The Raping of Christina


"No, I am mixed. My dad's white, my mom's black. And no, I can't speak much spanish". . . I said. I finished the beer and began to walk away, he grabbed my arm. . I pulled away and kept walking. I admit, I shouldn't have been such a bitch to him. I just wasn't interested and was losing patience with him. I went over to the other side of the room near the dance floor. "Wanna beer?" asked a voice. I turned to see a cute Puerto Rican guy standing there. "Sure", I smiled. He went away for a while and came back with two beers.


  "For me?", I asked. "Yes", he said with his sexy grin. He was taller than me and had a very toned body. "So how old are you?" I asked watching him open the beer for me. "I'm 22", he said. He was toooo young for me. I knew that I would drink the beer and disappear. I was 28, and didn't date younger guys. I wasn't really interested in getting with a guy right now. I had just broken up with Jose, and was still heartbroken over it. Besides, I just came there to meet Carla and hang out with her. A hand pulled me out to the dance floor. It was a cute short mexican guy called Shorty. He could dance pretty good for a mexican. Usually I only danced with the Puerto Rican and Dominicans.

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  . . they knew how to spin and spin a girl sooo right! His rhythm was good. We danced to two songs, and then I left. I searched for Carla. I went over to the bar and asked the bartender Tony if he'd seen Carla. He said he would let me know if she came in. I sat on the bar stool a little exhausted. A few men past by on their way to the dance floor, playing with my hair. "Wanna dance?" they asked. "No thanks", I said sipping another beer. Shorty came over to me, and I noticed the 22 year old guy, and the old guy in the cowboy hat too. . . they were sort of standing behind him.

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   Shorty asked me,"Would you like to try a mixed drink Krystal?" I was so pissed that Carla hadn't come in yet, I said "Sure, why not". Shorty was attractive with dark round eyes and long black hair. He was just too short for my taste. I took the small glass from his hand and drank down the long island iced tea. I had known him for almost a year now, and never considered dating him. As the night went on I began to feel suddenly soooo tired and dizzy. I figured it was the beers I had drank. My stomache felt so weak and I felt like I could vomit. "Tony, could you call me a cab please?" I asked. "Sure", he said,"Are you gonna be okay?" "Yeahhh, I just feel kinda sick", I moaned. I staggered outside to the parking lot to get some fresh air for a minute. The freezing cold air pulled hard at my dark braless nipples through my thin white top. I had forgotten my jacket inside. I tried to inhale as much fresh air as I could. Bits of snow fell to the ground.

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   I shivered from the icy air and started to go back inside. Shorty came out and blocked my path. . "Are you okay?",he asked. "Ohhh. . . I feel so sick!", I moaned. I could barely stand up, and I felt like I was blacking out slowly. He grabbed me around my waist and held me up. I remember him saying,"Come on. I will take you home. " I was too weak to resist and let him lead me to a big black SUV. I sat in the back seat and blacked out completely. Suddenly I felt such strong feelings of arousal to my over-sensitive nipples.

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   I moaned as I felt them being forced to stiffen hard! I was gasping for breath, and trying desperately to open my eyes. . . and finally I did. My eyes were so blurry, and my arms were being held down to my sides. My top was pulled down underneath my fat tits and my redbrown nipples were standing out extremely erect, as Shorty was sucking hungrily on them. I tried to protest but only soft sighs escaped my lips. It was feeling soooo goood! Ohhhh! "OOHHH my god!!! What are you doing to me?" I sobbed as thick cum seeped into my panties, I squirmed as more and more began to drip out. His hands held me firmly in place, and I could not move! I was made to sit there and enjoy the orgasm to the fullest! I had realized two other men were also in the truck and were watching him sucking hard on my nipples, but I could barely speak or think straight. I blacked out again. I awoke inside of an apartment filled with people snorting cocaine in the living room. I was so out of it, I didn't ask questions about what was going on. I was being dragged into a bedroom in the back. I remember Shorty pushing me back on the bed. I was sobbing,"My stomache really hurts.

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   Please take me home! I'm begging you!" "Shhhh", he whispered unzipping his jeans and pulling off his shirt. I could not move, my body felt so heavy. He impatiently tore my shirt down, and dropped it to the floor. My nipples were still fully erect and standing straight out at him. He ripped my panties down and tossed them, then spread my thick thighs apart. "OOOhh my god! Ohhh!", I squealed uncontrollably as he licked and sucked my clit firmly. His wet tongue went into my pussy hole. . I cringed as it probed my tightness. I hadn't had my pussy sucked in such a long time, since my boyfriend and I had broken up. The feeling made my body trembling with a mixture of delight and fear. "Pretty pretty pussy, Christine", he moaned as he licked and licked. "Please stop! Please!", I cried. I then found an ounce of strength to try to fight him off. My legs came up slightly and kicked at him.

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   He then straddled over top of me, and forced my legs apart with his legs. "Stop it you little bitch! Stop resisting me", he hissed in an angry tone of voice. I felt him slide his hard long cock inside me. I shrieked at it penetrated through my tightness. He thrusted and thrusted in hard firm strokes, attempting to fit as much of himself in me as he could. I was crying out as the pressure hit hard inside me. He began licking my swollen areolas and sucking hard on my nipples as his cocked went in and out of my wet pussy. I could only lie there as orgasm filled my body uncontrollably. Afterwards I must have blacked out completely. . . until. . . I awoke to find the old man that was wearing the cowboy hat in the club.

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   I tried to scream as he held me down tight on the bed. He then stood up to take off his jeans. "Remember me? You ignore me tonight. Now you can't get away from me. I'm gonna fuck you, he grinned wickedly. I tried so hard to escape, but ended up falling on the floor. He held me on the floor on my back. "Oh god no! NO please!Someone HELP!! HELP!" I sobbed as I felt his hard cock rip through my sore pussy. I cried and cried "Someone help me please! Please!!!" He didn't care if I sceamed or cried, he ignored me. His arms gripped my shoulders tightly as he pounded harder and faster. I felt myself slipping away again and I blacked out. This time I awoke on my back, lying on the bed again. This time the ceiling light was on and blaring in my eyes. Someone was kissing on my tits very softly and rubbing on them. My hard nipples tingled as they were being stroked tenderly.

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   The 22 year old guy sat over me, staring at my face and at my tits. "Your sooo pretty. Why did you let those guys fuck you?" he asked,"Why? Are you a whore or something?"Tears welled up inside me so strong. I felt tears burning my eyes so hard and I started crying. "I'm not a whore. . . I'm not a whore". . . I couldn't speak well, my words were coming out all jumbled up,"Those guys raped. . . raped me. .

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  they raped me and I didn't want it. . and they raped me. . " "Shhh", he whipered and kissed my face, "Its okay. I just wish you would have let me be with you. I wanted you. . . and you went to those guys. Why?" "But they raped me. . . " I could barely speak at all. "I will clean your pussy.


  . . " I heard him say. I felt him dragging me into a bathroom, and he filled the bathtub with water. He tried to pull me in the freezing icy water. I screamed,"Noo"! I tried to pull his hands away and he shoved me in with him. The icy water stung my skin, as he splashed it over my tits and my face and shoulders. He took soap and began to lather it with his hands over my body. I was fighting to hold myself up in the water and keep from going under. He rinsed me off and pulled me up to my feet. I attempted to leave, but he forced me against the cold tiled wall. "Where do you think your going? Oh no. I'm not finished with you yet mamita," he said. My chest was pressed so tight against the icy wall as he grabbed my hips, and forced my arms behind my back. My full round ass was pressed against him.


   I could feel his big hard on, pushing against me. "Mmmm, Ay bendito. You have a nice fat ass. Its so round and so soft. Doggy style is gonna feel sooo good" I heard him say. I whimpered as he slid his stiff dick in my swollen sore pussy. He was groaning in spanish as his thrusts increased. It burned so badly as he forced it in harder and harder, while gripping my arms tightly. He finally pulled his cock out and let it explode on the bathtub. When his grip was gone I managed to stumble out of the bathroom naked and into the hallway sobbing wildly,"Someone please help me!Please!" I was dripping wet and didn't even care that I was stark naked. I only wanted to get out of the apartment. I noticed a fat blonde girl snorting something in a corner with a room full of men. Shorty came out of nowhere and grabbed me,"What the hell are you doing?" He dragged me back into his room and shoved me on his bed. I wanted to stop him, but my body felt so tired of trying to fight. My body was freezing and wet from the shower.

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   He lay on top of my sucking on my cold rigid nipples and pulling out his cock again. He plunged it deep inside me again. It was so painful, I thought my pussy would finally tear to pieces and bleed. He shot his warm cum deep inside me and passed out. I was so scared, and just lay there. My body was still feeling heavy and tired. I tried to lift my arm and managed to. I then pulled myself up very very slowly. My head was pounding so hard, and My eyes still burned. I stumbled from the bed naked and searched for something to cover myself to leave. . . a teashirt! anything! I managed to find an oversized teashirt on the chair, and I slid it over my head. I could not find my panties or my skirt. I just wore the teashirt since it came down to my knees anyway.

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   I then found my panties on the floor. I slid them on. . along with a black leather jacket at the edge of the bed. I used the walls as a crutch as I made my way out of the apartment. In the living room, I saw that mostly everyone had cleared out. There were a couple of men there, and they were all passed out asleep on the couches. I went out the front door panting in fear. I didn't want them to hear me. I then made it outside. The sun was started to rise in the early morning sky. It was so cold out there, it made my nipples painfully stand out stiffened under the thin teashirt. The snow had melted on the ground a little bit. The coldness hurt my bared feet. I saw a cab riding through the apartment complex.

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   "Hey!" I called. The cab stopped and drove to where I stood. He rolled down his window,"Yes?""Please help me! You gotta help me. I need to get out of here!" I was out of breath. "Uh. . . I don't know. I am on my way to pick up a customer", he said. "Ive been raped! These guys all raped me! Please help me! You gotta help me!" I sobbed. "Alright, get in," he said unlocking the backdoor. I got in and closed the door. "Do you need a ride to the police station?" he asked. "Yes please", I said wiping burning tears from my eyes. .

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  . .
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