The Man at the Truck Stop


As Neil entered the diner, the tiny bell above the door jingled. He kept his head down and avoided the eyes of the locals as he sat down in a booth. The boy sunk in his seat, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. His car had broken down 15 miles away and he was forced to walk. He was tired, sweaty, and every part of his body ached.
"Can I get you anything, hon?" The waitress asked him as she came by with a pot of coffee. "Is everything alright?" She asked the boy.
 Neil simply nodded. "Everything's fine. "
 "OK, sweetheart, can I get you anything?"
 "Water," Neil's throat was dry. "Water. . . please," he coughed. Neil watched the waitress walk away before his eyes locked with a man who was sitting at the counter. The older man was staring dead at him, at least Neil thought the man was staring at him.

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   It was hard to tell because he was wearing sunglasses. The man was in his early 30s, Neil guessed. He was tall, about 6'6" and toned. He wore a sleeveless flanel shirt, a pair of worn jeans with several holes and rips, and boots. His hair was shaved down to a buzz cut, and he had a soul patch just underneath his bottom lip. Neil offered a nervous smile before forcing himself to look away.
 The man smirked when the boy turned away. He was no more than 16, the trucker expected, and a runaway no doubt. "He'll do just fine," He grinned to himself. As the waitress rounded the counter, the trucker grabber her arm and smiled. "I'll take that on over to him. "
 Neil heard the man's heavy footfalls before he saw him. The man put the water down on the table and took a seat opposite Nei, "Here ya go. " The man took a seat and rested his baseball cap on the table.
 "Thanks," Neil said sheepishly as he gulped it down.

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 "Not from around here, are ya?" The man asked.
 "N. . . no," Neil said as he put the glass down. "I was just passing through, before. . . "
 "Before?" The man asked as he leaned back in the seat.
 "My car broke down a few miles back," Neil explained. "So, I walked here. Now, I don't know what I am going to do. "
"Ain't ya got no parents?" The man asked. "This ain't exactly a good spot to be stuck. Ain't nothin' round here for miles.

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Neil shook his head, "No. . . I can't call my parents. "
"Why can't ya?" The man asked, already knowing the answer.
Neil sighed. "I, uh, ran away. My parents don't even know I'm gone, and if I did call them, they'd kill me. "
The man nodded. "I see. So, what ya plannin' on doin'. . . Uh, I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name.

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"Neil," the boy said.
 "Well, Neil, nice to meet you. Name's Max," the man said.
"I don't have a plan," Neil continued. "I don't know what I'm gonna do. "
Max waved the waitress over. "A slice of pie for my friend here, he's gotta be starvin'. " The waitress walked off and within minutes returned with a large slice of pie.
Max winked at Neil, "Go on. Eat up, it's on me. "
Neil picked up the fork and began to eat the pie. "Thanks," he said.
Max watched the boy as he ate. The younger boy was scrawny with golden hair and green eyes. Max was starting to get hard just thinking about what he was going to do to the boy.

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   "I'll tell ya what, Neil. . . " He tapped his fingers on the table, "It's getting pretty late and the owner of this diner ain't gonna let you stay here all night. Why don't ya stay at my place for the night. It ain't much, just a room at the motel down the way, but it's a bed. "
Neil eyed Max for a moment and then nodded. "Thanks, that would be great. I mean, if you don't mind. "
"I offered, didn't I?" Max laughed. "C'mon, let's get out of here. " Neil shoveled in the rest of his pie and followed Max out of the diner. "That's my truck," Max pointed
 "OK," Neil said as he walked around to the passenger's side. He waited for Max to unlock the door and hopped in.
Neil was quite during the ride to the motel.

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   "What's the matter, boy? I ain't gonna bite ya. "
"Oh, I know!" Neil said quickly. He didn't mean to hurt Max's feelings. "I'm just thinking about what I am going to do next. "
"It's alright," Max smiled. "Take it one day at a time," he said. "Ain't much more you can do. "
The truck pulled into the motel parking lot. "Well, here we are," Max said as he put the truck in park. He led Neil to the second floor, stopping at room 237. "Home sweet home," he said as he unlocked the door and pushed it open, allowing Neil to go first. "Like I said, it ain't much. . . " Max said as he turned on the lights.


"It's great," Neil said. "Beats sleeping in a car. " Neil sat down on the couch and looked around.
"That's true," Max said as he turned on the lights and made his way into the kitchen area. "Want a drink? Beer or somethin'?"
Neil looked at Max, his eyebrow raised.
"C'mon," he said as he tossed a beer to Neil.
Neil twisted the cap off and took a sip, a smile on his face.
 "Good for you," Max said as he sat down on the couch. He turned the TV on and they both began to watch the baseball game.
When the first inning was over, Max got to his feet and grabbed too more beers. "Here ya go," he handed Neil another beer.
"Thanks," Neil said.
They watched another inning and Max got to his feet and went into the kitchen. This time, instead of beers, he brought two shot glasses and a bottle of Tequilla. "Here," he said as he handed Neil one of the shot glasses.

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   "Try it," he urged.
Neil sipped at it, grimacing at the taste.
Max laughed. "No, no. Like this," he said as he threw his head back and swallowed. "One gulp. "
Neil mimiced Max, coughing as he swallowed.
"Yea," he grinned. "It's pretty strong. " He filled Neil's shot glass again, "Try another. "
"I don't think I should," Neil said. "I'm not feeling too well," he added.
Max laughed. "C'mon, just one more. " He handed the glass to Neil, smiling as the boy drank.

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   "Atta boy. "
Neil began to doze off as they continued to watch the game. Max slid closer to Neil and began to rub Neil's inner thigh. Max leaned in closer and began to kiss Neil's neck.
"What are you doing?" Neil asked sleepily.
"Relax, baby, I ain't gonna hurt ya. " Max said as he slid his hand underneath Neil's shirt.
"No," Neil said. "I don't think I want to do this," he said as he began to twist and turn. "Let me go," he said as he got to his feet and made his way to the door.
Max grabbed Neil as he tried to unlock the door. "You ain't goin' nowhere," Max grunted. He picked Neil up in a fireman's carry and walked him over to the bed. "You better settled down," He yelled. "Or I will hurt ya.

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  " Max threw off his shirt and kicked off his boots. He stared at Neil, his hard cock straining against his jeans.
"Please, no," Neil begged as he sat up.
"You, shut the hell up! Ya here?" Max yelled as he threw a beer bottle against the wall to scare the boy. Neil flinched. Max smirked as he unbuckled his belt and let his jeans fall around his ankles. He kicked them off to the side and kneeled on the bed next to Neil and began to kiss his neck again. "Lose the shirt," Max growled.
"No," Neil protested.
"I said do it," Max snapped as he gave Neil a swift backhand.
Neil whimpered as he slowly took off his shirt. Tears falling from his eyes.
"Oh, hey," Max said as he cupped Neil's cheek in his hand. "C'mon, don't cry. " He kissed Neil lightly on the lips as he pushed him down on the bed.


   "I promise, you'll like it," Max said and he flipped the boy over and pulled down his pants. Max slapped Neil's ass. "Oh, yea. I like that," he said.
"Now," Max said, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I'll let ya choose," He said as he began to trace Neil's hole with his cock. "Good enough," Max said when he heard Neil moan. Max reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer. He pulled out a bottle of lube. Squirting some of the lube onto his hand, Max began to finger Neil. He plunged his finger deep into Neil tight hole, smiling when Neil began to moan. He added another, spiraling them slightly as pulled them out and plunged them back in.
Max began to jerk himself off with his free hand. His thick, nine inch cock begging to be inside of Neil. "Think you can handle me, boy?" Max asked as he pulled his fingers of out Neil and traced his entrance with his cock.

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Neil nodded. "Yea," he moaned.
"Yea?" Max laughed. "Alrighty," he said as he lubed up his cock. Max shoved the head of his cock into Neil's hole. "Mmmm, nice and tight," he moaned. Max placed his hands on Neil's hips and pulled him back so that his cock plunged deeper into the boy. Once Max felt that Neil was relaxed enough, Max began to thrust himself in and out of Neil's hole.
"Harder!" Neil screamed. "Oh, please. Harder!"
Max smirked and quickened is pace. His skin slapping against Neil's. Max gave Neil's ass another slap as he bit his bottom lip. "Oh, god, you're so tight," he yelled. "Oh, fuck, Niel.

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The boy let out a scream as Max's cock hit his spot. "Yea," Neil moaned as he began to push himself into Max,. "Right there," he panted as he tightened himself around Max's cock.
"Oh, fuck," Max grunted as his pace began to slow. "You're so fucking tight. I'm gonna cum. " He gave Neil several hard thrusts before spraying his spunk deep inside the boy. "Oooh," Max moaned as he pulled himself out of the Neil, his load of spunk dripping out of Neil's hole.
Neil rolled over, looking up at Max. He wanted more.
 Max grabbed Neil's balls, giving them a squeeze. "Don't worry," Max panted. "I ain't done with you. " He held himself over Neil. His kissed the boy, biting his bottom lip as he pulled away.

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   He began to kiss is way down to Neil's cock.
Neil watched as the man took his hardness into his mouth. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh of relief as the man's wet tongue massaged the underside of his cock. The boy's hands gripped at the pillow as the man took his cock deep into his throat.
Max pulled himself away from Neil's cock, jerking him off temporarily as he sucked on his balls. He ran his tongue along the shaft of Neil's cock, circling the head as a drip of precum bubbled on the tip. He took Neil's cock in his mouth again and began to bob up and down. Max took Neil's balls into his hand and massaged them.
"Aaaaaah," Neil screamed as he began to buck up. "I think I'm gonna cum!"
Max gave Neil's balls a tight squeeze as he swallowed several spurts of the boy's hot spunk. "I told ya you'd like it," Max said when he was finished. He collapsed next to Neil in the bed, both of them exhausted.
The boy scooted closer to Max, resting his head on his chest. "Do you think I could stay with you?" He asked shyly. Max wrapped his arm around Neil, a satisfied smile on his face.

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   "You can stay here as long as you'd like," he said before they both fell.
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