Stuffing the Turkey


"What problem, since your sorry ass is gone my only problem is that you are still not out of my life. " "And I won't be if you insist on screwing me financially. " At that moment I an evil plan reached my mind and I said to her, "I tell you what, I will call my lawyer and get him to draw up an agreement, I will give you the Beach House you are living in with Mitch If you promise to leave me the hell alone. "She seemed a bit off balance but agreed and I told her that I would be in touch with her. Monday I called my Attorney and told him what I wanted in the document and then called her and left a message on her machine that I would not have the papers until Thanksgiving morning and that she would have to sign them and be gone before the family arrived. She called and said that was fine, my plan was now ready. Early on Thanksgiving morning I was working on the meal prep when she called and said that she was on the way, I set the plan in motion and waited for her to arrive. When she knocked on the door I opened it and looked out at her and then I said, Come on in whore. " She obviously did not appreciate the treatment but I did not fucking care what she liked. As she stepped in she coldly said hello to my Attorney Sid, Sid gave her the papers in the Foyer and told her to read them, "so I get the Beach House?" "It's all in the papers" he replied and she only half-assed scanned the papers then signed them. I then invited her into the Living Room for a drink to celebrate her victory. As she entered the Living Room she saw my surprise, there on the couch where I had caught her fucking my brother sat 3 big black studs. She apparently knew she had screwed up but she did not get a chance to leave. One of the guys approached her and dropped his pants exposing his massive meat to her as she tried to back out of the door. I was there to stop her and the guy grabbed her and ripped her dress off exposing her still tight, tanned white body, I smiled dur to the fact that I had guessed right that she would not wear a bra nd panties under the dress. She screamed and squirmed but it was to no avail she was going to get fucked and fucked well.

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   She was still screaming and the guy had her in a bent over forwards position with her hands on a foot stool and his massive black dick perched at the opening of her small white pussy, I bent down and looked at her face then I nodded to the guy and looked her straight in the eyes as he slammed that 10" monster into her hard, her eyes got as big as saucers as he rammed her and nearly knocked the breath out of her. You wanted a big cock so I got you 3, I then stood up and moved out of the scene and yelled "Action!" The guy plowed into her over and over, after a few strokes you could see bloody strains on the shaft as he was apparently tearing her a new one, she bucked and screamed as he continued to pile drive the bitch's pussy. As he neared his orgasm he began to fuck and slap her ass at the same time in rhythm and then grunted and came in her twat. As he pulled away she regained some of her breath but not enough before the second guy slammed his big hard cock into her now slippery cunt. As the first thrust found it's way home her expression was one of total terror then a glimpse of lust appeared on her face. She was beginning to get used to the massive meat that was pounding her and began to hump her hips to meet the meat as it drove deep into her so far that several times she grimaced in pain. He did not last long at all and shot a load within a couple of minutes. As he moved away the third guy approached her and if she had seen what he had for her she would have shit. His dick was the biggest I had ever seen, It was at least 14" long and as big around as a wrist and a bead the size of a housecat's head. He positioned himself to enter her and then did, she was in real pain, even as lubricated and broken in her cunt was he was more than she could handle. After 4 or 5 strokes he pulled out and she thought she would get a rest but he was only moving to enter her tight white asshole. She screamed as he thrust that rock hard cock into her drawing it back there was blood and shit visible on it along with some of the come from her sore pussy. He pumped her raw bleeding ass for maybe 5 minutes and then shot his load into her and pulled out that monster cock and reached for her dress to clean up the cum, blood and shit covering it then threw the dress on her back as she lay collapsed on the stool. "Cut!" I yelled, "Great job guys. " They dressed and left and then I returned to the Living Room to find my wife still on her stomach and my attorney sipping a drink on the couch.

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       I brought Jill a change of clothes and sent her to take a shower. When she returned she was still furious and threatening to call the cops, Sid said to her, "Relax sweetie, we had a deal" "What do you mean a deal, I just got gang raped!" "No you did not, you performed in an adult feature" snorted Sid "it is all in the agreement" Jill screamed, "you bastard, you tricked me" but Sid said. "Jill I told you to read the agreement, see here on page 3 is a model release and waiver of rights and andy other compensation" "I did not agree to this" she shrieked. "Is this your signature?" "Yes" she said realizing she had been screwed, "Do I still get the Beach House?" she asked, "Yes, it is on page 5" "Good she snarled, I don't want to see you ever again" and left slamming the front door behind her. Sid and I smiled at what we had accomplished, poor Jill never reads the fine print. You see she got the Beach House and the mortgage, she could not afford it and she got Foreclosed on. I bought it at the liquidation auction in the spring and got it back for half price, she got stuck with the balance and had to file Bankruptcy. She recently gave birth to twin dark skinned boys and Mitch freaked out when the paternity test showed he was not the father and left her. She left the kids with her parents while she tried to get back on her feet, the last I heard she was sleeping in a fleabag hotel downtown and turning tricks for a guy that beats her for sport, occasionally a trick will tell her that she is familiar, "aren't you the gang bang girl?" bit she denies it. That reminds me I just got another royalty check for Video sales of "Stuffing the Turkey" from my distributor, maybe I will redecorate the Beach House with it. --The End--story ideas, suggestions or comments are welcome, contact me at rounder@comcast. net.