Third Year of College


Summer was a lot of fun and finally it was time for registration for year 3 in my teaching classes. I was looking forward to registration and since I knew a lot of other people on campus now i was really comfortable, especially about my sexual fun and the people that watched such a short woman walk by with such big tits. Everyone was taller so everyone saw down my cleavage and I always tried to wear something that made the show very easy. I wore a tank top with a very sheer bra, skirt that was too short and a thong and a shirt over the top that was a shirt from hubby and it was open button up but I never buttoned it. My nipples were always visible so that was the way I went to register. I went into the auditiorium and got the things I needed and sat down listing the classes I needed. On the way in I had passed several groups, both guys and girls and some made comment and others just looked. One group of girls, the "bean pole" group made fun of me as I went by but I ignored them. What got my attention was several guys that were on some team and they were all hunks as they say. I could hear them talking and walked in behind me. I sat in the seats that were up in stadium type seating and they got their things and sat a few rows in front of me that made their heads about the height on my legs in the seating. They all sat sideways to look back at me and I made eye contact and smiled a lot at them. I heard them talking and they were trying to figure out how to approach me. I stood and took off the shirt so that it was the tank top and the thin bra and the cool air made my nipples hard as rocks and they stuck out. The guys all were looking and one gave a low whistle and I smiled and said "Thanks if that was for me. " He looked at me, "It sure was.

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  " I smiled and then let my legs come apart some so that they could tell I had on black panties. We had to go down front top get approval and so I went to the rest room and took off my panties and put them in my bag and came back and sat right behind them so that if they turned around their heads were their heads were right at the level to see whatever I wanted to show them. Two were black and three were white and so I smiled and began talking some. My legs were further apart and I was wet already so I leaned forward and motioned for them to move closer. They did and I leaned over showing more cleavage. "I have a very personal question. " I said. "What is that?" one guy asked me. "Well, I was just wondering" I said and I moved my legs apart to show them my naked pussy, "I heard that black guys do not like to eat pussy, is that true?" and the guy right there was looking right up my skirt.
    He looked and smiled and said, "Well, for the right one I could make an exception. " and they all laughed. "I also heard that black guys have huge cocks, is that true?" I said and then one guy said that he had a really big "Pole" as he said and I said, "I would have to see that for myself. But you know, I like to compare things and I thing I could really enjoy comparing all of you. " They were all hard now I could see and the black guy in front of me said, "and how much would this cost us. " The guys waited for an answer and I leaned forward so they could hear me, "Well, you see, I am a nymphomaniac and so, it is all free, I just need to be fucked.

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      " and I grabbed him and kissed him. We all got up and walked out to the parking lot. I stopped at my car and leaned against it and reached under my top and undid my bra and pulled it off and tossed it into my front seat. They stood close and I reached to one and massaged his cock thru his pants and then said, "Do I do you all here of somewhere private?" One of them said, "Lets go to my place. " and he motioned to follow him. I did and we drove a few blocks and went to some apartments and we all got out. I walked with them and one opened the door and we all stepped inside. I pulled off the shirt and skirt and moved to push one down on the floor. They all cherred and I mounted his hard cock as it came into view. Several more guys came out of the back rooms and they all got around. "Okay, so we have a gang bang?" one said and I moaned as my pussy had a nice orgasm, "Yeh, fuck me all you like, I need it bad. " and so they all got naked. I heard a woman's voice, "Oh hell yeh, Teresa. " and I looked and Diane was there and she was half naked with a guy behind her. "You know her?" one guy asked her.

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       "Hell, damn she will fuck anything and eeverything. " Diane said and soon she was moving men to me to suck and be fucked my. . . we began a lot of fun. Cont. loveTeresa.

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