Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 13 - Heather & Grace (House Party Lesbians)


Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 13 - Heather & Grace (House Party Lesbians)

Thanks again everyone for the great comments and suggestions! I will probably be introducing some new girls but also want to deepen the storylines with the current slaves.

And if you get a chance to hit the Up Arrow for all the chapters that would be great--would be awesome to just take over the top rated stories list!

And sorry it's taken me a few days to get this one up (pardon the pun LOL). Been busy this week.

Here's where Heather and Grace get their passion for each other turned against them during the house party.

After an early breakfast, I went downstairs to my den to watch more video from the night before. Most of my guests were sleeping in, after raping my slaves all night. While Dirk and I had been in Ashley's cell, fucking all of my little "daughter's" holes, I had heard Jack and Dr. Collins' voices moving down into the main torture room, and a short time later the muffled screams of Heather and Grace.

I had left Grace chained with a dog collar to Collins' bed and Heather (after she'd been cleaned up) tied down over an easy chair in Jack's suite, her ass high in the air. But pinned with a needle to both of their firm tight asses, I had left a picture of Heather eating out her friend as Grace came. Jack and Collins must have taken the hint, and brought the little sluts downstairs where there was more room and equipment. And outfits, and drugs. I settled in my den and started the video from the torture chamber.

As I put my feet up, I smiled slyly. I knew that both Collins and Jack would rape my slaves' virgin asses relentlessly. I was fine with Jack fucking Heather's ass first--it was already stretched out a bit from dinner--but I had taken the precaution of raping Grace's tender asshole myself earlier in the week, as she was tied spreadeagle and facedown to my bed, and Isabelle cowered in her corner of the room.

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When I started the video, Jack was carrying Heather in over his shoulder. She was dressed in a black corset, her fat tits with her new little nipple rings swinging free above it, along with black stockings and garters with black fuckme stillettos. Jack had strapped her into one of the leather hoods left out for guests, and from the way she was shaking, it looked like she was having a quiet little panic attack, not knowing where she was being taken.

Collins had Grace in the middle of the room, a big red ball gag in her mouth. She was naked except for a leather cord wrapped around her throat and attached to the ceiling like a noose, that had been pulled just tight enough to force her up onto her toes. Jack tossed Heather onto the floor, then pulled her up and tied her to a large wooden X cross near Grace. While Collins prepared Grace, Jack stripped and then began sucking and licking Heather's fat tits, his tongue playing with her nipple rings, and working his rough fingers into her dry cunt. He rubbed her clit as he licked and sucked, and Heather, born slut that she was, moaned in her hood and spread her thighs slightly to his hand. Jack laughed as he held her nipple between his teeth and began to frig her slowly.

All this while, Collins was rifling through a closet against the wall stocked with all kinds of slutwear and dom outfits (although domwear was not to my taste, I knew many of my guests enjoyed them. ) As he found the items he wanted, he tossed them at Grace and ordered her to put them on.

As I watched, she struggled to fit into a tiny red mesh top with holes cut out for her long nipples, a pair of red crotchless fishnets; a red leather micromini skirt and thigh high red leather boots with stilletto heels. She was already wearing heavy, sluttish makeup--Collins had specifically requested this (as well as Grace) earlier in the afternoon.

When she was done, she looked like a gorgeous, twenty dollar street whore. Her huge tits were almost bursting out of her tiny top, her nipples jutting out, almost tearing the material.

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   Her skirt did not cover her cunt at all, framed by the red stockings. As she struggled to stay on her toes and not choke, the look of her taut, slim thigh muscles shifting against the tops of her whore leather boots almost made me cum just watching.

Collins looked as if he felt the same, as did Jack when he looked up just as he was pushing the head of his cock into a panting, moaning Heather. He pulled away from her and walked over to Grace, as Collins prepared a hypodermic. "Fast-acting aphro," he explained.

Jack grabbed Grace's wrists and cuffed them to another ceiling hook with practiced ease. Then he came back around and stood before her, eyeing her heaving chest and slutty face with an evil grin. Grace's eyes were wide and terrified, her breathing fast and shallow as Jack rubbed and tugged her throbbing nipples and Collins ran his hand up her inner thigh, looking for a good injection point.

She screamed into her gag as he stabbed the needle into the inside of her left thigh, an inch below her trembling cunt. Her whole body was rigid, her head thrown back and her expression frozen, as he injected the aphrodesiac directly into her blood stream. Jack appeared not to notice, as he began to knead and suck on her lucious tits through the mesh.

Heather began moaning, not with fear but desperate need. I smiled--Heather was one of those women whom slavery freed to give in to their true whore natures. Because she was being forced to break every taboo of her stupid fundamentalist faith, she didn't have to feel guilty. I hoped that Jack and Collins would make sure she didn't get to merely enjoy herself tonight.

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Jack laughed and said, "Whoops, forgot all about her," and turned back to Heather. He ripped off her hood and forced a gag into her mouth. Collins began rubbing against Grace from behind, sliding his hard cock lightly along her ass crack, as she whimpered into her gag. Jack found the toy he was looking for on a shelf, and strapped a vibrator onto Heather's swollen red clit, then moved back over to Grace. He stood a few feet away from her, holding a bull whip. Collins grinned when he saw it, and reached around and ripped open Grace's mesh top, her luscious full tits bursting out of the shreds just as Jack's whip cracked across her nipples. She arched back and screamed into her gag as Jack and Collins both laughed. "Scream, you little Christian bitch," Collins whispered in her ear as he bit her lobe till it bled.

As Jack continued to whip her, Collins forced the head of his cock into her tiny asshole. Grace became even more terrified and struggled to get away, only to put herself closer to Jack. With Jack's whip continuing to crack mercilessly onto her shaking, bloodied tits, she began twisting and screaming like a frightened child as Collins lifted her up and then slammed her down onto his cock. Jack whipped her tits a few more times as Collins reamed her bleeding ass. Then Jack stopped and looked his shoulder at Heather.

She was ablaze with lust, her cunt juices streaming down her thighs as she watched her lover, dressed up like a sex doll, being sodomized and tortured by two ruthless men. Jack grinned at her as he tossed the whip aside.

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   "Watch and learn, you fucking whore," he said, walking back up to Grace's heaving, bloody globes. Her head hung down in numbed agony, her eyes glassy as her whole body jerked and shook from Collins' rhythmic thrusts up her ass. But she jerked back to life as she felt Jack grabbing both of her inner thighs and spreading them wide, as he forced his cock up into her pussy. He let her legs go as his shaft thrust up deep into Grace's slick cunt--she looked surprised that it hadn't been more painful, not realizing the aphrodesiac was making her cunt dripping and sensitive to any touch.

As he let go, he and Collins both began to ram upward into the defenseless girl as she screamed in agony. The aphro was warming up her body, but double penetration is always agonizing for a new young slave. I moved the video to a split screen, one monitor showed her from above, her head lolling as she wailed and sobbed into her gag and the two men roared gleefully with sadistic lust. The other monitor showed a close up from below, of her tiny almost virgin holes, tearing open a little bit more each time the two huge cocks pistoned in and out. I almost came again, watching another layer of her innocence ripped away from my little bible cunt.

Collins was brillliant in his choices--the whore clothes and makeup only served to emphasize her young and innocent body and mind, as she was thoroughly raped to the point of losing her reason. I decided sometime soon I would have her and Lilah both dressed up like this before having them gangraped, maybe by the bikers that I let ride through the northern edge of my property.

As tight as she was, it didn't take long for both men to be ready to cum. They controlled their rhythm to extend her agony a bit longer, then came together as they grunted and bellowed, shoving her upward as their jism shot deep inside her holes and spurted out onto the floor beneath her. She was almost catatonic, but she cried out in pain again as they pulled their cocks out of her savaged holes. She sagged down into a faint--fortunately her wrist cuffs kept the cord around her neck loose.

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Jack turned back around to Heather, who was ablaze with lust. She had had several intense orgasms as her friend was raped, her moans of pleasure drowned out by Grace's muffled screaming. Jack pulled the vibrator off her clit and uncuffed her from the cross. He shoved her into Grace's hanging body, making her moan incoherently. He yanked the gags out of both of my slaves' mouths. "On your knees you lezzie slut," Jack ordered Heather. "Get your little girlfriend to cum quick and hard, or I'll flail the skin right off that pretty little ass. "

Heather eagerly dropped to her knees in front of Grace's wounded, bloodied pussy. She gently spread her friend's thighs, making Grace cry out dazedly, and began to slowly lick her friend's pussy lips clean of blood and Jack's thick cum. At first Grace just whimpered like a wounded animal, but as Heather teased out Grace's clit with her tongue then gently started sucking it, Grace began to moan softly with pleasure. Both men were jerking their cocks hard again watching my little lezzie Christian cunts mate together. Heather had moved her mouth down to Grace's tender pussy entrance while she continued to rub and tease Grace's clit with her thumb. The little whore was already almost an expert at cunt licking, as she slowly rubbed faster and probed deeper, flicking her tongue in and out as I watched on closeup again with the split screen.

Soon Grace was grinding against Heather's mouth as she stabbed her tongue in and out of Whore Grace's dripping cunt. As she felt Grace's orgasm build I saw her move one finger back to Grace's savaged ass and slide it deep inside her.

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   Grace screamed for half a second, then started to cum long and loud as Heather jerked and hooked her finger in the little whore's ass, stretching her tender sphincter just enough to drive her wild. Heather drank up Grace's pussy juices, coating her cheeks and hair, with her face rammed up deep into Grace's snatch. Grace jerked and thrust against Heather's talented tongue for a long moment, before she began to sway again from faintness, this time with pleasure.

Jack was ready though. As soon as Grace finished spasming against her mouth, Heather was yanked onto her feet by Jack, she looked back at him wildeyed for a moment, until she saw him strap a huge dildo over her own dripping cunt. He yanked the strap under her cunt and then deep into her ass crack before buckling it against her ass, while Heather's eyes glazed over with lust watching her friend looking at her dazedly. Jack didn't need to give Heather any direction, the little whore walked right up to her little girfriend and began working the 10 inch, thick black dildo into Grace's cunt. Grace began jerking back in terror as her friend held her still and kept working it in, determined to fuck little Grace hard. "Let me do it, Gracie," she whispered. "I'll make you cum again and then maybe they'll leave us alone. " I burst out laughing at that one, but I think Heather knew it was bullshit too. Heather just wanted Grace to stop fighting and let Heather fuck the shit out of her.

Sure enough, Grace quit struggling and spread her thighs for Heather's big cock, wrapping her strong legs around her friend's slim waist and full hips. The boots looked fucking amazing against Heather's corset, as Heather began ramming the dildo to the hilt into Grace's sensitive cunt. In no time, Grace was cumming hard and screaming with pleasure.

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    Heather was so focused on Grace, she did not feel Jack behind her until he had wrapped his arm around her belly and rammed his cock deep in her virgin ass. Heather screamed more with fear than pain, but Grace's screams were entirely terror as she felt Collins forcing his rock hard cock back into her savaged ass, still bleeding slightly from his last assault of her.

    Her terrified screams began wails of agony as Jack began ramming into Heather, whose strapon was still lodged deep in Grace's cunt, while Collins held her hips and fucked her little Christian ass even harder than before. As Jack fucked Heather up the ass, she watched her dildo ram in and out of Grace's cunt, feeling it hit the back of her cunt.

    Collins began to moan, "Oh fucccck, I can feel that thing through her walls. . . " Suddenly Grace began to respond as well, with little cries and grunts of pleasure as she rocked back and forth on Collins' cock and Heather's dildo.

    Jack fucked Heather's ass and Grace's cunt harder and harder, making both slaves' bodies bounce between him and Collins. Heather's eyes rolled back with pleasure as Jack ploughed deep and hard into her ass, and in no time she came hard, her pussy juices gushing all over the floor like a bitch in heat. Grace came a moment later, screaming "YES! YES! GOD FORGIVE ME BUT FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER!!"

    That seemed to send the men over the edge--both of them fucked my lezzie slaves' asses hard for another minute, then came again as they held the little cunts by their throats.

    After a long moment rammed hard up my bitches' snatches, while their cocks pumped the last jism into their bowels, Collins and Jack stepped away and fell back onto the couches lining the walls. Jack shoved Heather off his cock and onto the floor as he moved away from Grace, and she lay on the floor, her chest heaving. Grace had fallen into a pleasant but numbed state, murmuring blissfully as she looked down at Heather,as Collins' cum oozed out of her ass again.

    Jack and Collins rang for servants to come take my messy little slaves back upstairs.

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       Collins invited Jack to keep Grace as well as Heather for the night, since Collins had ready access to their cunts on a regular basis. Besides, Collins planned to be down at the kennels early in the morning, to watch with some of the other guests as Cassie was forced through her daily ritual of servicing the 15 guard dogs with her cunt and mouth. Jack thanked him, and told Collins he had very much enjoyed the episode, but he would not end the night with slaves feeling so satisfied. They needed to remember they were slaves and only lived as long as they satisfied their masters.

    Once upstairs, Jack showered while servants followed his orders for my hot little lezzie slaves. The servants hosed their bodies off (with the nozzle up their cum-filled asses for a minute), then dried them off. They were strapped down next to each other on a rather narrow bed, their wrists cuffed to the headboard with one leg shackled to the foot of the bed, and one leg pulled off the side of the bed and chained tightly to the floor. I was impressed with the binding, it was unusual and spread their thighs perfectly. Grace was on her back, Heather on her stomach. Pillows shoved under their hips exposed their cunts and asses very invitingly. When Jack came out of the shower, he inserted and strapped on their large ball gags himself.

    He stood at the foot of the bed, holding a long thick leather crop, about four feet long and an inch thick, and only flexible enough to avoid being a cane. One of my favorites!

    Starting with Heather, he raised the crop over his head and brought it down with a ringing CRACK on her tender ass. Her whole body clenched as she screamed into her ball gag, while he rhythmically whipped her ass and the backs and insides of her thighs 20 times.

    Without missing a beat, he stepped over behind Grace, now whimpering and crying in terror and dealt her another 20 blows, whipping her inner thighs, her taut belly and her trembling cunt, still moist from the night's earlier fucking.

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       Her tits where already covered in lashmarks from his earlier whipping.

    As he finished beating Grace, he tossed the crop aside as he pulled on some gloves and picked up a six inch dildo and a short thick anal plug. As my cockslaves sobbed and wailed helplessly in their ball gags, their master for the night poured tobasco sauce all over both the dildo and butt plug. Using a special capped leather strap, he rammed the dildo deep into Heather's twitching moist cunt and capped it tightly--he didn't want the sauce leaking out onto his cock as he sodomized her. Then he shoved the butt plug deep into Grace's ass, and also capped and strapped it.

    I once again felt a great admiration for the creative viciousness of my fellow sadists. Jack would have great access to rape the holes my slaves had thrust in the air, but even after he was through with them for the night, their other holes would be flaming tunnels of agony.

    I watched another 20 minutes of Jack first raping Grace's tight savaged cunt, still recovering from being raped with Heather's huge strap on.

    Next he raped Heather's ass, already tender from being raped repeatedly since her rapes began at dinner, as she screamed without stopping until he finally came deep in her ass.

    I was concerned though that Jack hadn't dealt with Heather's domme tendencies, but he eased my mind in the next few seconds. As he pulled out of Heather's twitching ass, he called to the servants outside to come in and flip Heather onto her back and strap her down again.

    As they did so, she saw that he was preparing another tobasco dildo, and she began to scream hysterically. He grabbed her by the throat. She writhed and sobbed but could not speak.

    "You had a little too much fun tonight, you worthless piece of meat," he hissed.

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       "If I don't get these arrogant little thoughts out of your head, you'll be useless, and your master will send you down to the stable to be fucked by horses, to at least give him some entertainment. " Heather's eyes bugged out at that, and she tried to shake her head.

    "You don't want that? Then next time you are serving any master, your only pleasure is his pleasure. You only cum when he tells you to cum. And he never will. Understood?" she nodded frantically. "Fine," he said, sitting up and shoving the tobasco covered dildo up her cunt. She screamed in agony as he strapped it in, with Grace looking at her, trying not to show emotion. She was learning, that one.

    After that I enjoyed a few more minutes watching as Jack picked up the crop again and whipped Heather's creamy tits with it 20 more times. Then he tossed it aside and left them writhing in burning agony. I fast forwarded through the rest of the night, seeing that the little cunts finally passed out from exhaustion. I heard from a servant that he had finally released them to be returned to their cells at dawn. .
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