Sweet Sweet Nicole


2: 45 PM
   I sat in my car, watching. Searching the streets for the right girl. I looked toward the school. Just searching for that right girl. A blonde girl passed me. I would've chose her, but she dressed too slutty. I needed someone innocent. . .
   I saw a group of girls. One stood out. Long blonde hair tied in a ponytail. And light green eyes. Gentle features on her face. Her face was cute. Tight jeans and a sweater.

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   I could see she had around a B or a C cup breasts. She had nice sexy legs. She looked young. Maybe younger then 14. She was sexy, but innocent.
   Few minutes later, she broke off from her group of friends. She started to walk. I got out of my car, and followed her. There were enough people on the street to follow her without being noticed. I looked at her tight ass. I followed her to her house. It was pretty big.
   I wrote down the adress on a piece of paper. I got back to my house and started to formulate a plan. .

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   6:30 AM
   I sat in my car, and watched the girl's house. 6:34 AM. A man wearing a suit leaves the house. 6:50 AM. A woman, wearing a blouse, and a knee-length skirt leaves the house. She was holding a purse and a jacket. She had blonde hair, probably D-cup breasts, was extremely sexy. In mid thirties.
   But she was different. She didn't seem like the slutty blonde type. I could tell where the girl got her looks. She got in a mini-van and drove off. I waited till 7:00 AM.
   I got out of my car, and walked toward her house.

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   I rang her bell. Few minutes later, the girl from yesterday came out. She was wearing loose shorts and a tank-top. Her hair was messed up. She was so cute in that outfit.
   "Who - " Her sentence was cut off as I pushed her inside, and locked the door. She looked stunned. "What are - " I pressed my hand over her mouth.
   "I do not want to hurt you. Be a good girl and you won't get hurt. " I looked at her eyes, and saw fear. I slowly took away my hands. She didn't make a sound. I bound her wrist and ankle with extreme speed. To this, she strained to free herself.

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   "My parents can give you money. Please let me go. Please!" She was breaking into sobs. I ignored her and blindfolded her. She started to scream. I stuffed a small cloth and gaged her. Muffles came out as she tried to speak.
   I grabbed her, and flung her on my shoulder. My hand stroked her exposed thigh. She shivered and fought back. I grabbed her tightly. I unlocked the front door, and peered outside. There was no one.
   I opened the door, and sprinted toward the car. All the while, the girl fought back. 

   I opened the door, and stuffed her inside. I grabbed a piece of rope on the backseat, and tied her ankles with her wrist.
   I got into the front seat, and drove to my house. I got her down into the basement. I took off her blindfold and gag. I cut the rope binding her wrist to ankle. But I kept her wrist and ankle bound. I laid her on the sofa. "Be a good girl, and be quiet, ok?"
   She just nodded. I couldn't help but stare at her. She was so cute and sexy.
   "When does your aprents get home?"
   She stared at me with fear for a while. "A little after 5. . .

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   "What's the home phone number?"
   "It's. . . 843-1056. . . " I wrote it down on a paper.
   "What's your name?"
   "It's Nicole. . . Why are you asking me all this?"
   "To get to know you better. Be a good girl. " I walked out of the basement, and went upstairs. I have to wait till 5. .

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  .  I thought to myself.

   5:10 PM. I called Nicole's house. 3 rings passed before a female answered the phone. "Hello?"
   "Hi. " I answered back.
   "Who are you?"
   "I have your daughter, Nicole. Come to 59604 Eber St. Do not call the police. Your daughter's life hangs in the balance. I do not need money. I will tell you what I want when you get here. " Before she could respond, I hung up.
   5:20 PM
   There was a knock at my door.

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   "Come in!" I shouted.
   The door opened, and Nicole's parents came in. I could see fear in their eyes. "Do not move. Get down on the floor. Hands away from the body. " They slowly got on the floor. I grabbed several pieces of rope, and walked over.
   I bound the guy first. I made sure he couldn't move. "Where's our daughter?" The women asked.
   "She's fine. Don't worry. What's your name?" I asked
   "It's. .

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  . Lucy. . . " I grabbed Lucy and flung her on my shoulder. I dragged the guy unto a sofa. I took Lucy down to the basement. "Nicole!"
   "Mom!" A relief came over both of them.
   I sat Lucy down. She tried to walk to Nicole. I stopped her. "First, you have to do what I tell you. Strip for me. "
   She stared at me in surprise. "But.

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  . . "
   "Strip. Now!" I shouted. She hesitated, but her hand slowly traveled to her blouse. She started to unbutton it. Her sexy black bra started to come into view.
   "Mom. . . " Nicole called out.
   "It's okay Nicole. . . Promise me.


  . . that you won't lay a finger on Nicole. "
   I just kept looking at her. She took off her blouse. She unzip her skirt, and let it fall to the ground. As expected, she was wearing white panties. She placed her hands behind her back, and unclasped her bra. It fell, and her nice tits bounced out. They were big, but they didn't sag down. She placed her hands on her panties, and slowly took them down.
   Her pussy was nice and shaven. I saw a bit of her juice glistening on her pussy. I placed a chair right in the center of the room, and sat down. I took of my pants and boxers, and sat down.

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   My 9 inch glory stood hard.
    "Suck it bitch. "
       "What? That's disgusting!" She shouted.
       "You've never done oral before? What kind of a husband is he? SUCK IT!" I shouted. She slowly made her way over, and kneeled. I shifted my chair so Nicole would have full view of what was going on. Lucy opened her mouth a little, and placed the tip of my cock inside her mouth.
       She was horrible. She seemed to try, but she sucked at sucking my cock. After 5 minutes, I took it out. "Since you didn't make me cum, I will have to use your pussy. " I said as I turned her over, and putting her on all fours.
       Her tight ass wagged in the air. Her pussy was wet. I gave a light squeeze on her clit, and a instant moan came.

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       I placed the tip of my cock on her pussy. I rammed my whole 9 inches inside. A half moan and half scream came from her. I started to fuck her slowly at first. I grabbed her nipple and squeezed it. She twisted in pleasure.
       "Your pussy is so tight!"
    But as I built up momentum, her moans became louder. Her pussy tightened as time went by.
       "AAh!" She moaned as she had her orgasm. Her pussy contracted as she came. But I didn't cum yet.
       I was close to cumming. I took out my cock at the last moment. I placed the tip of my cock right on her asshole, and came. Some of my cum went inside her rectum, most of it splattered on her asshole.

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       Her breathing was hard.
       After a moment, I placed my cock on her asshole again. "Wait. . . I never did it. . . on my ass. . . " She managed to say.
       "What kind of a husband is he? With a sexy wife like this?" I pressed my cock slowly inside. "My cum will work as a lube. Don't worry.

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      " But my cock was a monster. She grunted in pain as my cock penetrated her anus.
       I started to fuck her gently. "Oh. . . God. . . Your so tight!" I shouted as I fucked her. She managed a small moan. I grabbed her nipple, and twisted them. Droplets of her breast milk came out. She moaned louder as I fucked her. She pressed her ass back toward me, wanting more. 

       I gave her a nice hard slap on her ass cheek. She moaned in pleasure. "OH god! It feels so good!" She shouted as she moaned. She started to play with her clit and pussy. I went deep as I came. At the same time, she came too with a loud moan. Her moan was so sexy.
       I still had my cock inside her. I started to pull it out, when I had an urge to pee. While inside her, I just peed. "Your peeing in me! That's disgusting!" She shouted. I finished, and took it out. But before she could take out my cum and piss, I grabbed a butt plug, and inserted it on her asshole.
       I turned it on, and it instantly came to life as it buzzed. "Ooooh.

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      . . " She moaned as she lay on her back. Her hand traveled down to her pussy. Her left hand squeezed her nipple. I took a camera and took pictures of her. I looked at Nicole. She was looking at her Mom masturbating.
       I looked at her shorts, and right on her crotch was a large damp spot.
       "What a Naughty girl you are Nicole. You should be punished. " I said with a smile. I started to approach her. . .

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    Part 2 coming up soon.
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