Teaching Lynn


That was my first meeting with Lynn, I was really pissed and knew that later on I would hear about it from my wife and I did. It took several days for things to calm down around the house, but they finally did. As the months went by I did my best to avoid Lynn when she came over, But she would always find a way to tease me, by leaning over and making sure I got a good look at her tits and one time, the bitch even bent over to pick something up making sure I saw her naked ass, she wasn’t wearing any panties that time. I couldn’t help but noticed that she was a natural red head by the glimpse I got of her thick red haired pussy. Every time she did it she made sure my wife was not looking and she would shake her finger at me as if she was saying “ NO, NO Naught Boy!!” It didn’t take long until; I started planning my revenge on that bitch. As it turned out it took over a year to get even with that fucking bitch. During which I spent my time building a workshop off the back of two car attached garage. I had a contactor add a twelve-foot long addition to the back of the garage, with a door on one side. When you pulled into the garage it looked normal. It had pegboard on the back wall with tools hanging on it, but it was hinged so you could open it in the middle and leave the shop open to the whole garage. I really was a work shop but it did have some extra equipment, that I planned to make use of, the first time I could get that fucking bitch Lynn back there. Then out of the blue my day came one Friday night. The phone rang, my wife picked it up and talked for a while. She came over to me upset and told me her mother had an accident and she was going to have to stay with her for a while and take care of her. So in a couple of hours, I had taken her to the airport and she was on her way. I told her not to worry and to call me when she arrived.

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   Later on that night she called and told me she was there and her mom had broken her leg and she would be gone for at least a week. I said fine, I really liked her Mom and told her to tell Mom I loved her and she should stay as long as she thought she needed too. It was later; that I smiled when I remembered that my wife and Lynn were planning to go shopping the next day and Lynn was coming over to pick her up. It seems the Bitch had next week off and had to decided to go away for the week, she had told my wife she didn’t even know where she was going to go, she was going to start driving and find a place to be alone for a week. It was perfect, no wife and no one would be looking for Lynn until the end of next week. I went to sleep smiling and thinking that at last that Prick Teasing Bitch would pay. I was about 9:00 the next morning, when she arrived and I was ready. I let the slut in and as soon as the door closed. I jumped her and threw her to the floor and cuffed her with the handcuffs I had with me and when she started to scream I shoved a ball gag into her mouth and fastened it behind her head. I quickly jumped up and dragged her into my workshop and in no time. There she was at last standing on her tiptoes, gag in her mouth and a rope hooked to the center of the handcuffs going thru a pulley on the ceiling and tied off to a hook on the wall. She glared at me, with hate and fear in her eyes. I just laughed at her, knowing she was mine for the weekend at least and who knows’ I might take next week off to play with her. I left her there and closed the door and turned out the light, it would do the bitch good to hang there for a while and think about what was going to happen to her. I went back into the house and picked up her purse from the living room floor and found her car keys and went out and pulled her car into the garage and closed the door and walked thru the garage and when into the kitchen and finished off the coffee I had made earlier.

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   About an hour later it was time to let bitch know what she was in for. I walked into the workshop turned on the lights closed the door and went over to her and took the gag out of her mouth, I had taken pains to make sure the shop was soundproof, I told my wife I didn’t want the noise to bother her in the house and she thought it was a good idea. She started screaming at me, asking me what the hell I thought I was doing and to let her go at once. I listened and assured her that she might as well talk in a normal tone that the shop was soundproof and no one would hear her. Then I said I forgot to tell you when you got here, that Dianne wanted me to let you know she had to go and take care of her mother and would be gone for the week. I added that her mom had broken her leg. As to what I am doing you Prick Teasing Bitch that you will find out shortly. I could see the look of fear on her face and then she shouted you bastard let me go at once. I got up and told her it was time for me to take a good look at her. I took a knife and cut her clothes off and put them in the garbage. Then I went to the wall and let her down a bit so she could stand on her feet. She was screaming the whole time but I wasn’t listening and went about my business and soon had attached ropes to her ankles and had tied them to opposite walls and had her standing with her leg spread completed naked now. I was getting tired of listening to her scream, so I just took a long slow walk around her admiring her full tits and the thick red bush around her pussy. I told her I would be back later when she was tired of yelling. So I walked out and turned the lights out and closed the door.

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  I sat in the kitchen enjoying the thoughts of torturing Lynn. My cock was rock hard and needed release. So I went to my bedroom and stripped off my clothes and ran down the stairs and out to the Garage. I flipped the lights on and the sight of the bitch hanging there was almost too much. I thought. I was going to cum on the spot. Lynn lifted her head and her eyes froze when she saw that I was naked and noticed my rock hard cock. She was calmer now and said I a horse voice. Please let me down I will do whatever you want me too. Please!!!! I just smiled at her and said your Damn right you are going to what I want. I walked over to her a grabbed her tits hard and started to pinch them brutally. She started screaming in pain. STOP, STOP, YOU’RE HURTING ME!!! Which just made me pinch harder pulling and twisting her now red and swollen nipples. Lynn yelled STOP!!! PLEASE STOP THAT HURTS. I said ok and went over to my equip drawer and came back with heavy-duty nipple clamps. 

   I pulled on her right tit and position the open clamp on her nipple and let it snap shut on her nipple. Lynn screamed OH MY GOD TAKE IT OFF!!!! Right about then I let the other clamp snap closed on her left tits nipple. OW!!! DAMN IT! I said now bitch get ready and got a leather whip out and started whipping her tits. She was screaming in pain but I whipped her all the harder feeling my dick getting bigger and harder with each stroke. She was moaning in pain no longer able to scream out when I stop and inspected her tits red but not bruised but I notice that her nipples were hard and erect. I took my hand a grabbed her pussy which was soaking wet and dripping. You are a horny little bitch I think you loved that. Lynn just moaned in pain. I found her clit, which was erect, and she moaned louder but not in pain this time. I kept it up until I thought she would climax and yelled at her no climax for you yet bitch!I started rubbing her hard clit again. Then I grabbed another clamp and let it snap shut on her clit. My dick stiffened even more when she screamed NO! NO! Take it off PLEASE. My response was to grab the stranded leather whip and give her a good crack on her pussy. She OH NO, and I smiled and went to work on here pussy. After a while she started moaning and I could tell she was starting to respond to the whip so I stopped letting her relax.

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   She had a strange look. Now I got behind her and spread the cheeks of her ass and she tried to get away, knowing, what was coming but could not. She screamed NO NOT UP MY ASS!!!! I ignored her and placed the head of my cock against her tight asshole and in one shove got about half of it in. Lynn screamed again yelling TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT OH MY GOD THAT HURTS TAKE IT OUT!!! I just rammed the rest of it in going insane with the feel of her hot tight asshole gripping my prick. I savagely fucked her ass and slowly she started to hump back on my cock and in a few minutes she was screaming again OH MY GOD I AM CUMMING and she stiffened in an organism which was to much for me and I shot a huge load up her ass. I let my dick shrink inside of her until she farted it out. I brought a chair over behind her and took the clamps off her nipple and her clit. In a little while, I had her bound in the chair. Her tear stained face looked up at me and I asked do you want a drink. She nodded and I got her some water, which she took gratefully. I told Lynn you are a hot bitch I love making you cum. She asked if I was going to let her go now and I smiled and said NO!!! We have just started; before you leave you are going to beg me to punish you. I saw a look of fear on her face. I went over to my drawer and came back with three small glass vacuum tubes about 4” long and my vacuum pump. Lynn’s eyes grew wide when she saw what I was up too.

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   I pumped both of her nipples. She was moaning but I think she was learning not to complain, then I went to her clit and she shouted NO!! I slapped her hard and proceeded to pump her clit until I had it in the tube. She was moaning, maybe in pain, as her clit and her nipples were stretching out, the constant vacuum pulling at them. I looked at her and say MMMM that looks good and laughed at her. She just winced until I yanked on the tube on her clit, which made her scream OH NO STOP which, I did after a dozen hard yanks on her clit. I went behind the my special chair and removed the center of the seat leaving her ass hole exposed then I got a small dildoe, but it was really fat. I showed it to her and She knew and yelled NO NO IT WILL NEVER FIT!!! She was Screaming and I almost believed her until I finally rammed it up her ass. I put the center of seat back in place so it wouldn’t fall out. She started screaming again trying to shit out the dildoe but there was no place for it to go. She yelled at me YOU BASTERD TAKE IT OUT! My reply was a hard yank on her on the tube attached to her clit, which got the desired scream. By the way I brought you a present. Her asshole either adjusted to the large dildoe or had gone numb but she looked at me wondering, Lynn loved expensive jewelry. I could see the look of greed in her eyes. I brought the black velvet hinged box over where see could see it. The box had the name of the jewelry store on it, Which, I knew she would recognize.

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   She did and I could see the look of curiosity on her face. She couldn’t resist and asked me what did you buy me, smiling at me, seemingly oblivious to the dildoe up her ass and the vacuum tubes sucking on her clit and her nipples. Don’t be impatient I said smiling at her in a minute. Could I interest you in a drink. She seemed to be relaxing a bit and said yes. I said ok after we have a couple of drinks together, I will give you, your present. She smiled, Lynn was a greedy bitch and now she sat there having been raped and beaten and bound in a chair chatting with me like everything was normal!! I released her arm and handed her a 12 oz. Glass that I filled with Southern Comfort, Which I knew she loved. I even had ice in the glass for her. Her Smile got bigger and she took a long drink and I refilled her glass and told her let me make you a little more comfortable. I removed the bottom section of the chair and let the dildoe slide out of her ass. I noticed that her asshole stayed dilated, I imagined it would take some time before it would close. I replaced the section of the seat and took a seat in front of her. I asked her if that felt better and she said yes, then the greedy bitch asked me if she could see her present. I didn’t say anything; just stood up walked over to her and put my cock next to her mouth.

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   I saw her glance at the jewelry box and then she looked at my cock and smiled and said I know what you want and opened her mouth. I knew this little bitch had come a long way, but not far enough. Her present would go a long way in teaching her that she was nothing, but a slut bitch for me to use. I smiled, thinking my private thoughts, then straddled the chair and put my dick in her now eager mouth. I must admit, Lynn was and expert cocksucker and easily took my whole cock down her throat. I fucked her throat and she some made little noises sucking and tonguing me the whole time. I pulled out of her mouth shooting the first stream of cum into her mouth and the rest onto her face. I then return to my chair. I let her finish her drink I took the glass from her and smiled and said it is time to give you your present. She smiled excited to see her present, and then I restrained her free hand again with no protest from her. I said now you are being a good girl and good girls get presents. I open the box she couldn’t see what was inside and I reached in a pulled out, a very heavy gold chain that was 30 inches long. She smiled and said it is beautiful. I told her it would look better when she has it on. But that is not all, putting down the chain and pulled out two large gold rings, she smiled thinking they were earrings.

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   She said “ OH MY PUT THEM ON ME PLEASE”. Ok I said but first let me get this tube off your nipple and released the vacuum and pulled the tube off her right nipple. Even with the tube off her nipple was hard. The tip was and 1 inch long. I took one of the heavy gold ring and exposed the surgical steel barbed spike and rammed it thru her nipple and seated the spike to close the ring, now the only way to get it off, was to saw it off. I quickly repeated the process on her left nipple, listening to her scream in pain the whole time. I back off and admired my work and told her they looked beautiful on her big tits. I fastened the gold chain around her neck and said very nice. I left her for a minute and came back with a warm soapy washcloth and gently washed her breasts and wiped her face, after drying her off; I went for a mirror so she could admire her new look. I released her arms and gave her a fresh drink and place the mirror in front of her. She was still whimpering but quickly started to admire the chain and the way her new nipple rings enhanced the look of her breasts. She was a vain bitch and for me the best was yet to come attaching her new gold clit ring! The drinks were having their effect and she was getting tipsy, which I wanted, I didn’t want her to pass out when I pierced her clit. After she finished her drink. I quickly restrained her again she was beginning to piss me off her greed seem to over shadow what I had put her thru and actually loved her new nipple ring. I told her I had one more gift for her, she said really!! I smile and laughed and said really this one is my favorite and I held up a smaller version of the rings that were now in place in her nipples.

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   She looked at it and realized what I planed to do with it and shouted “NO!!! PLEASE NO!!!” I told her to shut up. I removed the vacuum tube from her clit and was pleased to see her clit swollen and erect about ½” long. I rubbed it with my finger and it was so sensitive that Lynn let out a moan that wasn’t pain. I quickly decided how to pierce her clit and got on my knee and started licking and sucking on her. She was screaming again but not in pain “ OH GOD! I AM GOING TO CUM”. As she climaxed, I pushed the barb thru her swollen clit and snaped it closed. She screamed and I was not sure if in pain or because of the climax. But she moaned for a while and then relaxed and just sat there restrained in her chair. I went into the house and sat in the kitchen for a while and in about 10 minute went back to my shop and locked a long dog leash to one of nipples and released her from the chair and walked her into the house and upstairs to the master bedroom. She made no move to get away knowing, she would rip her nipple off if she did. I led her to the bathroom and locked my end of the leash to a ring on the wall. I told her she could use the bathroom and shower up and that I wanted her to shave her pussy for me. When she was finished I unlocked the chain from the wall and we went back into the bedroom and I let her look at herself in the full length mirror, Lynn was a bitch but a good looking one and the nipple rings really set off her large breast and the gold chain also look good on her. The best part was her freshly shaved pussy, which gave it a pre pubescent look. The lips of her pussy were slightly parted and you could see the bottom half of the ring that pierced her clit.


   I had her lay down on the bed and tied her down; soon she was bound spread eagle on the bed. I left the room and busied myself getting ready for her next treat. When I returned, I was really please at the sight of Lynn’s naked body. I was pushing a wooden teacart into position next to the bed. I told her she was going to love this and to be honest I was only half lying. I plugged the box in that was on the cart and started attaching the wires to Lynn’s pretty new rings. A small wire was clipped on to each one. She was learning and quietly asked what I was doing. I told not to be impatience, she would have to wait, but not long I promised. I left her carrying a towel wrapped around two objects. The first was a medium sized stainless steel butt plug and the other was a 7” inch stainless steel dildoe. I warmed both of them in the sink by running hot water on them. Then I return to the bedroom taking each one and lubricated it with some electrolytic jelly, and inserted each one into their respective holes. Then grabbed two more wires from the machine and clipped them onto the studs that were on the butt plug and dildoe. I told Lynn, almost done and took five pads, the type they stick on you when you have and electro cardiogram.

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   When they were in place and wired back to the machine, I said all done and smiled at Lynn. I pulled up a chair to the teacart and turned the power on. I said ready, here goes and I started twisting on of the dials on the machine sending a small current thru her right nipple. I kept increase the power until her nipple was erect and she was moaning and I could tell really enjoying the sensation. I turn her right tit off and she looked at me with disappointment. I quickly when to her other tit, the clit ring, the butt plug and the dildoe adjusted each; one at a time until I could see she was getting maximum pleasure from each of them. Readers Note:Pleasure is great thing once in a while. But having almost constant pleasureCan be hellish!!A fact that, LYNN, was about to find out. I sat down at my chair with some pomp, much like a concert pianist. Then I proceeded to play my instrument. Turning the various probes on at random and soon had Lynn moaning with her first climax. I let her rest for a bit and slowly brought her to another climax. I continued it this fashion for over an hour and by now she was glistening in sweat and nearing exhaustion. Like any student learning a new instrument, practice does help. I had learned much during that first hour about the various combinations of probes to use to get her to climax quickly or slowly and also how to hold her at her climax just by pressing the right buttons in the right sequence.

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  Lynn noticed the pause and opened her eyes turn her head to look at me. I could see was sexually exhausted and enjoying the warm after glow of many climaxes. I sat back and smiled at her and lit a cigarette and took a drink, realizing I was have so much fun I hadn’t thought of either for over a hour. Having a perverse mind, I though GEE, I have found a new way to quit smoking. I sat there taking a break for about 15 minutes and then went back to work. Then started and very slowly brought her up to her next climax and held her their increasing the intensity of the probes. She stiffened and was moaning in ecstasy for a while when she started thrashing about “OH! OH! NO MORE I CAN’T STAND IT”. I held her there listening and watching and then stopped and let her relax for about 30 seconds. Then started again and again after another hour of this she was soaked in sweat and at the smallest tingle she would scream,” MY GOD I CAN’T STAND ANY MORE”. I brought her up again enjoying her cries as she tried to fight off the climax that was sure to come. When I got her there I let her scream in passion and agony at this point and quickly turn the dials up now inflicting some real pain. Lynn just screamed saying nothing just yelling as loud as she could. After 15 second of that I flipped the machine off and watched her slump back on the bed exhausted. I removed all of the probes and covered her limp body with a sheet and tucked her in. I told her time for a nap and turned out the lights and left the room and went downstairs letting her sleep.

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  I went downstairs to clean up my shop and the general mess in the house. Then I thought no, I don’t have to do that my new slave can take care of that tomorrow. Of course she would have other duties mainly servicing all of my needs and wants. I went into the Family room and turned on the TV. I watched it for a while and later was off to bed. I would need my rest for tomorrow. Then I had a thought and went to the shop and grabbed the gag and went upstairs to the bedroom. I woke Lynn up while putting the gag in her mouth. She looked at me with a question in her eyes, I could tell she was thinking, why gag me now I have been screaming all day! Having the gag firmly in place, I reached for the telephone and called my wife. We chatted on the phone and I asked her how mom was doing, she said fine, want to talk to her and the next voice I heard on the phone was my mother-in-law, she sounded good and as we talked I started stroking my cock, quickly getting a large erection, which needed some relief, so I said goodbye to her and asked her to put my wife back on the phone, while I was waiting for her to come back to the phone, I got on top of Lynn and positioned my dick at the opening on her vagina. I told her mom sounded good and that I had almost forgot to tell her that Lynn had stopped by earlier. She interrupted me and said I hope you were nice to her, I know you don’t like her! I told her not to worry I was very nice to her, while I slid my cock into Lynn’s pussy. She didn’t believe me and asked really? I said really, starting to slowly fuck Lynn’s hot pussy. In fact I think I might have changed my mind about her, she is not really that bad. My wife really didn’t believe that and said, “ Yea Right”. 

   I tired to sound hurt and said no really, I quickened my pace and started fucking Lynn a little faster. I told her about your mom and she was really concerned, which I must admit surprised me, most of the time she had seemed so self centered. She came in and got your mom’s phone number and said she would give you a call tomorrow. I felt Lynn stir under me and could tell see was listening and must have been enjoying the situation and she started fucking me back, with and evil look in her eyes. While trying to match Lynn’s pace, which she had quickened, I could tell she was trying to make me cum and shortly she was going to succeed in her mission. I told my wife that we had chatted over coffee and I had changed my mind, she really is a pretty nice person it just that sometimes she comes off badly. My wife said “PRAISE THE LORD” the war between you two is finally over. I laughed and said yea” PRAISE THE LORD THE WAR IS OVER” ramming my cock hard into Lynn’s pussy. My wife laughed and asked me if I missed her. I said you know I do but you’re the one who is going to be in trouble when you get home. You’re going to have to deal with a really horny husband!! Slamming Lynn’s hot vagina while saying it, wondering how long I could hold off before I shot my load into her hot pussy. She said really, I think I can handle that and we both laughed. Well she said I am tired it has been a long day and I am going to bed, called me tomorrow. We said goodbye and I had no sooner hung up when, I exploded in Lynn’s cunt flooding her with my hot load. I took the gag off and kissed her only to find her tounge probing my mouth.

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   I rolled off her and started laughing you really are, a bitch, but my bitch. She laughed and said if your will let me be your bitch. I said don’t worry about that I have plans for you tomorrow, get some sleep. I got up and covered her up and turned the lights out, I told her to get some sleep. I went to the family room and laid down on the couch and thought about the next several days training Lynn to be a real willing slave. I smiled and fell asleep. Thanks’ for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it. .

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