And Still Champion


After flopping down on the bed for a one hour nap, Duke carefully selected his wardrobe for the evening, and while it really didn’t matter what he wore, he made sure that the tight bikini underwear showed of his nine and a half inch hammer to its best view!!! The bright red material of the silk shorts stood out starkly against his sun tanned skin, and what was even more impressive was how after he rolled up his nut bag and pecker into a tight ball it looked for all the world like someone had stuck a softball into his undies!!! More than one stud had merely gotten a glimpse of Duke’s bikini cover groin and nearly fainted dead away at the awesome sight that it presented!!! In the San Francisco gay community having a big cock was more than just a status symbol, because if you were blessed with a large penis, you pretty much had your pick of all the young teen and early twenties bitches you could get your hands on!!! Not only did these young men have the best bodies, but they also were still pliable enough to do just about anything you told them to, and being damn grateful to boot!!! Duke gave one last look into the full length mirror, and after being satisfied that everything was just right, he left his apartment and headed downtown!!!Like every Saturday night Castro Street was gay-lesbian street USA, and every conceivable combination of sexual life style was represented in one way or the other!!! There were bull dykes with their little fems trailing behind them on leashes as well as butch bikers dressed in leather from head to toe, flaunting their genitals in leather jock straps that did little to hide the erect prizes that were barely hidden inside!!! Duke didn’t begrudge any of them their lifestyle, but for him it was a thing to be done behind closed doors, or at least out of the view of the general public!!! As he made his way through the bustling crowd, a young man of about twenty two called to him as he passed the front of and alley and whispered hoarsely, “Hey, buddy, watch me jerk myself off, you don’t have to touch it or anything, just watch me cum, okay!?!” Duke shrugged his shoulders, and after giving it a moments thought nodded his head and replied, “Sure, fella, go ahead, show me what you’ve got!!!” The young man, totally thankful that someone had finally stopped, opened up his long trench coat revealing a very hard if not to large erection that was literally begging to shoot its load!!! “H-how does it look,” he stammered while Duke watched with slight bemusement at the young man’s chutzpah!!! “Uh, really nice,” Duke replied gently, “thata boy, show me what good jerk off you can be!!!” That did it, the young man’s legs quivered back and forth, and after taking a moment to steady himself, a hot load of young gay spunk rocketed out of this hard dick splashing a shower of cum on the pavement in front of him!!! The young man leaned heavily against the wall next to him and as his coat flopped closed covering his now deflating pecker, he nodded his head and thanked Duke for his time!!!
“Duke Walker,” a man yelled from across the crowded bar, “where the hell have ya been!?!” Duke waved his hand in recognition of his friend, but before making his way over to him, he stopped at the bar and ordered a draft while checking out all the “action” floating around dance floor! There were several new faces in the crowd, and one in particular caught his interest as it did every other man in the place, a twenty something black man who was dancing up storm in just a leather jock strap and sandals!!! Who’s the fresh talent,” Duke asked as his friend Tyler slipped up along side of him, “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him here before!?!” Tyler took a drink of his beer, and raising his voice over the din of the music he replied, “His name is Shaker, no one knows anything else about him, except that from what I hear he’s hung like a fucking horse!!!” Duke just nodded his head and went back to the rear booth with Tyler where they quickly began necking and feeling up each others pecker!!!
As the night wore on the atmosphere became raunchier and raunchier until many of the men had their cocks out of their pants and were lasciviously displaying themselves for everyone to see!!! Duke sat back quietly in his booth and offered no resistance when Tyler pulled out his big cock and began sucking him right then and there for all he was worth!!! Say what you will about Tyler, he was a true cocksucker that just couldn’t get enough dick in his hot sperm loving mouth, and while Duke watched the parade of peckers passing within inches of his table, his huge cock twitched hard, and just like Old Faithful erupted in Tyler’s mouth like an mini geyser!!! Duke never even changed his expression as he eyed each and every prick go by, that is until Shaker came into view with what Duke thought might have been the biggest cock he had ever seen in his life!!! Pushing Tyler off of his hard meat, Duke stood up in Shaker’s path, and almost like two gunslingers in the old west they stood three feet apart with their huge erections bobbing menacingly in front of them!!!
The two studs eyed each other carefully, trying to take the measure of the other, when almost like lightning Duke leaped on the startled young man, and after only brief struggle forced him down face first on the table, and without so much as a word of warning, rammed his nine and a half inches of hot steel into the stunned man’s rectum!!! To Duke it was a badge of honor to be top stud at the Gallery and no punk bitch pretender was gonna come in here and take his place with out a fight!!! Struggling feebly to escape his captor, the young black stud began to moan louder and louder with each thrust as his tight little bung hole was viciously violated by the incessant pounding being administered by Dukes massive erection!!! Almost all of the other surrounding activity had come to a crashing halt as everyone it the place watched Duke put the young pup in his place!!! Yelps and shouts of “give it to him good, Duke” and “make him your fucking bitch” came whistling out of the crowd, which only tended to excite him even more as he poured the coals to his defenseless victim!!!
As scores of hot hung men jerked their peckers with total abandon, Duke finally couldn’t hold back any longer, and as he roared like a lion on the African plains, his big dick convulsed over and over again as it spurted load after load deep inside the bowels of his beaten opponent!!! As Duke’s pecker finally slipped free and swayed gently back and forth in the evening air, the young black stud slowly got up and after turning around smiled slowly before raising Duke’s hand in a salute of victory, he was still the champion of the Gallery!!! Just to show that there were no hard feeling, Duke gave good old Tyler the high sign, and seconds later he was on his knees in front of Shaker sucking him off like it was the most natural thing to do!!! After having filled Tyler’s mouth with a huge load of spunk, Shaker shook hands with Duke and in a true spirit of friendship, bought him another beer!!!
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