Unexpected stop.


    The tires of my car hummed along the blacktop, we were making good time, shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to get home. My 15 year old sister Hanna and I were returning from our Grandma's house, she was getting on in years, and we liked to visit her often, and help her out, without her having to ask us.

     Hanna, studying the map, said, "Lisa, If we take the next exit, it's a secondary highway, should cut about 30 miles off our distance. "

     I slowed, and took the exit ramp, and on the secondary highway, the lack of traffic was a plus. We were making good time, until we came over a hill and saw a large road barrier blocking the highway. There was a man standing in front of it, and he was holding a rifle. Fear shot through me, I wondered if I could swerve around the barrier, but no chance. Any attempt would probably flip our car into the ditch. I had no choice but to guide the car to a stop.

     He sauntered over casually, and tapped lightly on the window. I quickly rolled it down, we were in enough trouble as it was, I didn't need to piss off a man with a gun.

     "Afternoon ladies, who are you, and what are you doing here?"

     I replied, "I'm Lisa, and this is my sister Hanna. Our map made it look like this road was still useable. "

     "Yeah, it's useable alright, but it's been made into a toll road, and I'm here to collect the toll. "

     He looked in, I saw his eyes sizing me up, taking in the view of my breasts, braless and just covered by a T shirt with a gap in the front, giving him a good look at the cleavage between my 36C chest. His eyes wandered lower, getting a look at my shorts, and my tanned legs.

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   His eyes flicked over, and he took in my sister, his eyes taking a long look at my sister's 34C chest, and then traveling down to her skirt. Hanna was shaking, scared, and I did my best to put up a brave front, for both our sakes.

     "And what would the toll be?" I inquired, doing my best to keep my voice steady, hoping he didn't want to take all my money, or worse yet, our car.

     "Well, how about that sweet little sister of yours? If she comes on out here, and gives me the very best blowjob she can, the toll will be paid in full. "

     I gaped at him, fuck, I hadn't expected this. Hanna was shaking, terrified, pressed back tightly against the passenger side door.

     "Oh yeah, she's all ready for it! Yeah baby, get them sweet pink lips of yours all slicked up, and come on over here and let my slide my stiff cock between those tight, slick lips of yours, right into your sweet little mouth. Do you like to swallow the cum baby? I've got a big, juicy load, all set to fill your sweet mouth baby!"

     I said, "You can't do that, she's only 15, she's still a virgin!"

     He replied, "What, she's never sucked a boy's cock? And who said anything about whether she's still's a virgin. I just want her to suck my cock, I'm not gonna bust her open!"

     "No, no way, you're not going to take my sister!"

     He growled, "Yeah, and why not?"

     "My sister isn't going to suck your cock, because I'm going to do it!"

     He looked at me, smiled, and said, "Then come on out and join me sweetheart!"

     Standing in front of him, he smiled as he took in my body, the thought of a 19 year old sucking his cock was more than an adequate substitute.

I had kept myself in fit shape by being a bit of a gym rat, and at 5'8" and 135 pounds, with a long mane of strawberry blonde hair, he liked what he saw.

     "Oh, yeah, you'll do fine baby. "

     I said, "Just one condition, when I'm sucking you off, I want to be out of sight of the car, I don't want Hanna having to watch me. "

     At his nod, I leaned into the car, and told Hanna, "Stay here baby, I'll be back. "

    He had a blanket under one arm, he led me off the road, and into the forest. The trees were thick, then a minute later, a woodland meadow opened up, and he stopped me.

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   He put down a blanket and gave me a questioning look.

     "Ok baby, now get your cute ass naked, I want to enjoy the view of you naked while you suck me off. "

     Wanting to get it over with as soon as possible, I figured if he has the best possible view, it might make him shoot faster. I quickly pulled my T shirt over my head, tossed it aside, then my shorts and my panties very quickly joined it. I kicked off my sandals, and now it was his turn to gape at me, completely nude. I could see his cock tenting up. He quickly stripped, and I took his cock in hand, feeling the pulse of his erection making his cock throb slightly. I took to my knees, his 7 inches rock hard, and eager.

     Feeling relief that he smelled clean, and was not some dirty, smelly tramp, I pulled back on the foreskin, his head popped up, shiny and pink, and I turned his cock head into a lollipop, my tongue flicking and licking at his cock head. He let out a growl of pleasure as I started to lick at his shaft, using my tongue to paint designs on it.

     "Yeah, nice baby, real nice. "

     My outrage was quickly fading. What the hell, I had basically been forced to service him, and I was starting to enjoy it? This is crazy!

     I slicked up my lips, and I quickly swallowed his cock, listening to his drawn out moan of pleasure I took him in, right to the balls, his cock head just lightly touching the back of my throat.

     That did it, I forgot all about the forced aspect, swallowing his cock, and feeling it fill my mouth was all I needed to lose myself to the building pleasure. My cunt was starting to gush, I could feel the juices of my lust dripping from me.

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   I started to work on that throbbing cock, giving him the very best blowjob I could. He growled as my head went back and forth, my lips clamped tightly around his shaft, eager to milk his load right out of him.

     "Suck baby, suck" he whispered to me.

     I felt a hand gently tracing along under my chin, then moving up, his other hand joined, and he took my head very gently in his hands, and started a slow, thrusting motion, gently fucking my mouth.

My mouth was bathing his cock in a tight wet heaven of sucking, I could see his shaft, shiny wet with my spit, appear and then disappear as he fucked my eager mouth. I could feel my cunt gush even more juices, running down my thighs, fuck, having a guy fucking my mouth turns me on like crazy, and I was burning now, needing his load, wanting my horny mouth filled. His cock jerked, becoming steel hard. I molded my mouth tightly around him, eager for the wet spray of sperm.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck, gonna cum baby, gonna fill your sweet mouth, yeah, yeah, FUCK!"

     I quickly pulled my mouth up halfway as his cock exploded. The first two thick gushes hit the roof of my mouth, his cock continued to spray, spewing thick ropes of his sperm all over my tongue. I sucked, swallowed, sucked, swallowed, making sure I got every drop. My cunt was on fire, an aching, sodden mass of lust driven heat.

     "Now, now, lick my cunt, make me cum, fuck, I feel like I'm gonna explode!" I growled at him.

     In a few moments, I was flat on my back, his face hovering just above my soaked cunt. He growled with approval as he saw my smooth shaven pussy, as bald and smooth as a billiard ball.

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   I always like to keep pussy hair free, to encourage lovers to get their mouth down there, and lick me. His head moved forward, kissing all the smooth skin that was free of pubic hair. I moaned from the exciting sizzles, and his tongue slid out, and started to glide up and down my syrupy lips. His tongue slid inside, licking up my honey, and I could feel his fingers spread apart my tender folds. His mouth went to work, and I gasped as his skilful tongue pushed and probed, licking me all over, nibbling gently, tasting me, making love to me with his mouth. His tongue slid back and forth over the hood of my clitoris. He drew my love bud gently from beneath its covering, and I panted with desire, as he went to work on my throbbing clit. I felt completely naked and open to him, just a mass of wanton lust, and my orgasm started to gather speed. I grunted with pleasure as he shoved two fingers deep inside me, and used his whole mouth on my slick, smooth pussy. That did it, and I felt like I was being eaten alive as I exploded, cumming hard, I screamed and thrashed wildly as my whole body convulsed in ecstasy, and I exploded into his mouth, feeling my juices gush. When the last shuddering had died down he then rose up, I could could see his cock, back up and ready for action, as hard as steel and fully erect. My sister was probably a virgin, but I sure as hell wasn't, and I wanted that stiffness, I wanted it shoved deep in my still buzzing cunt. I spread my legs wide, letting him see the V of my crotch, soaking with my lust juices, letting him know where I wanted it.
     "Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!", I gasped, desperate to have that big shaft fuck me to the core.
     He rubbed his cock over my naked and soaking mound, teasing me, driving me totally crazy with lust.

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   He suddenly shoved his cock inside, and I squealed with pleasure as his cock stretched the walls of my cunt apart. I could feel his body shudder as he plunged into me right to the balls, filling me to the core, his balls slapping my ass. He pulled out and rubbed the head of his cock against my slippery clit, and then plunged in the full length again. Over and over, he pulled out to rub my clit and then slammed back in, I was almost delirious with pleasure. He fucked me faster and faster, my pussy sucking greedily at his cock, the smooth skin of my outer lips caressing his shaft. I felt my orgasm rush back at me, I shrieked with pleasure, thrashing wildly under his heaving body as my orgasm ripped through me, my pussy throbbing and spasming wildly. He grunted loudly, and slammed his throbbing cock as deep as possible. I could feel the explosion, the jetting pulses of his surging cock flooding me with his hot spunk. He arched into me and shuddered, as I felt the ridges in the upper wall of my pulsing cunt eagerly milking his swollen cock of every last drop.

     Back behind the wheel, continuing on our way, I knew Hanna was looking at me. She seemed awestruck, and proud that her sister would intervene, and let him use my body instead of hers. I smiled to myself, I didn't have to let her know that I had enjoyed it, that could be my little secret.