Waterfalls part 1


I was getting ready to take my bath, as usual. . . I grabbed a book and some bubbles and before I knew it I was engaged in a nice bubble bath. Later on that day I went with some friends to a night club called Diks. They ditched me as usual and I was stuck sitting across the bar from a man. He looked to be about 6ft 150lbs. . . very cute but I didn't feel comfortable with how he looked at me. .
The night was getting boring so I left, unaware of the man behind me i grab my keys and he puts his hand over my mouth and says "if you say one word bitch, I will make sure you are punished" I was quiet and allowed him to open my car door and i slid in to the passenger seat. He followed, started the car and took off. . . .

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"Take off your pants, bitch" he said to me in a calm tone. . . I did what he told me to do, I wasn't sure if he had a weapon on him and i didn't want to play fate. I took my pants off and he looked at my red lace thong. "Well slut, looks like you want this. only sluts wear thongs. " he took his right hand and started to rub me, really hard. He continued to do this till we got to an abandoned house. He stopped the car, got out and came around to the other side. Pulling me out he ordered me to get on my hands and knees and crawl like the bitch I am. I did as he told me to. . .

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  . We got inside the house and it was very creepy inside, hard to explain but there was several rooms and all of them were labled in chinese or maybe Japanese. . . He pulled me into the first room. . in the center there was a table. He pushed me onto it. . . . lying on my stomach he pressed a button and before I knew it my arms and legs where bound by ropes hanging from the ceiling. He put a blindfold around my eyes and told me that I was only to speak if spoken to and I must address him Master.
He cut off my thong and started to spank my ass. .

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  . softly at first then he picked up pace. "Yes oh fuck yah, slut puppet. You like that don't you? are you a slut?" I closed my eyes *slap* this one over powered all the other ones "I asked you a question, answer me. . . . . . "y-yes master" I said very quietly. . . . "I knew you liked it" I heard a zip. .

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  . and before I knew it he was standing in front of me with his cock in his hand. Stroking himself he grew. . . he was huge. . the biggest dick i have ever seen. He placed the tip of his dick at my mouth. . I refused it. . . . He slapped me in the face and I had no choice but to take his prick into my mouth.

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  . . I could barely wrap my mouth around it yet he kept pushing it in farther and farther. . . . . . "K fuck this" he said and started to fuck my face. . his balls slapped my chin and finally he unloaded his dick in my mouth. .
    . "swallow it all and you won't be punished" I swallowed what I could, it tasted bitter and salty. .

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      . . I accidently let some dribble out of my mouth onto the floor. . . . . . . . . "I'll get you later for this, but first lets examine your nice ass" He climbed onto my back and started rubbing my ass, spreading my cheeks apart very painfully. . . .

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      . I let out a cry as he shoved a finger in. . . . he was thrusting it in and out. . . then he took it out. . I sighed only to feel 2 fingers go in. . . he shoved his fingers up as far as they would go then without warning he replaced his fingers with a dildo. .

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      . the dildo was about 10inches long and at least 3 inches wide. . . . it ripped me apart. . . . . . as soon as he shoved it up as high as it could go I felt him clamp something to the dildo. . . .

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    He got off of me and walked towards a giant machine, and pressed a button. . .  I felt the dildo inside me start to vibrate. . . . he left the room and all that I could hear was the humming of the dildo and I could feel the pain that it caused. . . . . . . .

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    The next morning He came into the room and shut the machine off. . . . "Did you like that? do you have to take a shit now?" he asked. . I shook my head. . . he took out the dildo and released me from the ropes and told me to go wash up. . . I went into the washroom and about 10 minutes later he yelled through the door "Hey slut puppet are you done?" I replied "yes master" he came in completely naked and took off my shirt and bra. . .


       "lay down on the floor" I did and he kneeled down, his ass 2 cm from my face. . . . . "lick my rosebud and make it good. this is your punishment for wasting my cum. . " I closed my eyes and started to lick his ass. . . 5 minutes into it he sat down almost completely and I was tounge fucking him. . . .

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       30 minutes went by and he stood up "I have to piss. . . . spread your legs. . i'm going to give you a 'shower" he pissed on me and then without warning turned out the lights and closed the door. . . . . . I just layed there crying. . he yelled through the door "Next time swallow all of me or it'll be worse.

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      . . and oh Bitch. . . clean up I'll see you in an hour"
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