My Love Since 5th Grade


After school,me and Jr took the bus to his house. Me and Jr started talking about school,and how cool it was that Richi was bi. We started talking about this large bamboo bush in this field behind my house,and started saying that we should get him to let us fuck him in there,we decided that Jr would suck Richis cock,and I would fuck him in the ass. That was just some stuff we were making up. . . until we decided for real that i would have a kind of. . . . slumber party at my house with Jr,Richi,and me. The next day,Friday,we asked Richi if he wanted to spend the night at my house,and he said "sure". After school,me and Jr went back to his house. We just couldnt wait until my mom got off of work. After a little while of waiting,my mom came to Jr's house,and I asked her if him and a friend could spend the night,she said ok. My mom drove me and Jr to my house.

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  When we got there,we waited a couple of hours until I called Richi. . . he said he could come today. . . BUT that he could come tommorrow,so me and Jr got his cousin Edgar to come over,it was boring. . . The next day,at 12 P. M. ,Richi came over,and everyone went into the backfield. . . with Edgar,we played around out their by the water,and the bridge,we then went further back.

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  We started going back home through a really foxtail infested field. Richi was walking in front of me,and I was imagining me fucking him,I got a boner. . . a couple minutes later he bent over to tie his shoe,and I walked over and poked his ass with my boner,he jumped up a bit,looking back and smiling,Edgar was like "ewwww",Jr was laughing playfully. After we got back to my house,we had pizza,and soda. . . we played video games and watched T. V. to fill the time,I didnt think any sexual things were going to happen. . . . that day since it was nighttime.

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  About an hour later my mom went over to her bosses house for a party,my dad was at work. Me and everyone else were the living room,we got bored,so we decided to play truth or dare. I asked Jr who he liked,he said "No one". . . . It went on like that for about 10 minutes,until Jr asked me truth or dare,"Dare". He said "Ok,I dare you to. . . let Richi sit on your lap". I said alright,and immediatly got a boner. Richi came over and sat on my cock,making it so damn hard. He adjusted his ass on it,making me hornier than ever,After about 30 seconds,he got off and started to giggle with Jr. I then dared Jr to kiss Richi.

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  . . Jr said "I will if you will" I acted like I didnt want to,but then said Ok. Richi walked back a little bit,but I walked towards him,pulling him towards me,I kissed him deeply,probing my tongue in his mouth I managed to move my hand down on his ass. After a little while we decided to go to sleep,I told Jr and Edgar that they had to sleep on the ground,which filled. . . they were overweight. Me and Richi slipped in bed together,I took off my pants,and wore just my t-shirt and boxers,while Richi wore the same. He went towards the wall of the bed as I went closer towards him with a hard on. I got so close my cock touched his sweet ass,he turned and looked at me quietly asking me if I like him,I told him I did,he then kissed me passionatly,probing my mouth with his tongue. . . he then reached with his hand and rubbed my cock gently. After that,we became boyfriends secretly,I told Jr I was straight.

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  . . . About 2 years later we had sex. Today we are still boyfriends,and love eachother more than ever. .
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