground not knowing what’s happening- then I feel the whip on my ass again. “Oh yes. God yes. ” The pain feels so good now. “Tell me what you want you slut. ” He whips me harder. “Fuck me, please fuck my pussy master. Oh god yes whip me harder. ” My hips are grinding towards him. He whips me three more time- very, very hard then on the last whip I hear it fall and he rams his cock into my waiting pussy. “Oh god yess, yess. ” His cock fucks me so hard and deep. “You like that baby?” He says as he thrusts deeper and harder into me. In and out he fucks faster. He leans forward and takes a nipple into his mouth and bites it.

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   I scream out in pain but it just excites me more. “Yes master, yes, punish me- fuck me master. ” I scream as my hips meet his every thrust. “God yes, yes. I’m gonna cum. Can I cum master please?” The pulsating begins to move through me. I scream in ecstasy as he fucks me harder and hard. “Yes my baby. Cum. Cum now for your master. ” He fucks me faster and I feel him pulse inside me. I begin to cum wave after wave I scream out. The ropes on my wrists burn with each thrust but it only adds to the pleasure. I feel him thrust harder but slower now- jerking himself in me. “Take your masters cum.

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   Here it is baby. Take it all. ” I feel his hot cum fill my pussy. “Oh yes, yes Master. ” I scream as we both cum. He waits till all his cum is in side of me, and then slips out. He stands back and I can hear him talking more pictures. I then feel his hand scoop my pussy. I don’t know what he’s doing. “Open your mouth. ” He brings his hand to my mouth and I open it immediately. He pours his cum and my cum into my mouth then rubs the rest on my breasts. He steps back and takes more close ups. I’m made to swallow it- but I don’t mind. It’s my masters cum and I love it.

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