Tasha and I at the Gloryhole Party 3


Tasha and I at the Gloryhole Party 3
by Mr. King

Well, after the last two parties I decided that I wanted to expand things a bit, so I told my outstanding girlfriend Tasha of a couple of my fantasies to see what she would make out of them.   It turns out that her mind is even dirtier than I thought and I love it. .

She had told me that we had a very long day ahead of us, so to get plenty of sleep. .   I was as excited as a kid at Christmas, but I did my best to get a little sleep.

The next day I woke up bright and early and Tasha said that we had to go ahead and prepare the day's events.   Already awake were my mom, step-dad, and Jenni, my 16 year old sister.   It turns out they were all going to be involved in today's fun.

Tasha loaded us all into our van and headed out.   We drove for just a bit and ended up at the local baseball diamonds.   I wasn't 100% sure where she was going with this, but I trusted that she was going to make it all worth while, so we got out and followed her.

She led us to the biggest of the mensrooms in the whole complex, right in the middle of several large baseball diamonds all clustered together.   She pointed to a stall about half-way down the line.   When we opened it, there were the oh so familiar hooks and straps along with a hole on each side of the stall looking into the next stall.

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    We let my step-dad choose the two women's fate.   He told my mom to get her mouth up against that hole and prepare to be throated.   He then told Jenni that her little cunt was going to be open for business today.   Each of the women took their place without any other conversation.   We strapped them in and closed the stall door.   They knew they were to stay there until we came for them.

My step-dad was curious why he was with us if there were only two holes.   Tasha told him that he was the recruiter.   We couldn't count on just dumb luck to get their holes filled all day.   He would have to nudge some people in the right direction.   He was on board.   He liked the dirtyness of everything, and was glad it wasn't his holes for a change.   He even took the first position and fucked my mom's throat hard and fast.   I thought mom would pass out from that kind of a ramming.   He was really making sure that she knew what was ahead of her.

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    Just before he was ready to cum, he pulled out and you could hear mom gasping for air as he quickly changed booths and shot his load all over Jenni's available little cunt.   He was really ready to put on a show!  Her little bald cunny was now oozing with fresh cum.   It was really hot.   Even Tasha got pretty worked up and walked over to Mom's hole for a moment and leaned her juices cunt up against Mom's waiting tongue.   After a little bit of stimulation, she pulled away, savoring the frustration.

As the three of us were walking out of the mensroom we started to see some cars pull into the lot.   Perfect timing.   And as we walked towards the van we noticed people putting out signs saying "All-State Baseball Tournament".   Tasha had evidently known all along, but didn't bother to tell us until now.   There will be thousands of people here today, and even though there is more than one restroom, the one they're in is the main one, in the center of everything.   Who knows how many cocks they'll have inside them, even without my step-dad's help.

So Tasha and I leave my step-dad to begin his recruiting as we drive off for a nice breakfast.   We enjoy the nice calm morning, the whole time trying to put our minds off of what's happening to my mom and sister and just enjoying eachother's company.

After about an hour and a half, we've finished our breakfast, grabbed a shower, and we're headed back to watch a little baseball.

We head back to the diamonds and we see my step-dad standing outside of the door to the mensroom.

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    We watch for a moment as most every guy that walks by, he mentions the "Great free sex in the stall".   Some guys look at him in disgust, and some guys make a b-line for the stalls.   He tells them there's one available on each side and to help themselves as many times as they'd like.   If they ask who's in there, he tells them it's his hot girlfriend working out her cum fixation.   They have no idea that there's a 52 year old woman's throat on one side, and a 13 year old girl's hot little cunt on the other, but honestly, with an offer like that, who's gonna question it?

Since the people are flowing in nicely, I go in to check our progress.   Tasha has to stay outside since, after all, it IS a mensroom.   So I go in and slide into the one available stall.   I can hear my mother getting her throat absolutely abused, hearing the gagging and gurggling coming from the other wall, and in front of me is my sister's now well used little cunt.   It's got just a little bit of a gape to it and is slowly leaking cum.   It's a nice sight.   And to think, no one has a clue that the cunt they were just fucking is easily young enough to be their own daughter.   Hell, maybe they're fantasizing that it IS their own daughter. .

Well, I was quite pleased with the progress so early in the day, Jenni's little girl cunt looked fantastic.   I heard a couple large gags and then a gulp or two, then the far stall door open, so I figured I'd take this chance and check on Mom's progress.

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    When I checked in on her, already her lips had a nice slimy coating of cum around them and they were a little puffy.   Turns out the baseball parents really like to fuck a face nice and hard.   I almost felt bad for her that she was showing those signs this early in the day, but really, if she didn't want it she wouldn't have got on her knees like a good whore when I was strapping her in.   I love my mom. .

I took a moment to pop out my already hard cock and jam it down her throat.   Of course she didn't know it was me, but I was ok with that, she was going to take my cock just like any stranger's.   I wasn't going to take the full time to cum, I just wanted to enjoy making her choke me down for a moment.

I pulled out and let her catch her breath, then I exited the stall.   As I was walking out I passed a guy washing his hands and told him about the stalls.   I told him a nice tight cunt on the left, and a deep throat on the right.   He opted for a nice piece of pussy.   I can't say I blame 'em.

I left the bathroom and rejoined Tasha at my step-dad.   We told him to continue his good work and we were going to go watch a game or two.

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    He smiled and said "Gladly" and we were off to take in a little baseball.

After a while of watching we were getting a little bored, so we figured we'd check in again.   We walked passed my step-dad and he gave us an all-clear sign, so we quickly walked passed him and Tasha joined me hurrying into the restroom and into the stall with Mom and Jenni.   Jenni had obviously been crying and I was a little curious as to why, so I snuck out of our stall and into the connecting stall to see that someone had stretched her pussy nice and wide with a cock that was probably much bigger than she'd ever taken before, and she was overloaded with cum.   There was a lot of jizz rolling out of her little-kid pussy and down the wall.   I took two fingers of it back into the common-stall with me.   Once I was in there I pulled Mom's ass up, coated her asshole with the two-fingers of cum, and told my little sister to eat it.   She immediately forgot what she was crying about and dove right in.   Mom started to moan a bit, so I'm sure she was liking the attention.   Tasha even reached down below and started to finger Mom's clit a bit, really working her while Jenni had her tongue planted in her ass.   There was a lot of moaning, and it was getting louder and louder until all of the sudden her back arched and she made a gulping sound and the moaning stopped.

It turns out we picked a good time to check in on her.   She was getting a nice big cock in her throat while we were in the stall with her.   I decided to mess with her a bit while she was getting forcefully throat fucked and I knew she couldn't resist.   I took the opportunity to push not one, but three fingers straight into her ass in one hard thrust.

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    They had the leftover saliva and cum to help lube them, but it was still a lot of finger for not having warmed her ass up at all.   She moaned so loud that it probably would have been a squeal if she didn't have a throat full of hard cock.   She definitely wasn't ready for the invasion of her asshole, but I was three fingers in and she was gonna take it.   I looked over while I pushed in deep and Jenni was smiling really big at the filling of our mom's ass.   He thought it was pretty funny.   I told her that for laughing at Mom's discomfort, I was going to have to make her do a little extra work.   With that I took my cock out, jammed it into Mom's asshole in place of my fingers, also causing a muffeled moan, and then quickly jerked it out and shoved it so far into my kid sister's mouth that her nose was somewhat pushed to the side.   She started to put her hands up to back off a bit, but Tasha grabbed her hands while I continued to hold my cock in place very firmly.   Her eyes teared up has she was held in place to be my fuck toy for the moment.   I knew her breathing was blocked off for the moment, and I was pretty ok with that.

    I held myself in there as she grunted and tried to free herself until eventually she slowly went to sleep.   Well, let me tell ya, there's nothing quite as hot as knowing that when she wakes back up, it will probably be due to a large cock hammering itself into her tiny little cunt.

    Tasha just smiled at me.   God I love that girl.   She took one quick swiping lick of my Mom's stretched asshole, and we were heading back out.

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        A quick look to make sure the coast was clear and we were off for more baseball.

    We had caught the next game right from the start.   It was a great game.   Lost of very impressive fielding as well as hitting.   This must be the teams in the finals.   The game actually was so exciting that it went into extra innings.   Not because they were low scoring, but because they went run for run for several passed the ninth.

    So after 13 innings of probably some of the best baseball I've ever seen, it was getting pretty late and people were heading home.   There were several the stopped by the restroom on their way out, and we noticed that some took a very long time to come back out.   My step-dad seemed to have done his job quite well.

    After everyone has left, and it's pretty much just the three of us milling around the park with our two lovely ladies inside, we decide to go release them from their bindings and congratulate them on a job well done.   As we head for the stall door, we decide the my step-dad deserves one more shot at the ladies, so we tell him that if he'd like, he can have one more turn before they get unbound, or if he thinks they've had enough for the day, then we'll just unlock them.

    Well, in true form he decides to go have one more shot at my sister.   Keep in mind that even after a long day of getting used and abused by countless strangers she still IS a 13 year old girl, and his step-daughter to boot.   Well, we watch as he pulls out his big cock, lines it up, and plows it into her bright red cunt with no mercy.

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        He's been built up from having to wait outside all day and he was going to give it to her pussy with some force.   Well, the good news for her is that he's been built up for so long that he cums fairly quickly, pushing his fuck juice into the mixture that's already filling up her tiny little cunt.

    At this point we decide they've done their job for today and we unbind them from the stall walls.   Mom's gloryhole is a mess with a puddle of cum on the floor from the few guys that didn't use the back of her throat as a cum receptical.   Her lips are bright red and very swollen.   She was obviously taking some very rough face fuckings.   It was very sexy.

    We unhooked Jenni and brought her out and she was unable to stand for the moment, so we let her stay down on all fours for the time being.   Letting her legs regain a bit of movement.   At this time, I decided to turn the tables a bit.   I wrapped a quick t-shirt blindfold around my step-dad and told him to lay on the ground.   For his help for the day I was gonna let him eat Tasha's beautiful little cunt.   I told him that she was so turned on that it would be dripping with hot girl-cum for his tastebuds.

    Once he was in position, laid out on the ground, with a big smile on his face, I changed it up a bit.   I had Jenni crawl over to him and straddle his face.

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        I reached down and grabbed the t-shit off his eyes just as she sat up, emptying all the collected cum out of her stretched open cunt and straight onto his extended tongue.   Then, in one swift movement, she sank down and pushed her swollen little pussy lips onto his face.   We told her that he was the last one to fuck her little aching pussy and she took the cue and ground on his face pretty hard, forcing him to swallow all that cum as well as her pussy juices that she was pushing into him.   It hit him very quick that his was the last load of cum deposited in her and he wasn't real happy about that, but we told him he should have been nicer to his little step-daughter's pussy.

    After all the fun of watching him squirm as she ground onto him for a couple minutes was over, we were all going to clean up our various parts and get dressed, but it was late, and it was just us in the park, so we figured fuck it, and just walked to the car in various states of cum-covered nudity.

    And in case you've ever wondered: Yes, it is very hard to get that much cum off car apolstry.

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