The Potion


Referring back to his notes, Tommy set the burner under the beaker and brought the mixture to a boil. As the last remnants of liquid evaporated away, a white power was all that was left in the bottom of the bottle. "Mueller's mind control drug," Tommy said out loud, "I really did it!!!" From his research, Tommy knew that it only took a half gram of powder to be effective, but how to get it ingested into his subject without their knowledge, now that was the tricky part! After thinking it over, Tommy decided to impregnate his drug into common sticks of chewing gum. The sweet flavor of the gum would certainly mask any residual taste of the powder, and by using gum as the vehicle, he was assured of having it completely dissolved by the persistent chewing action of his victim! Tomorrow would be his first test!!! Tommy strolled into his fourth period social studies class, and casually dropped a stick of doctored gum on Miss Arnold's desk. This was his last class before lunch, and if she took the bait, he would have all noon hour to see if it was effective or not! With about ten minutes left in the period, Miss Arnold passed out a pop quiz and sat down at her desk to correct papers from an earlier class. It was right at this moment that she absentmindedly picked up the gum, opened it, and popped it into her mouth!!! Tommy could hardly contain his excitement!!! "She did it," he screamed to himself, "the fuckin' bitch did it!!!" The bell rang and everyone dropped their papers off on Miss Arnold's desk and headed off to the lunch room, that is all except Tommy, and he hung back until he was the last student in the room! He placed his quiz on top of the pile and stood silently in front of Miss Arnold's desk and waited. She looked up from her papers and asked, "Is there something I can do for you, Tommy?" The eighteen year old stared into her eyes, looking for the slightest hint that she was under the influence, and just as her was about to say no and leave, he saw her body have a slight convulsion, and then a slightly glassy look come over her eyes. "Sweet Jesus Christ," he said out loud, "it fucking works!!!" Tommy, still not totally sure of himself, started off by asking Miss Arnold to perform an innocuous task, that being to open her purse and give him a dollar, and much to his utter delight, she dutifully performed the feat with not even a hint of awareness on her part! Getting bolder, her ordered, "Open up your grade book and give me an A on last weeks test!" Again, Miss Arnold performed like a champion, and Tommy's grade point moved up a couple of quick notches!!! Not being sure of how long his potion would last, Tommy looked furtively towards the door to make sure the coast was clear, and then demanded, "Unbutton your blouse and show me your bra!" With sweat breaking out on his forehead, Tommy watched in amazement as Miss Arnold calmly undid her top three buttons and presented to him her large breasts in her white lacy bra!!! Giving the door one more look, Tommy reached out and cupped the big boobs in his hands while his teacher sat and let him have his way with them!!! Feeling that he had gone as far as he dared at the moment, he had Miss Arnold button up her top and go back to grading her papers, and as he left the room, he looked back to see her dutifully doing just that!!!
That evening after supper, Tommy went into his room, closed the door, opened the phone book, quickly found Miss Arnold's number, and dialed it. After about six rings a female answered the phone and identified herself as Candice Arnold. Tommy, in a low voice, replied softly, "You know who this is, meet me at the corner of Main and Oak in fifteen minutes!" Miss Arnold's voice suddenly changed, like it had earlier in the day at school, it was obvious that she was still under Tommy's control!!! Tommy was waiting on the corner when Miss Arnold drove up in her car, and when she slowed to a halt, he jumped in the front seat next to her and told her to drive. Never taking her eyes off the road, she slipped smoothly into traffic, while waiting for further instructions. Tommy looked over at her, and decided to ask some very personal questions, starting with, "What size bra do you wear!?!" "38D," she quickly replied. Do you like getting them sucked," he pressed on? "Very much," she answered instantly. "When's the last time you got fucked," he asked? "Last weekend, " she replied. "By who," he questioned? "Frank Butler," came her response. "Jesus," Tommy thought to himself, "Frank Butler is the black custodian at the high school!!!" "You mean Frank the janitor," asked Tommy?!? "Yes," was her solemn reply.

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   "He must have a big cock, huh," asked Tommy? "Very big," came the reply. "Do you suck him," Tommy went on!?! "Yes," she answered dutifully. "Do you let him ejaculate in you mouth," he went on?!? "Yes," she answered again. "Isn't he married," asked Tommy? "Yes," came her reply. "Why do you do it then," he questioned her?!? "I love his big cock," she replied truthfully. "Do you feel that you're a cock hound," he pressed on?!? "Definitely," she quickly responded. "Would you like to suck some cock right now," he asked excitedly!?! "Yes," came her answer, "I would love to suck a cock right now. "
Tommy unzipped his jeans, pulled out his now stiffening pecker into the cool night air and casually began jacking it up and down. "Look at this cunt," Tommy ordered, and as soon as her eyes focused on his thick erection, a gurgling sound escaped her throat, a sure sign that Miss Arnold was going into heat! Tommy had her pull onto a dark side street, and almost before the car was parked, Candice Arnold dropped her face into his lap and took his pecker into her warm mouth! Tommy groaned as his teacher worked her lips up and down his shaft, moaning even harder when she paid special attention to his satiny head! Through clenched teeth he asked, "Have you ever sucked any other students!?!" Without removing her mouth from his member she mumbled, "Only one. " Tommy was taken aback at her answer and quickly asked, "Who was it you sucked?!?" "Becky Vance," came her slurred reply! Sweet mother of god," Tommy moaned out loud, "you really sucked Becky Vance?!?" "Yes," came her reply. The mere image of Miss Arnold having her mouth on Becky's eighteen year old cunt was just too much for Tommy to take, and seconds later his pecker was spitting shots of hot cum into her waiting throat! Late that night while lying in bed Tommy was mapping out a plan to get Becky and Miss Arnold together. As he pictured them naked and embracing, his pecker involuntarily thickened in his shorts! Taking it into his hand, he drifted off to sleep dreaming about the cutest girl in school being eaten alive by the hottest teacher!
Becky gave Tommy that same far away look that Miss Arnold had when she first ingested his potion. "All right, Becky," Tommy ordered, "let's go to Miss Arnold' room!" Obediently Becky fell in along side him as the two students strode down the empty hallway to Miss Arnold's classroom. When they arrived there, the teacher was sitting at her desk correcting papers, but she didn't seem the least bit surprised to see Tommy and Becky enter the room, even though classes had been over for over half an hour. Tommy led Becky over to Miss Arnold and in an even voice said, "Okay, Becky, show her your muffy!!!" In an unbelievably casual manner, Becky lifted the hem of her dress with one hand, and slid down her panties with the other, exposing her dark haired bush to both Tommy and Miss Arnold.

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   "Do you want to suck her off," Tommy asked the teacher?!? "Oh, yes," she replied quickly, but still not making a move towards the cute little hair pie. Looking at Becky, Tommy ordered, "Take off your panties and sit on the desk in front of her face with your legs spread. " A few seconds later Becky was thrusting her naked crotch up into the face of her social studies teacher! Still Miss Arnold waited to be told what to do, and when Tommy finally gave the go ahead, she quickly lowered her face into the tight little cunt and began licking the erect clit that poked through the maze of dark brown fur. Soon the young brunette was thrusting her pelvis hard into Miss Arnold's open mouth, while trying desperately to keep the slippery tongue in contact with her throbbing clit! After a few more minutes of Miss Arnold's oral attention, Becky's vagina spasmed hard and released a shattering orgasm that raced through her entire body!
Miss Arnold sat up and looked at Tommy, her face dripping with Becky's love juice, and Tommy said, "Nice job cunt, now kiss her on the mouth hard!!!" Miss Arnold leaned up with her mouth open and French kissed the shaking girl, while probing her mouth with her tongue. By now Tommy had pulled out his pecker and was fisting it slowly while he watched the two females sexually arouse each other. Feeling his nuts tighten up a little, Tommy hissed at Miss Arnold, "Nurse the little cunt, get your tits out and let her suck them!" When Miss Arnold's tits fell out of her bra, Tommy gave out a low whistle of approval, as they were spectacular to say the least! Taking Becky into her arms, the teacher guided her mouth to one of her prominent nipples and soon Becky was contentedly sucking like a little baby! Tommy couldn't believe how sexy the two of them looked, and the familiar beginnings of an ejaculation began building up in his groin! He stepped over to Miss Arnold and stuck his cock in front of her face and ordered, "Suck me off cunt, and be snappy about it!!!" The next thing he felt was a warm wet mouth engulfing the head of his hardon, and a low long groan gurgled up from his throat as his orgasm neared eruption!!! The feeling on the end of his cock was incredible, and seeing Becky sucking on those big nipples, well, he couldn't take it anymore, and like a fast freight barreling down the tracks, Tommy's sperm blasted into the back of Miss Arnold's throat, causing her to momentarily choke on the river of cum filling her mouth!
Tommy staggered backwards and plopped down in a desk in the front row and let his blood pressure return to normal, and while looking at the clock on the wall, he called a halt to the action and told the women to get dressed. Before he and Becky left, Tommy gave Miss Arnold another stick of gum, made her chew it in front of him and said smugly, "That's a good girl, I want to make sure you're always ready for me!!!" On their way back down the hall, Tommy let his hand slip around Becky's waist and he cupped her small firm breast. She leaned closer to him as if to say, "Yes, do that some more!" He chuckled to himself, and began thinking of other mountains to climb!!!
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