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I'm not gay, in fact I love Coochie-always have always will, my only problem is how come women don't lick and touch MY ass-u know what I mean? I mean I eat. lick, suck, slurp EVERYTHING and since ya females don't do it I gotta do what I gotta do. . .
Last week I was in club Babalu's with my boys u know-dancing, grinding, 2step-in to "Beautiful" by Snoop& Pharrel.   Thats when I noticed across the room my ex-Tee griling me with those "Brooklyn" eyes-man if looks could kill a brother like mem would be dead.   She looked MAD-but how could sh ebe angry? After all she dumped ME.   I just turned my back and kept dancing with all the shorties around me.   Thats just when Tee tapped me on the shoulder and mouthed "what the FUCK are you doing?"  I acted like I couldn't hear her and turned my back again---but this chick dont' get the point that easily. . . . she mooshed the girl I was dancing with out the way and got up in my face!  All I could think was walk away but the "Call a cab" drink I was sipping on didn't let me do that.
I paused for a minute and BOOM! I look down and these two chicks are fighting---when my ass came to-I desperately tried to get them apart, but to no justice, more girls from both sides kept jumping in and jumping in, it was CRAZY.   Security grabbed all of us and brought us outside and when I explained what happend they let me go back inside, while Miss Tee was banned from that club.
So as I get back to getting my dance on---I peep Tee's cousin Erick and his 2 best friends I call then Fruity & Tooty, well right away Fruity spots me and nods his head in my direction--damn where my dawgs at?  I look around and I can't find my boys.

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  . . they probably chasing pussy.   Erick comes up behind me and whispers in my ear he needs to talk to me---I told him to hold up a minute--but he wasn't having that you see, that whole time ya man Erick had a blade to my back.    I walk with him to VIP upstairs in the club and whose waiting there but Tooty.    Tooty has a gun and I knew that was it for me---as  start to explain how irrational Tee can get---Erick smacks me with the back of his hand and says he should beat me to death right there and then.   as I plead for my life Tooty goes up to Erick and whispers something in his ear, then Erick turns and says yeah---I know Tee will kill me if anything happens to you--so you lucky and storms out.  
Thats when I blacked out-this was just too much for me!
I awoke to someone smacking me & when I looked it was Fruity standing over me telling me to get the fuck up.   I sat up remembering all the nights events and got a head rush from all the liquor.
Undress BITCH-Fruity tells me, and as I begin to protest Tooty flashes the heat and reminds me whose in control---now guys before you kill me I just want you two to know that I always knew you guys where a bunch of faggots.
Tooty & Fruity laugh as i'm taking off my clothes----bend over that chair you hoe-Tooty says---what?  naah chill---but before the last ll's come out my mouth Tooty jabs me in the face.
I get up and bend over the chair and Tooty pulls out two pieces of rope tying one strand over my hands connecting them to the chair and the other to my ankles, while i'm in the kneeling position---were gonna beat your ass, like Tee got hers beat, thinking that i was only getting a few slapps on the ass, i braced myself for the blows.   Whack-Tootys belt stung my ass-whack again, it hurt like hell and all i heard was Fruity laughing. I blacked out again and time when I woke Tooty was standing in back of my jerking my dick off.   Ooh my god please don't I begged whack Fruity attacked me with the belt.

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    Bitch if you say another word i'm gonna stick my dick in your mouth.    I stood quiet and slowly began to give in. . . Tooty lubricated my dick with some cherry flavored KY jelly and I can't front it started to swell to a size I never seen---CUM U bitch Tooty yelled ---I can't I cried I had never had another man touch me before.   Word Bitch?  How but here? as he grabbed my bals, how bout here? ass he licked my butt cheeks no? how bout here? ass he sucked a nipple----ooh my god I cried I just wanted it to stop-----Fruity came in front of me and said suck it---meaning his dick---hell no I said and then he pistol whipped me.     First I gently licked it and I licked again then he stuffed it in my mouth and said keep it in there until it grows---keep sucking!  so I did and it grew---as he got bigger he jammed it in and out my mouth warning me that if i bit him i would pay.   so I didn't----then all of a sudden I felt Tooty's hands spread my ass cheeks and when i turned to investigate---Fruity ince again jammed his dick in my throat---Tooty began licking my ass---I cried out--ooh please !  and he began sucking my asshole---I had never felt anything like it before!   ooh my god, ooh my god---he stopped licking and said you like it bitch huh?  I couldn't say yes so I stood quiet.   say yes or no-Bitch he hissed then went back to sucking my ass hole----YESSSSSSS--I cried yes I like it!  and he did it harder and faster I began yelling like a lil bitch.   Ooh my god!!!please no more---and he laughed and kept going   all of a sudden he stopped and Fruity grabbed my mouth as Tooty stuck the head of his dick in my ass--no please----but in it slid--I couldn't breathe  it hurt but I had no choice but to stick it out, your tight bitch Tooty said and then took it out---and began licking my ass again.   I have an idea Fruity said ass he untied my arms lay on the bed, and when I layed down Tooty cocked my leg up and begen sucking my ass from the back while Fruity started sucking my cock and licking my balls. . . oohhhhhh ,ooh,oh I cried this was like the best of both worlds and then a wave came over me and I CAME out my ass!!! I didn't even know you could buss out your ass, and then another explosion happend--BOOM! I bussed a big nuttt into Fruity's mouth he loved it and looked and me and said Bitch we aint' finished yet. .

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  . . . .
so how was my first story?