Wild Riding


Sarah and I taught at the same middle school. She's only a couple years out of college and was appreciate of my sharing my 27 years of experience. We discovered that we had a great deal in common despite the differences in our ages and were soon personal friends as well as professional colleagues.
I'm married and Sarah is all but engaged to a guy who seems very nice. I envied the excitement of her young relationship, although I enjoy the predictable comfort of my husband. However, at 49, I was flirting with menopause and Rick, my husband often. . well. . 'wasn't up to the task' as far as the bedroom fun went. Sarah had told me enough about her relationship with her guy that I knew that the sex was frequent and hot. Ah, I thought, to be 25 again! Then I'd laugh to myself, knowing that after just one night with her boyfriend, I'd walk funny for a week! Better to stick to my staid, predictable life.
Sarah loved horses and, after a lot of coaxing, got me to go riding with her. I'd ridden some during college and as a teen, but was never entirely comfortable around horses. But Sarah's expertise gave her a confidence that was contagious and I was soon enjoying myself, riding with her along the city park's bridle paths.
The day it happened, Sarah and I had driven to a horse farm quite a ways out of the city.

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   She knew the owner through a relative of hers. Sarah said it would be a great riding experience because the farm was adjacent to miles of trails leading through a wildlife area.
The farm itself was beautiful and the surrounding countryside was wild and scenic. The owners, an older couple, greeted us as we got out of the car. They were warm, friendly people who said we had the run of the place.
Sarah selected our horses and, with a little help from me, got them saddled and we were soon trotting off towards the nearby forest. It was everything she had said it was and more. . . simply gorgeous. We let the horses amble along the wide path at their own pace as we chatted. We seemed to have the area to ourselves.
Sarah seemed in a playful mood. "Know what I did a couple times as a teen?" she asked with a devilish grin. I smiled and shook my head.

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"On my uncle's farm, I'd go to these woods way out back and undress and ride in the nude!" she giggled at the memory.
I laughed, "Weren't you afraid of being seen?"
"His farm was really remote," she said. "But, honestly?. . . I think the chance of being seen was a big part of the thrill" She paused. "Used to make me horny!" Then her face reddened slightly. I laughed as much at her blush as at her story.
"Too bad there were no boys around, huh?" I grinned.
Her devilish look returned. "Oh, I'd just lie down in the tall grass and. . . well. .

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  relax for awhile!" I looked at her, knowing how special those forbidden moments must have been.
I sighed. "I never had the nerve to . . . to do THAT outside" She looked at me, honestly surprised, "Never?" I shook my head, "Blame it on a too strict upbringing. "
We rode along in silence for a time. Rounding a curve in the path, we came into a grove of pine trees. Sarah brought her horse to a halt and dismounted. "I'll be right back!" she said and disappeared into the evergreens. I assumed she was going to answer nature's call.
I was admiring the trees when she re-emerged, saying "Ah! That's better!" When I turned to look at her, I nearly fell off my horse.
Sarah was wearing her shoes and socks. . .

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  and nothing else! She had the type of slim athletic body women my age would kill for. Her smallish breasts sat high on her chest, capped with pink nipples. While the hair on her head was a lovely auburn color, her neatly trimmed pubic hair was definitely red.
"Sarah!" I gasped. "You're crazy!" She laughed at the school teacher tone in my voice. I had to smile too.
"Hey lady," she taunted. "Don't knock it 'till you tried it!"
"What?" I said with genuine shock. "Take my clothes off? Not a chance!" She cocked her head to one side, grinning up a me with a daring look in her eyes. I found myself getting down off my horse.
"This is crazy!" I kept telling myself as I re-traced her path into the pines. But something about seeing Sarah's clothes lying in a neat pile in a small clearing made me relax a little. I began undressing, slowly at first but then more quickly, afraid I'd lose my nerve. Finally, I pulled down my panties with a jerk and kicked them off. I stepped back into my shoes and went back to the path, the pine branches touching and caressing my naked body.


I'm a little shorter than Sarah and a little chubby, but not fat. My breasts, always large, have ballooned up to a 40DD as I've put on weight. My hips are wide and I could feel my ample buttocks jiggle as I walked. As for between my legs. . well. . the light brown hair there is more of a forest rather than a bush.
Sarah smiled as I emerged, saying "Oooo. big boobies!" I laughed a little.
"Are we actually going riding like this?" I asked nervously.
"Absolutely!" she said brightly, putting one foot in her stirrup and swinging the other over the horse. I caught a quick glimpse of the slit between her legs. "We'll just go a little ways and then come back here," she promised.
Somewhat reluctantly, I mounted my own horse, not really prepared for the sensation.

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   "Oh my!" I said quietly. Sarah laughed and said, "I should have warned you. The saddle hitting the clit the first time can be a shock. " I blushed and nodded. It certainly was!
It didn't take long for me to begin feeling the adventure of it. I began to enjoy the feeling of the warm sun coming through the tree branches. Of course, the steady rhythm of riding made the saddle rub back and forth on my open crotch. I was a little embarrassed. My erect nipples could be blamed on the cool air, but I was afraid the wetness on my saddle was becoming obvious. I stole a sidelong glance at Sarah and saw that the lower half of her bush looked a bit matted. I was pretty sure her nipples were erect too.
She looked at me, smiling softly. "Well, I guess we should each find a private place" I knew what she meant and nodded.
We should have heard them coming. Maybe we were lost in our own thoughts or maybe they just had considerable stalking skills, but suddenly, there they were: Five men, carrying shotguns standing on the path grinning at us.

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   Our first instinct was to turn the horses and run, but the apparent leader of the group made a vague gesture with his gun that convinced us running was not a good idea.
"You ladies get down off them horses," the leader drawled. We did, each of us with an arm across our nipples and a hand over our bush.
The men were a scruffy looking bunch, dressed in denims in varying degrees of filthiness. The leader walked closer and we both backed up a little. "No need to be shy, ladies!" he grinned, with tobacco stained teeth. "But y'all shouldn't go ridin' around nekked. Y'all might catch cold!" The other men found this hilarious.
"Look," I said with what I hoped sounded like confidence, "You've had your fun! Now let us go!"
"Sheeet!" he laughed. "We ain't even really seen ya yet. Why not drop them hands?"
After a moment, Sarah and I complied, dropping our hands to our sides. "That's better!" he leered. The others moved closer, craning for a better look at us.
Sarah was trembling more than I was. "Please!" she said, close to tears, "Let us go! We-we're teachers.

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  . we won't tell anyone. "
"Teachers, huh?" he laughed, but the malice grew in his eyes. Wrong thing to say! I thought to myself. "Well, well," he said, no longer smiling, "Maybe you can teach us somethin'. . huh?" He suddenly grabbed both of Sarah's arms and flung her to the ground beside the trail.
The speed with which it happened was terrifying. In seconds, Sarah was on her back and he was on top of her, pants down just far enough to free his quite large penis. Her eyes went wide with fear as she saw it and she started to say something just as he brutally penetrated her, burying the full length of his shaft in her pussy. From where I stood, I could see his huge organ push into her. Her scream echoed in the trees. His hips began slamming up and down, each thrust forcing a moaning yelp from Sarah.
The other men moved even closer, watching him rape Sarah and cheering him on. "Ram it to the bitch, Billy! Go on now!"
Then, with a few grunts, he finished with her, roughly yanking out his cock and getting to his feet.

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   A river of white ran down Sarah's crotch. I remember hoping that she was on the pill. She started to get to her feet and another of the men pounced on her, stiff cock in his hand. "Oh god! Please! No!" she begged, then another brutal penetration and another scream.
One of the other men walked up to me and began roughly fondling my breasts. I stood still and said nothing. Another grabbed me between the legs, remarking "Hairy bitch, ain't she?" The groping became more frantic, as fingers were pushed up my pussy and ass. It was almost a relief when I was flung down next to Sarah for my turn at being raped.
My first attacker was young and eager, so eager that he began spurting almost the moment he pushed his cock into me. He kept pumping for a while anyway, apparently not wanting his buddies to know he'd come so quickly.
Groggy, I looked over at Sarah, who lay quiet now, being raped for the third, . . fourth?, time
Someone quickly took the young guy's place after he got off me and took his time pumping me. It might have been Billy, the leader. .

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  I was beginning to lose track of who was doing what. I worked my hips a little, trying to get him to finish sooner, but he took this as arousal and cackled, "She's likin' now!" I heard one of the say, "Fuckin' slut! She's got a wedding ring on!"
I wanted to tell them that Rick was the only man who'd ever had me, but I knew it was pointless. And I started to think they were right. . we were fuckin' sluts. I saw Sarah's hips begin rising and falling in a rapid, purposeful way. Looking at her face, I saw her staring at me wide-eyed, face flushed.
"I'm so sorry!" she sobbed. "I can't help it. . I can't!" She gasped and groaned as the orgasm overtook her, even as she cried because of her shame. I felt so sorry for her and knew my own body would soon betray me too.
Oddly enough, I didn't come until someone was shoving his cock into my mouth after the last guy finished fucking me. I had to grab my pussy with both hands, eliciting laughter from the men and further comment on what a whore I was. But I no longer cared and sucked the cock in my mouth and masturbated.


Finally, I was able to sit up. Sarah was on her knees before one of the men, her head bobbing as she blew him. He slapped her and she fell on her side. "That's enough, bitch!". All of them had come as much as they could.
    Having Sarah suck him was just to humiliate her as much as possible.
    We were pulled to our feet and our hands were tied behind our backs. I just knew that we were about to be marched off into the woods and shot. Looking back now, I almost wish they had done that.
    We were taken into the woods to a clearing with a massive fallen log across it. We were forced to bend forward over it. Groggy as we were, we couldn't figure out what more they could possibly do to us. I heard our horses being brought up.
    Sarah figured it out first, her eyes bulged in terror. "OH NO! OH GOD! NOT THAT!"
    "What?'" I asked, "What is it?" She looked at me, wild-eyed.

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       "The horses! The horses are both males! They're going to let the horses fuck us!"
    Harsh laughter from behind us. "Smart lady!" laughed Billy.
    I heard them talk soothingly to the horses as they masturbated them to readiness.
    The log we were on was so massive that the horses were able to get their front hooves up on it just in front of Sarah and me. This, of course, put the animals in a perfect position over us for what the men had in mind.
    Sarah kept screaming and begging but I didn't resist until I felt something gigantic and hot being shoved against my crotch. "You'll kill us!" I screamed and was answered by laughter. That was the idea of course; the horses would fuck us to death.
    Sarah's horse entered her first. She let out a scream that didn't sound human as the truly massive horse cock slid into her. She farted and I heard her peeing on the leaf covered forest floor.
    As I was penetrated, I was even less delicate. A torrent of pee went down my legs and then I shit, the turds falling onto the leaves. The men cheered.
    I believe the only thing that saved us was that the horses seemed to know not to push their entire length into us.

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       Still. both of us took 12 to 14 inches of incredibly thick penis.
    Both Sarah and I periodically passed out. We suddenly noticed that the men were gone. I looked over at Sarah, regularly gasping as the horse's prick 'hit bottom' and rammed against my cervix. "Sarah. . how. . how long does a horse take. . to. . to finish?"
    She shook her head, gasping too. "I-I don't know! I.

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      . never. . never had anything like this!" Then suddenly, she flung her head back, groaning "Ahhhhhhh!. . Ohhhhh. . ohhhhh shit! Oh shit!". Her body shook so hard, I thought she was having a convulsion, but I soon realized what was happening: She was coming. Then she hung limply on the log, apparently in a dead faint. She didn't even react to the more rapid thrusts the horse was suddenly making. A very wet sound came from between her legs and I heard a loud dripping noise. The animal was ejaculating inside her.
    The awful knowledge of what was happening to Sarah shocked me into a strange, wild orgasm. I jerked and twisted on the massive prick that impaled me, cursing and moaning.

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       My ropes came loose but I made no attempt to escape. "FUCK ME GODDAMN IT!" I screamed. "CUM IN ME! BREED ME!" As if he understood, the horse quickened his humping. He came so hard that it actually hurt. I was instantly filled with horse sperm and felt it being pumped out of me by his penis. Warm rivers poured down the insides of my legs.
    I must have passed out too because I was suddenly aware of lying on the ground next to the log, Nearby, Sarah was trying to get to her feet, each movement making another dribble of white come from between her legs. Her ropes had come off too. I looked down and saw that my cunt was now an oval, the opening stretched to the point that I could put three fingers inside me without touching the sides of my vagina. My clitoris had swollen to half the size of my thumb. . I'd never seen it so big. As Sarah stood, leaning against the log, I could see that her female parts were in much the same condition. Her clit hung between her legs like a small penis.
    I started to stand, then realized that squatting to drain my pussy was a better idea.


       Sarah squatted too, facing me. There was no embarrassment. . . not any more. A steady stream ran out of both of our cunts, forming pools between our feet.
    Sarah looked at me, her face now calm as she quietly said, "We can't tell anyone what happened here. "
    I started to object, but then realized she was right. I sighed, "We'd have to admit that we became complete sluts. Both of us even came while committing bestiality. "
    Sarah stood up, giving her hips a shake to get rid of the last dribble from between her legs. She smiled tiredly, "Maybe when my pussy recovers, I'll come back here. "
    I thought of what the men had done. Of what the horse had done. Then I thought of Rick in bed, of how he'd been in recent years.

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       I nodded. "I think I'll come back with you. "


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