My 14th 1


      Small town life can be boring as hell for a teenage boy, but me and my friends managed to stay pretty entertained.   We had a river about a mile from town and we spent most of our days at our very own beach, "Bare ass beach" was what we called it, because no one was allowed to wear anything there.   Six little bare assed teenaged boys at any given time during the summer.
     Of the six of us Spence was the oldest, then Donnie, Joe and Kenny (the brothers),their parents owened the grocery store,and Ricky,Donnies cousin or nephew or something, and me, Ricky and I were 14.
     We liked to get there early and spend most of the day.   Some days just the four older guys went, never quite understood and when I asked Spence just said it was about girls or something like that.
     When we got there everyone just took off their clothes and dove in the river. We swam for awhile and then we got out and lay in the sun.
     Sometime during all of this someone poduced a porno magazine. It had all kinds of nasty shit in it, girl/boy, girl girl, 2 girls and 1 boy and towards the back there were some pictures of two guys and one girl, but in some of the pictures the guys were sucking each others cocks.   There was even one or two of the chick fucking one of the guys in the ass with a strap on, while he sucked the other guys dick.   All of the pictues had an instant effect on my cock. but strangely enough, the ones that were of the guys giving each other head made my dick very hard.
     I looked at the pictures and my cock got very hard, but so did everyone elses.   But what I found really weird was the pictures of the guys doing each other made me as hard as a fucking rock. All of the guys had hardons and someone asked Spence to jack off so we could all watch.

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     Well, being the little pervert that he is was thrilled to put on a show for us. We all sat down on our towels and Spence got up in front of us and started stroking his cock. He must have been 7 or 8 inches long with a big purple head.   He took the book and layed it down in front so he could see it. He had t open to one of the pictures of the two guys giving each other head while the chick fucked one of them in th ass with a dildo. I must admit that it was a pretty hot picture.   Spence must have thought so too because it only took a couple minutes and he blew his load all over everyone.   Spence was the only of us who could cum, he was also the only one of us had fucked a girl.
       Wacthing him stroke that monster really had an effect on me. I had no idea that my cock could get that hard. About this time Spence sped up his stroking, and suddenly cum shot out of his cock and landed about ten feet away.   He seemed to cum forever, of course,I didn't cum yet so it probably seemed more that it was, but I swear there was a quart and it was everywhere.
      We all went swimming again and then it was time to go home.   When I got home I unpacked my backpack and there in the bottom was the porn magazine we had at the beach.
      It was finally time for bed and I couldn't wait.

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    I took the magazine under the covers with me and turned back to the pictures of the guys sucking each others cocks.   My cock got harder than I have ever seen it and I started to stroke it faster and faster,  suddenly, I felt my nuys tighten and I sprayed cum all over everywhere.   I even got it on my hands and I don't know why but I licked some of it off my fingers, it tasted pretty good so I licked the rest off of my hand and swallowed it. I jacked off two more times that night, the last time I came in a cup so i could see what it would be like to have it all in my mouth.   I tipped the glass and poured my cum into my mouth. A little salty but not bad tasting, so I swallowed it.
     When I took my shower in the morning my cock got hard agaim so I jacked off in he shower.   I called Spence and he said we were going down to the river and that I should come there and we would go together.   So I  put the magazine in my back pack and off i went to Speencers house.
   What would this day turn out like?   I could hardly wait.