Tonya calls me up; she needs to see me right away to discuss some plans for my wife’s birthday. I tell her that I’ll be over as soon as I can. When I arrive, she comes to the door wearing a white blouse and I can tell that she has a black bra on. . . her big black tits bulging out of the front. It has to be at least two sizes too small. She’s wearing a black mini skirt and those pantyhose that always drive me wild. She gives me one of her signature “tit rubbing” hugs. . . when she pulls away, I can see that her nipples are hard. She invites me in. I can feel my balls start to boil as I follow her in the house. We sit down on the sofa. .

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  . she sits in such a way that I can see that she has on white cotton panties under her pantyhose as her skirt slides up her thighs a little. “Ooops. . . better check my skirt. ” She says as she pulls it back down her nylon-encased legs. She begins to tell me about the plans for the birthday party. I’m not even paying attention at this point. I want to bang her so bad; I can barely sit still. I’ve been looking at her legs and she catches me looking. “Yoo-hoo!” She says. . . ”Up here.

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  . . I’m talking to you!” I look up and feel myself burning with embarrassment. “I always catch you looking at my legs and feet. . . You some kinda freak? What if I told your wife that you were in my house starin’ at my stuff? What you think she’d do?” I could see that she was having fun with all of this. . . making me squirm. Then all of a sudden her mood changed and she got serious “Where the Hell is my phone?” she said looking around for it. “I think I’ll give her a call right now!” She picked up the phone and started to call my number. I reach across the sofa and grab the phone out of her hand. . .

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  I can hear my wife on the other end, “Hello?” she asks again and then hangs up the phone. “What the fuck are you doing?!?” I yell at her. “I’m telling your wife you over here gettin’ all freaky with your Auntie Tonya. ” “Like Hell you are!” I say as I throw the phone across the room. I move towards her. “Stay away from me mothafucka” she screams. “Nah uh” I say “I’m going to give you something that I’ve been wanting to give you for a long time!” I grab her by the hair and drag her down the hall to her bedroom. She’s trying to kick and scream all the way down the hall. “Shut the fuck up” I tell her as I slap her across the face. She starts to cry. . . she knows what is going to happen and she knows that there is nothing that she can do about it. I throw her down on her bed. As she lands, her skirt ravels up around her waist revealing her panties and pantyhose.

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   I drop my pants and my cock springs out. I move over to the bed. I lift her head up. She starts to cry again. . . I slap her harder. “Shut your fuckin’ mouth. . . better yet. . . fill it up!” I grab the sides of her head and force her lips to my cock. “Suck it!” I yell.

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   “If I feel any teeth. . . you won’t be happy!” The purple head of my cock slides into her mouth and she begins to lick it all over. This bitch knows how to suck a cock. She slides her mouth all over my shaft. I reach down and tear open her blouse and snap apart her bra. . . her huge black tits spill out and I pinch one of her huge nipples. She cries out in pain while sucking my rod. I pinch it again harder. , tears begin to roll down her face. When I feel like my balls can’t take anymore, I pull my cock away. “I don’t want you suckin’ all that back .

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   I know you think that would get you off easy! Nothing doing! Payback’s a motherfucker and I got some payback comin my way!!” I slap her face again and she hits the bed crying. I grab her by the hips and pull her to the edge of the bed. . . I rip open the crotch of her pantyhose and rip the panty material apart. Her pussy is shaved and it looks like a Georgia peach. . . I start licking her labia and pinching her clit. Her hips buck and the smooth nylon rubs the sides of my head. . . I can hear her sob as I eat her out. I lick and eat her pussy like a man on death row. She begins to shake as she looses control and fills my mouth with her juices.

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   I can’t take anymore! I stand up and plunge my cock into her. . . up to my aching balls. She screams out. I grab her nipples and pinch them really hard as I fuck her hard. Her legs flay wildly behind me. . . the feel of the pantyhose on my sides and legs excites me. I slide my hands down her legs and grab her ankles. She has a gold anklet on under her pantyhose and I let my hand rest under it. I kiss her feet as I pummel her pussy. I can feel her pussy muscles gripping my dick. .

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  . she’s uncontrollably cumming again! I pull the head of my cock out of her honey pot and rub it on her pink rosebud of an asshole. She begs me not to fuck her asshole. It makes me harder that she is begging. I slide my thick meat into her ass and she begins screaming. I ram it into her tight ass. I can feel my own release starting. A few strokes into punishing her ass. . . I flood her asshole with my hot semen. Oh God. . . her asshole is so tight.

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   I see a look of relief come to Tonya’s face. . . she thinks that the worst is over. That’s what she thinks. . . I go to her dresser and pull out her collection of nylons. . . I start tying her to the bed. . . it’s only the beginning. .


  . If you like this story vote and I’ll keep it going. . . .

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