They Walk Among Us


     He had never forgotten his father's advice. "Set your mind on what you want son, pursue your dream to the end. It's never gonna just walk up to you lad!" He was forty-seven now and still that dream remained unfulfilled - a distant oasis, a desert island in an uncharted sea.
     Andrew Raglan had dreamed of violently raping a girl since he was a teenager. Not any girl mind. The girl of his dreams - beautiful beyond mere worded parameters, more desirable than Aphrodite herself and so wholly innocent, butter could never melt in her mouth - it would instead evaporate within that delicately soft ingress.
     The dream remained alive because destiny had yet to place her in harm's way. There was no way of knowing he reasoned, if she had even been born at this juncture. All he knew is that she was uniquely his and that the machinations of fate would take care of the technicalities later. He would rape her, yes - but it would be an elite humiliation. Her suffering must be glorified and in her transfigured debasement he would ensure she attained the rank of martyr - to his cause at least!
     Having amassed a plethora of academic achievements since third grade, he had graduated with honors at an early age. Consequent upon serving his internship at Sinai in LA, Dr Raglan completed his Doctorate in Applied Nuclear Physiology, becoming the nation's youngest consulting surgeon in seventy-five years and with the plaudits came an extraordinarily attractive young wife, a living standard to rival Bill Gates and inevitably, one son and two daughters - seventeen, sixteen and fourteen years of age respectively. None of which it must be said, impacted but momentarily on his darker contemplations that had by now reached the stage of minor disquiet if not early anxiety.
    "Will that be all sir?". . .

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  Just five words - enough though to have sealed the poor girl's fate!
     Dr Raglan looked up into the face that had uttered them. But for the slightest of muscular tics in his upper cheek, his demeanor gave nothing away.
    "Yes, thank you. . . . . . Roslyn," he smiled, looking at the name badge pinned only centimetres above the unobtrusive convexity of her left breast.
     Pre-programmed cogs were clicking into place somewhere within his cranial cavity. There was no doubt, it was her.
    "Beautiful" didn't cover it, she was exquisite! Angelic in the most literal sense of the word, with utterly delicate features that God obviously oversaw the creation of personally. This was no assembly-line replicant. Wonderfully animated little face that played host to soft but oh! so kissable lips, high cheeks with the lightest blush adorning them. Those clear blue eyes proclaimed their owner's youth and innocence while managing not to detract from her flawless complexion and shining brown hair that, curling softly to her shoulders, might in years to come have provided a silky and sweet-smelling haven for many future lovers to run their fingers through, whilst whispering words of endearment into those shapely and feminine little ear-lobes.

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     Even beneath the rather plain check-out uniform she had obviously a most attractive body. Curved to perfection in all the right places and packed within a compact, five-three, one-twenty pound frame. She could have been no more than fifteen or sixteen.
     During the next three weeks, the good doctor made a point of checking-out exclusively through aisle six. The most skeletal of conversations with the girl not only reinforced a two-way familiarity between them, but added the pertinent information that she attended the De La Salle College for girls in Ainsworth County, was in fact sixteen, living at home and as yet without her first boyfriend. He even discovered what hours she worked and the bus route home she normally took.
     When money is no object and in Andrew Raglan's case - that was an understatement, illicit dealings are considerably easier to organise. In the next month or so a rather pretty little cottage on the outskirts of town was added to his already bulging property portfolio. It was the expansive cellar directly beneath the kitchen - accessible by trapdoor, that had caught his eye. Amazing what a couple of thousand bucks can do to tizz up a room.
     The rain was sleeting down as Roslyn made her way out of the shop just a few weeks later. It was late fall and she wanted to get home before dark. She opened up the umbrella and stepped out on to the sidewalk. Having taken little more than a couple of steps, a late model BMW pulled alongside her, the near-side passenger's window lowering itself.
    "Hello Roslyn, could I give you a lift somewhere? Home perhaps? Hardly the evening to be out walking in this weather is it?.

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  " The face was both familiar and friendly.
    "Oh Hi Doctor Raglan," she breezed, having absolutely no reason to doubt his integrity. "The bus stop is just a few blocks if that's OK?" he opened the door for her and she slid in, almost snapping a couple of the umbrella's spindles as she closed the door hurriedly.
    "Look I can easy drop you home sweetie," he offered, "You live in Cranstone Valley I think you said?. . . . that's only ten minutes from my own house. "
    "You sure it's not out of your way?" she asked softly.
    "So ultimately polite," he was thinking. . . . "Of course not," he told her. "Can't have you getting sopping wet in this rain can we?"
     Even now, the wipers were at full throttle in their quest to maintain a decent view forwards.

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   The occupants' combined body-heat however was beginning to cause a build-up of mist on the inside of the vehicle's windscreen.
     Just having the girl seated within groping range was enough to flip his switch. Already, hazy images of Roslyn's cruelly abused body lying beneath him and her easily-imagined pleas for mercy were igniting his ardor. He had to remain in control, he just had to.
    "Have you ever let a boy put his hand in your panties?" he asked her suddenly as if it were the most normal question in the world.
    The girl blushed bright red. . . . "What????" she stammered. . . "N-n-no, of course not," she squeezed out. . .

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  . her mind suddenly a maelstrom of desperate confusion.
    "It figures," he murmured, "Cute little girls like you don't have sex until you're married do they? Bet you've never even said "fuck" have you?" His eyes were still on the road ahead.
    "You'd better let me out please, I want to walk," she said, her pretty voice shaking, "You can just drop me at these lights right here," she added, moving across to open the door as the car slowed to a crawl. Try as she might however, the handle would not engage. So heavy was the rain now you could barely see ten yards ahead - there was no-one around.
    "Child-proof locks sweetheart," he grinned, "No way to open that door. " The car began to accelerate away from the crossing.
    "I don't want you to take me home," she half-sobbed. . "Just let me out. "
    "I'm sorry Roslyn," he smiled across at her. "I shouldn't have been talking about your sexy little panties should I? Very rude of me. Anyway. .

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  . . I'm not taking you home - well least not to your home for a while?" He stared ahead, navigating with care.
     She looked around in desperation. How could this be happening to her? Of all people in the world, she thought she would have been safe with . this man.
    "Where are you taking me then?" she asked, her voice quivering
   "It's a surprise," he answered. "You'll really like it!" So saying he leaned across and before she could instigate the most basic of defense tactics, he slipped a hand right up beneath her skirt and with his middle finger, traced the indentation of her vaginal lips right down between her legs. She forced his hand out. . . . too shocked even to scream.
    "Very nice m'dear," he muttered approvingly. "One very hot little pussy by the feel of it.

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   Do you flirt with your daddy Roslyn?. . . imagine him fucking you perhaps? Pretty sure my eldest daughter - she's your age by the way" - has the hots for me some nights. Probably time I did something about that come to think of it. Damn right I should!"
     Just the thought suddenly of sixteen-year old Rachel stretched out in the back seat there, giggling madly as he probed the softness up between her legs, caused him to shiver with mad desire.
     Crying now, she just clutched her bag and umbrella to her, looking desperately for a way out of her unheralded threatening situation. Neither spoke for several minutes. It wasn't until she noticed the Beamer slowing to negotiate what looked like a quite steep driveway that she slipped into a serious funk.
     She watched helplessly as the steel roller-door admitted the black sedan, closing almost noiselessly behind them. Lights came on automatically and she could see just ahead of the car, another door that obviously was designed to give internal access to the house.
     Exiting the car, Dr Raglan walked around to the passenger's side and held the door open. "After you my dear and please, no contrived heroics - there's no way out of here without either a key or a swipe-card. . .

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  and I'm afraid I have both. "
     Having but little choice, she got out of the car, more than aware of his lustful appraisal of her young body, semi-protected as it was by her outer jacket. He used a key to open the connecting door and she found herself led into a small hallway. As if reading her earlier thoughts he said to her,
    "Why not take that wet-weather jacket off Roslyn, there's no rain forecast for inside the house. "
    "I'll keep it on thanks," she replied, with not a little vehemence.
     Fully unprepared for such, his vicious backhander sent her sprawling to the floor. Far from dredging up any compassion, all he saw was the girl's skirt riding well up her thighs. Was that just the slightest crescent of light blue cotton panties he could see skulking there?
    "When you address me - keep a civil tongue in your head missy," he railed at her. I'm forty seven - you're sixteen. . . remember that!"
     Never having been exposed to such violence, the young girl sat up holding her mouth where a trickle of blood now exited her mouth at the corner. She began sobbing in total dread of what lay in store for her. Pulling the girl to her feet he removed her jacket and as calmly as you please, placed a hand on her right breast which he began to lewdly fondle as she wriggled in embarrassment. Between his legs, multiple .

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  exe files were preparing to launch his never-used rape software.
     Tying her wrists behind her back now with cable-ties he had earlier had the presence of mind to leave on the work-bench, he pushed the girl into a high-back chair.
     "Don't you move that sexy little ass 'till I tell you, OK?"
     She then watched in complete panic as he pulled up the trap-door beneath which she could see stairs leading downwards. Flipping a switch somewhere, she could make-out now some sort of room that looked and smelt like it had recently been renovated. Propelling her to her feet, he instructed her to descend the stairs. Sensing this was her last chance for rescue she began screaming but found her endeavors stymied by a strong hand flush across her mouth.
    "Plenty of opportunity to scream your pretty little face off down there Roslyn," he hissed, dragging her to the trap-door. "Matter of fact, I want you to scream - as much as you like!"
     As the trap closed above her, she sensed there was to be no rescue. She was going to have to ride this out - whatever he had planned for her and that really didn't take too much deductive logic - even for a naïve sixteen-year old schoolgirl.
    "You're going to rape me aren't you?" she asked almost casually as he removed the clamped hand from across her mouth, taking in simultaneously the fact that the room contained simply a double-bed and some peripheral furniture including a gigantic plasma television on the far wall.
    "That I am sweetheart," he replied. "Matter of fact, I don't even think we need those wrists of yours tied behind your back. . . detracts from the overall reality of the moment.

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  " He moved behind her and undid the ties, before pushing her roughly on to the bed.
     She gasped in surprise but had little time for further contemplation as he sat down beside her on the bed and tried to kiss her. Pushing him away in disgust she tried to get up.
    "That's the spirit," he laughed, "Now let's see what a sweet and innocent little thing like you keeps hidden under her skirt," So saying, he forced a hand between her legs causing the hemline to inch its way above her knees. The softness of her inner thighs and the heat resident there was impacting on his lust and he began rubbing her panties with a fervor.
    "God, if this wasn't worth the twenty year wait," he mumbled, clearly aroused by Roslyn's struggles. "Pleeaase don't. . . . " she sobbed as his hand slipped beneath the thin cotton and began prising her virginal lips apart.
    "Fuck this - I want to see what I'm doing," he said. Then in one dexterous move, he ripped her skimpy panties down to her ankles and pushed her skirt clear of her waist. For just a moment, the sight of her youthful vagina so wholly exposed, together with the proliferation of tight little brown curls on nearby sentry-duty, blew his mind. He began rubbing her the length of that wonderfully hot little slit - revelling in such forbidden sensations.


   Futilely pleading with him to let her go, she failed to realise that all this was achieving was to arouse him further.
     He could hold off no longer.
     Prostrate across her now, he unzipped his fully erect partner-in-crime and placed the head at the girl's sacred portal. She cried out at her impending fate. With little finesse but considerable zeal one might say, Dr Raglan simply thrust up hard against the teenager's up-till-then dutifully preserved hymen. It was definitely a case of pleading "no contest. "
     Roslyn screamed as the cruel intruder tore away the flap-of-a-lifetime and lay there sobbing and open-mouthed in horror as she felt the most unwelcome of penile thrusts intrude upon the sanctity of her most private bodily orifice. Worse - it was her fertile period she knew and the thought of her falling pregnant merely added to the hopelessness of the situation.
     Despite it all, she could feel her body responding to the rape and even if only an automatic reaction to lessen the discomfort - she knew she was wet down there.
     Sensorily overloaded, Raglan was grunting like a Neanderthal as he fucked the slight form beneath him. Seizing the girl's top he simply ripped the material all the way to her belly fully exposing her matching light blue bra. As she cried out in pain and embarrassment he leered at her predicament and began fondling both breasts with a passion.
    "Bet your daddy would like to have a play with these little mounds," he teased her, pulling both free of their soft cups as he spoke. She winced as he squeezed one nipple and pulled the other. She could feel him swelling inside her.

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    Aware of his imminent ejaculation, he started penetrating her with such force she began to scream anew. Watching as her small breasts shook like jelly beneath his thrusts, he drove right off the cliff edge itself. With a roar of what amounted to two decades' pent-up frustration, he then emptied his very best vintage deep inside that virginal cavity spraying the walls with super-heated gel. The girl's body was crushed beneath her unchosen partner and even as he withdrew gasping for breath, she just lay there, legs still apart - sobbing for that which could never return.
     Far from quelling his carnal lust however, all the rape had achieved was to feed his elitist desires. There was yet so much more humiliation to heap upon this innocent - getting her naked for one thing!
     Whilst she yet murmured and sobbed, cupping her ruptured pussy as she was with both hands, he rolled her over on to her tummy and was presented immediately with a new visual challenge - a rounded and sexy little sixteen-year old bottom. Swiftly unhooking the skirt he discarded the item whence it joined her panties on the carpet beside the bed. Ripping her tattered blouse and bra free of her body as she moaned and begged not to be stripped, it was the work of but a few seconds until she lay there completely nude and any way you look at it. . . . a fully awesome sight with a few filmy strings of his cum oozing out of her abused pussy and down her inner thighs. All he was seeing was that curvy little bum!
     The first smack wasn't designed for pain - more of an exploratory nature and an opportunity to just watch those hot little cheeks jiggle in response.
    "A while since your daddy paddled you I'm thinking?" he muttered, delivering a second spank to the other cheek. "What he'd give to see his little girl right now eh? Getting it from a surgeon of all people too.

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       He'd be so hard watching this Roslyn, I figure he'd be fucking you every night until he died. "
         The third spank was brutal. The young girl screamed "No. . please. . . stop it. . . that hurts badly!" as she tried to cover her backside with her hands. By the sixth smack she was crying her eyes out and her bottom crimson with his handprints. Still he beat her, occasionally allowing his hand to creep beneath her chest so he could take a hold of one or both breasts and squeeze them till she screamed at him to let them go.
         Almost unconscious with the pain, she felt herself dragged by the hips to the edge of the bed.
        "I have just the perfect treatment for a nasty sore bottom young lady," he teased her, parting her legs as he stared at his reddening handiwork.

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       "A nice little pussy fucking - doggie style. "
         Even as she half-stirred to initiate some futile resistance, he had his erection back in hand - fully restored to its original swollen glory. Inserting it between the folds of her gaping vaginal lips he pushed in so hard, her face was forced into the coverlet. This time, he took her like an animal - grunting and fawning over her, even dribbling with lust over her bottom as he plundered that which was never his to plunder.
         Roslyn screamed out as his penetrations became unbearably deep. Sadly she discovered she could only lessen the pain by spreading her legs wider and this of course can only give a committed rapist, quite the wrong idea. Mercifully, Dr Raglan was unable to prolong "completion" as it were, and not two minutes later, spurted his second seminal donation far up inside her butchered cavity.
        "You are such a hot little cunt sweetheart," he told her, patting her scarlet bottom as she lay draped across the edge of the bed fully expended. "Don't mind me using the word "cunt" do you? After all that's what it is. " As he spoke, he pushed his hand roughly up between her legs once more, crudely fingering the girl's abused vagina.
        "You can call it that yourself if you want to," he added, a debauched smile flitting across his face.
         The intrusion of his digit caused further cum to trickle out of her, still tinged as it was with traces of blood. He sat down beside her for a moment allowing his respiratory rate to even out while he watched the demeaning spectacle.
        "Now, I have something in the way of a little entertainment for you Roslyn," he grinned. "Kind of in keeping with the mood of the situation.

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      " Shucking off his trousers and underpants he walked across to the Plasma screen and pressed a few buttons. "Paid a lot of money for this - so try to show some appreciation please. " He eased her over on to her back and pulled her up until she was laying on his chest, flush up against the bed-head. The fact that she was naked, barely registering with her any longer. Her pussy was visibly swollen now and both breasts so sore from his constant and fully unwanted touch. Soft as the coverlet was, her bottom was on fire still. It was only the fact that she wanted revenge on this degenerate that kept any shred of sanity present within her chronically depressed mind-set.
         The images appearing now on-screen did little to increase Roslyn's hope for an early release from her unenviable predicament.
         A young girl, some years younger than herself even, was being shepherded into what looked like a rather untidy bedroom by four men, all well into middle-age. The girl looked terrified and kept asking them to let her go. It was obviously not being "acted". . . . .

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      no-one's that good Roslyn was thinking to herself. Dressed in her school uniform she couldn't have been much more than twelve or thirteen. This was quickly confirmed when one of the men seized the girl from behind, pinioning her arms behind her back, while two others ripped her school blouse open and worked her tiny breasts free of the little white bra. The girl began sobbing and crying out for her father.
        "Nothing sexier than a really young girl's tits," Dr Raglan muttered, beginning to fondle once again, those of his captive audience. "Don't you agree Roslyn?" He began pulling her bare nipples which, being as sore as they were, caused her to wriggle in extreme discomfort.
         On screen, one man was beginning to suck the girl's nipple hard while the others cupped and rubbed her other mound with insensitive lust. The fourth man meanwhile had commenced feeling the girl up from neck to knee, one hand sliding obscenely down across her hips and bottom, then up between her legs where he was obviously now rubbing or fingering her panties while she wailed forlornly.
         At the point they pushed her backwards on the bed and started pulling her panties down while she pleaded for help, Roslyn looked away, crying now herself.
        "Watch the screen, I told you" Dr Raglan ordered, forcing her head up. "This is the best part. " She was disgusted to feel his erection pressing now into her lower back, as his hands, observing free license, began to traverse her hips, on the way to her vagina where he freely began fingering her pussy crudely, emulating the suffering of the young girl on the bed.
        As the first man worked his way between the youngster's legs, easing them apart, to show the camera an almost hairless slit, an innocent little receptacle cruelly exposed to a world of lust years before its time, Roslyn could hear Dr Raglan's grunts of perverted indulgence behind her as his free hand was obviously occupied in hedonistic pleasures. Just seconds after the screen rapist thrust up inside the hapless teenager as she screamed in pain and embarrassment, she felt him push her off his chest.
        "Get on your knees Ros, I want to wank over your butt.

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       Do it now!" he cuffed her hard across the back of the head as she hesitated.
        Under threat of duress, she crawled on to all fours. Tears streamed down her face as she watched the poor girl on screen suffer the first of four agonising rapes. Behind her, Dr Raglan was beating off in a vocalised. frenzy, and no sooner had the first man cum in the sobbing girl's virginal orifice than she felt two fingers forced hard up inside her own pussy followed by a hot stream of something that definitely wasn't caramel topping, snaking across her bottom and lower back.
        The terrible images and sounds of the young girl's sexual debasement faded suddenly as Roslyn's captor used the remote to switch the TV off.
        "I need a rest Roslyn," he told her. "Maybe you could use a break too?" He laughed at his own joke. "I'm gonna leave you untied down here, 'cause there's no way out except through the trap door - and I'll be in the kitchen. There's a small bathroom over there - he indicated a door in the far wall to the left of the bed - so you can go freshen up. Even put your sexy little bra and panties back on if you want.
        "Oh and if you want to watch any more of that "Days of Our Rapes" disc - I'll leave the remote here for you. " He grinned at her. "Hey, if you're a really good girl, I might even fix you a sandwich and a soft drink. .

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      . .

    To be continued. . . .
    (c) Peter_Pan 2006
    Feel free to visit "The World of Peter_Pan" website I have managed to find the time to upgrade and update it somewhat.
    "The Complete Harper Valley"  http://www. lulu. com/content/106537
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