The Cum That Binds


Danielle had finally had it with civilization. People had just become too cruel and selfish. She decided to take advantage of the old mansion her family owned in a very secluded spot in the mountains. There were no other homes or people for miles away. Danielle thought this was perfect. She would pay for food to be flown in via helicopter. The only modern technology she needed was running water, telephone and electricity. The only reason she needed the telephone was to have supplies dropped in. She would turn her own cell phone off while she was away.
Danielle finished things up at work to begin her vacation. She did not regret leaving the corporate world behind at all. She went home and packed up her clothes. She also made a call to a helicopter service. They would pick her up in two days to take her to her secluded get away along with food supplies. After the call she finished packing. The next day she went to the grocery store to buy two carts full of all the food and things she would need.

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She also went to the bookstore to buy a few romance novels to read. Danielle was so busy with work that she had no time to date. So, she read books, masturbated and used self pleasing toys. She had convinced herself that this is all she needed in the form of sexual gratification. So, that night she packed up her books and “toys”.
The next morning Danielle awoke ready for her vacation. She ate a quick breakfast, dressed and loaded up her car. She loaded the trunk and backseat with the bags from the grocery store. She then loaded her luggage up in the front seat. She drove to the private airport and was pleased with the speedy and courteous service. Soon she was up in the air enjoying the scenery. When they were over the house, she smiled in appreciation of its’ classic charm. The helicopter land slowly and gently on the front lawn. She was helped out and her bags were all brought to the front door. She waved as the chopper flew away.

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   Danielle opened long since used door with the key. She then hurriedly set about putting away the groceries. Then of course she put away her luggage. The weather was warm so she changed into her blue string bikini and strolled out onto the back lawn that overlooked a quant little pond. She stretched a towel out and laid on her back to soak up some run rays. She rubbed sun tan lotion on and laid back. She closed her eyes and soon began a wonderful nap.
Little did she know, she was being watched. The mysterious shadowy figure was drawn to this place by the recent activity. He watched her form from the tree line for awhile. He had not seen the female form in a very long time. He could not help but appreciate her beauty as well as her sex. He licked his lips and disappeared in the shadows. That night Danielle slept on the sofa in front of a warm fire in the fireplace. As she slept the shadowy figure moved silently through the back door in the kitchen and straight to her lying on the sofa.

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   He looked down at her pretty sleeping face and then scanned her round firm and lightly tanned breasts. Then his eyes leered over her flat smooth stomach. His eyes then grew with lust as they befell her bikini covered mound. He licked his lips as his eyes drank in her long strong looking legs as well.
He stretched his muscular manly gloved hand out over her chest without touching her. His hand moved from her chest to her mound. Danielle’s body slightly arched as it seemed to reach for his hand. Her breathing quickened lightly as well all while still asleep. He moved his hand away and silently drifted from the house again. Danielle woke a few moments after his exit. Her pussy was wet and she had dreamed of a hand stroking her body. In her dream the hand was strong and brought her a great need for sex. So, she looked around with fear in her eyes. The dream seemed too real. She looked around quickly making sure she was alone.

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   When she saw she was alone, she went up to the bedroom that she would be using. She changed into her pajamas and slid into bed.
The next morning she awoke lazily and made her way to the kitchen. She had a nice breakfast of pancakes, syrup and milk. She took her time eating. This was a rarity and she enjoyed it. After breakfast she stretched out in the hanging swing on the porch with a cup of Irish Cream Cappuccino. She began reading a romance novel. She was enthralled in it and drank all of her drink. She read nearly half the paper back book before setting it down in the small round wicker table next to the swing. She then stretched out and settled into a nap.
The Shady cloaked figure glided from the tree line and approached her sleeping form. His hand moved down her body as before. But this time he came back up. His fore finger and middle finger of each hand rubbed slowly and firmly together over her breasts.

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   Her body arched as her breath quickened and a small moan escaped her lips. His whole form then turned and glided back to the tree line. He blended into the trees and waited. He watched her reaction when she awoke. This made him lick his lips in desire. He wanted her and would have her. She would be his rather she wanted it or not. Her body wanted him. There was no denying her body’s desire for him. Her body is all he wanted anyway.
That night she slept in her bed. The shadowy cloaked figure did not enter the house. When she awoke in the morning she felt an odd feeling of disappointment. She stretched out on the swing just as she had the morning before. She finished her book and fell asleep again.

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   The shadowy figure did not bother her again.
That night he returned, however. This time as she slept in her bed, his hand moved about without touching her. The blanket was slowly pulled back. Then her pajama shirt top was unbuttoned. Her body arched for him like a magnet attracted to metal. The material slid to the side. Both of his hands came above her and moved in a circular motion. His fingers then imitated the action of twisting her nipples. She moaned in her sleep to his attentions.
Then he moved the hand down to her pajama bottoms without touching her he made the pants slide down to her ankles. He licked his lips at the sight of her bare and lightly hairy pussy. He brought a hand down above her mound and swirled an index finger near where her clitoris would be. He still made no flesh to flesh contact with her. As Danielle slept believing she was only dreaming, she felt as though her clitoris was being manipulated.

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   He continued until she climaxed in her sleep. Her body was sweaty and aching for him.
His hands moved about again redressing her and pulling the cover back up without touching her. He leaned close to her ear and whispered, “You will be mine. What you dream of can come true. ” He drifted out of the house as usual. When she awoke a few moments later she did not look around fearful. She now looked around hopeful. He had successfully planted the seed of desire within her. She would come to him willingly. He would then have her at his mercy as he did as he pleased with her.
Her morning nap had no visit by him. She was greatly disappointed at not having the “dream” again. But the dream from the night before had her so turned on, that she began to masturbate right there on the swing. He was of course watching as he licked his lips.

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That night as she tried to sleep she kept tossing and turning. She was filled with a sexual desire. He stood at the backdoor. He whispered, “Come to me if you want me. ” The wind seemed to carry his whisper into the house and to her ear. Danielle opened her eyes and looked around. The whisper came again. She saw no one in the room. She knew she should be afraid but her body compelled her down the stairs and to the back door. She looked around and saw no one. The whisper came again and her body compelled her to the tree line. Her pussy was dripping wet as if anticipating something. Her mind kept telling her no but her body demanded she listen to the voice. When she entered the tree line her body floated up into the air by a few feet. Her clothes began to disintegrate from her body.

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   Soon she came to float before him. She could only see his large strong looking from hidden under a dark brown hooded cloak. He spoke to her, “You have dreamed of the pleasure I can bring you. Do you want more?” She could not speak as her lust driven body ached for him. She nodded her head.
Her body was lifted and brought for so that her pussy was at his face. Danielle moaned as his tongue made the first ever flesh to flesh contact between them. His tongue licked at her pussy and swirled over her clitoris. He lapped up her juices with greed. His tongue brought forth two orgasms before he stopped. She still did not see his face as he spoke. He said, “If you are mine, I will bring you great pleasure every night. But if you reject me now, you will never again know such pleasure. Will you be mine?” Her mind once again screamed at her to say no. But, her body was too demanding as she floated there with cum rolling down her legs.

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   She nodded and whispered, “Yes, I am yours. ”In a flash she was unconscious. When she awoke she was laid upon what appeared to be a stone altar covered with animal furs. Her hands were bound together with twine and attached to a metal ring that was attached to the altar above her head. Her legs were spread wide with connected to the same type of metal rings. As she laid there completely naked and vulnerable she looked around the room with fear in her eyes. She seemed to be in some sort of cave with torches lighting the room. There were also different types of apparatus that looked like torture and bondage type of equipment. She began to cry and call out, “Let me go! Please!”She was answered by a deep demonic sounding laugh.
    He appeared before her and the cloak he wore dropped to the ground. She screamed at what her eyes beheld. He was about 6 foot 5 and had a very muscular male humanoid form. His skin was red and leathery. He had a long thick tail that curled around his thigh. He grinned at her behind full lips with sharply pointed teeth.


       His eyes were solid black and seemed soulless. His hair was long and black like the darkest of nights. His hair was pulled back into a pony tail. His nose was wide and flared like a bull. As he stood laughing at her fear a large shiny black pointed horn appeared on each side of his head. He slid a hand down to his aching cock. Her eyes followed his hand and she screamed anew as she fought the binds that held her. His 12 inch long 5 inch wide cock left her terrified. She screamed, “No! No! Let me go! This is not what I want!” He walked up to the table as part of her buttocks hung off the table. He lined his cock up with her pussy and said, “But you said you are mine. So, you now belong to me. You succumbed to lust. Now for all eternity you will answer my lust. ”He slowly began pushing his monster cock into her pussy. She cried and screamed from the pain.

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       He merely chuckled, “In time you will grow used to my size, my pet. Soon you will beg me for this. ” Once the head was in she passed out from the pain. He just kept pushing slowly until all 12 inches were buried deeply. He leaned down and slapped her face. As she fluttered her eyes open she cried from the pain, “No! Ow! Please, it hurts! Take it out!” He smiled and licked his lips, “The hard part is over, my pet. I am in. Now we fuck. ”
    He began the long process of slowly dragging his cock from her pussy to leave only the head in and slowly slide back in. She still screamed and pulled at the binds not enjoying this rape at all. After a few of the slow strokes he began to speed up. Soon he was slamming into her abused pussy with eagerness. He growled from the pleasure as she continued to cry and scream. Her screams only drove him on more. He got great pleasure from raping pretty women and watching them scream from his godly sized dick.

    Greece is known to be the land of the gods and goddesses. And they sure have lots of them still scattered all around the country. Goddesses in the persona of beautiful Athens Call Girls in Greece are always a delight to admire - much more if you can talk 

    After what seemed an eternity he filled her womb up with his hot seed. But instead of stopping after filling her with a galloon of his demonic seed as she had hoped, he continued on thrusting. He cum spurted out of her abused pussy and soaked her ass hole. His tail moved between his legs and lined up with her asshole. The 3 inch thick tail had a rounded end. The end began to swirl the cum around the entrance of her asshole. She cried out fearful of what was next, “No! Please not there! I have never done that!”
    The Demon ignored her as the tail began to penetrate. She of course continued to scream and struggle. When the tail was about 6 inches into her the pain was just too much. She passed out again. The Demon continued fucking her pussy and asshole. He managed to squeeze 13 inches of his 18 inch long tail into her gaping and bleeding asshole. He pounded into each hole until his cock spewed another bucket load of cum into the womb of his newly claimed sex slave. While she was unconscious he released her ankles from the metal rings and turned her onto her stomach. She laid flat on the altar from her head to her pelvis.

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       Her legs hung down limply as cum poured from her pussy into a pool at her feet. He walked around to the head of the altar and untied the twin from her wrists to the metal ring above her head. He pulled on it dragging her body up on the altar until her whole body save her feet was flat on the altar. He then reattached the twine to the ring. He laid on top her as his bloody cum covered dick lined up to her asshole. He thrusted so quickly and deeply into her that she awoke with a scream. The 5 inch thickness ripped and burned her. He pounded only a few minutes into her ass until he climaxed so hard that he shook the altar. He pulled out after his seed filled her bowels. He pulled out and slapped her ass. Bloody cum squirted out of her ass. She sobbed in great pain. He stood back and admired the abuse he inflicted on his pretty little slave. He stroked his dick appreciating the pleasure she would be giving him until the end of time. She struggled to speak as she said, “Please, now that you have your pleasure, let me go.

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      ” He stood next to the altar and stroked her back almost lovingly, “No, my pet. You may never leave me. In this place you can live forever without aging a day. All wounds are healed as well. And there is no need for food. My cum will keep you alive and well. You are bound to me now. If I die, so do you. If you go without my cum, you will die. You will pleasure your Master as he sees fit when ever he wants such pleasure. If you are not a good slave, you will be fucked anyway and also receive severe and painful punishments. You will call me master and I shall call you what ever I see fit. ” Danielle could only sob at her new predicament. She would forever more be cum bound to the cruel lustful Demon that she would know only as “Master”.

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