Stripper Gets Fucked at Gunpoint


This seemed like a better bet, so I made my way over. He was sitting back, relaxed, drinking a glass of wine and looking up at me with casual expectation. I began to move for him, swinging my hips and running my hands over my body. He was seeming to enjoy this, so I leant over and whispered in his ear. He nodded, so we made our way to one of the small private booths where I could dance for him alone. I made a point of nodding at one of the bouncers as usual, for safey's sake. The man sat down and I straddled him, grinding my body against him, squeezing my tits as he looked at them, sweating. He was breathing heavily and his cock felt rock hard and very big through his trousers against my thinly covered cunt. I was enjoying myself as much as he was and I knew I'd be paid well for this. I undid my bikini top, still grinding against his dick, and took it off altogether, letting it drop to the floor. I started to tweak my naked nipples for him, then I flicked my hair back and moved myself so they were almost, but not quite, brushing against the light stubble around his lips. He was breathing so hard I could feel it against my nipples, making me even more aroused. I was starting to get myself off by positioning my clit over his hard dick as I moved. I began to moan a little to add to the effect, right close to his ear. He opened his mouth and moved to take one of my swollen nipples in his mouth. As horny as I was and as much as I would have loved to feel a nice suck on my tits I remembered the rules and whispered breathily "Sorry, but you can't touch me like that.

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   It isn't allowed. "I moved off his lap to create a little distance as I sensed things were going too far. I still wanted to finish the dance so I turned around and bent over. I slid my bikini bottoms down and stepped out of them, now naked except for my high heeled shoes. I stuck my ass in the air and moved, knowing he would be able to see my cunt, and that it was wet from the rubbing I had just been giving myself against his cock. He was my last dance of the evening, and when it was finished and he had paid and left I was so horny all I wanted to do was get myself off. There was nowhere private in the club for me, so I decided to rush home. I grabbed my coa and put it on over my bikini - I was in too much of a hurr to dress and it was a warm evening, and only a short walk home. I left by the back door into the alley outside. My cunt was throbbing and I just couldn't wait to get back to my room and make mysel cum time and time again with my various big vibrators. I was so desperate I already had my hand inside my coat and under my bikini top, rubbing my nipple. It was no good, I just couldn't wait. I sank back against the wall in the dark alley and put my other hand down my bikini bottoms with great urgency. I began to rub my clit, feeling such relief as my orgasm built, my cunt muscles beginning to twitch already. I closed my eyes, put my head back and gasped.

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  Suddenly, before my badly needed orgasm came, I felt a hand grab me around the neck. Stunned, I opened my eyes. Staring back at me with and angry expression was the man I had just been dancing for. 'What the. . . ?" I managed to choke throuh his grip. "I see you were enjoying yourself out here. Well, you little tart, I'm afaid you can't turn me on like you did in there and get your own pleasure out of it while I'm paying. You're going to finish what you started. " He sounded so calm. In the shock I hadn't yet moved my hand away from my cunt. He grabbed it, pulled it away and held it up to my face. "Lick it, you little slut. Lick your juices off of your fingers for me.

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   Look how wet they are you dirty bitch. " I did as I was told, scared, and sucked my fingers, swallowing my sweet juices. He moved his hand off my neck but kept hold of my wrist. I was too scared to run away anyway. He reached into his jacket and pulled something out. I couldn't see what it was, but he slid it against my neck and I felt cold metal. A knife, I thought. Shit, he was going to rape me at knife point. I began to cry and shake even more than I already was. "Just do what you're told, you little whore, and I won't fucking blow your brains out. ". It was then that I realised, with terror, that it wasn't the cold metal of a knife I could feel, but the barrel of a small gun. He undid my coat and I felt him move it down my near naked body, across my chest. He ripped off my bikini top and ran the cold metal of my gun over my nipples. "Look at you, you little whore.

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  " He muttered. I was crying so hard, but I was still very concious of what he was doing to my body. He ran the gun down over my flat belly. He pulled down the bottoms of my bikini, and he rubbed the gun against my cunt. I was still very wet from my previous arousal, and I could feel the cold metal getting covered in my juices as he rubbed it over my clit. As scared as I was, I couldn't help physically enjoying the senation. Then, suddenly, he pushed the whole barrel of th gun right inside me and began to fuck me with it. I was shocked, but the feeling was strangely good. He kept fucking me hard with the gun, as he grabbed my hair and kissed me roughly, thrusting his toungue right into my mouth. He kept this up for a few minutes, thrusting into me so hard with his gun I forgot where I was and at times began moving my hips back against his pushes. I was being violated against my will by this man but my body couldn't help reacting. He pulled the metal out and pushed me hard onto the ground. He go on top of me and leaned on one of my shoulders with his gun now against my temple. The fear came flooding back into me as I saw him take out the huge cock I had been pressing myself against in safety less than an hour ago, and I felt him then ram it easily into my wet cunt. He fucked me hard and fast muttering obscenities at me as I lay shaking on the floor.

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   He didn't hold out long before cumming, but it felt like ages as I waited for the nightmare to end. I felt his cock spasm and twitch inside me as he came, grunting loudly. He pulled himself off me immediately, leaving me lying there, still shaking, with his cum dribbling out of me. He put the gun away, took one last look at me, and then ran away down the alley, leaving me to pick myself up and decide what to do next. . . .