The Experiment: Part 1


    This is a new series that I will be writing. Included in this segment are the first few chapters of part one. The first chapters will be short, but they will get longer later on. It will start off kind of slow to give an introduction and background, but as I write more, it will get more exciting. I don't want to waste too much time writing anything that people aren't going to read, so I'll continue if I get a lot of positive feedback. So, without further ado, I shall begin.

Part 1: Trapped

Chapter 1: Where am I?

    He wakes up. It is very cold. There is absolute silence. The darkness is so heavy that he can't see his hand in front of his face. Where is he? How did he get here? Is he dead? He doesn't know. He sits up. What is his name? He thinks for a minute and remembers it is David. How old is he? More quickly this time, he remembers he is almost 17. What does he look like? He thinks for a long time and comes up with nothing. Where is he from? Again, nothing.

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   He is trapped in the dark knowing nothing about himself other than his name and age.

    He puts his legs off the edge of whatever he is sitting on. His bare feet touch the floor. It is cold. He thinks it could be concrete. Should he say something? Should he scream or yell? He is afraid, but he tried to say something. Nothing came out. He tried again and managed to say a quiet, "hello?" He cleared his throat and said it again. "Hello!" Nothing answered him. He was alone in the dark. Part of him wanted to get up and walk around, but the other part of him wanted to clutch onto his seat for dear life, not knowing what was beyond the darkness. Slowly, his curiosity got the best of him and he stands up.

    He walks slowly; sticking his hands out in front of him to make sure he doesn't run into anything. Five steps from the bed, his hands touch a wall. It is smooth, like metal, and very cold.

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   Slowly he walks the perimeter of the room. In seven steps, he reaches a corner. Ten steps. Another corner. He walks four steps and feels a seam in the metal. He keeps going, and finds another seem about two feet away. It could be a door. He searches frantically for the handle. Nothing. Finally, his sanity leaves him and he yells at the top of his lungs. He pounds the door as hard as he can. Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain in his back. He falls to the ground and slowly loses consciousness. . .

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Chapter 2: Not Alone

    David wakes up again. He is back in what he believes is a bed. It is still dark and frigid cold, but something is different. He hears breathing. Shills shiver through his whole body. He is not alone. He listens to the breathing. It is slow and constant. It is asleep. Whatever it is, it is asleep. This time he doesn't dare get up and walk around. He doesn't even make a sound. It has to stay asleep. Whatever it is, it is vitally important that it is asleep.

    David trembles in silence.

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   He is so afraid and paranoid; he believes his shaking will wake it up. The breathing goes on for what seems like hours. David lies in his bed, listening, the whole time. All of a sudden, the breathing stops. He hears a gasp and something rustling around. He holds his breath. It is awake. A minute goes by and the only sound is its frantic breathing. Then a scream pierces the air. It sounded like a girl. She screamed for a few seconds and then something whizzed through the air passed David's ear. The screaming stops. He hears her fall back on her bed. Then a second whiz goes by, and he feels a sharp pain in his chest. He collapses on his bed and again looses consciousness.

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Chapter 3: Lights

    David wakes up. The lights are blinding. He squints, slowly, he regains vision. The room is small. As he guessed, the walls are made of metal and the floor is concrete. The room was shaped like a square. The headboard of his bed is pushed up against the wall. On the opposite wall, a mirror hangs. On the wall to the left, there is what looked to be a door, but it has no handle, so there is no way to escape. On the wall to the right, there are two squares that look to be windows, but they are covered with metal. On the ceiling, there is one light.

    David slowly gets up and walks to the mirror. He is tall, about 5'10". He is an average build with a little bit of fat. He is wearing a blue t-shirt and basketball shorts.


   His hair is black and fairly long and his eyes are dark brown. He had a smooth, young looking face for 16, and his skin was tanned. As he looks, the thought slowly crosses his mind, what do I look like naked? As he thinks, he remembers that he's not alone. He turns around, and right next to his bed, there was another bed with a girl sitting in it. She was yawning and it looked like she just woke up. She appears to be his age. She has long, brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. She is about his height, but skinnier. She has nice sized tits, and her skin is tanned, yet not as dark as his. She is wearing a low-cut t-shirt and short shorts, showing off her gorgeous legs. She is the first one to speak.

    "Hi, I'm Rachael. Where are we and how did we get here?" she asks.

    "I'm sorry," David says. "All I know is that my name is David and that I'm 16.

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   I have no clue how we got here or where we are. "

    "Hmmm. Me too," Rachael says. She gets up and looks in the mirror, examining herself. Then she looks back at David. "Is there anything to eat here?" she asks. And with that, a clanking noise comes from the two windows. The metal covers lift up and two small cupboards are behind them. There is a tray of food in each one. Rachael and David look at each other and then grab their trays. The covers close after they grab them. Together, they go back to their beds and eat their food in silence. They are both terrified beyond words, but won't admit it.

Chapter 4: Life in the Prison

    Where am I? Why am I here? What is going on? These were the questions on both David's and Rachael’s minds. They had survived another night, or what they assumed to be night.

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   There was no clock, and the light only dimmed when they wanted to sleep, so there was no telling what time it is. After they eat, they slept. Now, David just woke up. He gets out of bed and walks to the mirror. There is a problem. Where is the bathroom? He wonders. He looks around. All there is are two beds, a mirror, a sealed door, and two sealed windows. He looks around frantically. I can't just pee on the floor. Not in front of Rachael.

    Whoever locked them there had figured out what he was thinking, though, and the room starts shaking. The door slowly pulls open.
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       There are three doors, just like the one that just opened. The one to his left opens, and there is a small, dark room with a single toilet. He quickly unzips his pants and starts peeing. When he is done, he flushes the toilet and then looks down. His cock is five inches non-erect. He has a big bush of black pubic hair around it. So this is what my cock looks like. He hears Rachael waking up, however, so he puts it away. He walks back into the main room. As he enters, the doors close behind him. The room returns to the way it was before.

        "What happen?" Rachael asks.

        "I had to pee, and the door automatically opened. " He answers. "There is a bathroom on the other side.

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        "Are there any ways to get out???" she asks hurriedly.

        "No, there was just a small room with three doors. One of them opened and had a bathroom in it; the others were sealed just like that one is. "

        "Oh. " She looks at the door. "I kind of have to pee, too. " Instantly, the door starts opening. She gets out of bed and walks over to the open door. When she gets there, she pauses. She turns around and says, "Don't you dare watch me. "

        "Don't worry, I won't," David replies. And with that, she disappears into the small bathroom. As he listens to her pee, the windows open again and there are two more plates of food. He grabs both of them and the windows seal shut again. He sits down with his tray, and places Rachael’s on her bed.


       When she gets back, the door closes behind her and they eat.

        They get done, and the windows click open again. They place their trays in there and grab out a change of clothes that is waiting for them. They are the same things they are already wearing. A t-shirt, basketball shorts, and boxers for David, and shorts, a t-shirt, a red bra, and red panties for Rachael. They look at each other shyly for a minute.

        "Please don't watch me. " Rachael says.

        "I won't if you won't. " They each walked to opposite sides of the room and strip down naked. David tries to keep his eyes to the wall, but as he bends down to pick up his change of boxers, he can't help but look behind him and catch a glance and Rachael’s sweet ass. He blushes and continues dressing. When he is finished, he waits until she is done. They both walk to the beds.

        There is absolutely nothing to do.

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       They sit there for hours in almost complete silence. They can't remember anything about themselves, so there was very little to talk about. After hours of silence, they finally lie down and try to go to sleep. The light dims.

    Meanwhile. . . . .

    In a separate room, a man sits watching a computer screen. On the screen, he sees David and Rachael lay down and go to sleep. He presses a button that dims the light. While the children sleep, he reviews the surveillance videos from earlier. When he sees them changing, he zooms in on David. He sees for a second that David glances at Rachael’s ass.

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       He rewinds it, and plays it again. He defiantly was glancing and Rachael’s butt. "Excellent. " The man says. "Tomorrow we will begin with the experiment. . . "

    End of Part One
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