Temping Fate


Tempting Fate
Covered from head to toe in black, eager, masked eyes gleaming in anticipation, in summers heat, I steal into your dorm room under cover of darkness, you’re near nakedness glowing in windows dim light. Long flowing locks, rumpled night shirt revealing flimsy pink panties, useless defender of heavens gate. Acres of creamy radiant skin, heaving breasts in slumbers breath. A poem of desire.
“Tisk, Tisk,” my mind informs me. “Naughty girl. Should not leave door unlocked. Enticing invasion. Asking for it. ” I sigh…. Lingering. Savoring you, my senses absorb you, faded perfume fills my nostrils, exciting desire.
Quickly before you are too awake to protest I pull your arms back and cuff you to the headboard. Panties torn asunder fill your mouth. Tape seal muffles you’re distress before it can reach volume.
I pause.

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   You are mine. Your terrified vision filled only with the lust in my eyes.
Legs roughly parted, I enter you harshly. Your muffled cries of pain give witness. You are not ready. “You better get ready fast bitch, slut, whore of Babylon. That pussy better get wet fast. ” My body pins you, my penis within, my hand attacks you’re clit. “Get that pussy wet now slut. ” I order, vigorously stimulating you.
Moaning, wiggling, squirming beneath my weight you body relents despite your resolve to resist. You begin to lubricate. “See whore you want it. Your body wants to be raped; you cock hungry common whore. Feel my cock whore.

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   Feel my cock raping your whorish sloppy cunt. ” I begin to pump you. In and out. In and out. Savoring each delicious stroke. You moan in anguish and desire.
Long strokes penetrate, pounding my desire into you. You are wild with need. “ Not yet my pretty slut. Not so fast. Not so easy. ” My hardness abandons you. “No No not yet. More fun first. ”
You scream in frustration into the saliva soaked underwear.

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You’re long shapely legs suddenly heaved up, knees pinned to lovely breasts, you are completely exposed to my wishes. My wet cock touches the rose bud of you anus. Violently your muffled No’s fills the darkness.
“Yes I respond. Oh yes. ” I press against the door. “Loosen up whore. ” I demand. “Accept your fate or accept you’re pain. I could care less. Your ass is mine. Mine to batter open for my cocks pleasure. You are mine to rape as I will. ”
You are trying. Deep breaths.

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   The door loosens slightly, yielding slowly to relentless pressure. “Good girl. Good whore. ” I praise you like a pet dog. “Accept my cock. Yield to it. Enjoy it. Love it, like the slutty little cum dump you are. ”
I press onward deeper and deeper into you’re rectum reveling in your pain and enjoyment. “Why am I not surprised? I taunt. “You like it don’t you? You like cock in that hot little ass. That strutting, teasing, ass. I watch you, you campus tease. I watch your ass tantalize every man in site, whore. But you will no longer tease me.

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   Oh no. Now you will please me in every way. ”
My cock fully inserted I begin to stroke to the rhythm of your pants. Ragged breaths punctuate each stroke, driving me on, filling me with passion for more, ever more of your luscious body. I am consumed by you, by power, by desire, by control. Greedily my cock fucks your ass harder and harder as it adjusts to the invasion ever more accepting of my girth.
“Ah…. . Whore…. I am overcome with the delights of you’re boy. I am lost in the need for you.
    You body is mine whore. Mine now and forever my pretty slut, cum dumpster to my engorged member. ”
    I release you’re legs. My steel plunges back into you’re hungry pussy.

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       “Fuck me. ” I demand. “Fuck my cock for you’re pleasure and I will let you cum. Please me and cum. Cum whore, Cum. ” I chant teasing, taunting, making you do the work.
    You’re hips buck, humping desperately for my offered prick, driving you’re pussy, impaling your vagina. “Work for it baby. Work for that cum. Work your butt fucked ass. Ride it. Ride that cock. ” I laugh cruelly.
    Finally I relent and give as good as I receive. We thrash wildly, genitals crashing together, heat growing, climax approaching.

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       “Cumming Whore…” I cry.
    “Ahhhhhhh…. ” you’re song joins mine.
    I fill you. You spasm and clamp me within you. Again and again our bodies powerfully empty their need for each other. I roll over in exhaustion. We gasp for breath amazed at what had just happened.
    Composure regained I remove the mask, gently unshackle you and apply loving kisses. You press my eager mouth to you’re perfect, erect, nipple.
    “I knew it was you all along you fool or at least hoped it was. ” You giggle.
    “Well if it wasn’t me you really would have been fucked Daisy my love; my little whore girl. You really shouldn’t leave you’re door unlocked you know. It’s temping fate.

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    Thanks for reading. Comments appreciated. Praise and adulation gratefully accepted. This story was inspired by a friend who shall remain nameless to protect the naughty.
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