In The Park


The matches weren’t set to begin for several days, and while there were press conferences and press gatherings to meet the players and coaches, for the next few days he was pretty much on his own, and since he had never been to Italy before he was determined to see as many of the sights as was humanly possible in the short time he was allotted!!! After spending the better part of his first day taking several prearranged guided tours around the old part of the city, at around four in the afternoon he stopped at an outdoor café for a glass of wine and a piece of crusty bread! While he sat in his chair savoring the moment, he noticed in the park across the street there was a lively soccer game going on with the usual yelling and shouting that accompanied a game among close friends!!! He dropped some lira on the table and wandered over to watch some of the action, and after settling down on the grass on the sidelines, he was a little surprised to find that the boys playing weren’t really boys at all but young men probably in their late teens or early twenties!!! He watched intently for almost half and hour, and while they certainly weren’t World Cup status, they had enough skills that he thought about writing a companion piece about the stark as well as subtle differences in a pick up game in the park and the championship matches that were to be held in a huge stadium!!!While he wasn’t the world’s greatest expert on soccer, one of the young Italian men caught his eye at being quite a bit better than his counterparts!!! It seemed that when ever he had the ball it stayed right on the end of his foot and no matter what the defenders tried to do they couldn’t take it away from him!!! The more he watched the lithe olive skinned man play the more interested in him he became!!! He had covered hundreds of sporting events around the world and had been in countless locker rooms, but never had he had this strange feeling of desire for another man overcome him!!! Nervously he stood up as if getting ready to leave, but just as he was about to turn away the ball bounced near him and the young man swept past him while giving him the most unsettling look he had ever received from another man!!! Not sure what to do, he waited around a little longer, and when all of a sudden the game broke up and player began to scatter, the young man almost magically appeared next to him and in perfect English asked, “You are and American, no!?!”
Gary merely nodded his head as the young man led him by the arm to his car, and once inside he sat there stunned when the handsome lad leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips and said, “You were waiting for me, I could tell by the look on your face!!!” “I-I’ve never done anything like this before,” Gary stammered!!! “Done what,” the man asked gently, “what have you done that is so wrong!?!” “Well, uh,” Gary replied awkwardly, “I mean you just kissed me, you know what I mean!!!” “Hmmmm,” the man hummed, “in America men don’t kiss!?!” “Not like that,” Gary answered quickly, “at least not each other!!!” The young man leaned over and kissed him again before asking, “You don’t like it when Carlo kisses your lips!?!” “Carlo, what a perfect name for an Italian,”Gary thought before replying, “Uh no, I mean yes, I liked it fine, and by the way my name is Gary!!!” Carlo sat quietly for a moment studying his new acquaintance and then asked very slowly, “So tell me, Gary, do you like my penis,” as he pulled out the most beautiful erection Gary had ever seen in his life, “you make me very hard!?!”
Gary looked back and forth from Carlo’s face to his organ, and incredibly, as the young man sat there silently, Gary finally dropped his head into the young man’s lap, and for the first time in his entire life let a male erection slip into his mouth!!! Every heterosexual man wonders at least once in a while what it would be like to take another man into his mouthand now Gary was finding out that it was the most sensuous thing he had ever done sexually with another person, and that even included his wife Inge!!! The head was smooth as velvet and the tiny slit at the apex of the shaft was to be prodded and poked with his very insistent tongue, but it was the incredibly hard shaft that made Gary’s own dick to stand full at its own attention!!! Lovely bluish veins ran crisscrossed over the entire shaft and the contrast between the smooth soft head and the hard firm shaft was unbelievably arousing!!! As he sucked madly at this magnificent organ, he had a quick pang of shame that he was cheating on his wife, but that quickly passed as Carlo’s body stiffened and a torrent of hot Italian jism spurted like a fire hose into his hot eager mouth!!!
Gary didn’t want to release his prize, but the young Italian gently pulled his mouth away and whispered softly, “Now we will really make love,” as he got out of the car and beckoned Gary to follow him back into the park!!! Twilight had just fallen, and while it was certainly not dark, it was now easy to get lost in the thicket of bushes and small trees that lined the playing fields, and in a matter of moments it was like they were the only two people left in the entire park!!! Gary hadn’t even noticed, but Carlo had brought along a blanket from his automobile, and after laying it down carefully on the grass, he almost casually undid Gary’s trousers and tugged them off along with his white cotton briefs!!! “Mama mia,” Carlo sighed as Gary’s cock bounced into view, “you have a very nice pecker, you must be very proud of it!!!” Just happy that his new friend found it attractive Gary still turned six shades of red and replied softly, “W-well I guess it’s all right, I haven’t had any complaints!!!”
Gary stared down while the young man took him into his mouth, and again he was stunned at how much better this stranger’s mouth felt on the head of his dick than even his wife, who was no slouch when it came to giving head, but she was a mere amateur when compared to this Italian wunderkind when it came to cocksucking!!! God he wanted to cum, but the expert mouth that was attached to his meat just kept him inches from glory, and while he tried to maneuver around to have Carlo make more contact, the young cock hound simply giggled softly and continued to tease him unmercifully!!! After a good ten minutes of this torture, Carlo looked up into Gary’s eyes and asked softly, “What would you do for me if I let you cum?!?” “I’d do anything,” Gary gasped, “p-please, just let me cum and you can name it!!!” Carlo laughed a lilting laugh that sounded much like wind chimes, and then in a very sexy voice replied, “Oh no, my American friend, it works just the other way around, you do for me then I do for you!!!” With his mind spinning quickly out of control Gary babbled, “Anything, just tell me what to do, but hurry!!!”
Carol pulled Gary down to his knees, and after kissing him again on the lips, gently pushed him down on his belly whereupon he climbed between his legs and pressed his stiff erection against Gary’s straining asshole!!! “O-oh no,” Gary moaned, “be gentle, please be gentle!!!” Carlo badly needed to fuck the young American’s tight little bottom, but knowing that this was his first time, he took his time as he pushed his big head past the tight opening guarding Gary’s virgin rectum!!! Once the head had popped past the sphincter muscle, Carlo began stroking in and out of the now mewling American, and as his pace quickened, Gary began to groan with pleasure as the thick peckered Italian pounded his poor little asshole into complete submission!!! The two men were now on a fast track to orgasm city, and as Carlo’s penis spasmed hard in Gary’s ass both of their peckers erupted in violent climaxes that left both of them gasping for breath!!!
Later that evening back at the hotel Gary stood under the shower contemplating the events of the day!!! He was sure that when he attended tomorrow’s first championship match that the soccer would be superior, but that surely the company would not!!!

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