Boy's First Time - Chapter 3


After our fun in the shower earlier, and the events on the couch, we're finally on our way to the mall.
Not shopping for anything in particular, just an excuse to get out of the house, plus my house is within walking distance to the mall, it makes for good excerise. But its not like either one of us needed any after Friday night.
Walking to the mall from my neighborhood which was basically dead,guess everyone was already out for the day, not a car in any driveway, a ghost town I thought to myself.
Hmm, Maybe it isn't PDA if no one is around to see it? I wondered to myself as we continued walking, we came up on a small branch where people sometimes fish from, and a small trail that went off into the woods a little ways.
" Hey, check that out" He said while pointing at the trail 
 " We should go mess around down there sometime, after all it is summer, we could work on our tans too" He said with a laugh
 " Let's walk down there and check it out, it isn't like we have shit else to do" I replied
Walking down the narrow path from the sidewalk, Justin reaches up and takes me by the hand, as if i were a woman, I thought to myself. Oh well, he's just being a Gentleman, I said to myself.
We finally arrive at the waters edge, looking into the water, I notice the water really isn't that deep. No wonder people stopped fishing here, I said to myself with a laugh.
" Hey! check this out" Justin shouted
He had found a fairly large rock, big enough for several people to lay on, and it really wasnt in site from the road, as it was real close to the edge of the over-pass. The rock was smoothe too, as if someone had sanded it down or something, just to use to sit or lay on, maybe even just for tanning.
" Oh sweet!" I replied while walking over to him
" I don't think anyone fishes here anymore, the water is too shallow, and the grass along the trail has gotten pretty grown up. If this was a active fish place, surely someone would have cut down this grass and shit" He said.
" Well, aren't you just a regular fuckin eco-scientist" I replied laughingly
" As a matter of fact, I am" He replied with a stupid grin
" Why dont you come join me on our new rock" He asked
Walking over to the rock, looking at him sitting there, I thought to myself, Damn, it would be hot as hell if he wanted to make out, or even fuck on this rock, being so close to the road, so close to people, so easy to get caught, yet no one would even notice it. Must be a great rush to experience.
" Well, you gonna help your boy up here or not?" I asked with a smirk
He reached down and grabbed me by the hand and helped me onto the rock.

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He was sitting on the edge, looking over the little stream was maybe 15-20 Feet wide, just admiring the view i guess. God he looked so sexy with the sunlight glistening on his sweaty skin.
I crawled around behind him on my knees, and put my head on his shoulder, whispering to him " Nice view isn't it?"
" Yeah it is. This should be our new secret spot" He said
It was a pretty warm day, it had to have 90 degrees, and humid as hell.
I turned away for a moment to light a cigarette, as i turned back, Justin had started removing clothes.
" What are you doing?" I asked shockingly
" Shit, it's hot as a motherfucker, and I'm dripping sweat, and these are clean clothes that you just washed, I don't wanna go to the mall smelling like a dirty stock" He said with a laugh
" Ohhh. . Okay, I just thought you may have had some dirty thoughts going on in that mind of yours" I said with a grin
" Well. . . Actually. . I did" He said 
He turns around, places his hands on my hips, looks deep into my eyes, and begins to kiss me as deeply and passionately as he had Friday night. It felt was the best feeling in the world, His kiss, his muscular arms around me,rubbing and touching where ever he pleases on my body. The atmosphere only added to it.

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   Being feet from the street, yet so hidden. In the outdoors. The cool breeze on our sweaty skin, the hot sunlight. It was absolutely wonderful.
He slowly removes my shirt, and shorts, Which was fairly easy as I was only wearing a T shirt, and some Basketball shorts.
" Lay back and relax baby" He said with a soft erotic tone
I was totally rock hard by now, with everything else and Him.
" You've took really good care of me Baby, My own mother barely does what you've done for me, Fix me my favorite drink just the way I like it, or even do my laundry, or cook or get any food I like. " He said softly
" Thank you so much Baby, I couldn't ask for a better Boyfriend" He said while kissing my neck
" Plus, you've gave me 2 PERFECT Orgasms by mouth, and all I've done is jerk you off, I feel kind of like an asshole" He said
" No Daddy, I love to suck your cock and I love for you to fuck the shit out me like you did Friday night, I get alot more out of it than you think" I said
" How?, It's just my dick in your mouth" He asked
" I dont know, Just the feeling of that big hard cock in my hands and mouth, I feel like I could almost cum myself when I'm going down on you" I replied
" Almost doesn't count boy, We're not playing Horse shoes" He said with a laugh
" Just lay back and let me say thanks for how you've made my body feel" He said lowly while staring into my eyes
" Okay daddy" I replied while trying to catch my breath.
He positioned himself beside me, and began to rub his hands all over my body, almost like a massage, but a thousand times more erotically than any normal massage. Moving down to my cock and balls, He rubbed them gently and slowly, almost as a tease.  
I was already dripping pre-cum.
" See! I told you I could almost cum from that, And I was just imagining sucking your cock!" I said loudly
" I believe you baby" He whispered back
Continuing to explore my body with his large masculine hands, he turned me over onto my stomach and began rubbing my ass, moving down the backs of my thighs, down to my feet and back to my shoulders. His touch was like Fire. Making me feel as if i were on fire, fire with desire and lust and love for this man, well, Boy.
He sticks his finger into my mouth " Lick it, get it real wet" He said
Doing as told, he removes his finger and gently slides it into my tight ass which was still sore from the beating his big fat 9 inch monster of a cock had given it Friday night.

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" You okay baby?" He whispered into my ear
" Yeah Daddy, I'm good, Still just a little bit sore" I whispered back
Slowly, gently, he continues to finger my ass, while slapping it with his free hand.
" Damnit that fucking stings! plus it's still bruised from the other night" I yelped
" Oh my bad baby! I totally forgot about that" He replied
" Here, Daddy will make it all better, Get on all four's for me" He said
Doing as told, I am now on all four's.
" Yeah thats it. Stick that ass up a little further and spread those legs for Daddy" He said so sexy
Being the good little whore that I am, I did as told.
Feeling a warm wet sensation on my ass cheeks, He had began to lick and kiss my ass. All over the bruised area.
" Does it feel any better bab?" He whispered
" A little, Still pretty sore though, especially my asshole itself" I replied
I was in shock as he had spread my ass cheeks and began to flick his tounge around my asshole.
" Fuckkk yeahhh" I moaned
I had never felt anything this good in my life!
He now had his arms around my legs and was pulling me back onto his face, I was literally fucking his face and tounge doggy style! He must have had half his tounge in my ass. And it felt like I was literally High.  
Pulling his tounge out of my ass, He runs it all the way up my freshly washed crack.
" Mmmm" He said
" You taste like candy" He said while admiring his view from my rear
" Thanks Daddy" I softly moaned back
" Why dont you roll over onto your back for daddy?" He asked
Doing as told, I roll over onto my back.
" Spread the legs for me" He demanded
He began to slowly kiss,lick and suck my cock. It felt 10 times better than I ever imagined it. I was on the verge of cumming, not even 1 minute into his work.
" Holy shit! I'm gonna fuckin cum!" I screamed out
He quickly stopped and moved back a few feet, once again admiring his over all view of my body.

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" God damn, you are one sexy bitch!" He said while rubbing my thighs
Rubbing my feet, while looking into my eyes,
" Damn, I never noticed how soft your feet were!. My Girlfriends feet weren't even this soft" He said with a look of shock
" Would you mind rubbing them on my cock?" He said in a shy tone
" No Daddy. Your wish is my command" I replied
Moving back a little, I raised my feet to his cock.
" Why dont you just guide my feet where ever you want them?" I asked
Grabbing my feet, putting them together and slowly fucking my feet,
" God this feels great" He stammered
" I have another thing that would make your cock feel even better" I said while biting my lip
" Oh you do? Where may that be?" He said with a silly face
" Daddy you know where it is" I replied 
Running his hands up and down my legs, he finds my ass, and then my asshole, inserting a finger,
" Would this be the place you were talking about?" He asked
" Yes sir" I replied
" Please fuck it like you did last night" I begged
Licking and spitting on his fingers for lube, he rubs it onto my asshole.
" I don't know how good this is going to work, But we can give it a shot" He said
Moving into the missionary position, He slowly eases his cock into my ass.
" Ahh ughhh" I gasped
" Fuck!!!! It feels twice as big in this position" I yelped
" Take it Baby" He whispered while continuing to cram his 9 inches inside me
" Godddddd, go easier!!!" I screamed
Putting my legs onto his shoulders, he moved in closer to my body and began to speed up his strokes into my ass.
Although short strokes, they still hurt. He probably didn't get but 4 inches into me for a good while.
" How you doing boy?" He asked while continuing to fuck me, deeper and harder
" About as good as I can be with a 9 inch monster inside me" I said with a moan
" That's a good boy. Take what Daddy gives you" He said while lightly slapping my face
" You're daddies little whore arent you? You love it when Daddy fucks your ass don't you?" He said 
" Y. . y. y. yes sir" I stammered as he began to go deeper and deeper
" Good" He said
" That's my little whore" He said
With my feet on his bare chest, his cock inside me and the sun beaming down onto us and the sweat going like a sprinkler, I truly felt at peace. Like nothing could go wrong.

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   It was a perfect day with my man.
Reaching up onto my body with his big strong hands, he grabbed at my chest, and neck, rubbing and running his hands over any part of me within his reach, and never missed a stroke into my ass with his 9 incher.
We could hear cars passing by, and what sounded like people talking and walking on the sidewalk which wasnt 15 feet away.  
" I think I hear people walking and talking on the sidewalk" I said in a panic tone
" Yeah me too! Oh shit!" He whispered
" Fuck it! I aint stopping, Your tight ass is too good to let some people ruin it" He whispered
" Just keep quiet" He said while still fucking me
It amazed me that we were that close to being caught, and he still didn't miss a beat stroking his cock into my ass.
Several minutes later, we heard people walking down to where we were,
" Shit!" Justin said
Jumping up, grabbing our clothes and grabbing me by my hand he ran off into the drain tunnel under the over pass as 2 middle aged men were approaching where we just were.
" Did you hear that?" One of the men said
" Hear what?" The other man asked
" Sounded like people down here, running or something" He responded
" Probably a deer, some kind of animal we scared ran off into the brush" He said
" Yeah, guess so" He said.  
They were fisherman, carrying their fishing equipment.  
We stood in the dark, wet drainage tunnel and watched them to see if they had noticed us. They hadn't though.
Leading the way, He took me by my hand and lead us to the other end of the tunnel and we walked up the grassy hill a little ways.  
" Here" Said Justin as he laid his shirt on the ground
" Hands and knees baby" He demanded
" But, there are people right there!" I said
" Fuck em, I dont know them, and they damn sure aren't going to keep my cock from your sweet tight ass" He said with authority
" Yes sir" I said while getting into position
" We'll just finish up here and head somewhere else" He said while kissing me deeply on the mouth
" Yes sir" I said
He slowly re-inserted his cock into my ass, pushing half of it in before pulling out and going back in half ways.
He repeated this for awhile to get me broke back in.
" How are you feeling baby?" He asked
" Fucking awesome, give me more of your cock" I said
Completely unaware of what was coming, He pulled his cock all the way out of me and slammed all 9 inches of it into me.
" Ohhhhh yeahh Daddy! Thats it! Fuckkk meee godd ughhhh ahhh" I screamed
I was sure the men fishing 20 yards away had heard me, but I didnt care. I was making love with my man and nothing was going to stop us.

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" Shhh baby. Dont want us to get caught" He whispered
" fuck them! Give me your cock!" I begged
Repeatedly going balls deep into my ass, watching his facial expressions, he had the look that he was about to cum.
He had my legs up over his shoulders and began licking and kissing whatever of me he could as he rammed with me his 9 inches of heaven.
" Ohhh baby yeahh fuck that ass" I cried
" Fuck me like the whore that I am" I yelled
" Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhh Fuuccckkk" He moaned and grunted
" I'm gonna fuckin cum!" He screamed
" Daddy please cum on my face. You said you would the next time!" I begged
" Get ready Baby" He cried
" I'm Fuckin cummin, aghhhh" He yelled
 Surely those men had heard us by now, i thought to myself.
" Get on your knees! I'm fuckin cummin!" He yelled
As I got onto my knees, I noticed the 2 men standing at the end of the drain tunnel, Dicks out, Jacking their cocks as if they were dying. I was majorly turned on by being watched. I had no idea how long they had been watching and really didn't really care,as I did not recognize them as a member of the neighborhood.
" Give me your cum! I want all of it!" I begged
I figure hell, if those men wanted to watch, I'd give them the best show I could.
" Wait Daddy! Hold it in just a little longer" I begged
Standing up infront of Justin, I bent over and grabbed my ankles.  
I Figured this would give those men a better show.
" Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!" I yelled
" I need your cock a little longer than I thought I did" I explained
" Ooh Baby boy, you are one horny little whore aren't you?" He asked while smacking my ass cheeks so hard that you could hear the echo in the tunnel the peeping toms were standing infront of.
" God Damn! You are turning me on more and more, I didnt think it was possible for you to make me even more horny" He yelled
 " Thats why I am your whore, and not some one else" I said with a laugh
" Fuck yeah! but its true! I'm pretty sure no one else could measure up to you in anyway, I know my own Girlfriend cant" He said while still fucking me.
" Baby I cant hold it anymore, I have to let this load go!" He yelled
" Daddy pleaasseeee cover my face with it" I begged 
" Fucking cum on my face, Make me look the dirty little whore that I am" I yelled
Looking back to the men who were still there and still jacking off like their lives depended on it, I moved over to Justins side, to give the men a better view.
" Mmmmmmm Fuckin cum for me Daddy! I Want your cum sooooo bad, I need it!" I begged
" Ohhhhhhhh fuccckkkkkkkkk" He groaned
As he shot his load onto my face and in my mouth.

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It had to have been twice as much as any time before. Spurts and spurts of his hot thick sticky cum flew through the air and onto my face, into my mouth and all over me. It was in my hair, on my chest, tummy, even on my neck running down my back.  
As he stood there gasping for air, I slowly sucked his cock, getting every last drop.  
" Clean my cum off of yourself" He demanded
I looked back and the men were still there, I moved over more where I could see them while licking the rest of Justins hot load off of myself.
I took a finger and scooped up what i could of it, saving it in my mouth.  
" Did you swallow it boy?" He asked
" No sir" I replied with a gargling sound
" And why the fuck not you little whore? I said clean it up, That means swallow it" He said loudly
" Yes sir" I replied
Gulping his seed down my throat, I watched those 2 men shoot their loads. Although they weren't half as big as Justins, still they were a turn on.
" Did you swallow it bitch?" Justin asked
" Yes sir, see, AHH" I said while opening wide
" All gone Daddy" I replied
" Good, now suck my cock a little more" He demanded
" Yes sir" I replied
Licking the rest of his cum off his cock, and what had ran down to his balls. He even had some cum on his hands, which I promptly licked up and " Disposed" of for him.
" Lick the sweat off my balls!" He demanded
" Yes sir" I said as I crawled under him with my tounge out
Slurping the sweat off of Justins enormous balls, I noticed the 2 men were still watching, sitting on some tree stumps, smoking cigars watching the rest of our show that Justin never knew had taken place.
" You get it all?" He asked
" Yes sir, I did" I replied
" Good boy" He said.
" Now I want you to cum" He said
Thank god I said to myself. I didnt know how much longer I could hold it in!
Justin sat on the ground in front of me,
" Well, fucking jack it off already" He demanded
" Yes sir" I replied as I viciously beat my meat
" Turn around and face the other direction" He demanded
Doing as told, He got on his knees and began to lick my asshole again as he did earlier, slapping my ass creating loud echoes through the tunnel. I was looking directly at the men sitting on the bank, watching me.

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   They waved at me, but I pretended not to see them.
" Ohhh,Ahhh" I screamed
" That feels soooo fucking good Daddy" I yelled as my cock erupted, shooting almost as much cum as Justins 9 incher had earlier.  
" Do you feel better baby" He asked
" Oh fuck yeah!" I yelled
" Good, now lick your cum off your hands and get dressed" He demanded
The man on the bank made the gesture of a phone call, showed a business card and laid it on the ground as they walked away. Hmm, I thought. As he walked away. Walking back, I stopped and looked around and found the card.
It read " You two are so fucking hot! You two should come over to our house sometime and have a 4 way with us. We are willing to pay good money for another performance like we just saw"
I showed the card to Justin with a look of surprise.  
He read it, " We're going to call them when we get back to your house, a 4 way sounds fun. I'd love to see 3 guys taking turns fucking the shit out of your sweet ass" He said
" Whatever you want daddy, I am your whore remember?" I replied
He gave me a long deep passionate kiss before we returned to the sidewalk.
" We still going to the mall?, I reallly think you should buy your whore some clothes or something" I said with a laugh
" We will, after we call those men and see how much they are willing to pay" He said with a laugh
The end.
Comments welcome, my 3rd story so far! Let me know what you think!

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