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My friend Jimmy was staying the weekend at my house. It's midnight and were just sitting in the floor of my room playing Tekken. I whooped his ass 5 times in a row so he just throws himself back in frustration onto the floor. I look over and he has this huge fucking tent pitched in his sweat pants. "Ah, dude! Put that thing away!" "What?" "Your fucking boner man! Put that shit away!" "You know you want it. " "Fuck you, queer. " "You're the queer. Looking at my shit!" "Fuck you man. You want something to drink?" "Sure. " I get up to go get some soda and pop him in the cods. While I'm in the kitchen, all I can think about is his huge boner. Just imagining myself in my cutest thong rubbing my ass back and forth on his huge dick. I'm so horny now, it's all I can think about. I get back to my room and when I walk in he's sitting on my bed holding one of my thongs. Shit!, I think to myself. I fucked up and left it out while I was jacking off.

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   What the fuck am I going to do. "Whose is this?" "Oh, uh, must me my mom's. ", I stammer. "It must have gotten mixed up in with my clothes. " "Bullshit. Theres no way your mom could fit into this. Do you wear this?" "Yea. ", I say, as I jerk it out of his hand. "It feels good. You gotta problem with it?" "Nah. Hey, put it on for me. Let me see what you look like in it. " "No way man!" "If you don't, I'll tell all our friends that you wear panties. " "All right, fine. But turn around.

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  " He turns around and I take my pants off and put the thong on. It's a black sheer g-string. I can't fucking believe this is happening. "Ok, you can turn around. " Jimmy turns around to take a gander. I see his jaw drop slightly. "Whoa, you look hot. " "No way!" "No dude, really. Damn I didn't know you shaved your body. Turn around and let me see your ass. " I turn around and a second later I feel something poking in between my ass cheeks. "Is that what I think it is?" "Yea. Does it feel good?" "Fuck yeah it does. You know, my mom doesn't get home from work until 8 a. m.

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   You wanna fool around?" "Sure. " "Lay down on the bed. " He goes over to my bed and lays down. Wow, I can't fucking belive this is happening. My wildest fantasy coming true. I'm gonna have a real dick inside me. I climb up ontop and stradle him, placing my ass on his huge boner. I start grinding slowly back and forth on his dick. "Oh shit. ", he says. "That feels so good. " "Mmm, I know. " I keep slowing grinding him for a few more minutes. "Ah man, quit teasing me. " I get off of him and he takes his sweat pants off, finally revealing his beautiful dick.

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   It has to be at least 9 inches. I take his cock in my hand and start stroking it, slowly. "Oh, that feels good. " Then I start licking the tip as I stroke his cock. I slowly start to try to put the whole thing down my throat, but I just can't do it.
    "I wanna fuck you so bad. ", he whispers. "Wait here. " I get up off the bed and grab some K-Y out of my drawer. I pull my thong out of my ass and lube myself up real good. I walk back over to the bed and rub some on his cock. His dick is glistening with the jelly all over it. I then stradle him again, pulling the string away from my asshole. I can feel the pressure of the head of his dick against my hole. This tip of his dick starts to go in.

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       "Shhh, ouch. " "Does it hurt. " "Yeah, a little. " I take it slow, little by little, until my ass cheeks are resting against his pelvis. I slide up slowly, and back down again, until my asshole is loose and I can really ride him. "Oh God, your little asshole feels so good. " "Mmm, does it?" "Oh, fuck yea. " After a few mintues I'm bouncing on his cock. "Oh shit! Fuck me deeper man!" . He starts thrusting upwards with my downwards motion, getting his huge cock as deep inside of me as possible. "I wanna swallow your load, so let me know when you're going to cum. " I keep riding his thick dick for 7 glorious mintues. "I think I'm coming now!" I jump off of him and get his dick in my mouth just in time for his hot cum to fill my mouth. It taste so good. I'm so horny I keep sucking his dick with the mouthful of cum, only this time I take it all the way.

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       I finally slide my mouth up off his dick, making a popping sound when I take it out. I then swallow the mouthful. "Oh my god that was so fucking great!" "I know. My legs are so weak from riding you. Man we need to clean up. " "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Yeah. Let's go have some fun in the shower. " The End. .

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