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“How about me?” I purred. “Hmmm, OK, you have my attention. ” He said and clicked off the TV. I stood up and walked out in front of the bed where he could see me clearly. He sat up in the bed and propped himself up to be more relaxed. We starred at each other for a moment, and then I began to caress myself. My hands and fingers groped my body and tickled my skin through my clothes. The whole time our eyes were locked on each other. My hands slowly started to remove my clothing--my shirt and my jeans. My nipples were rock hard and poking through my undershirt and I pinched them gently as my head whipped back and I breathed deeply. My friend started to squirm uncomfortably in his sheets, as if he weren’t sick anymore. With my shirt completely off and my bare chest exposed to the air, goose bumps rose up, all down my skin. I looked down to see my cock making a mess of my briefs. The precum had made a deep wet spot all over the front of my crotch. My friend obviously noticed too, as I saw him smile with delight in the fact that I was really turning myself on for him. I writhed around in front of him, turning my body in ways that made me feel sexy as hell.

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   I bent over and grabbed my ankles, spreading my ass cheeks apart and standing back up to have my underwear wedge itself in my crack. I grabbed the top part of my jockeys and yanked them way up my ass, so that my cheeks were fully exposed and my balls overflowing in the front. I continued to do this, teasing him and myself with tiny peeks at what was behind the white undies. Just then I heard a slight rip. “Opps!” I whispered with a slight grin on my face. And then I began to pull harder, forcing the material to lodge itself way up on my cheeks. RRRRRRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppppp!!!My underwear ripped right down the seams! My aching cock came bursting out and my heavy balls fell against my body and bounced with fullness. The cloth slid slowly out of my ass, as I pulled it up over my head and onto my face. I tongued the precum from my crotch area and threw the torn briefs at my friend. He caught them and pressed them to his face. As I danced about, my cock swayed stiffly from side to side and grew ever harder with each second. I continued to dance and bend in front of my friend. I could see myself in the mirror near his bed and played it up even more. I sat on the edge of the bed, straddling the corner. My cock and balls pressed against the sheets, I started to rock back and forth.

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   My ass was hanging off the bed and each time I rocked back, my ass cheeks would spread and my asshole would pucker open. I rubbed my nipples and fondled myself as my crotch dug into the corner of the bed and my ass opened up in the air behind me. I stood up and retrieved a few things from my bag that I had brought with me. I got a tube of K-Y and squeezed abit of the goo onto my hand. As I was sweating now, the gel became very slick. I went over and bent over the edge of the bed. My ass was right in the face of my partner and I slowly started to finger myself right in front of him. “Oh yes! Finger that hole. ” He said and maneuvered to get an even better view from underneath me. I did as I was told and slid my finger in and out of my ass. My ass sucked on my finger and begged for more. Occasionally, I would run my hand up the front of my body and slip and slide my fingers around my cock and hanging balls. Looking through my legs I could see my nuts hanging and jiggling as I squirmed with delight as my fingers slowly fucked my ass. My cock was dripping precum at a steady pace now and throbbing each time I wiggled my finger in my ass. I retrieved one more item from the bag, this time my friend let out a big gasp when he saw what was to come.

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   I asked him, “Do you want to see me take this up my ass?”“You know I do. . . fuck yourself for me!”With that, I took the dildo I had retrieved from the bag and started to lube it up. Not with K-Y at first, but with saliva. I took the 8” life-like cock and sucked on it, like it was my last cock ever! I flicked my tongue over the head and held the giant rubber balls in my hand and squeezed them lightly. That cock was good and wet, glistening with my spit all over it. I greased it up and jerked it off, fondling it and treasuring the feel of it in my hand. But my hand was not where I wanted to feel it! I pulled a small wooden stool out from the corner and placed my little friend poking straight up on top of it. I straddled over the chair and slowly began to lower myself onto the tip of the cock. As it pressed against my asshole I saw my friend’s hand glide silently under the sheets. I smiled at him as I could see his hand moving slowly under the sheet, pumping himself while watching me. I eased the tip of the head against my ass and then slightly more and more I rode that stiff cock all the way down the base! FUCK, it felt so good lodged in my ass! I only wished it was my partners! I bounced around on it and stood up and squatted back down--each time taking it deep up my ass. My own hands were flying over my body, pinching and pumping and caressing. My balls would shake each time I sank on my rubber toy and brush up against the base of it.

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   My own cock head was ballooning and throbbing with each thrust. I grabbed it and started to pump-fuck my fist. Each time I thrusted the cock in my ass would pop out and each time I retracted my thrust, the cock would burying itself deep in my ass again!I stood up and turned around, sticking my dildo filled ass in the face of my friend. He grabbed it and wiggled it abit to tease me some more. He held it still as I rocked back and forth on it, taking each time to the full length. Again I looked between my legs and saw a huge grin on his face as his eyes focused intensely on the sight before him. “I’m gonna explode!” I cautioned. “Oh NO, please do that thing you do! For me. . . PLEASE!” He pleaded. I knew exactly what he wanted! In fact, I’m surprised I didn’t think of it myself, as horny as I was and all. I fell to the floor and rolled onto my back. My dildo still plugging my asshole, I rolled my legs up and over my head. My cock stuck straight out above my face and my balls flopped against my pumping hand.

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       I tongued the air wildly, knowing that this really turned my friend on (not to mention myself!). My cock dangled inches away from waiting tongue. The cock in my ass felt SOOOO good buried deep inside me. I reached around and started to plunge it in and out of my hole. The lube made a sucking noise with each thrust and I felt myself getting EXTREMELY turned on! I looked up at my friend who was sitting on the edge of the bed, almost in awe of how hot I was tonight. We locked eyes and smiled and I felt my hips start to buck. I looked up at my hand pumping furiously on my swollen cock. My balls were flapping and bouncing about as they slapped against my hand. The dildo in my ass seemed to grow larger and I plunged it deep inside me one last time as I saw my cock head balloon. I opened my mouth and eagerly awaited my treat! My balls contracted hard, my ass clamped down on the rubber dick and my cock sprayed a beautiful stream of white all over my face! I tongued the air at my cock and it responded by streaming shot after shot into my waiting mouth. The sweet cum was sooo good. It rolled down my face and all over my neck. My hand started to squeeze the last few drops out and they fell onto on my lips. I savored them again and again. I rolled back over and removed my love toy from my ass.

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       I licked my lips and sucked the cum from my fingers. I reached up and kissed my lover passionately and his tongue explored the taste in my mouth. I lay him back on the pillow and eased his boxers off. His cock was tremendously hard. “Let me help you with that. ” I said as I removed his hand from his rod. I stuffed that cock in my mouth and sucked it like there was no tomorrow. I could hear him groaning and he began to thrash about on the bed. He grabbed my head and began to fuck my face. I remained still and he pumped his cock in my mouth with wild abandon. His balls now started to slap against my chin and he didn’t let up! I placed my hands under his ass and squeezed his cheeks as I helped him lift off the bed and fill my mouth with his cock. “Oh yes! I’m cuming baby!” he yelled as a gush of hot spew splashed against the back of my throat. I swallowed the best I could but he came and came! The cum started to ooze out of the corners of my mouth and run down his beautiful shaft. I slurped and sucked that cock dry and when I removed my mouth to lick my lips I could see that his dick had gone soft with exhaustion. “MMMmmmmmm.

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      ” I moaned. “Guess you’re feeling better afterall, huh?”“You always make me feel better. ” He answered. We lay there naked with each other, just caressing and massaging until we fell asleep. I remember thinking I wasn’t going to let my lover feel bad, all night. So I did what I do best. And, strangely enough, I felt better afterward too. .

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