It was gonna be a great weekend, Nikki's parents had gone back down to London and she had the house to herself. After running around like a headless chicken and tidying up she had called some friends.   It was time to party- sex, drugs and booze were the order of the day.
 As the clock struck 7 she stripped off and padded into the bathroom, a hot relaxing bath and a good shave was called for before the party began, she didn't want a furry cunt for when she got licked out and fucked tonight. She lay in the bath, her hands stroked between her legs, she was smooth and silky. Her fingers teased her lips feeling herself open as the water pushed into her. She closed her eyes as thoughts of a huge cock ramming into hr cunt slipped around her. She opened her eyes, someone was knocking, banging on the front door. She shivered, she had fallen asleep in the bath. "Shit" she cursed. Grabbing a large white fluffy towel she rushed out into the hallway and down the stairs to the front door.   Making sure the towel was firmly secured she opened the front door. The smile on her face dropped. Standing before her stood a giant. To Nikki, who stood at 5'4" anyone over 5'10" was a giant.   This guy was well over 6'2" and built like a brick shit house.

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   She stared in shock for a split second at this huge man with a shaved head. It didn't taker long to get a good look at him, skin head, tattoos on both arms and on his neck. His jeans were faded blue, his jacket green bomber type and ox blood doctor marten boots. She panicked pushed the door shut. It hit the edge of his boot. She didn't scream, she ran, knowing the phone was in her room she started up the stairs. She felt as if time had stood still, she forced herself forward, she moved- suddenly she was free, her legs carried her like wings up the stairs.   In truth his hand had grabbed the back of her towel holding her for the briefest of seconds until she had managed to pull free, the towel slipping from her wet body. He shut the door and locked it, then happily made his way towards the phone socket, he kicked the white cord from the wall, no phone calls please he chortled.
 He heard the door to a room slam, time for fun he called to no one. She ran into her room and slammed the door, she wished she had had the lock fitted now but it was too late for regrets. Rushing to the phone on her bed she quickly dialed the number for the police, there was no dial tone. She screamed at the phone and tried again, nothing. Nikki looked for her mobile and remembered it was downstairs on charge. She cursed.

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   She jumped as the door crashed in. There he stood the giant, a huge ugly grin spread across his face. Nikki looked for a weapon, anything to use against him. Scanning the room she saw the new wooden curtain pole she was planning on fixing up. Grabbing it and holding it as she had been taught in marital arts she waited for her attacker. “Come on ya cunt!” she stood there naked, nipples hard with cold, the water from the bath replaced by her own sweat. She stood there ready to bash some brains in. He came at her, his huge hands open and ready for her. She swung once, it was all he needed, his hand grabbed the wooden pole as his booted foot lashed at her naked thigh.   The pole disappeared from her grip at the same time her thigh went dead, she was pulled forward into the man. He grabbed her by her hair, she yelped as she felt her hair pulled tight. His hand wrapped around her wrist twisting it, the pain flared up through her arm.   His face was close to hers now, his breath was sweet as if he had been sucking mints. He smiled at her again and she tried to headbutt him. More pain in her arm, anymore and it would break.

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She found herself flying across the room towards her bed. Her head hit the wall and she lay there stunned, blood trickled from an open wound in her scalp. She lay there as she felt the weight of the skinhead upon her bed. He turned her around and she saw for the first time her attacker in his glory. As she had lain there he had stripped off his shirt and undone his jeans. His huge body wasn’t just muscle it was well defined muscles, tattoos rippled across his upper torso, he even had a swastika in the Nazi style on his left arm. She then saw his huge cock, this guy was well defined and well proportioned. His cock wasn’t just long it was thick and hard. A piercing nestled around his glands.   Nikki’s eyes wide open tried to move away. His hands grabbed her legs and forced them apart, his grip was like a vice around her thighs, she closed her eyes as he dipped his head and spat at her drying cunt. His hand rubbed his spittle around her clit and lips. She cringed as his fingers began to probe her. He laughed as she tried to clench her muscles. A punch in her stomach took the wind from her and the strength from her.

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   His fingers probed deep and hard. Although she was now getting wet, she knew it was just a response not a desire. His hand left her cunt and trailed up her body a slimy slither of her juices trailed behind his fingers. His hand squeezed her tits hard together. She whimpered in pain as his rough hand caught her nipple piercings, he laughed. Yanking her by the hair again he turned her onto her stomach. She tried to fight him raising her knee to his cock a punch in the face cooled her down.
She lay there face down her face buried in her pillow. She could feel his hands spreading her legs and again probing her cunt. Then she felt the finger around her ass, no she whimpered, no please. The fire spread through her, his finger thick and hard like a small cock rammed into her ass forcing her to moved further up the bed and deeper into the pillow. She screamed as his fingers fucked her. Tears rolled down her face, sweat covered her face, she began to cry silently. The fucking of his fingers stopped. “Your ass is tight bitch” his voice grated “Your cunt is tight and smells juicy.

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  ”  She felt the head of his cock around her cunt, slipping over her wet lips she tried again to close her muscles making it harder for him to enter her.   His hand smacked the back of her head “Fucking behave you whore or I will cut you!” His cock slipped away from her cunt, she sighed in relief maybe as his weight was released from her body.
    Suddenly he thrust into her. Not her cunt but her ass. She heard him grunt in pain, “Good “! She thought. Yet her pain was worse. She had been split in two by his cock. Her ass was ripped and she could feel a tell tale dampness. It was not juices. “Oh yeah bitch!” he whispered, “I’m gonna cum in ya, I’m gonna cum over ya I think” his cock pushed deeper into her and she screamed loudly, her tears streaming down her cheeks.   She could feel his cock ready to spasm. Knew he was gonna fill her up. It stopped. The pain subsided he had gone from her ass. She lay there her feeling empty.

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       She felt his hands again around her legs and body turning her over, she didn’t resist. It hurt to much. She looked at him through teary eyes, his cock swollen and hard now had the blood dried look, her blood. His grin was disgusting, his hand slowly massaged his cock, keeping it hard. She saw the telltale sign of precum dribbling from the purple and red head. Then he came at her. Her legs were pushed to her chest, he didn’t bother to spread them apart he just forced into her cunt, her lips sliding inwards with his cock. She cried out, his piercing pushing against her g spot and then moving deeper into her, his hands encircled hers holding her down, his weight too much for her to bear. His thrusting hurting more and more, again she felt her juices slip from, she wondered if this was also her blood. He closed his eyes, and she knew he was going to cum. “Did I take my pill?” she thought, a silly thought she knew but she didn’t want to be lumbered with a bastard child. He stopped, he hadn’t cum, he was staring at her. He was still inside her, yet he hadn’t cum. He leant back and pulled his cock out taking her hand he pulled it to his huge, bloody cock, “Wank me bitch, let me see that cum shoot over you”
    She tried to stop his hand but again he forced her hand this time his over hers as she held his cock. She wanted to rip the piercing out, rip it out and make him hurt.

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        The look in his eyes told her she would be dead if she tried. His hand forced her hard and fast to wank him, he moaned and she knew he was nearly done. She closed her eyes not wanting to see the result. A sharp pain in her chest made her oen them, his knife was pressed to her tit. He stopped her from wanking him, yet still her hand was held to him. I forgot to do something, the knife slowly cut into the tit, her blood welled up, the pain numbed by older pain. Yet still it hurt. Slowly he carved a symbol into her flesh.   His hand started again, her hand held tight to him once, twice she wanted to stop, didn’t want his cum, he shifted forward, she realised too late his cum shot not on her tit but at her face. The hot sticky fluid sprayed into her eyes and mouth. He laughed as he kept her hand milking him. She closed her eyes, the sticky liquid already starting to drip and run down her face.
    She opened her eyes. The bath water was still hot, the heat from the bath had made her sweat, slowly it had run down her face. She blinked, she had fallen asleep.

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       Reaching for the towel she noticed the pamphlet on the side, “Join the BNP” it read “Let us come to you and make Britain white. ,” She giggled something fucking made me white you bastards, she laughed. Her laughter stopped suddenly as someone began banging on her front door.

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