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“Where is your sister?”“In the bath,” she said “what have you got in the bag?” She asked. “Pass me a knife and I’ll show you!”She passed a knife over and I reached into the bag, pulling out a roll of rope, cutting four lengths roughly 24 inches long. “What’s that for?”I stood up and walked over to her, knife in hand, “sit on the chair and shut up,” I said, showing the sharp edge of the blade. Charlene did as she was told. I grabbed a tea towel and tied it around her head and in her mouth as a gag. I then tied her hands, one to each rear leg of the chair. “Spread your legs!” I ordered her. She did and I positioned one at each front leg of the chair, tying them to the chair. I cut another couple of lengths and spread her knees so I could tie them to the top of the front legs, stretching her school skirt, so I could see her white cotton panties. “Don’t move!” I laughed. Locking the back door and closing the curtains over the window. I went up the stairs, I could hear splashing about, obviously Tamara was just getting out of the bath. I ducked into what was obviously the girl’s bedroom, hiding behind the door. The bathroom door opened and I heard footsteps across the hallway to the door I was hiding behind. Tamara walked in naked, all but for a towel covering her breasts, waist and pussy. She switched the light on and tossed her towel to the floor, oblivious to the fact I was behind her.

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   I grabbed her quickly, putting my hand over her mouth, and told her not to say a word, my other hand rubbing her budding breast. She screamed, but my hand masked the scream. I pushed her onto her bed, face into her pillow. “Scream and you die slut!” I said. On her bed side chair there were and assortment of cloths, including a pair of over the knee socks, I grabbed one and used it to gag Tamara, the other I used to tie her hands behind her back. “We are going to have some fun, I think I might teach you and your sister a thing or two tonight!”I pulled Tamara’s shoulder length blonde hair and gentle kissed the nape of her neck, moving down her back slowly, enjoying the soft skin of a nubile young girl. I worked down to the arch of her back, parting her arse cheeks I gentle ran my tongue around her anal sphincter, Tamara tensed up, squealing and crying. I then spread her legs and gently ran the tip of my tongue down to her pussy lips, probing just inside the folds of skin. Tamara tried to close her legs, but I had a firm grip on them and kept them open. I rolled her over, so she was laid on her arms, and repeated the process again, kissing her neck, down to her nipples, gently biting and sucking them, she didn’t really have any breasts, especially while she was laid on her back. Her nipple stood erect, I played with one, while sucking and nibbling the other, swapping over from time to time, all the while Tamara was crying and mumbling into her gag. I then slowly worked my way down to her pubic area, which had a light covering of blonde hair. I pulled her pussy lips apart and probed her cunt with my tongue, she wriggled and writhed, trying to get away, and again I held her down, enjoying the musky taste of a virgin pussy. I licked my finger and inserted it into her cunt, slowly easing it in, by this time Tamara was sobbing, tears running down her cheeks. She was so tight, her pussy was gripping my finger, I inserted my finger until I could feel her hymen, stroking my finger in and out, I pushed against her virginity, taking care to leave it intact, knowing it would be far more fun to break it with my dick.

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   After 10 or 15 minutes of fingering her I pushed a second finger up, she was still dry, the fear she felt not allowing her pussy to lubricate. I played for a while longer and withdrew my fingers. On her dressing table was various creams, including a bottle of baby oil. I popped the top of it, unzipped my trousers and squirted some into my hand, working it up and down the length of my dick. “Well, Tamara, it is time,” I said. The fear showing in her eyes as she saw me wanking and my dick growing to 11 inches. ”Time for you to get a good fucking!”Tamara shook her head, moaning and squealing into her gag, tears rolling down her cheeks. She really didn’t think the time was right. I lent my purple; oil lubricated head against her pussy, slowly pushing it in. Nnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg!” I pushed in until I felt her hymen obstructing my way, I applied a bit more pressure, then pulled back, pushed forward pulled back again and rammed in as hard as I could. I broke her hymen, blood lubricating my way, Tamara had six inches of rock hard cock in her, and she was slowly, painfully accepting more, seven, then eight, a last firm push and my pelvic bone was pressed hard against hers. Tamara’s eyes rolled back into her head, for a minute I thought I’d fucked her to death. Then her eyes rolled forward again, and she screamed, crying, tears rolling down her cheeks, I had torn her on the way in, the pain was obviously excruciating. I fucked her for about half an hour; she was thrashing about, but not out of pleasure, more trying to find a way to ease the pain! I lifted her legs up, so she had one leg over each of my shoulders, giving me a bit more penetration and lifting her arse of the bed. Just as I was about to come, I pulled out and came on her stomach and chest.

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   Tamara had lost all fight by now and was just laid there, inanimate, being used as a fuck toy. I reached under her and undid her hands. “Rub the cum into your stomach and tits!” I ordered. She did, slowly, not really wanting to, but afraid of what may happen if she didn’t. I took more rope out of my bag and tied her spread-eagled to the bed, tying an extra length to her knees, passing it under the bed to hold her knees as far apart as they would go, leaving her pussy lips exposed. I went into her parents room for a rummage around and found various sex implements, including a couple of vibrators, a couple of nipple clamps and a butt plug. The things respectable people get up to behind closed curtains eh? I returned to Tamara, smeared a seven-inch vibrator in baby oil and eased it into her pussy. Turning it on slow and replacing the gag. “I’ll see you in awhile, “ I said to Tamara, tears forming again in her eyes. I returned downstairs; Charlene was still as I left her, bound to the kitchen chair. I positioned myself in front of her, undoing the buttons on her cardigan, pulling it down as far as it would go. I then slowly undid the buttons on her blouse, exposing her white bra. I reached into her blouse and pulled the bra, until I heard it rip. I pulled the remains of the bra away, exposing a pair of firm breasts, with erect nipples. “I am going to hurt you in ways you never imagined possible!” I told Charlene.

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   Her eyes pleaded with me, but I had a couple of days when neither girl would be missed and I planned to enjoy it! I took the nipple clamps out, they were the type that clamped down and were fully adjustable, and I clamped one on each of her nipples, lightly. Her baby blue eyes pleaded a bit more, but I carried on tightening them, until the ends of her nipples were red and erect. Tears streamed out of her eyes. I rolled her skirt up and pulled her panties off, ripping the sides to remove them. Charlene was now sat near naked in front of me and what a sight it was. I untied her from the chair and lifted her over to the table, a large pine four-legged table. I laid her across the table, removing her cardigan and blouse, I tied her legs to the table legs, stretching them as far as they would stretch. I tied her hands to the opposite table legs. She was laid on her back, with her head dangling over the edge of the table, bound tightly to the table. I cut another length of rope, made a hangman’s noose and passed it over her head, throwing it under the table and tying it to her right ankle, so it pulled her head down. Charlene soon realised that the more she fought it, the more the rope cut off her air supply. “I am going to teach you to suck dick like the little slut you are!” I told her, “bite it and I will cut your throat and then the throat of your sister, scream or shout and I will just cut your sisters’ throat!”I removed the tea towel. “Are you going to do as you are told and be a good girl?” I asked. “Yes,” she whispered. I undid my zip, playing with my dick until it got hard, Charlene’s eyes widened with fear as my dick grew to it’s full eleven inches.

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   I slowly pressed the head of my cock against her lips, Charlene kept her lips firmly together, I squeezed her nostrils together, until she opened her mouth, pushing my dick passed her teeth, feeding it in to her warm moist mouth, resting my dick on her tongue. I pushed a bit further, forcing my cock into her throat, I gripped her head and forcibly fucked her throat, Charlene gagged, slowly being suffocated by my cock. I withdrew, long enough for her to get her breathe back, and then fed my dick back in again, fucking this blonde fifteen year olds face, forcing her to swallow eleven inches of dick. I felt my dick throbbing, about to explode, I pushed deep into Charlene’s throat, cumming in her throat, leaving her no option but to swallow it. I left my dick in her mouth until I was all out of cum, withdrawing and wiping it around her mouth. Charlene was crying, like the child she essentially was. I moved round the table, determined to repay the favour. I pulled her skirt up again, rubbing her clit with my thumb. Inserting a finger in her cunt. “I am going to fuck and lick you until you cum,” I said. “And then, I’m going to fuck you some more, by the time I’ve finished with you, you will have a cunt like a bucket! You will be the schoolgirl slut you look like every morning!”“Please, stop, I don’t like this, it hurts!” she begged. I inserted another finger, she was being betrayed by her body, her pussy becoming wet. She screamed a bit more, as I inserted another finger! I had got three fingers in the schoolgirls tight little twat. I reached over to the side and poured some cooking oil on her pussy and my hand, using it as a lubricant, easing my fourth finger into her, fucking her brutally with my hand. Pushing in until my thumb touched her lips, working in and out, feeling the pressure of her tight little virgin pussy against my hand.

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   I poured a bit more oil on, feeling her pussy easing a little and forced my thumb into her cunt, forming a fist and pushing it in and out, enjoying the sound of Charlene screaming. “Please, no, I can’t take anymore, it hurts!”I looked down at my hand and she was obviously bleeding, I must have torn her insides, but the bindings had her tied down and unable to moved. I pulled my hand out of her pussy, slowly, still formed into a fist, it started to really hurt her by the time my thumb was pulling out her lips. “No, no, you are going to split me in two, noooooooooooooooooooo!”I pulled my fist out, slapping her round the face with it, “shut the fuck up, you little slut!”I took the second vibrator and smeared it with cooking oil. “Ok, we are going to have some real fun now, you are about to get a real fucking!”Charlene cried again, “please, no more, I hurt!”I looked down at her pussy and her lips were red and puffy, a bit like they had been ten rounds with Tyson. I took the oiled vibrator and pressed it against her arsehole. “Anything, but not that!” She said, “I’ll had sex with you, I’ll play with myself, anything, but please, not that!”“I know, there will be time for all those things, but right now. . . . . . . . .

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  . . ” I pushed the vibrator into her arsehole. “you are going to be fucked in both worked it in and out, until all seven inches were firmly imbedded in her arse. “Take it out, take it out, NOW!”“Fuck off, slut, shut up, or I’ll break your jaw!”Charlene shut up. I climbed up on to the table, resting my knob end on her puffy, red, swollen, oiled pussy lips. Tears were streaming out of her eyes, as I firmly pushed into her. I sank all eleven inches into her cunt. Then I reached down and turned the vibrator on, I could feel the vibrator pulsing against the soft membrane that separates the arse from the pussy, gently massaging my dick, while Charlene’s pussy squeezed it. I looked into her eyes, she was in pain, so I decided to make her suffer some more, pulling my dick out, until the head rested between her pussy lips. Then I thrust in, using all my weight to add force to it, Charlene didn’t scream, I did it again, still she didn’t scream. I looked down at her, she had passed out. So I carried on, fucking her like she was a cheap whore, all the while the vibrator was boring away at her arsehole. After a while I withdrew, having cum as deep into her as I could. She did look good, tear stained cheeks and cum leaking out of her pussy.

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   I pulled the vibrator out of her arse, not wanting to ruin it completely, knowing I was going to fuck her arse until she bled. I left her, unconscious, tied to the table. I removed the nipple clamps, not wanting to hurt her too much. I had a look round the house, it was a nicely furnished house, typical upper-middle class, leather settees, PC and everything to go with it, TV, DVD player, I had a nosey round the computer and found a digi-cam, “useful,” I thought. I wandered back to the kitchen, and took a few pictures or Charlene, tits, pussy, face, cum stains, all in all I covered everything. I then went upstairs and took some pictures or Tamara, who was awake, still being fucked by the vibrator. Her puppy dog eyes were begging me to stop, but I was enjoying it way too much. “Ok Tamara, you are going to suck my dick!” I announced to her, untying her and removing the vibrator. I tied her hands behind her back, and then to her ankles, so she was knelt in front of me, naked, bound and gagged. I untied her mouth, taking out my semi-erect dick and rubbing it round the twelve year olds mouth, hardening all the time. “Close your mouth round my dick cumslut,” I said. She did. I pushed it in and out of her mouth, slowly. Pushing it in so it touched the back of her throat, each time forcing it a bit further into her throat. Tamara gagged.

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  “When I cum, make sure you swallow it, if you don’t we’ll do it again!”I fucked her throat until I felt my dick twinge, as it did, I forced all eleven inches in, coming deep into her virgin throat. Tamara was struggling for air, I didn’t release her until I had spent my load in to her throat. I pulled my dick out of her throat, as she inhaled copious amounts of air, relieved to be free to breathe again. I took a photo of Tamara with cum dribbling out of the corner of her mouth, dishevelled and crying. I lifted Tamara into her parents bedroom, onto the bed, tying her spreadeagle to the right hand side of it. I went downstairs, untying Charlene and walked her up to the same bedroom. “Right Charlene, clean your sister up,” I instructed. Charlene went for the door. “What the fuck are you doing?” I asked, pulling her back by the hair. “Going to get a flannel,” he said innocently. “No!” I said, throwing her onto the bed. “Use your fucking tongue and clean her up you little slut!”Tamara, bent her head towards her sisters snatch, which had trails of cum running from it to her stomach, and started to lick it. I took some photos of her, eagerly lapping at her sister’s pussy. “Lick the cum of her tits, make sure you get it all!” Charlene licked all the cum from her sister’s tits, I made sure she paid particular attention to her nipples. Once she had finished, I tied Charlene to the bed and let them both sleep. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   I laid between them, dreaming about things to come the next day. On the Saturday morning I was woken up by Tamara begging me to let her go to the toilet. “No problem, just wait a minute,” I said, untying Charlene, retying her legs together and her arms behind her back. I carried Charlene through to the bathroom and laid her in the bath. I went back to Tamara. “Come with me if you want to piss,” I said, untying her too. I grabbed a handful of her hair and raised her to her feet, half dragging her into the bathroom. Tamara went to sit on the toilet. “No, climb in the bath and piss on your sister, make sure you piss on her face!” I instructed her. “No please not that,” they both begged in unison. “Do it, now!” I told Tamara. Tamara climbed in the bath and squatted over her sisters face, they were both crying. Slowly a golden stream of piss started to flow over Charlene’s face. The relief and guilt showing on Tamara’s face. I was getting so hard watching one sister abuse the other.


  I grabbed Tamara and bent her over the toilet, her face over the bowl. And eased my erect dick into her pussy, fucking her as hard as I could, she started to scream, so I pushed her head into the bowl, flushing the toilet while I was brutally fucking her, she quietened down after a couple of flushes! Tamara had started to resemble a drowned rat. I tied Tamara’s hands round the toilet bowl and left her there while I sorted Charlene out. I ran Charlene a bath, untied here and made sure she washed herself thoroughly. “Make sure you are nice and clean, we are going to have plenty more fun !”Charlene kept looking over at her sister, partly out of pity and partly out of hatred. Once she had cleaned up I took Charlene back to her parents bedroom. Charlene was very similar in size to her mum, I routed through her mums wardrobe. I found a short denim skirt, which came just below her pussy. I matched it up with some fishnet stockings, which didn’t reach the hem of the skirt, a white crop top and some knee length boots. I didn’t bother finding any knickers or bra, they would just spoil the effect!“Right, slut, put that lot on!” I told her. Charlene did as she was told, putting the clothes on while I took photos. She looked horny as hell, dressed like a real slut. I pushed her face first on to the bed, lifting her skirt as I did it. I was still hard from watching her dress. I took my dick out and rubbed it against her pussy lips, slowly pushing it in, she was not longer as tight as she was the day before.

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   I pulled my dick out and moved it up to her arse, placing it on her sphincter muscle. “Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Please, no more, I have been good!”I pushed against her arse, slowly, pushing it in, making it painful, her arse was still red and bruised from the vibrator. I pushed an inch in then pulled out half inch, repeating this until I could feel the tip of my dick touching her colon. I looked down, there was still two to three inches to put in. Charlene was thrashing about on the bed, trying to get away from the impaling she was getting. I pulled her hair back towards the arch of her back, forcing her to move her arse further on to my dick. “Nggggggggggggggggggggggh!” she yelped. “No, I can’t take it, you are ripping me up!”I pulled her hair more, all the while pushing my dick further into her, feeling the tightness of her colon around my bell-end. Charlene was crying like a baby. Once I could feel my balls resting on her firm little arse cheeks, I started to pump forcefully in and out of her arse, pulling back slowly, thrusting forward sharply. I was still holding her head right back so she was looking straight up. I could see tears of pain rolling down her face. I reached round her and lifted her top, caressing her puffy young tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers, pinching them and digging my nail in every once in a while, which always produced a whine from Charlene. In the last 24 hours I had forcibly taken her in every hole available, fucking her up the arse now, like she was a real slut, not like the fifteen year old virgin she was. I could feel my dick twitching, I pushed it as deep as I could, cumming into her colon, sowing my seed deep inside her arse.

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   I left my dick up her arse until it started to soften, at which point I started to piss in her arse. Charlene was sobbing again, she knew what I was doing, the warm piss filling her arse as full as it would go. I pulled the butt plug out of my pocket and as I removed my dick, I slid it up her arse. I then sat her on the chair alongside the bed and bound her to it so she couldn’t move. There she was, dressed like a slut, with an arse full of my piss, held there by her mothers butt plug, tied to her mothers bedside chair. To be continued. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . .

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