Tony's Confession


She tapped her hands against the bar with the beat of the music that played in the downstairs bar area. She glanced over at me. For a brief moment I froze, trying to fight the urge to take her now. I took the final swig of beer from my bottle and flashed a smile at her. I knew it would be easy to make conversation with her. I knew her favorite topic was the band. I had heard her at the bar a million times chatting with different guys about them. "I see they went back to their old drummer" I casually remarked as I leaned on the bar, turning slightly to face her. "Yeah, I am glad they have him back, they may not play as much of their new stuff but he is definitely better than the last one" she replied with a bubbly tone. "I've seen you at a couple of gigs. How long have you been following them?""I see them when I can. It’s been a couple months. ”That's when the bartender noticed us waiting and without even a word fetched her usual. As the woman sat the shot and bottle down in front of her, I quickly blurted out. "I got this, give me the same" and laid down a $20 on the bar. She cocked her head and the most intriguing smile crossed her lips.

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   I couldn't help but be mesmerized by it. "I'm Tony," I said as I held out my hand. "Ana" she replied as she took my hand in hers and shook it. "Thanks for the drink. I'll get the next one. " The bartender sat my drinks and change in front of me and I picked up the shot glass. Smugly I smiled as I raised it and said "To new friends and a wild night ahead of us". She smiled, clinked glasses before downing the shot, and slammed the glass down on the bar. She picked up her beer and slid off the stool. Suddenly she stopped, turning to look at me for a moment over her shoulder. "I hope to see you up there dancing later" she remarked and disappeared with her friends once again. For most of the first hour that the band played, I bided my time and watched from a distance. She made several trips to the bar for refreshment and always looked to see if I was there. Right before the band was about to take a break I fought my way to the bar again and waited for a stool to open up. Just as I expected she came back for another drink before going out the stage door with the band.

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   I ordered another round of Rolling Rock and Jager. When she got to the bar, I presented her with her drink. She just smiled and shook her head. She lifted her glass and waited for me to lift mine. "To Possibilities" she purred and clinked her glass to mine. After slamming the shot, she winked and disappeared to the patio with the band and select others that slipped out for a little weed. I stood my ground and waited for her return. Like clockwork, they all began to file back into the bar. My angel made her way toward me again to grab another drink before the second set started. This time she refused to let me buy the round. After we drank the dark potent liquid, she grabbed my hand and led me toward the small dance floor. Just then, the band tore into a slow song, and without time to protest, she drug me out onto the floor. It's not like I would have refused her but I loved the forceful side of her. Her friends all gawked trying to figure out who I was. I just held her body close to mine and thought of what was to come later.

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   As I felt her pressing against me, my mind raced with images of the night ahead of us. The song ended and I reluctantly released her. I slipped back to my obscure corner and waited as her friends flocked to her to ask about her mystery man. I could see the glow she had about her as she fed them bits of the story. She danced the rest of the set away with them. I decided it was time to make my move. When she came back for a fresh beer, I was waiting at the bar for her. "So Ana, Care to walk to my car with me, I have something there you might like, but I don't like to carry it on me" I said with a knowing smile. Curiously, she looked at me for a moment or two before she realized what I was so carefully alluding to. She nodded and followed me out the door, hand in hand. She confidently strode past her friends and down the steps into the dark night with me. It was such a powerful rush for me. To know I was leading her off to her fate. As we approached my car she laughed. It was the most melodious sound I had heard in ages.

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   She was so innocent and trusting. "Why don't you get in the car with me? So we can have a little privacy," I said as I moved in front of her and opened the passenger door…She simply nodded and climbed in without questioning me in the least. I shut the door and climbed in the other side. Once I had her inside, I decided to be bolder about it. I looked into her eyes and pulled her closer to me. I kissed her for the first time. She was a great kisser I have to admit. So willing to please me. I knew this was my chance to get her away. "Why don't we go for a drive?" I suggested. "Sounds good to me, but I want to be back before the end of the last set. They usually play my song at the end. "I nodded and started the car. She started to grope my leg as I drove out of the parking lot and down toward the desolate road I had staked out earlier. I knew that no one would interrupt our precious time together.

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   Once I found the secluded little pull off where I had set up camp earlier. I turned off the dusty road and into the darkness. She didn't seem to mind at all. I reached into the back seat and swiftly pulled out the tire iron. With one swift blow, my decadent little angel was lying unconscious and bleeding in the front seat. I drug her out of the car and over to the large tent I had set up behind the trees. I laid her down on the cool ground between the large steel spikes that I had secured there earlier. I quickly secured her wrists above her head and then proceeded to do the same with her ankles. She laid spread out before me looking so delicate and wonderful. I took the lamp from inside the tent and lit it. The dim glow sensually accentuated her body as she lay there waiting for my touch. I knew that this one was going to be special. She wasn't like the other girls. They were just whores who used men for everything they could. She just had an insatiable appetite for sex, one that I could satisfy once and for all.

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   Keeping my vigil the entire time, I sat silently and watched her. Each cycle of respiration made her chest rise and fall so subtle. Finally, she opened her eyes and tried to focus on her surroundings. By the way, she winced, I could tell her head hurt terribly. She struggled for a few moments but soon realized she was bound. She started to scream, loud blood curdling cries. I couldn't take much more and slapped her across the face as hard as I could which promptly stopped the screams. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she looked at me with a questioning stare. I retrieved my large buck knife from the tent and moved between her legs. She frantically tried to close her legs but that just made the rope dig into her flesh. I pulled her skirt up and held the blade to her bare thigh. I loved how the metal gleamed against her creamy white flesh. I trailed the blade up along her panties. Suddenly they were soaked. I couldn't help but laugh that I had scared her so badly already.

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   Our time together had barely begun and already she was terrified. It made my cock rock hard. I carefully sliced through the fabric and cut the panties off her. She began to sob loudly. I moved up her body, with the drenched material in my hand. I leaned down and kissed her cheek before I whispered in her ear. "I know what kind of girl you are. Just relax and enjoy it my dear girl. If you behave, I might release you tonight and let you go home. If you don't behave. . . well you could be here a while. "When she opened her mouth to speak, I shoved the urine soaked cloth into her mouth and pushed it in as far as I could without choking her on it. She continued to cry.

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   I drug the blade down the center of her chest, lightly tracing my way down without cutting the material of her shirt. I couldn't help but stare at those large fleshy mounds as her chest heaved with each soft sob. They moved so delightfully. I stabbed hard into the ground, leaving the knife by her side. I knelt between her legs as I stared down at her body for a moment. It was finally all coming together. I was finally going to show her how I knew she wanted to be treated. I could see it in her eyes. I hiked the front of her skirt up and looked at her smoothly shaven pussy. My fingers quickly found her clit and began to pinch and rub it. She squirmed and tried to move away from my reach but it was useless. We both knew that. She just hadn't accepted it yet. I began to strum my thumb over her clit as I slid two fingers inside her. She quickly tensed up trying to stop the intrusion but it just made her feel even tighter around my fingers.

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   I sharply jabbed my fingers into her and watched her face contort in pain as I forcefully slid my two thick fingers as deep as I could inside her. She felt so warm and wet that I could barely contain my excitement. Her mouth was held open still by the panties. I reached up and poked them in a little further, watching her struggling for air a little more. Its funny how when gagged the immediate reaction is to try to breath through their mouth. I began to finger her harder as I pushed a third finger inside her. I wanted her to be nice and ready for my cock. The slight breeze kept making her skirt move slightly from its resting place so I yanked my fingers out of her cunt and tried to rip the heavy fabric but it wouldn't give. I reached for the knife and sliced into the fabric a few inches before jamming the blade back into the ground. I then ripped upwards and shredded the fabric. She trembled as she lay there feeling defeated at the moment. I again began to finger her warm wet slit with short brutal thrusts. I could hear her cry out from the mixture of fear, arousal and pain. My three fingers worked in and out of her quickly as I watched her face intently. Her body twitched as I turned my fingers inside her, curving them up to scrape against the upper wall of her pussy.


   I noticed how her breathing changed. I couldn't resist the urge and reached up once more. I forced the damp panties further into her mouth until she gagged again. She looked so perfect laying there choking down each breath as quickly as she could. I pulled my fingers from her slick little slit once again and this time forcefully crammed all three into that sweet little puckered ass of hers. She screamed against her gag but it muffled the sounds well. My fingers quickly became streaked with blood as I thrust them in and out as hard as I could. She sobbed louder than ever as I continued to pound my fingers in and out with a quickening pace. I saw how her body reacted. Despite the pain, her pussy began to leak its sweet ambrosia. The little slut was getting off on it regardless of what she tried to make me think. I forced the forth finger into her slightly lubricated hole, ripping it wide open. My cock was aching and I knew I had to fuck her soon before I completely lost my mind. I pulled my fingers out of her and looked at them. They were stained with her blood and juices that had leaked down from her pussy.


   I pulled the tattered panties from her mouth and she drew in a deep breath like a drowning victim taking their first breath after being pulled from the water. I quickly shoved my fingers into her mouth and stared coldly into her eyes as I commanded her to suck them clean. I watched the tears stream down as she looked at me with such hurt and anger. I reached down, grabbed her throat hard, and dug my fingers in as I squeezed to show her I wasn't kidding. Hesitantly she began to suck as I relaxed my grip. Once she had cleaned them to my satisfaction I pulled my fingers away and used the panties to wipe her wet pussy. She knew what I was about to do and closed her mouth tight. I reached down between her trembling thighs and pinched her clit as hard as I could. As the pain shot through her, her mouth opened wide to scream and I shoved the panties back inside. I shoved them in further than before, this time partially obstructing her airway. She struggled as I moved down her body once again. I staggered to my knees and unfastened my jeans. My cock sprung free immediately. She caught a glimpse of it and I seen her eyes widen. Though I am only about 7 1/2 inches long, I have a great bit of girth to my cock.

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   I slipped off my shoes and socks then wiggled out of my jeans. I once again knelt between her thighs and looked up at her face. I leaned forward resting my weight on one hand while the other guided the head of my thick shaft to those puffy lips of her sweet pussy. I slowly nestled the tip of my cock in there and let go, easing just the head inside her. She let out a muffled cry as I moved and was now face to face with her. I gave a sharp thrust and buried my cock deep inside her velvety folds. My god it felt good to be inside her finally. The warm wetness surrounded me. I began to rock back and forth, inching my cock in and out of her slowly as I stared down into her fearful eyes. I slammed my hips to hers and leaned back, leaving my cock buried inside her. I reached for the knife again. I knew this would get a rise out of her and make the ride wilder. I held the handle firmly as I drew the blade's edge softly across her left breast, then her right. She jerked trying to move away from it. I then slid the blade under her shirt and began to slice through the thin lacey material.

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   The black bra beneath held her breasts captive still. They had to be freed. I forced the tip of the blade under the center of the fabric between the cups. The tip of the knife scratched her skin causing a tiny trickle of blood. I quickly cut the remainder of the fabric effectively freeing those two perfect globes. Her nipples were the size of pencil erasers and stood proudly up from the large dark areolas. I reached down and quickly, took one between my fingers, and began to roll it back and forth. Her body stiffened immediately in reaction to that. I couldn't help but moan as I felt her pussy clamp tightly around me. It was heavenly. I began to twist her nipple, watching the flesh pull tight as I did. She let out a stifled whimper as she began to tremble. I gave a quick thrust deeper and felt her wetness increasing. The bitch liked it rough. Before my very eyes, I could see her transforming to nothing more than a slut.

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   The purity I had seen in her slipped away as her body betrayed her growing hatred for me. I traced down the center of her chest with the tip of the blade, leaving a thin red scratch on her flesh. I then released her nipple and pricked it with the point of the knife. I twisted the handle slowly, creating a larger wound. I watched the blood stream down her quivering flesh and chuckled with delight. The pain made her clamp down around me again. I jabbed at her left breast repeatedly, leaving small cuts into it. Soon her entire breast was covered with the crimson stain. I lowered my head as I began to pump my hips furiously into her cunt. My lips sought out her nipple. Once I captured it between my lips, I began to suck as hard as I could. I bit down sending another shot of pain through her body. She squirmed even more. I tasted the metallic tang of blood in my mouth as it flowed from her nipple. It was such a sweet victory over her as I felt her muscles flexing around me in such intense spasms.

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   I again caught her nipple between my teeth and bit down hard. I had not realized that mingled with the thin vaginal fluids was traces of her blood from my brutal fucking. The adrenalin pumped through my veins as I continued to tear into her. She tried to cry out but only managed to suck the fabric further into her throat. Her entire body began to quake as I felt my orgasm approaching quickly. My balls tightened as I sped up my pace. Her body was jolted back and forth with the force of each thrust. I stabbed the knife into the ground again and steadied myself on both hands. I looked down into her face and saw her eyes becoming vacant. I hadn't realized how restricted her breathing was at this point. She was on the verge of death. I couldn't stop though. I was so close. I had to cum or I would have died. I watched as the light was fading from her eyes and suddenly it happened.

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   I released my load inside her. I let out a loud groan as I felt the hot sticky semen fill her tortured cunt. As I panted and positioned myself leaning on one arm, I pulled the panties from her mouth. She choked down a quick gasp of air as her body felt animated again. I felt her squeeze me tight as my semi erect cock remained inside her. I growled with the slight pain and quickly delivered another blow to her face. My handprint quickly appeared on her cheek. I looked down into her eyes and smiled at her. I told her that I was going to return home to gather up a few things and when I returned she would find out how it felt to have my cock deep inside her ass. I pulled out of her and stood up. I had the urge to piss. Part of me wanted so badly to mark her with my urine. I quickly dismissed the thought. I stood with my feet on either side of her ribcage and directed the flow of urine toward her hair that lay matted with the dampness of the ground and sweat. I watched as it soaked her hair and laughed.

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   She turned her head away from the stream, which angered me slightly. I quickly redirected it directly onto her face. She shut her eyes tight and squirmed. I could see her wrists were bloody from the rope cutting into the skin. I shook it off and got dressed again. I stood over her once more and took a good look at her. I then went into the tent and got the duct tape. I pulled off a few inches of it and secured it over her mouth so she couldn't scream. I then got in the car and left. It was then your colleague pulled me over and took me in for the DUI. When I left, she was still alive Officer O'Malley. .
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