The Old Barn


He threw her down on the dirt floor and pinned her arms above her head as he straddled her body, pinning her to the floor. Staring down at her with malevolent eyes he watched her struggle against his greater bulk and strength. Grasping both of her hands in just his right one he caressed her face with his left one, smearing her tears over her cheeks.
“I told ya, baby, I like virgins. ”
He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a plastic strap. Quickly wrapping it around her wrists he then wound it through the metal loop in the floor and tied it off. Her arms were contained, now he could deal with the rest of her. He slid down her body and ripped her shirt open, sending button flying across the old deserted barn. Smiling down at her he grabbed a fistful of tit in each hand and squeezed. She screamed against the gag he’d tied in her mouth then taped over. He’d stuffed so much cloth in there he didn’t think she’d have enough spit to swallow. The look of sheer terror in her lovely green eyes when he pulled out his knife, that’s what really made his cock hard.
Cutting the remnants of her shirt away he slid down her legs and cut her long skirt off too. The slip and panties soon followed then the bra. He left her stockings and garters on; he liked the look of them. He slid off of her and grabbed her left ankle, yanking hard.


   He tied another plastic strap around her ankle the tied it off around another metal loop in the floor Grabbing her right ankle, he pulled it as far as he could make it reach. Realizing that his plastic tie wouldn’t reach the other metal loop in the floor he released her leg and went in search of some rope. It didn’t take him long to find what he was looking for. He kept this old barn well stocked. Roughly tying the rope around her ankle he spread her wide again then tied the loose end of the rope to the metal loop in the floor.
Now that his bitch was secure and ready for him he quickly shed his clothes and lowered himself between her spread legs. He lowered his head and nipped at her tits. Chewing on first one nipple then the other he slowly moved his tongue around her small areoles. Raising up on his elbows, he stared down at her.
“I’m going to enjoy you so much I think I’ll just take my time fucking you,” he told her.
She shook her head from side to side, struggling uselessly against her bonds.
He pushed his erect prick against her virgin hole and slowly started to enter her. When her screams behind the gag increased in their ferocity, he laughed. Pushing slowly, he eased his way inside her until he felt resistance. He slowly backed off then pushed forward again, a little further.

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   Continuing in this manner he tormented both himself and her for several long minutes. She had nearly screamed herself hoarse by the time he finally shoved through, completely breaking her hymen. He used a slow, steady pressure, making her believe he was ripping her apart inside. She knew she was dying, the pain was incredible.
Suddenly, a new pain screamed through her body when he started slowly pumping in and out of her. She pulled against her bonds, making her wrists and ankles bleed. There was no escape though. He slowly increased his speed and started to grunt as he pumped into her. When he pulled out she thought it was over. She was sure of it when he cut her legs loose. Then he grabbed her ankles, tossed her feet over his shoulders and plunged back into her again.
She screamed into the gag again, feeling like his cock was being shoved all the way through her and coming out her throat. He started pumping into her furiously and bent her almost double as plunged deeper and deeper into her. When he finally shot his hot load of cum inside her she was almost relieved even though it burned her torn insides. He shoved himself as deeply into her as he could and held himself there as he emptied his sperm into her.

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   Finally, the flow subsided and his feet slid back. He fell on top of her lay panting against her chest.
“Damn, bitch, that was one hell of a ride,” he gasped. “I can’t wait to try your ass. ”
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