The Groomer Pt 1


Topic: The Groomer Pt 1He chuckled and licked his lips and set his coffee down and typed out his final instructions to her.

He touched the photo.   He remembered the day, 6 months ago when she emailed it to him.   Her braces had just come off.   How nice and straight those teeth were, like pearls, and how she worried they would not stay that way if she forgot her retainer.   Her fear that time would make them crooked again.   He smiled.   They would stay straight.   Time wasn’t a concern.   He looked over all the photos.   Starting when she was 16.   Starting when they first started writing to each other.   She was awkward, isolated, lonely.  Her parents were too strict, and she worried she wasn’t as pretty as her sister, and she had no friends. And he paid attention, listened and advised.  She had just gotten her lap top, and she would pour out her heart to him.

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    He would tell her all the right things, he would tell her that the boys were idiots for not noticing her.   He gave her advice on diet and exercise and what medication to suggest to her parents that cleared up her skin and made it milky and clear in time for her graduation 2 yrs later.  

She was so willing to please.   She loved praise.   She told him her darkest fears, and he took notes.   She went from thin and gawky, to lean and lovely.   But in just the proper time frame, before the hormonal High School boys could notice her emerge, and steal his cultivated pearl.   In the last year their talk had turned more and more sexual.

She was shy, frightened, skittish as a colt.   She had never been kissed.   She was so lonely, so overlooked, so ready.   Her fine blond hair fell in her large green eyes and he could see tears standing in them even on the web cam and he wished he could be the one causing them.   His crotch tightened and twitched hungrily.  

He smiled to remember his reassurances.   He had asked her permission, had played to her trust, he told her he would love to show her how men and women should be together, he told her he would not pressure her, it had to be her decision, but that he would love to be her first.


    And only, he thought to himself.   He told her all the right things, courted her, she had even revealed her breasts to him and he had told her how nice they were.

 Untouched, firm, creamy mounds of tender flesh topped by pale, pinkish buttons and small pink pearls.   His teeth ached for them, his mouth dry.   He had snapped a still shot and printed it off way too many times.   He told her how he found women shaved pubes more attractive, and the next week she had surprised him with a clean, beautiful, photo of her crotch.   More then her crotch.   The pic showed her pretty belly.   Not too flat, just the tiniest of curves along it, a small valley where her navel lived, stretching up to a slightly defined ribcage to the underside of her breasts.   He was quite upset with her for surprising him like that, it caused him to cum in a very nice pair of jeans.   He liked to be in control…. and the picture had made him lose that.

He told her he wanted to be her first, and that he knew how she needed to be touched, and how she needed to be taught and how he would do all this for her if she trusted him.   He told her that if she would do what he wanted, unquestioningly, that she would never, never forget her first time.  

He closed the laptop, he still had another couple of hours before her reached her.

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    He had everything ready.    Nothing to chance.   He was going to complete his art, his masterpiece, 2 years and countless hours in the grooming.   He wasn’t about to let impatience, rush him and ruin anything.   It was about control, presence, and patience.   He was in love with her, as he defined it, and love can’t be rushed.

The end of the parking lot he chose kept him out of the light, and out of where he could be seen on a video camera.   He had watched her pull in.   She was small.   So small.   5 foot even, maybe in stocking feet, and maybe 90 lbs soaking wet.   And at various times, she would be, he mused.   Her face turned nervously in the diner’s lights as she looked around.   She was wearing the tan raincoat he’d sent her, the petite fit still shrouded her body from him where it tied closed.   Good.

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    He watched her get back into her car and for a brief moment thought she was bolting.   But no…he watched her open her laptop and he did the same from his car.  

“Where are u?” she messaged him.   “R u here yet. ”

“Yes. ” He responded.   “Watching you pretty one. ”

“lol. ” She texted back.

“Seeing if you did everything I asked. ”

There was a pause.   He imagined she was getting up her courage, she was doing something forbidden, something out of the ordinary, something her stern parents would not approve of.   Meeting a stranger for sex, how daring, how bold, how dangerous.  

“I told you I would. ”


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   Bring your purse, keys, laptop and your beautiful self to the car with the blinking turn signal in the back of the lot. I will drive us to the hotel, and I promise you, you will remember me for the rest of your life. ”

Another long pause.   “yes. ”

She locked her car, and brought her purse and lap top and walked toward him.   Her steps were endearingly hesitant, picking up as she probably told herself how babyish she was being.   As she entered the shadows near his car, he rolled down a darkened window and spoke to her for the first time.   The web cam had been one way.  No need to frighten her off after all.   “Close your eyes and keep them closed. ” He said firmly, his voice low and deep and hard for her to resist.   Most women did as he told them.

She did so, but he noticed her start slightly at his gravelly tones.   But she was obedient.
He got out.

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   Popping the trunk so silently from inside his car she never stirred.

He towered over her as he stepped up behind her and she jumped when he placed his hand on her shoulder from behind.   He knew she could feel the broadness of his large hand and could feel him step closer, his large body touching hers, separated by their coats.

“Don’t turn around. ”

She trembled. Her voice was breathy and unsure.   “But I want to finally see you. ”  He chuckled.   He was her prince after all, come to sweep her off her feet.

“Patience. ”  He whispered.   “We do this slowly, my way, hands slipped to her tiny waist and he undid the tie of the rain coat before she could lift her hands and he slipped his hands inside from behind.   She kept her eyes shut, still obedient and trembled as his hot calloused hands cupped her naked tits.  

“Good, naked.   You follow directions perfectly.

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Even this little compliment made her shudder with delight, or maybe it was the way he touched her nipples, rolling the pearls through his finger and thumb giving them a firm pinch that caused her to gasp and pull away slightly.   He laughed throatily.   “Those boys in school were fools, you are way too good for them, and that’s their loss, you deserve so much more, and I know what you deserve. ”

“Open your mouth. ” His voice was deepening and the request sounded gruff, an order.   She jumped.   Was she getting scared?  Did she suspect?  No…he was sure she was feeling a titillating fear, a naughty fear, a curious fear, but she had no suspicions about what was to come.   None of them ever did.

Her full, pink lips parted and he put the small terry washcloth over them and secured the ball gag over it.   Her body stiffened and she tried to turn towards him but he held her shoulders and said. “No.   You’re new, you are going to want to moan, you may be very excited and make too much noise, and then the Diner folks might come over to get a look at us. ” 

She stopped fidgeting, she was so naïve, so trusting.   His hands went back to her breasts and his lips on the back of her neck. He let one large hand slide down her belly, feeling it shiver, and between her legs.

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    His fingers found her clit and rubbed it hard and she moaned loudly even in the gag and he smiled.   Then two, thick fingers forced their way inside her and she stopped moaning with a gurgling start and made small sounds of protest as she tried to pull herself away from him.   He ignored her polite pulling, and began to move the fingers in and out of her virgin cunt in a sawing fashion as she squirmed.   He spoke to her.   “Shhhhhh…. I know what you need, and I know what you deserve, and I plan on making sure you remember me the rest of your life. ”  Her cunt was growing wetter, he was almost lifting her with each thrust of his fingers, she stood on her tip toes, her back arched against him, she  tried to raise her arms but his massive arms held them pinned down, one hand still holding her breast, the other buried two knuckles deep inside her deeply breathing body.

“I have been waiting for this moment for 2 years. ”  He chuckled and this time his voice caused her to whimper, or maybe it was his attempt to add another thick finger to her tiny hole.   He thrust them harder inside her.   “Those boys couldn’t do this to you.  They’d be too scared.   I’m not.   I know you are.   But that’s what I want.

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    I apologize if you thought it was going to be different, romantic, gentle.   That was your mistake.   But you won’t have to live with it too long. ”

And he lifted her by the fingers in her cunt and his other arm wrapped tightly across her and took her to the rear of his car.   Then he pulled out his fingers and felt her let out a caught, sobbing breath into the ball gag just before he put the stun gun to the back of her neck.   She stiffened and dropped as the trunk door went up.   He stripped the coat off her, put the wide leather cuffs on her wrists and feet and locked them and laid her in the back before closing the trunk.   She moaned slightly and twitched just a little.   He admired her body, the trap had been sprung and she lay like a fox caught in a leg hold trap while the hunter imagines her stuffed in his trophy room.   Stuffed.   Appropriate word.

He closed the trunk.

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