A dark night in the park.


Recently I have been sneaking down to a park where its secluded at night and jack myself off. Its warm in summer and I can sit on a park bench naked and do it usually a couple of times.  
Three nights ago I was doing it and somebody sneaked up behind me and put their hand over my eyes while I was in going at it hard and fast. I never heard them.  
I nearly shit myself but it was another guy a bit older than me who it seems also did what I was doing occasionally. He had been doing it himself when I came along so he had hidden himself.  
We both sort of started to talk and all about how we wanked off. I realised he and I were pretty much alike and it didn’t take long for us to become friends and he sat beside me and we both started wanking ourselves and talking as we did it. He had a really big cock compared to min and it was always hard.  
I was having a great time comparing notes about when I was 13 and another boy showed me how to masturbate and I have been doing it almost every day since. I was now 14 he was 22 he told me. His cock was longer and thicker than mine but it looked beautiful to me. He was fascinated with mine being much smaller I am 6 inches long and his is nearly 9 he told me.  
He asked me if I would mind if he held my cock and played with it for a while – I said that was fine by me – maybe I could feel his too.  
The two of us were feeling and playing with each other cocks and we both were having a great time – we even began to wank each other.  
After a few minutes of wanking me he asked me if he could bring me off himself and see me cum.

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   I said that was fine by me and he got down between my legs and he stroked my cock with his hand. He held it differently to me and it felt great. I had never had anybody do it for me before and the feeling was awesome. He stroked me at different speeds and held my cock tightly then loose and varied his hand movements and it wasn’t long before I said I was getting close to cumming. He said ok lay back and let it happen and he held my balls in his other hand. I opened my legs wide and lay back and the feeling was amazing and I said its cumming its cumming……… I stiffened my legs as I could feel that great sensation as I came. I got about one squirt out and then I felt something warm and wet on my cock – I had my eyes closed enjoying the sensation of somebody else wanking me off and I looked down and he had my cock in his mouth and I was actually cumming in his mouth – it was an awesome feeling – I had never felt it so good ever before. Instead of milking the cum out of my cock by squeezing it out with his finger as I do he sucked and swallowed my cum.   I have never had such a fantastic orgasm ever before and having my cock sucked felt amazing.  
After I had finished cumming and he had drunk all my cum he took his mouth off my cock and said how was that – did you enjoy it. I said it was the most amazing thing I have ever done.  
He said that’s great I am glad I did it so you liked it.  
I said I have never enjoyed anything like that before.  
Then he said would you like to wank me off like that. I said yes please – I loved the feeling of his hard cock in my hand before and this would be sensational – wanking his huge cock off.

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   He didn’t say anything about me drinking his cum though when he came.  
He took ages to really get excited – he said he enjoyed me wanking him and showed me how he likes his cock held and stroked. His cock was huge compared to mine and I could get my whole hand around it to stroke him. I guess I had been wanking him for about a quarter of an hour and I felt his cock get harder and said are you getting ready to cum and he said yes just hold it a bit firmer and go a bit harder. It felt awesome I had a firm grip and I was really working his cock hard when he said its cumming its cumming and I saw the first spurt of his cum fly out and it landed on my face and dripped down over my lips and I instinctively licked it without realising –  I got my first taste of cum. I had no idea of what to expect and it tasted weird for some reason I licked it again to get more to see whether I liked it or not – I couldn’t really work out what it tasted like. I was still stroking him and he was still spurting and he got about four or five spurts onto my face and chest and I was covered in his cum and I don’t know why but I started to lick what I could off my face. He was moaning softly with the pleasure and feeling of cumming – he was laying right back now like I do when I feel a bit exhausted when I have finished spurting. I had cum on my hand and over my face and some on my chest where it had landed or dripped off my face – he really had a lot of cum he spurted. His cock was softening and I looked at it and I was mesmerised, and again I have no idea why I did it but I just put my mouth over the top of it and sucked and licked the head of his cock. It was the most amazing sensation, having his cock in my mouth – it was big as I have said and much thicker than a sausage so I really had a mouth full. He put his hands down and held my head on his cock and said that’s nice, really nice, will you keep doing it for another minute – I really am enjoying you doing that.  
I was finding it really interesting, the feel of his cock in my mouth and my tongue rubbing the top of it and the taste of his cum was all so very new and exciting – I had never considered drinking my own cum and here I was drinking his. It was a very strange taste  - not one I disliked but it was different and I wasn’t sure I really liked it or it was just an exciting experience for me.  
After a minute or so he said you can stop now – I don’t think I will be able to cum again for a while – you did that wonderfully and I really enjoyed it.

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He pulled me to him and I still had his cum on my chest and he hugged me. We both had his cum over us now. Then he did something I never imagined anyone doing but he licked my chest and his cum off me. When he touched my nipples they were really touchy – I had never felt that before either. This was an amazing night and full of new experiences for me.  
We lay back on the seat and we talked about how good it was for each of us and he was really interested to hear me say how much I enjoyed it and said perhaps we could do it again one time.  
I said I would do it any time he liked – I had the best time of my life and for me to wank him off and taste his cum and for him to suck my cock was awesome. I would remember the night for ever.  
We both wanked each other off again before we left – again he drank my cum as I spurted and I got his all over my face but managed to go down on him before he finished spurting and actually got a couple of spurts into my mouth and swallowed his cum. I was hooked now and I would have no problems sucking or wanking him off and drinking his cum any time.  
After that we met at least once a week sometimes twice and we sucked and wanked each other off at least twice each time – usually sucking each other at first then wanking and drinking each others cum as we spurted. Usually we both came twice or even three times each time we met.  
I could drink his cum now and have no problems - but when I tried to drink mine I couldn’t – it was funny- I have no problems sucking him off and drinking his cum but I cant do it to myself when I cum in a spoon and try and drink my own cum – even while it is till warm.  
He told me he had done this with other guys – all his own age and never with anybody as young as me. He even admitted he has had sex with other guys where they put their cocks up each other bums.

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   He said he wouldn’t do that with me as it would hurt me too much – his cock is too big for my ass he said – he even looked at it one night and put his finger up me but I didn’t like it very much. I don’t think I would like doing that at the moment – maybe when I am older I might try it. He said to me anytime I would like to fuck him – all I have to do is ask – I cant really bring myself to do that yet.  
He has had sex with a girl but he likes men better he said. My guess is he is gay. I am not sure if I am or not – I will have to wait and see if I like girls when I am a bit older and I know that I can have sex with one to see what that’s like.  
In the meantime I have him to play with and enjoy our wanking time together. I cant wait for my cock to be as big as his. .