The Vicar's Wife (Part One)


All of my stories include descriptions of sex scenes that could cause offence to some people. Please do not read this story if you are offended by perverse sexual material, or if you are under the legal age of consent for your own country. These stories are pure fiction and are not based on anyone living or deceased.

When is a rape not a rape?
I pose this question, and maybe once you’ve read the story I’m about to tell, you will understand why.
The first part of my story happened to me some three months ago, when I was a naive newly-wed vicar’s wife. I might not be much older in years now, but I’m definitely not as naive!

I’d known Michael for four years before we got married, we’d met at university, when he was 22, and I was 19. I guess you'd say I was shy and by the standard of the other girls in my dorm, very reserved. I'd dated boys, but no boy ever had more than the briefest feel of my breasts. And even that, was something that would have caused me to explode with rage, and end any kind of relationship. Never had any boy had his hand or anything else inside my knickers.

So I was not just a virgin, but an untouched one. This rapidly got me a reputation, first as a kind of ‘Holy Grail’, that all the boys wanted to be the first to claim. But over the next three months, they gradually realised, it was a pointless quest, and eventually boys stopped dating me. I guess it was the deeply religious upbringing, which made me so determined I would be a ‘pure’ virgin when I eventually walked down the aisle.

I’d been at uni for two years when I met Michael; he was studying divinity, as he had great plans to enter the church, and travel the world doing gods work. I was immediately in awe of him the first time I heard him defending his religious beliefs with a group of students in the uni bar.

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   As just about everyone else I’d met up to now appeared to be a disciple of the devil, he stood out like a mythical god.

We started dating, and in the following months got very close to each other. Not physically, he never attempted to do anything like that, but we were almost inseparable. Mainly just us two together, in each others company, Michael talking about his grand plans, and me thinking how wonderful he was. We’d end the evening with a kiss, but it would only ever be him giving me a light peck on my cheek.

Well at age 20 I graduated, and left to go back home to my parents. And even with my degree from uni, I still ended-up working in the farm shop at the very same farm where I'd first began my working life. Back then I was a part time stable girl, thirteen years old, working after school and weekends.   My duties were mucking-out, curry-combing the horses and general dogsbody. It was a thriving place, they looked after most of the horses for the local hunt, and there was also a riding school run by the farmer’s wife. But when she died in a riding accident about six months after I'd started uni, the riding school closed down, and the stables went downhill fast, even the hunt eventually moved its horses to another stable.

So the farm was now a rundown affair, still owned by the same man now in his 50’s, who had two sons in their early 30’s. He also had two other men working as hired hands, one again in his 30’s, and the other around the old farmer’s age. The place still had all manner of farm animals, but now specialised in nothing, it was still using traditional farming methods that had been used for centuries. The most modern thing about the farm was the wooden building I worked in, the farm shop.

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   We sold eggs, potatoes, and most other vegetables when they were in season.

Michael also left uni, but he however, went on to further training at an ecumenical college. For the next two years we only saw each other about once a month. He’d come and use my auntie’s spare room for the weekend; she only lived just around the corner in the next street to my mom and dad. Most of our time we’d be in the company of my family, but this never felt to us like we were inhibited in any way. After all, even if we’d have been spending the whole weekend on our own, we wouldn’t have done anything different.

Once Michael left college we began planning for our wedding, and he took on a job working in a local parish, assisting the resident Vicar. Michael never forgot his dreams of travelling the world, and as such, he turned down offers of lovely little village parishes, that would have given us beautiful country vicarages to start our married life in. We both agreed, we’d get married, and wait for the right overseas assignment, that would allow us to fulfil our dream of serving god.

So with Michael still working as an assistant to a local vicar, we got married and rented a small house on a local housing estate. The wedding was a beautiful event, held obviously in church, and we both had a very large family presence.

Then came the dreaded first night.

I won't say I was disappointed, because, in truth, I never really expected it to be anything special. We got to the bedroom in the hotel we were staying in, and he left the room while I got undressed and into bed. Some fifteen minutes or so later, he knocked on our door, and I told him he could come in.

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   This he did, and as I’d already turned off the light, he just got himself undressed, and slipped into bed alongside me.

It felt really strange, having another person in bed, and as his arm reached over my body, his hand brushed across my breasts. They weren’t naked, I had on a soft silk night-dress, but the feeling that shot through my body was a mixture of fear and anticipation. He was soon above me, taking his weight on his elbows and knees, while he began to kiss me on my lips. These were the first long lingering kisses I’d ever known, and yes the kisses combined with his hands fondling my nipples, sort of relax me a little.

Then I was aware he was now using his hand to lift the hem of my night-dress, and his knees were moving in between mine, easing my legs open. This once again stirred feelings; but they were mainly feelings of fear, not excitement. I guess I’d fought-off this moment for so long, it was difficult to understand how it could now be the right thing to do. But I knew it was, and so I let my legs be spread wide open.

Then his fingers touched my secret place, and I almost instinctively fought to get my legs back together to protect it. But as I say, I knew I had to let him, and even though I wasn’t knowingly turned-on, the kisses and touching of breasts, must have stimulated me a little. For, as his fingers stroked along my folded lips, they glided easily in the fluid now coming from my . . . Then as his finger found my .

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  . . I felt it pushing up inside me.

The feeling as it entered was nice, but again I was scared, so I never got a massive rush of pleasure, like I’d heard those slutty girls at uni talking about. He pushed his finger up to its full length, and then pulled it back out and began to explore my folded lips with it. After less than half a minute of probing and stroking, the finger moved to one side, and I felt what must have been his penis. I’d never seen or felt one before, not that I saw it this time, but I sure felt it. He slid it back and forth along my slit, and then when he found the entrance he was searching for, he pushed.

Where he’d been fingering me, I think he’d worked the wetness all around my slit, so when he pushed, I felt my . . . stretching open. He slid it up slowly at first, and then began frenziedly jerking his hips. As he jerked, he was gasping and moaning, and then he suddenly collapsed down onto me. My first reaction was to think something was wrong, had he had a heart attack or something.

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   His dead weight pinned me to the bed where I lay for some minutes, he was motionless apart from his pounding chest as he gasped for air.

Then he lifted his weight from me, and looked into my eyes.
“Well my darling. Did you like it?”
So that was it? The magical event? The thing boys go so crazy over? The thing that causes jealousy between girls who have been childhood companions? But how could I tell him it was a non event?
“Michael. You were wonderful. So gentle. I love you. ”

Things were no better, the next time, it felt like Michael was just using my body, and there was no sensation of love or tenderness. This second event began one night nearly three months later, after we’d been watching a film on television. We’d begun to watch this film, and even though it was obvious it was about rape, Michael and I watched intently, him holding me closely to his chest. But towards the end of the film it came to the actual rape scene, it was so graphic, showing the whole event. The girl looked like she would be gang raped by a room full of men, maybe as many as twenty. Michael watched in a trance like state as the first man forced himself on this poor girl, and then as he climaxed inside her, Michael shot to his feet. He grabbed the controller, and turned the TV off; making some comments about the filth that is now being shown on our screens.

And then saying, “come on, we’re going to bed.

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But before we’d been in bed a couple of minutes, his arm began to make its way across and down my body, soon it was sliding up under my night-dress. He didn’t climb above me like before and start kissing my lips or fondling my breasts. As he reached the tops of my legs, I let my legs part, and he was soon probing looking for and entrance. I was totally dry and un-aroused, so this made his progress difficult, but once his fingers found my. . . , he suddenly was on top of me. He lifted my legs up and wide-open in a similar manner to how the man on TV had just done with that poor girl. His penis pushed up inside me, and hurt like hell. And also like that poor girl, I wanted to scream and cry out. But I managed to stifle any noises I'd wanted to make, bearing the pain in silence, as he ripped his way inside me. His satisfaction was immediate as he jerked his penis; and then he again collapsed on top of me, lying there like a dead weight until he’d re-gained his breath. This part was an exact repeat of the first time.

But this time, when he regained his breath, he didn’t say a thing; he just turned over and was asleep in seconds. I lay there for a good half hour thinking and wondering; what was wrong with me? Why wasn’t I a real woman? What had made me so useless at sex? I had no idea, but one thing I knew for absolute sure; there was no way I would ever enjoy this kind of animal behaviour.

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I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself, and then went back to bed and cried. I knew sex was something men needed, I also knew most women learned to at least endure, and some to even enjoy it. But this could never be me.

Some nights later, again prompted by something on TV we began to talk about sex. The way Michael was talking, it was as though that last event had never happened, and the only time we’d ever indulged had been that first wedding night. The upshot of our, or should I say Michael's reasoning, was that we both agreed, sex was no more than just god’s method of pro-creation. And as we weren’t ready to start a family until after we’d completed our overseas assignment, we decided we’d abstain.

The next few months, we began in earnest on planning towards our overseas commitment. Part of this process was physical training, doing weekend fell walking. I say weekends, but his job being mainly a Sunday occupation, it only really left Saturdays free for our walks. Yorkshire in England is famous for its hills and Mooreland countryside. And we’d go out walking nearly every weekend, walking round trips of 20 plus miles up the hills along rough tracks in all weathers.

It was on one of these treks that my real story began. A bright mid-summer Saturday morning, the weather forecast had warned of rain, but the skies certainly didn’t look like they had their predictions right. We drove out to the moors, in Michael’s dad’s camper-van.

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   We certainly couldn’t afford anything like this kind of luxury, but we borrowed this off Phillip (Michael’s dad) most weekends. It was fully kitted out, and ideal as a base when returning from a long trek. So as per normal, we parked in one of the many tourist car parks in the valleys below the hills.

This as I said had become our normal weekend activity, and as usual, we pulled our big packs onto our backs, and off we set. As I’d said the sun was shining, and the views as we climbed higher were stunning as always. I guess we’d been walking for about half an hour, when the skies suddenly turned black. And I do mean black! It was almost like an eclipse of the sun.

Within seconds a violent wind sprung-up, seemingly from nowhere, and the rain began to thrash down with a vengeance. As the force of this gale was coming across the hill sideways, it was difficult to stand up, let alone try to keep walking. It was howling that loud, talking, or to be more precise, hearing what was being said, was just impossible. Michael turned to me and held me tightly to him. He began to use hand signals, and if I interpreted him correctly, he was indicating we should make our way back down.

Then as he tried to edge himself past me on the slippy narrow ledge pathway, so he could lead the way back down the hill-side, he missed his footing. I tried to grab him, not that I’d have been strong enough to stop him, but in any case I was too slow. He fell about four feet, and crashed into a heap in the crevice between two large rocks.

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This was bad enough, but if we’d have been a few feet along the path in either direction, there might not have been anything to block his fall. So even though I could tell instantly, that falling against these rocks had hurt him, without these rocks, he could have fallen to his death.

As it was, I scrambled my way down into the crevice, and crouched alongside Michael. Even with my help, it was obvious his foot and ankle were giving him that much pain, it was impossible for him to stand, let alone climb back to the path, and walk back down the hill. There weren’t any obvious signs of broken bones sticking out anywhere, or any sign of blood loss.

By shouting directly into his ear, and then pressing my ear against his mouth, we managed some simple communication. From this I established it was most likely to be a broken or badly twisted ankle. But what ever, he didn’t think he’d get back down the hill without extra help. So as he felt safe enough perched in between the rocks, he was indicating I should try to make my way down the hill to bring back some extra help.

As we’d only been climbing the hill for about half an hour, you’d expect it would only take about the same time, or less to go back down. But with this howling wind and rain lashing down, I’d been struggling my way down the path, almost on my hands and knees for a good half hour, when almost as suddenly as it had started, the wind and rain both stopped. Then in less than a minute the sun was shining down so brightly, I had to shade my eyes.

It was the weirdest storm I’d ever experienced, and now it had stopped, there was a kind of eerie silence, I guess it was the lack of birds singing. The only sound was running and dripping water as it flowed down the rocky path, and dripped from the leaves of the gorse bushes.

But now as my eyes became accustomed to the light, I could see for miles in all directions.

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   And to my dismay, I wasn’t even half way down! But from where I stood, I could see the whole car park, and besides our camper-van, there was only one other vehicle parked down there. I knew I had to get to the bottom of the hill before that vehicle left.

Now the wind and rain had stopped, it was easier going, but I still had to be very careful, as the steep rocky path was slippery with the wet mud the rain had washed down. So I made my way as quickly as I dare, and once down to flat ground, I ran as fast as I could towards the exit of the car park to head off the vehicle that was parked there, in the event that it should start to leave.

The whole area was like something from a horror movie, steam was rising everywhere as the burning hot sun lifted the fresh rainfall from roads, grass and plants alike. As it was, I got to the gates of the car park, and the vehicle was still stationary about half way along the parking bays. As I ran towards it, the occupants all began to climb out of what I could now see was a Land Rover mountain rescue vehicle. By the time I’d reached where it was parked, all four men were out and standing there waiting for me to arrive.

“Slow down love. What has happened?”
“It’s my Michael, he’s fallen. He’s still up near the top of that hill,” I said as I pointed up.
“Ok love. Just take your time; lets get all the facts first. We’ll soon have him sorted for you,” this was the man who’d spoken first, and who appeared to be the one in charge.

They asked me all about what had happened, and how badly injured I thought he was, and then they decided a stretcher would be needed.


   One was brought from the back of their vehicle, and with them all carrying their own rescue packs, they all began to follow me back to the hill. They had said it would be more sensible for me to wait with the vehicles, and that they would go up the hill and find my Michael themselves. But I insisted I’d show them the way.

I ran across the field to the gate, and began to climb over. This was where I fell foul of being in too much of a rush. I’d got to the top of one side of the gate, and swung my leg over the top. But as I began to throw my weight over the gate, the newly placed foot slipped off the bar of the gate.

I dropped down onto the top rung of the gate, not only scrubbing the inside of my legs, but also landing very heavily on my crotch. This sudden whack stunned me momentarily, and I toppled over the gate, scrubbing my inside leg again as I slithered from the top rung. I fell chest forwards, and in my stunned state, the natural reaction of breaking a fall with your arms, just didn’t happen. I landed on the ground on the other side of the gate taking most of the fall with my breasts. This in itself would have been sufficient to wind me. I lay there, conscious, but seemingly unable to help myself up. In seconds all of the men were gathered around me. The man who appeared to be in charge gave me a quick check asking how many fingers he was holding up, etc.

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   And then when he was satisfied it was safe to do so, they helped me to my feet. He decided he would take me back to the car park to give me a full check over, whilst his companions continued up to the top of the hill, to rescue my Michael.

I wasn’t really in any condition to argue, and actually I’m not sure if I’d have managed the climb up that hill. As it was, he had his arm wrapped around my waist, and I had mine around his shoulder as he helped me to make my way back across the field. That was, of course, after they’d opened the gate to let me through, there was no way I could have climbed back over. On our way to the car park, I told him my name was Shirley, and my husband’s name. I also told him briefly about how long we’d been married, and that my husband was a vicar, and we were training to prepare ourselves for an overseas assignment in some remote developing world region.

Ian, this was the head man of the rescue team, said being as our vehicle was a camper-van it would have more room, and he’d be able to examine me easier in there. He explained he was fully trained medically, and there was nothing to worry about. So once he’d helped me up into the back of our camper, he said he'd go and get some kit from his vehicle, and as I was thoroughly soaking wet, I should undress, get myself dried, and then put on some dry clothes. He said he’d knock before he came back in, but I explained that wasn’t necessary, as I could close-off the bedroom compartment, and get myself changed in there.

So he went one way, and I closed myself into my bedroom, and stripped naked. I dried myself down, and then got out some clean dry clothes. Whilst I was busy pulling on my knickers, I heard the outside door opening.
“It’s only me.

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I recognised Ian’s voice, “Ok, I won't be long, I’m just getting dressed. ”
“Ok love. Just take your time. While I’m waiting, I’ll pop the kettle on, I’m sure a nice hot cup of tea will do you the world of good. ”
“Thank you. I’m sure you’re right, there is nothing like it to warm you up. ”

Well I’d soon finished dressing, and I pushed back the partition doors, to open up the full compartment.
“Are, there you are. Teas in the cups, do you take sugar?”
“No thank you. ”
“Please. ”
There you go then, that’s just what you need, something hot inside you. ”

“Thank you, you’ve been ever so kind. ”
“Don’t be silly, you drink that up, and then I’ll give you the once over, make sure you haven’t done any serious damage. ”
“I’m sure there’s no need, I’m feeling better already. ”
“Look Shirley my dear, last time I let you lead us up the hill, and that was against my better judgement, and look what happened.

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   This time, I think you should listen to me. After all, if you are ok, its cost us nothing, but if I find something wrong, then the sooner we get you fixed the better. Agreed?”
“I guess so. ”

“Well just so you know there’s nothing funny going on, I’ve set up my nanny-cam on the side cupboard over there, which will record everything that happens. ”
“There’s no need for that is there?”
“I'm afraid there is. It's silly I Know, but these days, it’s something we have to do. You know, all these cases of women accusing doctors of improper conduct. And in any case, it is as much for you, everything I do is recorded, so it’s as safe as being back in the surgery with a nurse in attendance. ”

“Ok, if we have to, but it feels very strange, the thought of you examining me, and it being recorded. ”
“Don’t worry, I guarantee, once we get started, you’ll forget it’s even there. Speaking of which, I see you’ve finished your tea, so if you sit back over there on the bed, I’ll come and sit along side you. ”

I sat on the bed, and he came across, but before he sat, he lent forwards towards me.
“Come on then, I’ll help you off with that jumper. ”
His hands took hold of the hem of my woolly jumper, and I lifted my arms, as he pulled it up and over my head.

I was now sat in front of this stranger with just a bra covering my breasts.

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   Still stood up, he leant over top of my head, and reached down to release the clip on my bra.
“Ok we’ll just help you off with this. ”
He placed it to one side on the bed, and sat sideways along side me, bringing his left hand across to cup first my right, and then my left bust. He gently squeezed and fondled under, to the sides, and all around each breast. Asking as he did, “Is this hurting?”

“No, they’re a little sore, but you’re not hurting. ”
“Ok, I’m just going to check if your sensory reactions have been damaged. Do you know what I mean by that?”
“No. ”
“Ok, its simple really, you are married, so you’ll know there are parts of your body that react to being touched. You know what I mean now?”

Maybe I was married, and I guess he thought that would mean I’d be sexually experienced, but I’d only been made love to twice. I really had no idea what he was talking about.
“I’m not sure. ”
“Ok, let me ask you this, when your Michael touches your nipples like this, does it start a tingling sensation anywhere?”

Michael had done this to me the first time in bed, and yes, I remember it made my nipples feel funny; it also made me feel funny down in my private place. So I replied.
“Yes. ”
“Do you feel the tingling now?”
It felt a little weird having a stranger touching me, but it wasn’t making my nipples feel funny, or exciting my tummy like Michael had done, so my reply was.

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“No. Not really. ”

“That's not a good sign, but maybe it's just the ambience. Let me just try something else. ”
He placed one hand in the middle of my back, one on my tummy, and said.
“Let’s just have you laid back onto the bed a minute. ” Then as he moved his hands to lift my feet, which he placed tightly together on the bed, he said.
“And you’ll be more comfortable, if we lift your legs up. ”
Then he walked across to collect his camera.
“I’ll just move this, its no good over there. ”

What he'd said before had been right; I had completely forgotten there was a camera filming our every move. But now he’d placed it over this side of the van, so it was looking up the length of the bed, and had a full view of all that was about to happen to me.

As he re-arranged the way my skirt lay across my legs, thus preventing the camera from seeing up under it, he asked.
“Do you feel comfortable?”
“Yes, I’m fine. ”
And it was true, I felt in safe hands, not least, because of his little touch of placing my feet tightly together, and making sure my skirt was discreetly positioned to prevent the camera seeing more than necessary.

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“Now I want you to trust me, because for this to work, you need to be fully relaxed. Do you trust me?”
Well up to now, this man and his friends, had been nothing but perfect gentlemen, and they’d done everything in their power to help me.
“Yes, of course I do. ”

“Ok I’ll explain what I’m going to do, and it will sound strange, but remember, it is all being filmed, so I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. And I really do need your cooperation. ”
“Yes I will, I promise. ”

“Ok, close your eyes, and try to think erotic thoughts. Think of things like the first time your husband made love to you. It's important you let your mind wander. I will start by repeating what we've already tried, fondling your nipples. But if like last time, they don’t react, I’ll have to try licking and sucking them. If you feel them beginning to react, just tell me and I’ll stop. Now before we begin, are you sure you’re ok with me doing this to you?”
I was more than a little confused.
“I’ve never heard of a doctor needing to do this, are you sure it’s really necessary?”

He sat-up suddenly,
“Ok, you can get dressed then. I thought you said you trusted me?”
I could see I’d upset him, and I instantly felt as if I’d let him down, acting like a shy and silly school girl.

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   It was then, still lying flat out on my back, that I caught a glancing view through the gap in the curtains. I froze for a second and stared at the massive rainbow encompassing the hill on the horizon where Michael was still awaiting his rescuers. It was like a giant halo, as if god had given me a sign, and I now knew this man was genuine, he’d only been trying to help me.
“No please. I trust you; it was just me being silly. It seemed a strange thing for a doctor to do. ”
“I told you that, I said it would sound strange, but you’ve subjected yourself to a very unusual injury, and I need to make sure your nerves aren’t damaged. Can you imagine if you'd never seen a doctor hitting someone just below their knee-cap with a little hammer, wouldn't this seem peculiar to you? But just because its something everyone has seen, and knows is a genuine reaction test, nobody ever questions it. Well what I'm doing is just the same, but you'd hardly imagine anyone talking about it to their friends afterwards, or you'd never see it in an Ealing comedy. ”

“Yes, I see what you mean. Ok, I’ll do my best but it will be difficult for me. ”
I lay back down, and closed my eyes, and I tried to think about the first night Michael had started fumbling his hands all over my body.
"That's a good girl. Are you ready? I'm just going to touch your nipples. "
But he didn’t wait for my reply, I instantly felt his finger tips stroking across my nipples, and at the same time, he began to use his other hand to gently rub my ear-lobe.

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   Just these two stimulants would have been enough, but now I felt his lips nipping my right nipple.

It sent a sudden quiver through my body, more violent, and penetrating than anything Michael had done on our first night. It penetrated deep into my tummy, right into my private place, and I felt it begin to tremble. I thought maybe this trembling was fear, because my private place associated someone touching my nipples, with the pain of Michael thrusting himself into me. Ian’s mouth was moving from nipple to nipple and back again, and I felt my hips lifting from the bed.

Suddenly I realised I was supposed to tell him if his touching was having an effect on me.
“I. I. I. Your. ”
My mouth kept opening, and I think I know what I wanted to say; but words wouldn’t come to my lips. I kept trying to get him to stop.
“Ple. . .

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   Please. You’re. Please. ”
“Relax my dear. Just let it flood over you. ”
“Ohhhh god. Ohhh  pl. . . ”
“It’s alright. Just let yourself go. I won't hurt you. Just let your body do what it wants. ”
I wanted to tell him to stop, but I couldn't even say words, let alone make sentences that were comprehensible.

Well I did as he’d asked, I let go, not that I did it intentionally, I just seemed powerless to resist.

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   I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was wrong, but it was like it was happening to someone else. He wasn’t just kissing and licking my nipples, he was kissing into the nape of my neck, and under my ears. God I can't explain what this was doing to me, I’d never experienced anything like this before, and I just wanted him to keep driving the sensation harder and deeper into my body.

I knew my hips were thrashing up and down, and that I’d now splayed my knees open, but it wasn’t actually me in control of the way I was behaving. As each tremor rippled down my body, it culminated in me thrusting my hips high up off the bed, and it wasn’t only my knees that were splayed open, my feet were no longer tightly together where he’d placed them. I was laid back, totally under his control, with my feet a good two foot apart in the most shameless pose.

He kept up his onslaught for an age, and although I had no idea what was about to happen, I could feel something was building up in my private place. It was pulsing wildly, and my tummy was knotted as if it was about to release some kind of fire ball.

I know it wasn't a fire ball, but something was released, and I began a violent jerking, and writhing about on the bed. Then I was suddenly aware my knickers and the tops of my legs were soaking, as fluid flowed from inside me. I must have writhed about for a good minute or two, and when I eventually collapsed, just for that split second, I felt like I’d been to heaven and back, and god was sitting at my side.

(God forgive me for saying that, but it was like nothing I’d ever experienced)

As I opened my eyes I saw Ian looking down at me.
“How do you feel now?”
As I’ve just said, I was in an ecstatic trance, and I just blurted out.
“Oh Ian, was I alright?”
“I don’t need to answer that for you, do I?”
“Oh Ian. What did you do to me? That was so wonderful.


“So I can take it from that, you’ve never had an orgasm before?”

I had heard of them years ago in uni, but it wasn’t something that any of my friends ever talked about, and I'd never heard the word for years. But going by Ian’s question, I guess that must have been what had just happened to me.
I whispered, in a very embarrassed manner.
“Well Shirley, you certainly made up for that today. You’re a top class squirter. ”

I guessed he was referring to the liquid that had come from my body when I’d began to spasm, and I suddenly felt so ashamed, it was like I’d pee’d myself.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mea. . . ”
“Don’t you be sorry. ”
He stopped me mid sentence,
“That was exactly what I hoped you’d do. We’ve just proved what we wanted to see. Your stimulation points are working fine, and you haven’t done any permanent damage to your breasts. ”

“And in any case, I need to examine you down there next, so you would have had to take your skirt and knickers off anyway. ”
And with me still lying flat out along the bed, he began to unbuckle my belt.

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   I placed my hand on top of his, and he paused his unbuckling.
“Ian, are you sure this is necessary?”
He looked at me, giving me one of those superior looks men are good at.
“Have you still got any discomfort down there?”
As he asked, he looked down to my crotch area and nodded his head. Discomfort! Now the affect of the orgasm was subsiding, it was beginning to hurt like mad again.
“Yes. ”
“Then you’d be a very silly girl to ignore it. ”

There was a pause, as I still found the whole thing very embarrassing; then I asked.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Of course you can. ”
“I do trust you, and I don’t want to upset you. ”
“Come on ask away, I promise I won't get upset. ”
“You said once you could tell I was getting aroused, you’d stop. ”
“Normally I would have done, but it was so obvious from the way your body reacted, that you were, so to speak, sexually tense. It is always better in those circumstances to allow the patient to attain full satisfaction. ”
“You promise me you’re not just. .

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  . ”
I hesitated, not finding the right words, but without me actually saying what I meant, he answered me.
“I give you my word. What I just did to you was strictly in accordance with medical practice and I’d have done exactly the same if we’d had a nurse in attendance. ”

I lifted my hand from his, and he resumed unbuckling my belt. Then he reached to my side to unbutton the skirt. As I felt him tug, I lifted my hips to allow him to pull my skirt under my bottom. Next his fingers were into the waist-band of my knickers, and I once again lifted letting my knickers be removed. He lifted my left leg across, and turned it slightly, bringing the inside face of my leg uppermost.
“My god, you’ve messed this up a bit. ”
I instantly thought he was referring to the bed covers, with all my liquid squirting, so I lifted myself up to my elbows to look. But he was referring to my left leg, and the long red scratches I’d made on it as I’d slid down the top rail of the gate.

“Here, I’ll rub some of this in; it’ll help take the sting out. ”
He began to rub some cream out of a tube he’d taken from his medical bag. But to be honest, the stimulation he’d given me, and the orgasm I’d just experienced, had pushed the feelings of soreness my legs had been giving me, way to the back of my mind.

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   It was only the really dull aching from my crotch, which had managed to penetrate the anaesthetic effect of the orgasm. But he went ahead and rubbed first my left, and then my right leg, even though the latter was only slightly scuffed.

“There we go. I think that’s the legs sorted, now for your vagina. Is it alright me using the medical term? It doesn’t offend you?”
“No, that’s ok. ”
“Is that what you call it?”
“Well not really. ”
“What do you call it then?”
“I’m not sure as I’ve ever had to call it anything; I guess if I had too, I’d say my private place. ”

“Ok Shirley my dear you’re going to have to be very grown-up and brave about this next part. It’s essential that I give you and internal examination, and to do that, I’m going to ask you to let me lift your legs right up high to your shoulders, and then stretch them as wide as you can get them. We’d normally have a special couch for this with stirrups, so you could relax as much as possible. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to put your hands under your knees, to hold your legs up for me. Will you manage that for me?”
“I think so. ”
I began to lift my legs.
“Whoa there. Not yet my dear, let me explain the whole procedure to you first.

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   It’s embarrassing enough for you having to go through with this; I don’t want you to be like it for one second longer than absolutely necessary. ”

I let my legs back down.
“Sorry I thought you meant now. ”
“You don’t need to apologise my dear. I bet you’re a bundle of nerves?”
“Y yes. I am a bit on edge. ”
“You have my word, once we get started, so long as you relax and trust me like last time, it’ll be over before you know it. Ok, once we get you in position, I’m going to be feeling all around what you call your little private place, outside and inside, and I’m even going to be feeling inside your bottom. This won't be anywhere near as bad as it sounds, thanks to your orgasm, you’re really well lubricated. So before we begin, you’re clear about what I’m going to do? And you’re ok with me doing it?”
I didn’t answer, I felt instinctively, that he was a man I could trust, and god had sent him to help both Michael and I in our hour of need. I looked into his eyes, and nodded.

“Ok then, let’s have them little legs up nice and high”
So I began to lift my legs, his hands took hold of my ankles, positioning them precisely where he wanted as he passed them into my hands.
“Ok my dear. Have you got them?”
So there I was; spread open for him to do as he wanted.
His hands were all over me, sliding up and along my slit, back down to my bottom, and as he’d said, pushing into my bottom.

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   The whole of this area of my body was covered in wet slippy juices from my orgasm, so wherever his fingers moved towards, they just slid in, and up.

I could feel he was moving from my bottom, to my front hole, and back again repeatedly, using two fingers held together. They slid up my front hole with out any problem, and I began to feel the sensations building up inside my tummy once again. But as he slid the two fingers up my bottom, I felt a rippling sensation as the knuckles passed in through the outer tight ring and then again as they pulled their way out.

I guess he’d been examining me for about two minutes when he said, “There really isn’t anything to feel nervous about. ”
“I I’m not. ”
“I can tell you’re not relaxing my dear; and like the last test we just carried out; if you don’t relax, we’ll never see if your stimulation system is working. Tell you what, let your legs down from up there, and just let them fall open naturally. And then I’ll start back on your breasts, and then work down to your little private place. You just close your eyes. ”

I again didn’t answer, but I knew he was right, I was still tense. So I did as he'd asked and lowered my legs. And then I let my knees fall open, while I held my feet wide apart. He was soon leaning above me, sucking my nipples, and kissing around my neck. I immediately began to get aroused, for this time; I recognised that was what was happening to me.

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   But no sooner had the thunderbolts of lightning began to send fire down to my crotch, before my hips resumed their humping action. But with him leaning up my body to suck and kiss my breasts, he was positioned in the valley made by my open legs, and thus my humping hips, pushed my mound hard into contact with his body. There was no mistaking what I could feel through the material of his trousers; it was his penis, and it was rock hard. This only appeared to enhance my arousal, and both of my holes were now both throbbing like never before.

I fought off what appeared to be an involuntary bodily movement, attempting to keep my bottom firmly down on the bed. But as he’d now sensed my state of arousal, he moved from my breasts, and I felt his mouth come into contact with my front hole. His tongue began lapping up the length of my slit and then back down as far as my bottom hole. But when after a few exploratory licks, he lingered around the front of my slit, and started licking and sucking, I heaved up into his face with a violent thrust. He sucked all the harder, and I felt a thumb slip up my bottom, whilst two fingers began ramming in and out of my love hole. He continued poking, probing, licking, sucking and generally exploring and manipulating all of the lower part of my body. For my sake, I just let my body do as it wished, and went with whatever my reactions dictated.

I knew another squirting orgasm was about to explode, and I just let myself behave like a shameless animal. As my orgasm began, he gripped hard onto the top of my legs, clamping his face into my crotch. No matter how I writhed about, he stuck to me like a limpet, drinking as much of my juices as he could get down.

We both lay still for minutes, I could not believe what had just taken place, and was finding difficulty making excuses to myself, knowing this couldn’t really be some kind of genuine medical test.

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   Then I saw his face, as he lifted his head up, from where his mouth and nose had been buried hard into my love hole.

He smiled, “Well my dear. You can be sure of one thing, that secret place of yours is in perfect working order, just like your breasts. ”
His face was covered with my juice, but he had the biggest smile I’d ever seen, and for some stupid reason I can't explain, I said,
“You look happy. ”
“Well my little Shirley, I could say the same for you. But you’re right, I am happy. It’s not every day I get a vicar’s wife to cum in my mouth. ”
“Oh god, you mean that was all a trick?”
“No, of course not. You know I was just making sure everything was working after your fall. And that massage I’ve just given you, I bet it’s taken nearly all the pain from in between your legs?”

Well he was right about that, the ‘massage’ as he called it, had relaxed and relieved what had been a very painful ache I’d had in my crotch.
“Yes, it does feel better. ”
“So the fact you’ve just cum twice in less than twenty minutes, and I’ve had the pleasure of drinking your cum directly from your pussy, that is just a bonus. ”
Feeling very embarrassed, I asked.
“Can I get myself cleaned up now?”
“Of course you can. But before you do I want you to just take this.

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He’d already stood up, and just as he was saying this he turned away, and put his hands to his bag. Then as he brought his hand back towards me, he was holding out his finger, like he’d maybe squirted something from a tube, and he had the squib of what ever on his outstretched finger. As it came to my mouth, I looked at it, it was like a sort of streaky white paste, almost like wallpaper paste.

“Open up, its only one little lick. ”
“What is it?”
“Don’t you worry what it is, the doctor says to lick it up, so be a good girl. ”
I took hold of his hand, and wiped his finger across my tongue, and licked it into my mouth. It was a little salty, but not nasty to taste.
“Well did it taste ok?”

“Yes, what was it?”
“It’s just a muscle relaxant, but you could do with a bigger dose than that. ”
“Have you got anymore?”
“There’s a little left in a tube, but I think you’ll have to suck it out, while I hold the tube. ”
“Where is it?”
He pulled his zipper down, and pulled out his big erect penis.
“Come on my little beauty, open up your mouth. ”
As he said it he rammed his penis towards my face, and as I attempted to pull back, his hand on the back of my head pulled me forwards.

As the sticky wet end of his penis pressed against my lips, it forced its way into contact with my teeth. I stupidly attempted to protest, and as my teeth parted, his penis entered; preventing any words escaping.
“Suck it you bitch.

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But try as I might to pull away, he was too strong. I never even thought of biting it, and he pumped my mouth for nearly a minute before I managed to get it out.

“You dirty sod. I’m going to tell my Michael. Get off me you dirty man. ”
“Calm down you silly girl, it was only my fucking dick, it wasn’t like I tried to poison you. ”
“I’ll get you struck-off. I’ll tell them you raped me. ”
“Don’t be silly, it’s all on camera, you agreed to everything. And as for struck off, struck off what? I’m not a doctor. I’m a plumber. ”
“Why. You tricked me. I hate you. I’m sure my Michael will be able to get you into trouble with the police.

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“Look calm down; let me explain things to you. First, the video camera shows I didn’t force or rape you. Second the video I’ve just recorded can be put on the internet, or sent in the form of a DVD to the bishop, your parents, Michael’s parents, your neighbours, or anyone. And I can't imagine your Michael would be very impressed with his wife heaving her pussy up and down and squirting her cum for a stranger. In fact, I think he might even divorce you. So as you see, if you tell anyone, it is you who will lose out, not me. ”

“Anyway, what harm has been done, you’ve just had your first orgasms, you should really be thanking me, not getting all upset. ”
“But you tricked me. I thought you were a doctor. ”
“But doctor or not, did you have two orgasms?”
“Well yes but. . . ”
“But nothing, you were on cloud nine? And be honest, you liked the taste of my dick?”

“No I didn’t. You forced that on me. How could you do that? That was horrible.


“You didn’t say that when you licked the cum from my finger. ”
“But I thought you were giving me some kind of medicine. ”
“And so I was. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop acting like a silly school-girl, and you’ll get my dick back into your mouth, and get yourself a nice big dose of it. ”

“Don’t be so foul. I promise you, I don’t care if you are trying to blackmail me with that dirty video you’ve taken, I’m going to tell my Michael, and we’ll get you arrested. ”
“You still don’t understand how silly you sound. Do you? Do you think your Michael will still be allowed to stay in the church, once the bishop and all your local congregation has seen you performing? I can guarantee you, the second Michael sees you behaving like a sex crazed whore, he’ll be on the phone to a solicitor, and the divorce papers will be written-up and ready to sign by the time he gets to the solicitors office. ”

I kept trying to believe my Michael would stick by me, and discount the things this man was saying, but the more I thought about what that camera witnessed, the more I came to accept he was right. But if I once gave in to this man, I had no idea where this would end. I decided I'd try one last attempt to bluff him out.

“You can say what you like, I know my Michael, and he will believe me, not you or anything you’ve got on that video. ”
“It’s your choice my dear. ”
And with that he began to get himself dressed. Then while dressing he looked out of the window and said.

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“But you’ll only have yourself to blame when this all goes wrong. And if I was you, I’d look-sharp and get some clothes on, looks like my colleagues are just getting the stretcher over that gate right now, so they’ll be here soon. Just remember, I offered you an easy way out, one where your Michael would have been none the wiser. ”

I rapidly began to clean myself up, and get into some fresh clothes. But all the time I was wondering what would happen when they arrived back with Michael.
“What are you going to say when my Michael gets here?”
“I’m just going to play my nanny-cam back through that TV of yours, so your Michael, and of course, my friends can watch everything that’s just happened. ”
“But my Michael will see you tricked me. ”

“Do you really think a man’s pride is that strong, that he can live with a wife he’s just witnessed behaving like that with a stranger? Especially when he’s just had to watch it for the first time in the company of other strangers; all of whom are men. Knowing; even at best his wife has been more naive than a school girl. But at worst, she’s taken the first opportunity presented to her, to have a sexual relationship with a stranger. ”

I was now fully dressed, and I’d pushed all my used clothes into the wash basket along with the soaking bed cover. Then as I spread a fresh cover over the bed, I could see the three men coming through the gates at the far end of the car park! I now had literally single minutes to decide if I dare take this man on, and trust that Michael would stand-by me.

I knuckled-under and decided it would be easier to just let him get away with his foul deception.
“Ok you win. I won't tell Michael, so long as you don’t show him the video.

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“Too late my dear. If you’d just given my dick a little suck. A minute would have done to show your appreciation for my help in bringing you to your first orgasm. But as it is, I’ll take pleasure in watching his face when he sees you on screen. And your face when he goes ballistic. Then I’ll make money selling the video on line. ”

“Please don’t, I’m really sorry. ”
“Sorry doesn’t cut the mustard. Are you willing to prove it?”
“How? They’ll be at the door any second. ”
“I’ll keep quiet on one condition. ”
“I want your knickers off. Now!”
“What are you going to do?”
“Nothing. I just want to know you’re walking around in here without any knickers on. ”

As he finished speaking, they arrived at the other side of the door, and one of them knocked.

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   KNOCK. ”
I pulled my knickers down, and was looking around for somewhere to hide them. Ian took them from my hand with his left, as his right one was busy opening the door. Stood outside were two men either ends of a stretcher, and the third one carrying all their ropes and gear.

One of the men climbed in backwards, lifting with him the stretcher which had my Michael strapped firmly into it. Followed by the man on the other end of the stretcher. The third man piled all the gear onto the floor, and he walked to the driver’s door and climbed in.
“Someone got the keys?”

“Shirley my dear, have you got the keys for Jamie, and then we can get your Michael to hospital. ”
I handed the keys to Ian, and as he gave then to the man in the driving seat, Jamie, I stooped down to talk to Michael. Even this was not as straightforward as it might have been. As Michael was flat on his back on the stretcher. And the stretcher was on the floor. I had to be careful Michael didn’t see up my skirt, and realise I hadn’t any knickers on.

“Michael dear, are you alright? Is it hurting bad?”
“I’ll be ok. It is hurting, but thanks to these Samaritans, it’ll soon be taken care of.

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   Are you ok?”
“Oh yes, I’m fine. I would have come back up with them, to help them find you, but I stupidly fell climbing that gate. ”
As soon as the words left my lips, I regretted saying anything. Why I’d told him that I have no idea, he didn’t need to know anything about me being hurt.

“Oh my darling. Were you hurt badly?”
I rapidly tried to back track, making out it was nothing.
“No. Just shaken up, and a bit bruised. ”
“Has this gentleman looked at it for you?”
He said looking at Ian. I’d backed myself into a corner now, and only lies would get me out.
“No, there’s no need. ”

“Don’t be a silly girl. These men are medically trained. They’ve strapped my ankle up, and given me a full once-over to check for any other problems. I’m sure Terry or Roy would be only too glad to check you out.

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“Sure thing Michael, we’ll take her into the back compartment. ”
“There you are my dear, looks like you’ll have the attention of two medical men, you are privileged. ”

Then turning to Terry,
“If you need any privacy for the examination, the partition door can be brought across to close that end off. ”
“Well she did fall heavily with her crotch onto the top rail of that iron gate, so we will need to give her an internal. ”
Michael almost swallowed his own tongue, and the gulp noise he made was noticeable.

“Well. Err. I’ll trust you to do what’s necessary. ”
I wanted to shout out, but knew doing that, would only unleash Ian with his video of me behaving like a sex crazed animal; so instead, I let Roy lead me with his hand on my elbow, back into our bedroom. Whilst Terry closed off the partition; leaving my Michael, Ian and Jamie, all the other side. Jamie now had the campervan underway, so we were now making our way along the steep twisty moor-land roads.

It was only when Terry turned around from closing the partition, that I saw he had the dreaded camcorder in his hand.
“Right Shirley, it is Shirley? Isn’t it?”
He spoke in a soft voice, obviously not wanting my Michael to hear him.
“Yes it is. But you can forget using that.

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   And don’t think I’m going to let either of you examine me. ”
“Oh I see. It’s like that is it? Well in that case, we might as well open the partition, and you can explain to your husband why you don’t want to be examined, while he watches Ian’s camera work. I know he scored, he gave me the nod as soon as we walked in. ”

So this little scam wasn’t a one-off, they must have done this before. And when they arrived back, Ian had managed to let them know he’d compromised me, without even saying a word. So I was still backed in a corner, and this time it wasn’t lies that would help me out.

“Ok. I’ll let you examine me, but if you touch me like Ian did, I won't be able to keep silent. ”
“But we will. ”
“What do you mean?”
“Did you suck Ian’s dick?”
“No. ”
“What and he hasn’t shown your husband the video? I’d better make some excuse to get him in here to find out what’s going on. ”

I really didn’t want Michael’s suspicion arousing, so I quickly said.
“No please, there's really no need. We ran out of time, I would have done it, but he said if I took my knickers off, he wouldn’t tell about the video.

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A big smile appeared on his face, and he lifted the hem of my skirt up. Then Roy reached across and lifted my left leg up and to the side; so they could now both see my love hole.
“Sweet. Can't wait to get my lips around that cunt of yours. ”

We were still talking in soft tones, but even so, I felt like my Michael knew what was going on.
“Get laid back on the bed, and I’ll get astride you. You can suck my dick first. And when it cums, don’t you dare spill any, you swallow the fucking lot, or you’ll be in trouble. ”
He didn’t sound like he was a man to mess with, so I was soon on my back, sucking his massive hard penis as it rammed in and out of my mouth.

I’d been sucking for only a minute or so before he began to jerk his hips. I recognised this as a sign he was shooting his cum, but in truth I hadn’t much idea what that meant. I’d only experienced it twice, and each time it had been with Michael’s penis up inside my love hole.

But now I could feel and taste the same salty taste from earlier, as he kept ramming and spurting inside my mouth. I made sure I kept it all in, not letting a drop leave my lips, then as his penis pulled out, I swallowed it all down.

What I haven’t mentioned, was while Terry was busy in my mouth, Roy had my legs spread wide open, and was busy licking my holes, and all around my love parts.

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   So what with terry’s penis on my lips, and Roy’s onslaught under my skirt, I was well on my way to an orgasm. It had only been the big fat penis in my mouth, which had stifled my gasps of pleasure.

Now I’d swallowed the cum, Terry held his hand over my lips, until Roy presented his penis for me to suck. As it touched my lips, I eagerly sucked, but as he was already pushing, it would have gone in anyway. I soon got back into the rhythm, as he pumped hard against the back of my throat. Down below, something was being pushed up inside my front love hole!

I couldn’t fight them off, and it wasn’t a penis. It was something strange, hard and man made. Once he had whatever pushed up deep inside me, he began to lick and suck all around as Roy had done. But from deep inside me, there was a sensation I couldn’t explain. Yes I know I had an orgasm building, but this was something more, or extra.

My tummy was vibrating from inside, a kind of tremor shooting feelings to every part of my being. Well if at the start of this I’d been concerned about Michael hearing us, by now, that was not even a consideration. They’d somehow taken me to the point where I was no longer in control of my body. Well I might not have been in control of it, but I knew what it was doing.

Terry had to try to hold me up off the bed, as I was thrashing my hips violently up and down.

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   If he'd left me on the mattress, I’d have been bouncing the camper-van off the road. Roy was still ramming my mouth, but now, I could feel his penis was entering my wind-pipe. There was no sign of me gagging on it; it was like I’d done it a million times before, a kind of natural ability that just felt right.

Then it came to the time for Roy to shoot his cum, and he pulled back slightly, so as to shoot each and every bolt of his cum over the surface of my tongue. His first release of cum triggered my orgasm. Terry held onto me like he was tackling a raging bull. He told me some time later, he thought a Spanish fighting bull would have been easier to control.

So after a few minutes, I’d returned to my normal self, and once again, felt first guilty, then angry, and then trapped. And then as I began to wipe myself clean, I felt a wire, a thin electrical flex wire, disappearing up into my front love hole. The other end of the wire was coming out of a small plastic box that lay beside me on the bed.

“What’s this?”
I asked as I held the wire, not daring to pull on it.
Terry answered, “That’ll be ok left in there for now. We’ll put the battery pack into a waist belt for you. ”
“But what is it? Why can't you take it out?”
“Don’t worry about it; it’s only a little stimulator. Something we can use to remind you who is in charge.

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I wanted to argue, and insist it was removed, but I knew it would be pointless. So instead I just allowed them to attach the battery pack to a belt which was put around my waist, under my skirt. I finished dressing, but again wasn’t allowed to wear any knickers. Then with us all looking respectable, the partition was once again pulled open.

Terry breezed out as unconcerned as you like, “Well reverend, you can rest assured your lady wife is in first class working order. She’s still a bit tender, but she’ll be right as rain in a couple of days. ”

I could see by Michael’s face, he looked more than a little concerned, and ignoring what Terry had said, he look directly at me, from where he lay, still strapped tightly onto the stretcher.
“Are you ok? They didn’t do anything improper to you?”
The last thing I wanted to do was to get him upset, or provoke Ian into showing the video, so out came another lie.
“No dear, of course not. They just examined me, and massaged me with some cream. ”

I then tried to change the subject.
“Don’t you think you could undo the straps now, and let Michael sit up?”
Ian answered, “As I’ve just explained to Michael, its all part of these modern rules and regulations we have to keep to. We both know it's silly, but the powers-that-be insist we keep the injured party strapped into the stretcher whilst in transit, it’s like wearing a seat belt. ”
“But surely he doesn’t need to be trust down so tightly?”
“Sorry my dear, but they'd crucify me if, god forbid, we had a crash, and he wasn’t adequately restrained. ”

I’d decided I was onto a looser, with this request, when suddenly; my love hole began to send out sensations.


   I froze to the spot, and my legs turned to jelly. I had to turn towards the side cupboard, and use both my hands to take my weight, to prevent myself from falling to the floor. Roy dashed to my assistance, his arms sliding under mine from behind me, as he took my weight, and helped me back to one of the side bench seats. This feeling was still building, so intense inside me, that I lay back in a very un-lady-like slouch, unable to compose myself.

“Shirley. What’s wrong? My god what’s happening to her?”
Called Michael from where he lay.
Roy was sat alongside me, his arms around my shoulder, making sure I didn’t ac.

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