Dad and his frinds raped me


i was about 14 and 1/2. i am bi, it depends on what mood im in, sometimes i get off on the idea of stright, gay, or lezbian sex. It turned out that this was my night to look up gay sex. I waited till my dad left to go drinking with his budies, one bi and 2 gay but u wouldent know it by looking at them. my moms been dead for 1 year now and my dad always leves me home alone to go drinking. he was aout 5,6 and i was 2 inches shorter than him. he had black hair, and was very strong for a man in his 30s. By the way he had no clue i was bi i never told him cause he told me id i ever turned out gay hed threten to torture me till i truned streight, but he was drunk so idk if he was serious. after he took off i ran to the computer in the living room, i closed all the blinds, and turned off the TV. i got online and started looking up gay sex. i started to rub my 6, 1/2" cock in my hand as i got more exited. soon i was pumping hard and fast. i orgasmed hard, took a quick break, then continued. i was working on my second orgasm, then right as i was about to cum, the door slamed open!i turned around to see my fauther, staring blanky at me as cum shot from my cock to the floor. my dad wide eyed yelled out as he slamed the door and locked it "what the fuck was that!?". i turned to close the porn sites.

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   and just as i got to the mouse my dads hands grabed mine. their was a second of silence. "YOUR A FAG, UR A FUCKEN HOMO?!?!?" he yelled. "im sory dad please let me go, ill never do it agen i swear". he didnt let go but had a look in his eyes as he thought. i sturgled a bit to get free. "no" he said "i have to learn to exept who you are. . . but theirs a price to pay for doing this on my computer". he looked at me with a slight smile, that turned into an evil grin. he thought me off the chair and face forword to the couch. quickly he grabed the belt from my pants on the floor. he put a knee on my back so i couldent get up. he tied my legs togethor tightly, then took his own belt off and as i strugled wacked my ass with it "stop fucking moving, your mother was just like this, she stoped strugling when i got her pregnant tho, thats right i raped you mom so shed have to marry me when she got pregnant" he then tied my hands tightly with his belt.

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  "now im gona do the same thing to you, but this time i wont stop. now ill only keep you for my pleasure". i tried to plead with him "daddy please dont do this, please dont rape me". i was saying stop but my cock was saying i wanted this more than anything. i turned my head to see my dad striped and his almost 8 inch cock in his hand. i saw every muscle on his body in a new light, i knew hed be using every one. he  had me sit up on the couch. and put his cock to my face"suck it". i hesatated "now" as he slaped me across the face. i oppned my mouth and he grabed the back of my head and face fucked me. it was weird, a part of me said this was wrong on so many lvls, but the rest of me said fuck it let him have his way with you. so i did. 2 mins sence he started he exploded in my mouth. it was weird to feel it shooting my mouth, i dindt let any spill out i swolloed it all. he moved me back to my original pos, ass stuck up.

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   he walked into the bathroom and ate some viagera pills he kept in their and came back. "im gona fuck you till i cant get a hard on anymore, and thalll be awile. " as he shook the bottle in my face. "and i wont show any mercy" he said as he shoved his cock completly in me  in one thrust, with no lub but my spit on his cock. i screamed into the couch as my dad fucked my ass as tho his cock was going to be cut off tomarow and this was his last fuck.
    the pain that overcame my body turned into pleasure fast, i loved the feel of his cock deep inside me. i thought that if it looked like this was hurting me that he'd fuck me more and harder. so i scremed out " ohhhh. . . daddy please stop, it hurts. . . hurts so much". he yelled out "i dont fucking care, you dont matter anymore, your just a fuck toy, and im going to use you EVERY DAY".

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      this only got me hotter. the thought of this 8 inch cock forcing itself into me every day was to much and i exploded in on the couch as my cock had been rubbing up agenst it, his thrust were so hard i thought my cock would get rug burn. i clenched my asshole tight around his cock and heard a loud moan "thats right you little fucker, you lick my cock up your ass dont yea, just like your mother A SLUT, well if your gona act like a slut ill treat you like one, ill start calling freinds over to use your ass, mabey ill even get a girl at the office to come and use you for her pleasure. "5 mins after saying this he exploded from the thought of what hed do to me in the next cupple of mounths. then i felt his hot cum deep in my bowls, as he exploded in my ass. he pulled out as my ass drained of his cum. he took a short break and then came back and started fucking agen. by the time he was done, it was 1 in the morning and he fell asleep in his room as i stayed were i was with a full beer bottle in my ass, so the top of the bottle was deep in my ass and the bottom was bearly out side my sreached ass hole. dad left it their to keep me company wile he wasent fucking my ass. this is my first story, to anyone whos interested the second one will be cuming soon under group sex titled "dads freinds use me. ".

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