More Than I Bargained For


My name is Jeff, I am 16 years old and about 5'11". I had always beenin debt and I always needed some cash. It all started on a normal sleepover at my friends house. . . . . I hitched a ride over to my friend Daves house to spend the night. Youknow, do the usual, play some xbox, watch some movies. We played someMadden until it was about 2 am when we flipped it to TV. I wassurprised to see cable porn on. "Ohhh god this shit makes me so horny. That chick is so fine" commented Dave. "yeah. . .

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  " I shyly commented backI glanced over at Dave and he was rubbing his crotch. "Ohhhh jesus, I would give anything for a blowjob right now""Erm, that's nice" I sheeply replied. "Come on man, suck my cock. I'll give you 50 bucks""No way! I'm not gay!""Come on, just till I cum. ""No! Fuck off!""Fine, how about 150?""No way!""200?"I became really uneasy seeing how I needed the cash and this was an easy way to make 2 ben's. "Uhh fine. But don't tell ANYONE at school, I will kill you. "So I got up and got on my knees, I pulled his basketball shorts downand his cock sprung out and slapped me in the face. It had to have beenatleast 8 inches long. Wearly, I flicked my tongue on the tip. Salty. Iheard Dave moan. I slowly started taking his whole cock in my mouth. Icouldn't believe what I was doing. I was sucking another guy off! As myhead bobbed up and down Dave put his hands on the back of my head andstarted pushing downward.

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   I started to gag on his tool. Dave moanedagain. "yeah. suck that cock you fucking bitch. Yeah you like that don't you?"But in fact I didn't. It wasn't appealing at all. I just continuedworking him so I could get my 200 smackeroos. He kept forcing me todeepthroat his cock until he pulled it out and spurting cum all over myface. "Oh yeah. . . . Lick it all up you fucking cunt"I did as I was told so I would get my money. Finally after I was all cleaned up he gave me my money. "Now, remember.

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   Don't tell anyone about this okay?" I reminded him. "Oh yeah?"I saw him get up and reach up at the book case and took a camera down. "I got it all on film you fucking slut""What the fuck? What kind of sick fuck are you?""If you are going to suck my cock like a whore, you are going to take it like a whore. ""Fuck you!"I saw him walk into his room. When he came out he brought out a suitcase. "Go change into this, or I will show this video to everyone at school"I didn't want anyone to know that I sucked his cock or else they would think I was gay! There was no way around it. So I got up and took the suitcase from his hand and went to the bathroom. When I came out I was dressed in a black G-string, a blonde wig, a skimpy school girl outfit, and covered in make-up. "Alright, get the fuck over here you little whore"I slowly walked over to Dave. Once I got over there, he picked me up and threw my on the couch. He whipped out is 8 inch cock one more time. "Yeah, you ready you fucking slut?"I whimpered a small "no""Well here it comes!"He thrusted his huge cock straight into my virgin ass. I whimpered after each thrust. "Oh yeah, you are so tight you little cunt. I bet you love this don't you?" He said as he rided me.

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  I started to cry as I knew there was nothing I could do. He continued fucking me for hours and hours. I eventually just gave up and took it all in. He then took his cock out and came all over my back. He threw me out of his house and told me to come by dressed like that every day after school. I obeyed. .

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