The Day I Learned My Lesson


The Day I Learned My Lesson!
I was out with friends in a bar and id sunk a few it was still early but after calling time with my possessive  on off boyfriend Tony id needed a drink and started early. He was the possessive type which just didn’t suit me at all I was playing pool with some of the boys and as usual I was getting a fair bit of attention, now im not a beauty queen but at nearly 6ft a size 16 and 38 DD breasts and adding the fact im a total flirt I get a fair bit of attention. I was wearing my usual uniform of leather…I love leather the feel the look it makes me feel so sexy so with my short leather skirt a tight top that leaves nothing to the imagination and black thigh boots I was ready for a good night, and a good fuck!!
Jake came in the bar at about 9 and headed strait for me, now id always fancied Jake but he was Tony’s best friend so he was off limits, im a bitch but not that much of a bitch.
“How’s things Hun” he said as he walked up to me.
“Fine thanks have you spoke to Tony”
“No why”
“I called time with him, he’s just too possessive for my liking I couldn’t fucking breath with out been accused of looking at some guy or another, he drove me fucking crazy”
He laughed “I wondered how long it would take you, is it my turn now” he said with a twinkle in his eye and I must say a very impressive bulge in his pants. My pussy was screaming yes my head was saying no.
“You’re his best mate so no, it’s not your turn next but you can get me a drink and ill kick your ass at pool” I said with a laugh
“so what your saying is that if I wasn’t his best mate you would let me fuck you, mmmm one drink coming up, the night is young” he said, winked at me and headed for the bar.
I set the balls up on the table my pussy was trying to rule my head and my eyes kept wondering over to Jake.
We played pool and chatted most of the night the drinks were going down nicely and I was well on my way. The flirting hadn’t stopped all night and my pussy was dripping wet with all the sex talk and dirty remarks. A few of the lads had come in and were having there say too. As the drinks flowed my worries of him been Tony’s best mate slipped away as my pussy started to rule my head. Last orders came and went and before I new it I was in a cab on my way back to jakes place. My pussy now completely in control. My phone rang it was a withheld number?
“You slag I no who you are with”
“Tony go away I don’t want to hear your shit” I hung up the phone
“It was Tony he says he knows who im with who the fuck as he been talking to”
“come on Taya we have been in the pub all night he will have been ringing around asking people what you were up to you know what he is like, he text me earlier asking if I had seen you”
“God he’s such a wanker who does he think he is”
“Don’t let him get to you come here I have something that will make you feel better”
he pulled me too him and kiss me hard on the mouth my pussy was throbbing as his hand worked its way up my leg, my tits were free and his mouth found its way to my hard nipples, I spread my legs and arched my back to give him better access, fuck he felt good. The fact that the taxi driver was too busy watching us to drive safely didn’t bother me at all I needed a good fuck and that’s all that mattered.

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   He sucked and chewed my nipples as two of his fingers found there way into my wet throbbing cunt as his thumb rubbed my clit. He rubbed harder and finger fucked me hard I freed his cock and was impressed by the 9inch and good girth I found, it was rock solid and needed some attention. I pushed him back and tuck his cock in my mouth sucking him deep, he reached over and played with my ass as I sucked his cock, I love my ass been played with and moaned as I sucked his cock I ran my tongue on the underside of his cock and I ran my teeth over his bell end, he was leaking lots of pre cum that I lapped up greedily, his finger had found its way inside my ass and I was rubbing my clit I was sucking him like a mad woman, Jake was moaning loudly and had starting fucking my face. After ten minutes of this he was ready to shoot his load my own orgasm was building and I was moaning loudly I started to finger fuck my cunt which tipped me over the edge he fucked my ass faster and I came hard on my own fingers, I deep throated him and tuck his cock right to the base as I came, he couldn’t take no more and shot his load right down my throat, there was so much but I didn’t waste a drop. I sat up with a large grin on my face I then realised we were out side jakes flat.
“How long have we been here”
“About 10 minutes  but I didn’t want to disturb you, you looked like you were having fun” said the taxi driver
“What do we owe you I asked” laughing at him
“Nothing the show was enough, fancy anymore company” he said with a wink
“No thanks mate she’s all mine tonight” said Jake
we headed into the house, as soon as the door was shut he had me pinned against the wall, my skirt around my waist he knelt in front of me, I lifted my leg and rested it on his shoulder he started to lap at my pussy, sucking on my pussy lips and flicking his tongue over my already sensitive clit, I moaned and freed my tits I began to play with my nipples tweaking and pulling them hard. He pushed two fingers inside my cunt, hard! It tuck my breath away he had found my G spot, he looked up at me “you’re a dirty slut Taya and your in for a fucking good night I have a surprise for you” I looked down at him ready to reply but he had clamped his mouth around my clit again and all I managed was a loud moan. I grabbed his hair and ground my cunt in his face I was ready to cum again he brought me right to the edge then pulled away. He stood up and kissed me hard on the mouth I could taste my own cunt juices on his lips and tongue. “its time for your surprise Taya are you ready” I looked at him a little confused but my pussy was shouting for more so I just went with it “what surprise Jake” he went into the room and came back with a blind fold, he could see the worry in my eyes “come on Taya its just a bit of fun when ever you say stop I will” he said to me as he pulled me close and started to kiss and nibble my neck, there was nothing I could do except go along with it he had me in his spell all I wanted now was his cock inside me. He but the blind fold on and turned me around, grabbing my arms around my back and pushed me forwards, the blindfold was tight around my eyes and I could see nothing, not been able to see was a little disorientating but very arousing. I herd a door open in front of me “there are steps in front of you Taya” I slowly walked down the steps, I smelled damp it must have been the cellar. What were we doing in the cellar? I felt a little scared and Jake must of sensed it “don’t worry just say stop at any time it will be fun I promise you” he said as he reached around and pulled my nipples in turn, I did trust him and the attention to my nipples made my cunt throb and the need for cock was burning inside me. We reached the bottom of the steps and we walked forward he grabbed my arm and lifted it up I felt something cold around my wrist. A handcuff? I herd the lock click into place instead of fear I just felt even more excited my cunt juice was running down my legs.

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   He did the same to my other wrist. I felt him remove my skirt I never wear underwear so I was naked except my boots and top which my tits were freed from. I couldn’t believe what I was doing I was in a cellar with a man I didn’t really know that well and he had me more or less naked handcuffed and blind folded, was I mad? I herd Jake shuffling around like draws were been opened but I couldn’t be sure.
“What do you want slut? Tell me!”
His voice was hard, he was in control and he new it
“I asked you a question slut now answer me” as he said it he whipped my ass it hurt but the pain just added to the excitement it took my breath away “I want your cock” I shouted, he whipped me again “where slut?” “In my cunt I want your cock in my cunt”
“You are a dirty slut, aren’t you slut”
He whipped me again harder than the first two times, it hurt, and I was a little scared
“Yes master don’t you mean you disobedient slut”
“Yes master”
He walked behind me and slid a finger roughly up my ass “what about here, do you want cock here too slut?”
“O god yes…. master” I had never thought I would get off on pain but I was in heaven and I wanted more. “I want to be fucked hard in both holes” he whipped me again twice “don’t speak slut unless you are spoken to understand”
“Yes master”
“That’s better slut, now I said I had a surprise for you and you still haven’t had it would you like to know what it is slut”
I was confused now I thought this was the surprise, what could it be my pussy was aching for attention and my nipples where that hard from the cold of the cellar and my highly aroused state that they where tingerling. “Yes I want my surprise master” I gasped. Jake was still fingering my ass and had started to spank my ass cheeks, I suddenly felt another presence in the room and then I felt cold fingers putting something on my nipples, then something fastening tight around it, who the fuck was it my mind was racing as my other nipple was fastened in the same way. My nipples began to sting as the blood supply was stopped from what I guessed where nipple ties.
“Thought you could get rid of me slut, ha well you thought wrong you will never get rid of me you are mine and jakes slave and you will do as we tell you, understand slut”
I was stunned I knew that voice anywhere it was Tony!!! Jake was laughing too. The bastards must have set this up between them and I had fallen for it completely. Tony sucked my nipples which hurt but to my amazement my body was reacting to it even if my mind wasn’t, he started to rub my clit and I was lost to them I was there’s for the taking and there wasn’t a dame thing I could do about it. With Jake finger fucking my ass and spanking my ass cheeks, Tony sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit and the sheer excitement and shock of it all I was close to cumming, it was building slowly and I knew it was going to be one of the biggest most intense orgasms of my life. I was moaning and bucking on there fingers like a mad woman I needed to cum.
“Look at the dirty fucking cum slut Tony she is gagging for it.

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   You want to cum on our fingers slut, well do you come on speak to us baby”
“I don’t think we should let her cum yet Jake mate, the disobedient slut didn’t answer my fucking question” I was so close to cumming they couldn’t stop now “please don’t stop please im begging you let me come…. . masters”
They both laughed then stopped bringing me off “you fucking bastards I yelled”
I had my ass spanked by Jake and my face slapped by Tony at the same time “now you have made me mad Taya you will pay for that slut, said Tony he yanked the nipple ties off my nipples I cried out in pain. “Get the slut down and put her on the bench Jake mate”
I was freed from the cuffs and moved over and laid on what I though was some kind of horse bench both my ankles and arms where tied to the legs of it. Why I didn’t try and struggle and run free when they uncuffed me I don’t know…well I do know I wanted fucking and I wanted fucking bad I was enjoying this and I wanted more. All was silent for what seemed to be ages but must have been just a few minutes then I felt something cold against my cunt hole, they pushed it inside and laughed while they did it, I haven’t a clue what it was but it was fucking huge and was stretching me to the max “o Jesus, fucking hell what the fuck is it” it was pulled out of me hard and I was spanked several times “what have you been told you fucking dirty filthy cum slut you talk when you are spoken to, you are really fucking pissing me off ill fucking show you slut” said Jake I herd what sounded like trousers been opened and pulled down then I felt a cock at the entrance to my ass and forced into me with such force it brought tiers to my eyes, he started pounded my ass so fast and hard I came strait away with a force I had never had before felt I could feel my cum running down my legs. “Well if you can have some so can I laughed Tony. Look at the dirty bitch she is loving every fucking second of this” I then felt my head pulled up by my hair and toys cock at my lips, I opened up and start to suck his cock greedily, he was fucking my face and pushing his cock right to the back of my throat, he was choking me and I was loving every minute of it, I was cumming again, I just couldn’t stop. They were fucking me like I was a piece of meat and I guessed that’s I all was to them, I was theirs for there pleasure to do as they pleased with and the most scary thing of all was I wanted to be their piece of meat I had felt something tonight I had never felt before and I wanted it to carry on I new in my heart that this wouldn’t be the only time this happened I was theirs now to do as they pleased as and when it suited them.
They carried on fucking me like this for a good half hour and I was amazed at there staying power they where both pounding away had my holes hard and fast. I had lost count at the amount of likes I had cum, I was in a world of my own, a world of complete ecstasy. I felt both their cocks start to twitch at the same time they where both about to cum “ you want filling slut you want us to fill your slut holes with cum” said Tony “ well here it fucking comes you cum slut” cried Jake as they both started to pound my holes faster and harder, I felt hot spurts of cum fill my ass and the back of my throat at the same time I was cumming too so hard I think I past out for a few seconds, I came around a little and felt them both pull out of me, I groaned and coughed and just lay there spent, “come on Jake mate lets go and have a beer, im fucking starving too, this slut can wait till we have our energy back again” said Tony then they both walked back us stairs laughing.

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