Getting Off Over The Phone


Mark sucked in her breath, not quite sure what was to happen next, but thankfully Jack took over and asked, "So, Mark, is there something specific you had in mind, I mean that you'd like to talk about?!?" "Not really," he replied, "what ever you want is fine with me!?!" "Oh my, you're easy to satisfy," he said with a little laugh, "but just to humor me, if we were going to bed together, what is the first thing you'd want me to do, or you to me for that matter?!?" Mark was now totally embarrassed and stammered, "Well I guess I’d like you to undress me, is that okay?!?'' "Mark, I'm here to do your bidding," he answered gently, "and if you want me to undress you that's exactly what I'll do, but first let me tell you what I look like and then you can tell me, okay!?!" "Uh, sure, that sounds good," he replied, "I guess that we should at least know a little bit about each other, right!?!" "That's exactly right, Mark," he replied, "now I hope you weren't hoping for a man with a small pecker, because whether you like it or not, I have eight and half inches of hard meat between my thighs, you aren't disappointed are you?!"Mark gasped softly as he pictured the monster standing at attention in his mind's eye, and in a shaky voice he replied, "N-no, I'm glad you have a large penis!!!" "Oh, Mark," he replied, "is that what you call it, a penis, come on now, what do you call it when your boyfriend is ramming your ass with his meat, I'll bet it's not penis!?!" "I guess not," he replied a little embarrassed, "I usually call it a cock or dick!!!" "That's better," he answered quickly, "so you like big cocks, I'm glad cuz mine is hard as a rock, and oh by the way, I certainly hope you like to suck, because it's my second favorite thing to do!!!" "Oh god," he moaned, "w-what's your first thing!?!" "Why fucking a nice tight asshole, that’s what ," he replied a matter of factly, "you do like getting sucked don't you, Mark, I mean I hope you like having your pecker licked and sucked hard!?!" Mark's seven inches of meat was now in the process of erecting itself big time as Jack asked him the most intimate of questions about his body and sexual likes and dislikes, and without even thinking about it, he pulled out his hot and began jerking it, while replying, "I-I love getting my cock sucked, do you really like doing that!?!" "You know I do," he answered softly, "every man likes sucking a big dick, it's just the nicest sensation, having a hot pecker in your mouth, and by the way, I have my pecker out of my shorts right now!!!" "Jesus, is it hard," he asked with a groan?!? "It's harder than a piece of steel," he replied, "my head is absolutely huge, Mark, just waiting to be sucked, do you want to suck me, Mark, I mean do want to put my hard cock in your warm wet mouth!?!" "Oh yesssss," he hissed, "let me suck it for you, oh my, it's so big and hard, I just love sucking a really big man, they make me feel sooooo good!!!" "Ohhhhhhhh, Mark, you have such a nice mouth," he moaned softly, "would you like to sixty nine, I want to suck you but I don't want you to take your mouth off of me!?!"Mark's head was now spinning like a child's top, and just the thought of having his cock eaten by the man on the other end of the line was almost more than he could bear, but in a halting voice he answered, "O-oh yes, let's do sixty nine, I want you to cum in my mouth when you're sucking me off!!!" Jack sighed softly into the receiver and asked, "From the looks of the bulge in your pants you must have a huge dick inside there, am I right, Mark, are you hard for me!?!" "I'm really hard," he gasped, "just like a fucking bone!!!” "Oh good," he moaned, "are you out of your pants yet?!?" "Y-yes," he panted, "I've got out of my pants over your face, I’m gonna let it down right into your mouth, ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy!!!"Both of them didn't say anything for a minute or so as they furiously jerked their sex organs while trying to picture exactly what the other was doing, but it was Jack who spoke first as he observed, "My fucking god you've got and incredible prick, it's so fucking puffed up, I've never seen one so full and ready to cum, you must have to masturbate a lot just to keep it under control!!!" "Oh, god I do," he gasped as his fist flew over her hard shaft, "at least once a day and sometimes more, I just can't help it, I always seem to be turned on, I just don't know what's wrong with me!!!" "There's nothing wrong with you," Jack replied gently, "you just happened to have been blessed with a very sensitive organ that requires a great deal of attention, in fact you should be proud of it, it's a badge of honor!!! Then, as his orgasm built like a tidal wave deep inside of his groin as he asked softly, "Does it feel good having such a big cock, I mean is it hard a lot!?!" "Oh, Mark," he sighed, "it's hard all of the time, in fact I don't even try to hide it anymore, if I'm wearing tight pants you can usually see the outline of my big boner running down the inside of my leg!!!" "Oh my god," he gasped, "a-are you serious, y-you can just see it right there in your pants!?!" "What can I do," he replied with a groan, "I mean I have to cum every couple of hours to keep it under control, and of course I can't do that, so now I just figure if that's the way it's gonna be that's just the way it's gonna be!!!"Sweat had by broken out on Mark's forehead, and in a wavering voice he ask, "D-does anybody ever stare at it, I mean when you're hard in your pants!?!" "Of course they do," he replied, "the other day a middle aged man had what I think was and orgasm just by looking at my pecker while rubbing his thighs together, I swear I could see his whole body shudder when he got off!!!" "Oh my," Mark groaned, "w-where did that happen,was there anyone else around!?!" "We were on the bus," he replied, "he was just sitting there staring at it, I couldn't move cuz it was so crowded, I was afraid he was gonna reach out and touch it!!!" "H-he should have," he gasped, "I'll bet he wanted to pull it out and suck it when he was having his cum!!!" "Maybe," he replied, "he was licking his lips, do you think that's what he wanted to do, I wasn't sure!?!" "Oh fuck," he moaned, "I'm really close now, just thinking about your huge pecker in my mouth, ohhhhhhh god, you taste so good!!!"Mark's head was now rolling back and forth on his shoulders while his hand literally blazed across his thick shaft and fat head, and with the image of Jack's massive erection fixed firmly in his mind he gasped, "I'm fucking cumming all over my fucking hand, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck it that nice!!!" "I'm filling your mouth, baby," Jack panted, "suck my sperm and cum like a whore, make that needy cock have a fucking hard one!!!" And that's exactly what happened as his climactic tidal wave crashed into his dick and swept him away in and orgasm that threatened to give him a heart attack!!!After a few moments of heavy breathing and panting Jack asked softly, "Are you okay, Mark, it sounds like you had a big one?!" "Oh jesus," he replied barely above a whisper, "that was just incredible, I'm am totally wasted, I just hope I can get back to work now!!!""Y-you're at work," he asked incredulously!?! "Didn't I mention that," he asked?!? "No, you didn't," he answered almost in awe, "you are one hot fucking stud, baby, if you call again make sure you ask for Jack, all right!?!" While straightening up his clothes he replied, "Don't worry, next time I'll jack off with Jack!!!"THE END

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