The Story Of Julie Pt. 2


“Ok I will try and seduce one of my friend’s father”, Julie said. “You better do more than try because if either of you step out of that door before I have my movie made. The guys in the van will put a bullet into both of you. Do you understand Julie?” he said. Julie shook her head to say yes. “I will call the first name on my list and you will ask for your friend’s father and tell him you have gotten yourself into trouble and you need his help. He is not to tell anyone because you are too embarrassed to have anyone find out what you have done. Tell him to come to the motel Haven’s Hideaway on Canal Road room 159 and beg. ” He said as he started to dial the phone and put it to her ear. “It’s busy”, said Julie. Dr. Fellows said that he would try the next one on the list and put it to her ear and Julie heard her friend’s mom answer the phone. Julie could not even speak as it was her best friend’s and she liked her dad as he was funny and she always had a good time when she was at their place. “Hi Mrs. Davis. Is Mr.

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   Davis there I need to talk to him please. ” said Julie and she put him on the phone and Julie told him everything she was supposed to. Her captor took the phone and hung it up and said she did a good job. “Now this is what I want to see when he gets here. I want you to give him a blowjob and when he starts to cum you will pull him out of your mouth and let him cum on your face and try to get lots in your mouth. Then you will fuck him with your cunt and then last you will ask him to fuck you in the ass then the two of you can leave. If you try and tell him about us I will hear. There are microphones all around the room. I will give the word to the guys then to come in and we will kill your friend’s father and make the other movie. Do you understand Julie?”“Yes I do understand but I have never done anything with anybody before. I do not know what I am supposed to do” she said. “Do not worry, just ask if he will teach you and if that does not work, beg. I am going to untie you and I am going in to the bathroom, where all my gear is to record this. Do not let your friend’s dad get anywhere near the bathroom because that will end this real quick” he said. Her captor untied her and left her sitting on the bed.

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   After he closed the bathroom door she ran to the window and looked out. The van was sitting there and she could see a rifle barrel sticking out of the window, she ran back to the bed and put her face in to her hands and cried. A couple of minutes went by and she heard a knock at the door. “Julie it’s me. Are you there?” Mr. Davis said. She did not answer and he opened the door and stuck his head in. “Julie, are you alright?” Mr. Davis said. Julie still did not answer and Mr. Davis came in the room and sat down beside her. “What is the matter sweetheart?” he said. Julie’s mind was trying to think. There was only one way the both of them were going to get out that door alive, but how was she going to seduce him? She lifted her face out of her hands and looked Mr. Davis in the eyes.

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   She had never that he was good looking for his age. I have to do anything I can get this done. She came up with an idea she had seen in a movie. “Hi Mr. Davis I am glad you came. ” She said with a crackle in her voice. “You see Mr. Davis I came here with a boy to lose my cherry and everything went wrong. I did not know what to do to make him happy and he got mad and left. I am so upset and I do not think I can go living the way things are now. ” she said. “Don’t talk like that. You are a very pretty girl and there will be other boys who will be more patient with you” he said. “You are so understanding and I have always liked you a lot. That is why I have called you would you show me how to make love to a man?” she asked.

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   “Julie if I was not married and 20 years younger I would jump at the chance to make love to you. You will find someone one day” he said almost chocking on his words. She thought for a second about where she was going from here and then she stood up. She walked about three feet away from the bed and turned towards him. “Look at me then. Do you think I am good looking, do I have a nice body?” she said. “Yes. I think you are growing up to be a very pretty girl” he said. “Do you go to the nudie bars and look at naked woman?” she asked. “Yes I do” he said. “Then there would be nothing wrong with me taking my clothes off and you can tell me if you think there is anything wrong with my body” she said and before he could answer she pulled her top over her head and removed her bra. She closed her eyes; she did not want to look at him looking at her bare breasts. “I was about to tell you that there is no way I would just sit here and let you do that. But you did it before I could do anything about it. Do you know how much trouble I would be in if anybody found out about this? My wife would kill me if she ever found out” she heard him say.

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   Julie opened her eyes a little to see Mr. Davis staring at her breasts. “No one will ever find out about this I promise you that. Now tell me that if you think that they are nice tits and they would make any man to suck them and squeeze them in their hands” she said “Yes. They are very pretty tits and any man would love to play with them” he said. She moved up to him and stood over his lap. His face was inches from her breasts. “What are you doing Julie?” he said. “You said that any man would love to play with them and you are a man or were you lying to me?” she said. He sat there for a couple of minutes thinking and then he leaned forward and put his lips over her nipple and started sucking and licking her breast. Julie lowered herself on to his lap and grabbed his hand and placed it on the other breast. She felt her nipples hardening under his lips and she felt his cock growing in his shorts. Julie started to rub her crotch in to his. He was at full mast when he pulled his mouth from her breasts and pushed her back a bit. “I have to stop Julie.

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   This is getting out of hand. You want me to risk my marriage for one night of fun and it’s not worth it. ” Julie thought for a moment and said, “It does not have to be one if you teach me what I want to know about sex tonight, I will be there when ever you want me. I will be a phone call away” she said. “Well that is quite a deal. If you really want me that bad and are willing to be my little sex slave. Where do I sign up and what do you want me to teach you?”A little smile came across Julie’s face and she remembered what Dr. Fellows wanted for his movie. “Stand up and remove your shorts and underwear. I want to learn how to give a blowjob. ” He stood up in a flash and Julie got down on her knees and looked at his cock as it popped out. Her eyes grew as big as saucers. “Girls suck on that. It’s so big. Tell me what to do first” Julie said.

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   “Well you can start by rubbing and squeezing it with your hands. ” Julie put both hands around his cock and was amazed how hot and hard it was. “After you get used to the feel of it. You can put one hand around the base and the other hand can play with my balls. Then you lick my cock all over. ” Julie did as she was told and was licking his cock from the bottom to the top. At the tip of his she found it had a liquid leaking out at the end. She licked that and found that it was salty but not that bad of taste. “Now put the tip of my cock into your mouth and suck it like a Popsicle. You try to take it as deep as you can. The deeper you take it the better it will make me feel. Try to keep your teeth from touching the sides” Mr. Davis said. He was so close and the young girl had not even put it in her mouth. As he felt the girl’s mouth slide over his cock he moaned and closed his eyes.

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   Julie could feel the hot cock pulsating in her mouth as she sucked as much as she could into her mouth. He grabbed the sides of her head and started to move his cock in and out of her mouth. Julie felt a blast of hot liquid hit the back of her throat and pulled her mouth off his cock and pointed it at her face. She felt the cock in her hand jump with every squirt. She felt sperm hit her cheek and then her nose. She had remembered what Dr. Fellows had told her to do and pointed the cock back to her mouth. Julie felt the last few shots hit her lips and her mouth. Mr. Davis sat back down on the bed and looked at her trying to lick the cum from her face. “You look so sexy sitting there licking up my cum. What’s next?” he said. Julie was now really scared. His cock was so big, how was she going to get that into her pussy. “I want you to make love to me and then I want you to take my (in a real low voice she said) ass.

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  ” “Did I hear you want me to take you in your ass?” he asked. She just hung her head and said, “YES. Mr. Davis. ““Well I think we know each other enough that you can call me Paul now. Now stand up and lets get those shorts off. ” She stood up in front of him and he pulled down her shorts and then her panties. She was so embarrassed and she wanted to put her hands in front of her to cover her privates. He picked her up and laid her on the bed and said,” Don’t be scared I will be gentle and will not hurt you. ” He lowered his head and started to suck on her breasts again. His hand moves down over her stomach and over her pussy. Julie’s legs were open slightly and he slipped his finger into her. He rubbed her clit and her legs started to spread. When she was moaning and moving her hips in time with his finger, he moved from her breasts and kissed his way to her pussy and climbed between her legs. Julie looked down at him and said,” What are you doing Mr.

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   Davis?” “Its Paul I told you and you will enjoy this. ” He started to lick her pussy and Julie let out a moan and thrusted her hips up to his mouth. She was about to come and he was hard again. So he decided it was time and moved his cock in her pussy. He started to slide his cock in and she was grunting with every inch. He felt her cherry and pushed hard. Julie let out a little scream and a tear was rolling down her cheek. Are you ok sweetie I will stop if you want?” “He was so sweet being worried about me”, she thought “but our lives depended on us not stopping. ” “No. don’t stop it just hurt there for a moment. It’s going away now. Please make love to me. ” He began to move again and the pain did stop and Julie was starting to enjoy it. She wrapped her legs around his back and started to urge him on. “Oh God.


   This is so good. Mr. oh sorry Paul, please don’t stop I think I am about to cum. Harder……. . Faster. ” Julie was pulling at Paul’s hips when she came. She thrashed around so much; Paul had a hard time staying with her. When she had settled down Paul rolled her on to her stomach and slid back into her. Paul squeezed and played with her butt. “If you still want me to take your ass. I will have to get you ready by putting my fingers in to widen the opening” he said. “Yes Paul I want you to do me there too. ” Julie could believe that she was enjoying all this. She was being forced into doing this, but she had never felt so alive in all of her life.

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  Julie felt Paul sticking his fingers in and out of her ass and he continued to fuck her pussy. He had worked three fingers into her ass with the help of her pussy juices. It was a bit uncomfortable but did not hurt much. Paul pulled out of her pussy and told her to get on her hands and knees. Julie did as she was told and then felt the tip of his cock pushing at her anal passage. She jumped a little as it entered her asshole and sighed after it was all in. Paul reached around and started to play with her clit and she felt the passion building up again. In no time she was thrusting back against him and they were both cumming. They both fell onto the bed and hugged each other. She was kissing him passionately when she remembered that they could leave now. “Paul can you take me home now?” she said. Paul said, “Yes, darling, but wait a minute. I have not come down from my orgasm yet. I also want to talk to you about when we can get together again. I will also need to have a shower before I go home.

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   I smell like I had sex and my wife would kill me as soon as I walked in the door. ” Julie started to panic. There was no way she could let him in the bathroom. “If we get up and leave now you can shower at my place. Both my parents are at work and will not be home until 6 o’ clock” she said. “Will you join me for a shower?” he asked. “Yes. Can we please leave now?”They both got dressed and headed for the door and all Julie could think of was that as soon as the door opened bullets would be flying. They reached the car and got in. Julie was so shaking and Mr. Davis asked,” Julie are you alright?” “Yes I am Paul. But please get out of here. ”Mr. Davis drove to Julie’s home and the whole time Julie never said a word. She was thinking about Dr.

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   Fellows. She thought,” If I phoned the police and told them about being forced to seduce my friend’s dad, Paul’s marriage would be over. I would lose my best friend and every body would be talking about me being a home-wrecker. By the time we get home Dr. Fellows would have cleaned out the motel room and it would be just my word that it happened. ” She decided she was going to just keep quite about this. Julie was glad that Mr. Davis was going home with her. She did not want to be alone in an empty house………. . To be continued. All kinds of comments and responses are welcome. Please take into consideration that this is my first story. I would specially like to receive comments regarding any flaw or suggestions for the subject and body (including boobs and cunt!!!) of the story. Thanking all.

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   If you think I ought to write a sequel please please please drop me and e-mail at sam_luv_666@yahoo. co. in. PS: I would specially like Lord_John_Thomas to read my story and write comments. I am his biggest fan. .