The Broker - Chapter Four


            Michael was often out of the suite, leaving Ren to her own devices. He brought her several documents to translate for him. She did her best to please him even though she knew he worked beyond the law. She finally decided if she was ever caught or confronted about what she was doing she could always fall back on the excuse that she did it to stay alive. Even though she now knew she would have done it if he’d asked her even if her life hadn’t been at stake.
            Even though she was left alone all day she relished the time she spent with Michael in the evenings. They always had dinner together. Most of the time he cooked spectacular meals for the two of them, sometimes he brought take-out to the suite with him. Either way, the meals were always delicious to Ren. She was surprised and disappointed tonight when he brought take-out but it was enough only for one.
            “I won’t be staying for dinner this evening,” he explained. “We’re having a party for a group of our clients so I’ll be spending the evening downstairs. ”
            “Oh, okay,” she replied as she accepted the meal he’d brought to her, her eyes downcast.
            “I’m sorry, Ren. I should have told you about it sooner. ”
            “Why?” she asked with a laugh, heading toward the dining room.

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   “You don’t report to me. ”
            He watched her go knowing she was putting on a brave front. While he hated to see her hurt and lonely there was absolutely no way he could take her to this party. He shook his head and turned to make his way to his room to change into his tux. Ren was perched on the sofa with several documents spread around her when he re-emerged from his room.
            “If you need me for anything page me,” he said, stopping across from her.
            “Okay,” she replied without looking up.
            “Ren, I’m sorry. ”
            “There’s nothing to be sorry about, Michael. ” She finally looked up at him and sucked in her breath. God, he’s so handsome, she thought as she stared up at him.
            “I don’t expect you to wait up for me,” he said softly. “I don’t know how late I’ll be. ”
            She shrugged and returned her attention to the papers strewn around her. Michael frowned as he left the suite.

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   He didn’t understand why he felt troubled as he headed downstairs to the ballroom.
All through the long evening Michael smiled and made friendly small talk with his guests but his mind kept straying to the guest in his suite upstairs. Amy, finally exasperated with him, pulled him aside.
“Michael, is everything okay? Are you feeling well?” she asked.
“Everything’s fine,” he replied, startled by her actions. “Why?”
“You just seem preoccupied this evening. ”
“We’re supposed to get a rather large shipment tomorrow. I’m not sure we have enough space to house them all. ”
“We’ll be fine, Michael. I’ve gone over all the records myself. We have plenty of space. It’ll be a little crowded but that’s all. Quit worrying. You’re just borrowing trouble. ”
“Yes, mother.

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  ” He smiled down at Amy and shoved her back into the crowd. “Have our guests been given any samples?”
“I have seven in the green room,” Amy replied.
“Good. ” Michael patted her shoulder and moved away.
He watched their three newest customers carefully, following the around the room at a discreet distance. When one of the men finally headed toward the green room, Michael followed. He wanted to make sure the man was satisfied but he also didn’t want his assets harmed. Long ago he had learned that men new to this game could be rougher than necessary. He would not tolerate the mistreatment of his property for any reason. When he stepped into the green room he ignored the many acts going on around him and searched out the man he had followed. He found him in a back corner of the room.
The man has good taste, Michael thought as he watched his guest let his hands roam over a tiny brunette with large green eyes and full breasts. Her hands were locked together with padded handcuffs over her head. The chain short chain between the cuffs looped over a hook in the wall. A ball gag in her mouth displayed her pouty lips perfectly while they six-inch heels made her legs look splendid.

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   The cuffs, ball gag and heels were all she wore. They were all a bright pink which matched the lipstick she wore perfectly. The guest’s hands roamed freely over her squirming body as he leered down at her.
Michael guessed the man to be around 5’ 9” while the buxom beauty was probably only 5’ 6” in her heels. The man loomed over her, letting his hands feel every curve of her body. He finally leaned down and pressed his lips against her neck then slowly bent his knees and let his mouth trail along her neck and chest until he finally found her nipple. He sucked lightly at first then opened his mouth wide over her tit. The man slid his lips back and forth over her boob several times then finally stopped at her nipple again. He must have bitten her because she squealed and jerked, trying to pull away from him. The man looked up at her as he slapped his hand across her round hips.
“Don’t worry, bitch, you’re not going anywhere. You’re all mine. ”
The man bent down again and went to work on her other nipple. When she screamed behind the gag and tried to jerk away again, the man stood up and grabbed both nipples between his fingers. He squeezed hard, staring into her eyes.

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“Stop squirming, you little whore,” he growled at her.
She grunted pleadingly at him and tried to pull away. He jerked his hands away from her, pulling her nipples painfully. Walking a few steps away he grabbed a large dildo from a nearby table and turned back to her. He had a determined look on his face as he approached her again.
“You think that hurt, bitch? You ain’t felt anything yet. You keep fightin’ me, I’ll shove this thing up your ass dry. ”
Michael had seen and heard enough. He walked over to the young man and grabbed the large dildo from the man’s hand. The guest whirled around angrily.
“Who the hell do you think you are? I’m playing with this bitch!”
“I’m the host,” Michael said evenly. “And you’ve overstepped the bounds. I will not tolerate cruelty. I’ll ask you once to leave. ”
“What if I’m not done yet?”
Two large, burly men appeared instantly behind Michael.

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“You’re done,” Michael said softly before turning around and walking away. He ignored the man’s shouts as the bouncers drug him out of the room. Michael stopped just before he reached the door then turned around and went back to the tiny brunette. He removed the ball gag from her mouth and stared down at her. She looked up at him in fear. “What’s your name?”
“Me’Lisa,” she whispered.
Michael let his eyes roam down over her naked form then back up again.
“How long have you been here?”
“One – one week. ”
He stared at her a few more minutes the reached above her head to her hands. She felt his hands on hers then he lifted her arms, forcing her to stretch even more. He lifted her arms from the hook and dropped them in front of her but didn’t release his hold on her. Without saying a word he turned and led her across the room. She was afraid he would drag her out because his legs were so much longer than hers but he kept his stride short so she could easily keep up with him. When they left the room she could hear party noises and grew frightened thinking he was taking her to the party for everyone to use. Instead, he led her away from the sounds into a large office.

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   He closed the door when they entered and led her to a chair in front of a large dark-colored desk.
The man released her hands long enough to cross the room to a closet and remove a coat. He returned to her side and draped the coat over her shoulders. It was much too large for her but at least it kept her warm. He wrapped the coat around her and tied the belt around her waist then motioned to the chair behind her.
“Sit. ”
She did as he ordered and sat down in the leather armchair in front of the desk. He reached forward and pulled her arms from under the coat toward a small chain attached to the front of the desk. Quickly, he knelt in front of her and locked her handcuffs to the small chain.
“I’ll be back for you in a little while. Nobody will bother you here. ”
“Thank you,” she whispered as he rose to his feet.
He started to walk away when she spoke. He stopped and turned back to her, looking over his shoulder.
“Don’t thank me yet.

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Michael left the office and returned to the party. He spent another hour mingling with his guests then went in search of Amy. He finally found her on the patio.
“Amy,” he called to her and watched as she separated herself from the group she was talking to and made her way to him. “I’m going upstairs now. Keep an eye on the newest customers and make sure they behave themselves. I’ve already had to remove one of them. ”
“Yes, Michael. I will. Are you feeling ill?”
“No, I’m…a bit preoccupied,” he replied with a smile she was quite familiar with.
“I’ll make sure you’re not disturbed in the morning. ” She returned his smile and gave him a knowing nod.
He turned away, heading for the office to retrieve his prize.
Ren lay awake in her room and listened to the sounds of the suite. She heard Michael return from the party and knew he was not alone.

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   The muffled voices she heard told her someone was with him. Wondering when the visitor would leave so she could pretend to have an accidental encounter with Michael in the hallway, Ren was surprised when she heard the door to Michael’s bedroom open and close. Her heart thudded heavily in her chest as she wondered who was with him.
Michael pulled Me’Lisa into his suite and closed the door quietly, trying not to disturb Ren. He led his captive beauty into the living room and told her to sit on the sofa. She sat silently, waiting for what would come next. He poured them each a glass of wine and turned to see her staring at him with eyes full of fear. He set the glasses on the low table in front of her and knelt next to her knees. Gently, he removed the spiked heels and let his hands roam up her legs to grasp her hands, clasped together in the handcuffs over her knees. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a key chain with master keys on it. Quickly, he released her hands from the handcuffs and laid them aside. He slipped the keys back into his pocket and handed her a glass of wine.
“How old are you, Me’Lisa?”
“Twenty-three,” she whispered.
He sipped his wine and stared at her.
“Do I make you nervous?” he asked.

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She swallowed hard and let her eyes slide from his face to the glass she held in both hands. He cupped her chin in his left hand and raised her head.
“You – you frightened me. ” Her voice was so soft it was barely audible.
“I won’t hurt you, Me’Lisa. ”
“Then why did you bring me here?” she finally asked.
Michael studied her for several seconds. He slowly stood and moved to sit next to her on the sofa. She shivered when he sat down beside her. He was so close to her, he could feel her shiver.
“Me’Lisa, have you ever had sex?”
She stifled a sob and gripped the wine glass in her hands tighter. Michael reached over with his left hand and gently caressed her long dark hair.
“It’s okay, Me’Lisa. I’ll be gentle with you, I won’t hurt you. ”
“Please…I don’t want –”
When she turned to look at him Michael covered her lips with his.


   He set his glass aside and took hers from her hands. That glass quickly found its way to the table as well. With his hands free, Michael pulled Me’Lisa to him. His left hand tangled in her long tresses while his right hand caressed and lightly pinched her nipples. Her stiff, tight muscles quickly relaxed under his expert touch. She slid down on the sofa and released a low moan. Michael pulled back to look down at her with a smile.
“Still afraid of me?” he whispered.
She nodded but her hands were busy with the buttons of his shirt. He laughed lightly and pulled her hands away.
“Not yet, pet. ” He groaned softly when he stood up. He pulled her to her feet with him.
Staring down at her, he bent his head and pressed his mouth to hers again. He applied gentle pressure against her lips until they parted then he slipped his tongue into her mouth and explored its depths.

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   His hands slid around and over her supple body. The fingers of his left hand played with her nipples while his right hand kneaded her hips, pushing her against his full, hard erection. Suddenly, he pulled away from her and lifted her into his arms. He carried her down a long hallway and into a room at the end. He carefully opened the door without setting her down then kicked it closed behind them. His long strides carried them to the large bed at the center of the room quickly. He placed Me’Lisa in the center of the bed then kicked his shoes off and joined her.
She lay on her back and stared up at him, her green eyes hooded with lust but still holding a hint a fear. He climbed onto the bed and straddled her naked body, letting his hips rest lightly against her pelvis. Staring into her eyes he reached down and ran his hands over her large breasts, kneading them tenderly. Her eyes slowly drooped closed and he leaned down to suck on her nipples, easing his body further down her shorter length. Her hands moved up to caress his face and her fingers slowly twined through his hair. When he pulled away from her tits he looked up to see her staring at him. He rested his elbows on either side of her shoulders and cupped her face in his hands.
“What?” he whispered.

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“I don’t even know your name,” she replied softly, a tremor in her voice.
He smiled down at her and kissed her thoroughly.
“Michael,” he finally answered.
She gifted him with a timid smile. He kissed the corner of her mouth the covered her mouth with his, slipping his tongue between her lips again. His hands teased her nipples as his right leg slid between her legs. Her hands found the buttons of his shirt again and, this time, he didn’t stop her. She undid the buttons of the shirt and slid her hands inside, feeling the hardness of his chest. Her hands ran up over his shoulders and pushed his shirt down over his back. He shrugged the garment away without breaking their kiss.
Me’Lisa groaned into his mouth when his right hand slid between her legs and found her warm slit. He laughed lightly when he felt the wetness there. His mouth moved slowly down her neck to her latch on to her right nipple while the fingers of his left hand played with her left. His right hand teased her clit mercilessly then slid away, his fingers sliding inside her and teasing her there.
“Oh, God, please…” she cried.

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“Please, what?” he asked innocently.
“Please, Michael,” she panted.
He returned his mouth to her nipple and his fingers pinched and teased her clit.
“Please, Michael, God, please…”
She squirmed under him, trying to push her hips up to make his fingers hit the right spot but he wouldn’t oblige her. He laughed wickedly and pulled away from her.
“No!” she cried. “Please, Michael…” She reached for him as he moved away to climb from the bed.
“I’ll be back, pet. ”
“Oh, God,” she moaned and fell back onto the bed.
Michael quickly undressed and returned to her side. She grabbed him around the waist when he laid down next to her and pulled him to her.
“My goodness, Me’Lisa,” he teased. “I thought you’d never had sex before. ”
“Please don’t stop,” she begged. “You make me feel so wonderful.

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“Does that mean you aren’t afraid of me anymore?”
“Please, Michael…” She tried to kiss him but he held her at bay.
“What do you want, Me’Lisa?”
“Please, what?”
“Please,” she whispered, closing her eyes. “Make love to me. ”
He grabbed her wrists roughly and pulled her to him.
“I don’t make love to anyone, Me’Lisa. ” The coldness in his voice awoke the fear in her. She stared at him with wide eyes. “I have sex. ” He stared into her wide green eyes. “Is that what you want, Me’Lisa? Do you want to have sex with me?”
She worked her mouth but no sounds came out. When a tear crept from her eyes,  she thought for a moment he would strike her. Instead, he shoved her away from him and climbed from the bed. He stalked from the room and slammed the door as he left. She curled up in a tight ball and hugged herself, letting the tears come.
Ren heard the door slam and wondered what had happened.

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   Should I go check, she wondered to herself. She battled with indecision for several long moments. Finally, she had to know what was going on. She got out of bed, grabbed a robe and slipped it on. She belted the robe around her then headed out into the rest of the suite. Slowly, she walked down the hallway, not sure what she would find. She had her head down watching her footing in the darkness and didn’t see Michael until she almost ran into him. They both stopped, pulled up short by running into the other. She certainly wasn’t prepared for running into him in the hallway when he was naked.
“Michael – I – I’m sorry. I heard the door – I thought something – I…I’m sorry. ” She turned away in embarrassment and tried to flee back down the hall. Michael caught her arm and stopped her.
“It’s my fault, Ren. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.

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“Th – that’s okay,” Ren replied, trying to keep her eyes averted. “G-good night. ”
She pulled free of his grasp and fled back to her room. When the door closed behind her she leaned against it, breathing heavily.
Michael watched Ren rush back to hide in her room. He hadn’t meant to wake her, he just wasn’t used to sharing his suite. He poured himself another drink and swallowed it in one gulp.
“What the hell is wrong with me?” he muttered to himself.
Setting his glass aside he turned and walked back to his room. When he closed the bedroom door and looked up he saw Me’Lisa huddled on the bed. Shaking his head at himself, he crossed the room and sat down next to her. She flinched when he laid his hand on her arm.
“Me’Lisa, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did. I’ve had a very long week and, unfortunately, I took it out on you.

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   I’m sorry for that. ”
She didn’t respond; she didn’t say anything or move. He sighed and gathered her in his arms. Holding her close, he rocked her gently and let his hands play through her hair. As she quieted he slowly began to kiss her head and cheek, eventually working his way to her lips. When she started to respond to his kisses he let his hands start to wander over her body again. She was soon moaning in his arms once more. Even if Michael didn’t make love, he certainly knew how to make a woman enjoy sex.
He pulled back the blankets and laid Me’Lisa on the sheets of his bed then climbed in next to her. His hands continually caressed her most sensitive parts. She screamed into climax gripping his shoulders and pulling him to her as he sucked her tits and pinched her clit. When it finally passes and she started to come down he moved on top of her and positioned himself at her entrance.
Michael’s expert hands started to play his companion again. She responded immediately, beginning to moan and gasp. He gently rubbed her clit and sucked on her nipples, getting her aroused.

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   He slipped a finger inside her wet and slippery slit while he still teased her clit with another finger. A second finger soon joined the first inside her, then a third, then a fourth while he pressed against her clit with his thumb.
“Oh, God, Michael, please,” Me’Lisa moaned. “I need it so bad. ”
“Me’Lisa, I want to take you,” Michael whispered. “I want to enter you. ”
“Yes! Please, yes!”
He nuzzled at her neck and pinched her nipples with his free hand.
“It’ll hurt when I break your hymen but only for a few minutes,” he whispered. “I promise I’ll make it worth the pain. ”
“Please, Michael!” Me’Lisa wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him closer.
He slipped his prick inside her warm, wet slit and started to push. When he felt her hymen he stopped.
“No!” she cried. “Oh, God, it hurts but I want you!”
“I want you,” Michael said softly. “The pain won’t last, pet.

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He pushed again and felt her tighten against him. He waited until she relaxed again then shoved hard, breaking through the blockage and pushing into her velvet walls as far as he could. She screamed and pushed at him but he held her tight and waited for the storm to pass.
“Oh, oh, oh, oh, God,” she whimpered.
When she quieted and he felt her relax again he started to move slowly in and out. She tensed again at first but then relaxed and started to move with him. His right hand slid down between them and worked on her clit again as he moved in and out of her, pushing deeper with each thrust. He could feel her orgasm building again and began to his own as well. He bent his head forward and nibble at her tits while he played with her clit and drove in and out, in and out. She curled her legs around his hips and grabbed his shoulders, clinging to him as her second orgasm overtook her. When she hit her peak he exploded inside her, filling her with his seed.
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