The loneliness and pressure did get to me sometimes but I would be ok after pleasuring myself in the privacy of my room. Although I was still a virgin, I learnt early on in life to rub myself and induce mind-blowing orgasms with just my fingers. I learnt the perfect combination of rubbing my clit and massaging my breasts simultaneously. Sometimes, the shower jet helped. However, today, I was just too depressed and tired to even do that. I just went straight to my room and to bed without changing out, falling asleep almost instantly. You waited for half an hour before entering my house without making a noise. You found me sleeping soundly. Without warning, you climbed onto me, feeling the soft material of my night-gown and the outline of me firm bare breasts under it - the same breasts that drove you crazy all week only separated by a thin cloth from you now. I almost immediately jerk into consciousness but you have me securely pinned. I am still groggy from fatigue so I do not stand a chance and blindfold you. Your weight presses down onto my body, making it hard to move or struggle. I know you have me blindfolded and I am only vaguely aware of what you’re doing to me as you force my mouth open and gag me, drawing duct tape over my lips to hold the cloth in. My senses revive after a short while and I try to struggle from under you. I scratch you and I know I have drawn blood. “Bitch, what the fuck!” You grab my hair, causing a sharp pain in the back of my head and slap me hard across my right cheek.

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   “Fucking slut, you’re definitely going to get hurt if you do that again. I am warning you only once, play nice and we could both have some fun. If you try to resist, I will not show you any mercy at all, do you understand?” Your tone and the strength you have displayed scare me and I’m sobbing softly as I nod. You enjoy seeing me submit to you, my face streaked by tears, my body trying to relax despite the fear. It gives you such a high. Just knowing that you have me at your will makes you harder than ever. You pull my hands up over my head, binding my wrists together and to the metal bar at the head of the bed frame. I am too scared to even move but can’t resist testing the binding to see if I can escape. I can feel you watching me, amused at my frustration when I find how tightly bound I am, my voice muffled through the gag. You laugh at my efforts. My face burns with humiliation but you do not care as you firmly grip my thighs, spreading them, the gown riding up higher to expose my white granny panties. You laugh to find me in it. “How cute! You really are a good, sweet girl, eh? But I’m not so sure about how decent you are. I can see that small wet spot forming on your panties. My, my…” I blush profusely.

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   I have no idea why I’m so turned on. Despite knowing you could and will hurt me, I feel my body relaxing and melting to your handling. It doesn’t take long for you to heighten my senses again. Without warning, you rip my gown apart with force. I try to struggle away from you, a last attempt at saving my dignity but the material offers very little resistance. My breasts spill out, bouncing as they a freed from the restraint of the cloth. “Shit, you look so hot, slut,” you whisper, almost awed. Despite the embarrassment, I am actually flattered by your compliment. And worse, I feel myself getting even wetter. How is it possible for me to find this erotic?You tie me, spread-eagled, to the bed. You purposely tie the rope around my breasts tighter, making them stick out, causing them to look bigger then the already are. The pressure on my breasts makes them more sensitive to your brushes and rubbing, my nipples painfully hard. You take your time explore and tease my body. You like knowing that my body is completely yours for the taking. Your hands move up your legs slowly and this causes me to tense up because I am aware of what you are about to do.

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   I try to close my legs but the rope keeps them apart and accessible to your roving hands. I feel your hands slipping into my panties, sliding into my hot, wet virgin pussy. I squirm in my bonds, “Mmmmph!” The more I try to fight it, the wetter I become. You fingers flick my clit, playing with the swollen nub and rubbing it. I am about to cum on your fingers when you stop. My breathing is shallow and I am intensely frustrated, almost on the verge of tears. But you cut me short with a sharp slap on my breast, which is highly sensitive from the bondage. “Uuunnnhhh!” I wasn’t even aware that I was desperately trying to rub my legs together to please my aching pussy until you whisper into my ear, “Aren't you a naughty little slut, getting turn on by this and the fact that you're about to be raped. " I stop moving your legs immediately, a last attempt to save whatever little dignity I have left. You are amused. I hear the flick of a cigarette lighter and smell smoke. You are lighting something. I scream through my gag, struggling against my bonds as soon as the hot liquid hits my breast. You had lit the candle that you brought along. The pain radiates through my entire body but as the pain becomes more intense, so does my need to cum.

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   You work the wax from the breasts inwards to my nipples and I feel I am about to explode. The last straw comes when the hot wax drips onto my sensitive nipples. It only takes three drops of the heated liquid on my nipples for me to lose complete control of myself. I cum so hard, I almost black out. My body stretched out in my bonds, my pussy overflowing with my juices, the orgasm is my most powerful and satisfying yet. All my troubles, pressure and fatigue disappears with it. Barely a minute later, I’m still trying to recover as you kiss and suck my soaked panties. You remove the last piece of clothing on me with your mouth, pulling them down with your teeth. I am now totally exposed in front of you, like the slut I am, with my breasts and nipples coated with the dried droplets of wax and sticking out obscenely, begging to be kneaded. My pussy is still swollen, extremely wet and sensitive from the orgasm. You grab both my tits and start to rub them softly at first, increasing the strength until you’re almost mashing them. My tits feel abused and hurt a lot. I hear you unzipping your pants, sliding your rock hard cock between my breasts. You wrap my breasts snugly around your cock and start to tit fuck me. Almost unconsciously, I push my hips against you.

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   I can’t understand why I need you to fuck me so badly. My pussy almost hurts from that need. You whisper into my ear, “Will you be a good girl if I take out the gag and remove the blindfold?” Totally broken, I nod. You remove my blindfold and gag. Through the moonlight shining in from the window, I slowly make out your body and face. You’re above average looking and young, not some repulsive man I expected. I could fall in love with a man like you. You start to kiss me, you tongue toying with mine. Your hands are now playing and pinching my sore nipples. You slide your hands between my legs to find a very wet, hot pussy waiting for you. You whisper in your ear as your thick cock fights its way into my tight hole, "Remember this face, slut, I'm the man who is going to take your virginity. " “aaaahhhh! Mmmm, oh god” I feel a burning pain in my pussy as you thrust against my hymen. Your second thrust breaks through my hymen and your cock is buried deep in my cunt. I can feel my pussy walls all around your cock each time you pull out of me and slam yourself back in to the hilt. You are enjoying ever minute of it, “You are so fucking hot and tight, bitch.

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   Feels like a steel vise clamping on my cock, you little slut. ” On my part, the intense initial pain soon dulls and is replaced by a feeling of delicious fullness in my pussy. Your hands continue to tease and pinch my nipples. You start with your strokes again, this time harder and faster, coupled with your groans and grunt filling my mind and entire world. My body follows obediently and I start to fuck you back. My pussy tightens around you and milks you. I am delirious with the need to climax and I want you to cum inside me. You thrust deeper and faster into me and I respond by meeting your strokes. “Goddddd…. Fuck…. I’m cummmming” My nails dig harshly into my palms, the tension tearing a scream that could almost wake the dead as my second orgasm hits my entire body. My pussy clenches hard around your cock as I reach up to your face to kiss you, fucking your mouth urgently. That pushes you over the edge. I can feel you empty your balls completely into my womb, your cum mixed with mine. It’s morning when I wake up.

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   I look down at myself and realise that you had actually cleaned me up as best as you could and tucked me into bed. But the rope marks and our cum in my pussy remained as a reminder of the most wonderful night of my life. I look at the clock and realise I am two hours late for my lecture but I could not care less. I sit up in bed, lightly fingering my swollen pussy to the memory of last night and notice your phone number staring at me, in bold marker ink, on my mirror. I smile to myself and make my way to the bathroom. Electric Geisha 2003.
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