Lake District Ramble


I was part way up Coniston Old Man when the weather closed in, a typical late spring day clear blue sky turning to cold heavy rain in minutes. I decided to wait out the weather in an old barn, I had been planning to spend the night in the local Youth Hostel but it wouldn't be the first night I would have slept on a bed of straw. Inside the barn there was an old fireplace no doubt used many years ago by the odd shepherds caught in winter storms. As I was wet through I lit a fire and stripped off my clothes using some old baleing twine as a clothes line, I squatted naked close to the fire for warmth but not before filling my camp kettle with water and putting on the fire. . The barn door creaked, I glanced round to see another guy come in pushing the door closed behind him, he looked to be at least five years older than my fifteen years.
'Bloody weather, supposed to be spring'
The guy was also soaked to the skin, to be truthfull he looked totaly out of place, he was wearing just a shirt, slacks and ordinary shoes. Up in the Lakes hiking boots are a must as well as a sweater and parka, he might as well have had a sign round his neck saying "townie". He seemed to notice me then, I gave him a wave.
'Want to share the fire then' I offered. 'might as well get out of the wet clothes while you're here, looks like it's set in for the rest of the day'.
I watched as he fought with his wet clothing as it stuck like glue to his body, finally his clothes joined mine on the line and he joined me close to the fire.
'Is it often like this, wet I mean?'
I confirmed that this was the norm at this time of year, it was also the reason I always carried the makings for a cup of tea, food and my sleeping bag as well as dry clothes.
'How come your naked then', stating the obvious.
I explained there was no point putting on dry clothes until I needed them. Although the way he was looking at me made me think I should have put them on.

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   I put tea leaves into the kettle allowing it to brew, I offered the guy a cup, I had no milk but sugar wasn't a problem. Taken up on my offer I gave him my cup drinking my tea out of a pannikin I ate from.
As the tea warmed him inside he started chatting, he came from Preston, it was his first visit to the Lakes, not a surprise to me. He was staying in a hotel in Ambleside and some bright spark had told him it was a nice walk up Coniston Old Man. So he had caught the bus and here he was, 'naked in a barn with a nice boy sharing a cup of tea'.
That statement made me look, that is not exactly the conversation starter I expected. Neither was the "do you have a girlfriend", I had heard that one before, I was starting to get the idea where this conversation was leading.
I glanced across at him, noticing that his cock seemed to be thickening. My glance made him bolder as he continued talking and sipping his tea he began stroking his cock, encouraging it to stiffen and thicken. As his grew mine came out in sympathy even though I didn't intend it to.
The conversation leant more and more towards sex, had I ever fucked a girl, yes, had a girl ever sucked my cock, no, have you ever stroked another guy, yes. That caught his attention, then came the who, when ,where, did I enjoy it, did I do anything else. His cock was no rock hard and throbbing, I had to admit to myself it looked appealing, its large cut head glistening with a drip of pre cum. He moved closer to me, putting down his cup he stretched his hand to my cock, at his touch my own cock jumped.
'How about we warm each other up' he softly stoked his fingers over my uncovered glans.

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Once again my standing cock took over from my common sense, I pulled my sleeping bag out of my backpack and laid it on top of the straw. The guy joined me there his cock bobbing as he walked towards me, until it butted my lips. I opened my mouth and engulfed the head tasting the subtle saltiness of his pre cum on my tongue, I felt the weight of his balls in my fingers and smelt his musty sweat. He groaned as I worked his shaft with my tongue, as he slowly worked his cock in and out of my mouth. After a few minutes I pulled my head away and motioned for him to lie alongside me, this way we could both work on each other. His mouth quickly engulfed my cock and a finger insinuated itself inside me my sphincter muscle not tightening too much. I continued sucking on his meat more pre cum oozing from the tip as I gently lapped and sucked the whole of his cock, sometimes taking it deep in my throat. My own cock felt like it was being sucked into a bed of warm moisture I could feel my own cum starting to build, the one finger inside me being joined by another lubricated by his spit. I couldn't hold back the feel of his mouth and fingers took me over the edge my cum suddenly welling up to fill his mouth. I continued working on his cock expecting him to release his load soon, instead he withdrew his cock changing position to kneel between my legs he raised my legs until they were over his shoulders. In this position he guided hi cock until it was rubbing at the opening to my arse, he then started to push slowly and steadily. At first my sphincter refused it entry but his steady pressure made it give way, his cock slowly started to fill me. A dull pain turned into a warmth as I was stretched by his solid shaft, its thickness filling me. He then started to slowly fuck me the longer he went the more relaxed I became, dull pain turned to pleasure, my own cock once again hard. I wanked myself as his cock worked itself to the hilt inside me, my enjoyment was undecribable it was consuming me.

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All I could think of was I wanted this to last forever, I urged him on telling him to fuck me harder. Finally he stiffened I could feel his cock pulsing inside me as he pumped his cum flooding my insides. Finally he withdrew his cock, his cum leaking out of my stretched hole, he took hold of my hard cock and wanked me until I shot my load again.
I laid there exhausted, he went to the door the rain had stopped and the sun was shining again. He dressed and said goodbye as he closed the door I realised I didn't even know his name.
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